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Pls tell us you're headcanons about bilingual licht! There are people who know German who can help you with that if you want to!

Well… when I said “Licht bilingual headcanons” I actually meant “LawLicht headcanons with German included” (?). Ahahahahajhasd is that still ok for you Anon-chan? xD Welp, here they go anyway lol:

1. Licht starting to trash-talk in German to Hyde, thiking he wouldn’t understand, but then Hyde responds in German and Licht is shocked xD And… maybe a little turned on(?)

2. Licht being used to English so much (or Japanese) that he only talks in German when feeling homesick/sentimental.
3. That said, if Hyde sees him somewhat down, he goes and talks to him in German so he can relax.

4. Sometimes when Licht is practicing piano, Hyde starts singing in German to accompany Licht’s music. Licht secretly enjoys it.

5. I mentioned in a post some time ago that I like the idea of Hyde’s humming or singing calms Licht down. Well, Licht feels specially comfy when Hyde sings in German.
6. When abroad, Licht and Hyde like taking walks while talking in German, even if they know the local language of the place they’re in. Surpisingly, Licht feels more comfortable and expresses himself more openly when he’s talking in his mother tongue.
7. Licht’s speech becomes slightly different and becomes more talktative with Hyde in German. Not because of the language itself, but because of the type of message he’s saying. Some things he find it less embarrassing to say in German -wink wink-
8. Licht gives Hyde German nicknames. Sometimes, sweet nicknames that the rest can’t understand (“the rest,” referring to Mahiru and the other Eves www)
9. Hyde dirty talks to Licht in German 8) Successfully(?)
10. ^He actually says kinky stuff in German to Licht in front of everyone cause he has no shame knows no one will understand. Except they actually do, since his Servamp siblings probably know a bunch of languages too ww.

Pretty sure I’m missing one or two headcanons, but there you go xD

Btw, that was sweet to say that people might want to help me out with the German, Anon-chan ( ´ ▽ ` ) I haven’t actually written any story yet regarding this, but I’d like to ask, how abouy you, people? I’d love to hear more headcanons about this :pp Specially from the German fandom, who can actually think of some better ideas, I’m sure xd It’s your time to shine ☆ (?)

Thanks a lot to my friend Dave who helped me with the German!! And to Faun for singing in German(?) hahaha

Imagine #87

Character: Newt

Rating: K

Words: 1,368

Warning: None

Request: I know you’re probably swamped with requests but when you have time could you maybe do an imagine set during tst where Newt and the rest of the group get separated from the reader when a bunch of cranks attack and when they re-unite Newt admits his feelings for the reader and it’s really sweet and full of fluff??

A/N: I really wanted to do this one, just because it was the first Scorch Trials one and I wanted to start off with one of those. The next one wont be Newt because I feel like that’s all I'm writing, and as I LOVE Newt and could write imagines about him forever, I know that he isn’t EVERYONE’S favourite character so I’ll start writing more of some other characters, but I’m still gonna write loads of Newt so ya ok, here you go guys!



“Let’s split up and look for supplies.” Thomas suggested as everyone was standing in the clothing store that was made into a somewhat make-shift bunker. By the looks of things, people used to live in here. “(Y/n), Minho, you’re with me. See what you guys can find lying around here okay?” You and Minho nodded. You looked over at Fry, Winston, Teresa and Newt giving them all looks before you followed Minho out of the store. You didn’t miss the look on Newt’s face. He didn’t have a good feeling about this and neither did you. 

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i am so sick of stumbling on hateful comments about perrie on tumblr, people don't even want to give her a chance :(

I will never understand the logic of people that hate on perrie edwards but every single day of their life are somehow creeping on twitter/facebook/tumblr searching for her life and just being purely being mean to her, like, ain’t here to teach you how to behave but you should at least know how to respect the others, it’s about time people grow up. You’re totally allowed to not like her and give your constructive criticism but in the exact moment you denigrate and diminish her as  human being by calling her offensive and disgusting things or saying that she’s dependent on zayn, which is just misogynistic and ignorant even because zayn wasn’t there until 2012 and before that she was already a winner of a talent show, so please don’t use that as argument to hide your denial of the success and career by her own HARD WORK, it just sadly shows how you follow our patriarchal society that still thinks that a woman can’t make her own money without depending on a man for that. And also about other subjects that people often use without knowing if it’s true or not (hint: a huge part is not true) like: “perrie said zayn fans are fat and smell bad” “perrie said she isn’t a feminist because she doesn’t hate her man” “perrie said this or that” PLEASE CONFIRM WHAT YOU READ BEFORE YOU GO OUT THERE SPREADING LIES ABOUT SOMEONE’S LIFE, THIS IS ALMOST MEAN AS CREATING THESE LIES. Now you want to ask me: how about the cultural appropriation issues? Please don’t have the illusion that her fans aren’t aware of that, we’re trying to figure it out a way to get EVERYONE on the band educated on the problematic things they have done but HOW do you expect us to try to get their attention (like on social networks which is the easiest manner for the fans who want to warn them) if every single thing they post comes followed by a bunch of comments of people that aren’t even their fans just spreading negative and awful things? I do recognize we have to find a way for educating perrie and also the other girls on certain topics and therefore people who DISLIKE her for whatever reason and also don’t want to help, should in the first place, mind their own business. If you don’t want to give them a chance to learn from their mistakes and become even better persons (yes! shocking news: people can make mistakes and still be a decent human being) then you should blacklist/stay away from things related to them: “if you ain’t got nice things to say then don’t say nothing at all”. But as always and unfortunately the majority of people who are too pretentious to think that they were born knowing everything and even more snobbish when when they think that is totally ok to make obnoxious comments on her appearance on even worse: on her personality, which i can guarantee to you that it’s absolutely harmless and lovely and despite the ignorance she has (such as other millions that don’t have any access to that kind of information) she is an amazing person and i’m 100% positive that if she was educated enough SHE WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT SOMEONE!! I seriously still have hope that one day people will learn to love and RESPECT and live their lifes not having to hide on reasons to deliver the hatred that they feel inside. And honestly if you are one of those individuals and you are reading this right now, i hope you got the message and if you haven’t: I’LL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU.


lalala, this is where i try to make you all cry but fail hard at it. AND today i’m just too damned lazy to rAMBLE or do much anything–am i in character yet? lol but no really, look at that graphic, whAT IS THAT?! OK, let’s just move onto the good stuff–SUCH AS ALL THE YATOITES THAT HAVE MADE AN IMPACT ON ME & THIS BLOG.

ps. this is a thank you list!


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Ok, so your comment about that Blaine and communication post I wrote got me thinking about your fic in general, and now I'm wondering—when you think back to your earliest Glee fic, is there an aspect of how you characterized someone that's radically different from that character in canon now, as you understand them? Or a characterization that's "held up," if you will, through the seasons, if that makes sense?

Oh man, this is such a good and thinky question (appropriate, given your screenname), and all my good and thinky thoughts are dedicated to the paper I’m doing edits on today. But this is pretty much me-bait, so I’ll give it a stab and reserve the right to come back to it.

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