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This week’s classes got me productive !

*DC Show Writers trying to compare Karamel (who have only been together for like 5 seconds and who have only known each other for like a few months, who are constantly arguing and disrespecting each other, who are painfully awkward and just awful together) to WestAllen (who have known each other since they were kids, who constantly encourage and support each other)

me: “Get the boys, we’re going to war”

A+ dwsa things

• when wendla hands her voice a guitar, and her voice hands her a dress through the mirror at the very biggining

• when wendla is being dragged into the abortion clinic, yelling “mama”, her voice dies out and it’s Sandra Mae yelling the last “mama”, in vain

• the vast difference in meaning between word of your body, and word of your body reprise

• the only characters to make it out alive and happy are the gay characters

• the fucking lighting for touch me, and for mirror blue night

• finger gloves

• the way Moritz’s voice pulls him aside roughly when making an excuse as to why he can’t walk Ilse home

• Moriz’s visual realization he’s dead

• the way Moriz hesitates before reaching for the gun his voice holds up to him after “and then there were none”

• the way the boys move the bed around and sing in the back (save for ernst) in “the dark I know well”

• Moriz puts Ilse’s jacket back on for her after her solo in blue wind

• the drummer

• the way the teachers unfold Melchior’s fucking porn letter and it’s deadass about six pages long

• Melchior signs something, without any subtitles on screen, at the very last scene of the play

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

Seventeen keep updating us with pics of bongbong but don’t let this distract you from the fact that they’re only doing that because they can’t post pics of themselves with their new comeback hair pledis I see right thru ur tricks


Happy Birthday, Brandon Richard Flowers (June 21, 1981)