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THE BLACKTHORN TWINS — the protector &&. the seeker

Livvy burst back into the room, her brown hair flying. “Let him go!” A seraph blade appeared in her hand, already beginning to glow. She spoke to Mark through gritted teeth, as if she’d never met him. As if she hadn’t been carrying a patchwork quilt for him through the Institute only moments before. If you hurt Tiberius, I’ll kill you. I don’t care if you’re Mark, I’ll kill you.”


so I made a new header for my blog because why not my current one is ugly anyways lol

[the very top is 3000 x 1055 & the very bottom is 1240 x 700 and is the one I’m currently using as a header]













Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era

I don’t even need anyone to date me ever again, I just need teachers to keep saying I’m a joy to have in class

Candy Vocabulary in Japanese | 11.06.17


色(いろ)・ color

オレンジ ・ orange

白(しろ)・ white

白い(しろい) ・ white (used for description)

黄色(きいろ)・ yellow

黄色い(きいろい) ・ yellow (used for description)

キャンディー ・ candy

お菓子(おかし)・ candy / sweets

キャンディーコーン ・ candy corn

ジェリービーンズ ・ jellybeans

ガムボール ・ gumball

アイスクリーム // アイス ・ ice cream

アイスキャンディー ・ Popsicle

飲み物(のみもの)・ drink / beverage

カクテル ・ cocktail

お酒(おさけ)・ alcohol

ストロー ・ drinking straw


冷たい(つめたい)・ cold (to the touch)

おいしい ・ delicious

丸い(まるい)・ round

小さい(ちいさい)・ small

甘い(あまい)・ sweet


The Donny Nova Band

The Boys are Back: Remixed



Am I doing this right

[OCTOBER . 21 . 2017]



Day 21 features a strange superstition that I just barely learned about….the belief that whistling at night will call snakes out >:O Which, if you hate snakes, is downright horrifying. Otherwise,I guess it isn’t that terrible. Unless they’re all like super poisonous murder snakes…then yeah maybe don’t whistle at night. >_>;

This superstition of course, comes from ancient times where thieves (or “snakes) would whistle to alert one another in the night as they did their misdeeds. So whistling at night would bring about the “snakes”. Man it’s fun learning about strange superstitions and urban legends around the world.


                                              Chilly weather babes


Songs in German- Some of my favorite songs while growing up.

//Wir Sind Helden - Nur ein Wort / Juli- Perfekte Welle / Rosenstolz- Gib mir Sonne / Silbermond- Das Beste / Ich+Ich- Vom selben Stern /                 Ich+Ich-Du erinnerst mich an Liebe / Peter Fox- Haus am See /  Herbert Grönemeyer - Zeit, Dass Sich Was Dreht /  Söhne Mannheims- Und Wenn Ein Lied  / Glashaus- Haltet die Welt an //

me whenever Yuri on Ice music plays

In Regards to Love: Agape

In Regards to Love: Eros

Minami’s Boogie

Shall We Skate?

Terra Incognita


Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement “Advent”

L'homme arme


Theme of King JJ

Yuri on ICE

and finally Duet: Stay Close to Me