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No quirks AU headcannon (which is somehow a crossover?):
[Mineta doesn’t exist. Shinsou is there, but let’s just focus on tddk.]

Izuku discovered some of the schoolmates in middle school play a game called Tales of Link. One time, Mama Inko gave him a phone if he wants to text his mom. It gave him a chance to ply said game and got hooked ever since.

- Had to not play in school because of asshole middle school students and Bakugou.

- Because of the bullies, he tends to be in his room after going home and play non-stop.

- He’s usually at the top 100 during Soul Arenas because of his analysis on choosing the right Hero….until Zestiria events came along.

- Because of his curiosity of Sorey and Mikleo’s relationship, it made him watch Zestiria walkthroughs.

- Crossing to Yuuei Academy for his wish to be a police officer, he barely plays it due to studies.

- A player named Todoroki with an Eleannor lead who is a healer, and a 6*Velvet. And Izuku is forever grateful for this miracle.
Shouto, who also want to be a police officer, is still abused by Endeavor, except Shouto’s mother became brave out of fear and anger, and lash the poor pops (We need more brave Todomama.). Because of that, Shouto is usually in his room.

- He was introduced to Tales of Link by Yaomomo. “You need something that’s a better distraction.”. He thought it was a waste of time, but played it nonetheless.

- He saw a Midoriya in the list, and he saw that he had……quite a team. (Delayer Sorey, Bash healer Mikleo, SA Water Armatus), but Shouto can back themselves up because he has Eleannor. He didn’t know said player is his classmate.
There was sports fest there, a regular one and…..well…..it was build up there for the two of them.

- They finally knew who the other one is afterwards. And decided to help each other with team build, with some outside help ofc.

- Matching Hero units are their thing and Class 1-A have a mix of awe, cringe due to their obliviousness, and a pissed Bakugou.

- One time, Izuku decided to use Water Armatus for a beginner’s event reissue and Shouto forgot to switch his lead to Mikleo. He’s stuck with Violinrey for a bit.

- Soul Area conquered one to many times due to their strategies and every player there is shook.