i'm still laughing at this joke tho


I started these last year and I found them again, so I decided to finish them because they were so close to done and their shirts still make me laugh, even tho the jokes are extremely stupid.

Some uncalled for @mallverse​ incorrect ship names, now featuring tsum buddies because damn they cute (Saix is my favorite; he’s so ANGRY)

psst - click the pics for the bad jokes if you dare

Honestly when tony starts cracking jokes about steve being “spry for an older fellow” that is the moment where Steve should have shot back something equally as sassy and tony would have done a double take and looked him up and down like “what?? Captain America just said that?” And just in that one moment would have grown so much respect and the next joke he made would have had a small under current of a compliment and Steve would have picked up on that and laughed and finally they would have established their Quality Banter™ and their friendship would finally give justice to the comics like why did Joss weatthin fuck up Steve’s character, hunh? Why did he fuck up the most epic friendship in the marvel universe? Why?

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is queerplatonic attraction a thing? like i think i have some sort of attraction to one of my friends, but it's not sexual, and i don't want to kiss or anything so i don't think it's romantic, BUT it's still something different than how i feel when i'm with my best friend. more intimate i guess? maybe it IS just romantic? i keep trying to figure out what romantic vs platonic vs queerplatonic even is, but everyone seems to have conflicting definitions.

I think a squish is a QPR attraction. If you are utterly clueless on how to label because it’s just too nebulous to you, I propose the following questions. Do you laugh at in-community jokes in that “haha same tho” sort of way? Does the label make you feel closer to what your feelings are even if you can’t fully explain them?

  • INFP: Oh man, I miss you and Derpina. Good old times, the three of us sitting for a two-hour coffee break, making jokes, laughing at you, etc.
  • Potentially ESFJ friend: Then show up for the great get-together I'm planning! Don't you dare not to!
  • INFP: Oh, yay! I'll try, I'll try! Nice, how many are going then?
  • Potentially ESFJ friend: I'm inviting the few good ones from our freshman year :)
  • INFP: Ah yes, makes sense. It's been a while indeed. Well, you know you and Derpina are the ones that truly matter to me anyway <3 So whom else is going? :)
  • Potentially ESFJ friend: Basically A, B, C...
  • INFP: : )
  • Potentially ESFJ friend: D, not sure if E is coming, F...
  • INFP: : ) (...who was E again?)
  • Potentially ESFJ friend: G and her boyfriend, H is bringing her boyfriend too... Maybe 10< total, not sure yet.
  • INFP: Ah, 10<, ha ha :)
  • INFP: Fuck
Summer 2016 Anime First Impression Thingy
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! (2 episodes in): At least they didn't copy-carbon the "dance to save the school" plot from the original Love Live. Can't really decide who's best grill yet tho. Also it's an eye-candy.
  • Bananya (2 episodes in): 10/10 AOTY MATERIAL. GO WATCH IT. GO FUCKING WATCH IT. IF YOU'RE NOT WATCHING IT I'M QUESTIONING YOUR LIFE DECISIONS. But seriously I'm only watching this because I'm a whore for fluffy kitties.
  • Orange (2 episodes in): I can already see the feels are coming... #SaveKakeru2k16
  • New Game! (2 episodes in): Looks like your mediocre moeblob / cute-girls-doing-cute-things show of the season. Other than the pretty art, well, it is what it is.
  • Amaaama to Inazuma (2 episodes in): I only came here for seiyuu jokes but I got feels right in the first episode (;__;) Episode two's kinda meh tho, even though it's still cute.
  • 91 Days (1 episode in): A pretty cool start, I should say. I'm genuinely interested to see where it's going.
  • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (5 shorts / 1 episode in): So this is technically shorts, right? But then there's also a normal-length episode which is basically 5 shorts packed into one. That aside, I totally laughed my ass off, even though the visuals look like it's made with Adobe Flash.
  • Mob Psycho 100 (1 episode in): Eye-candy would be an understatement--the visuals are explosive in a whole new level O.o Also what is it with ONE and Butt-Chin™ guys?! (yes, it's a trademark now xD)
  • Danganronpa 3:
  • - Mirai-Hen (1 episode in): WHOA. JUST WHOA. I did expect Chisa to die quite early but... WHOA.
  • - Zetsubou-hen (1 episode in): Contrary to the former, this one is pretty funny I should say--even though it'll most likely have a bad end. Also nice too see best grill Chiaki back *sobs happily*
  • (Not sure if I'm gonna pick up ReLIFE anytime, tho. I mean, I'm a terrible binge-watcher ._. Not to mention I've started to be busy again lately -_- )

ok but my jily are flawed and effed up but they’re also each other’s salvation in the middle of this terrible war. they’re grateful for the idiot sleeping next to them. they have twenty omg you’re such a nerd but i wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else moments a day. they can’t keep their hands off each other-not even sexually, entirely-just at all. they have a thousand inside jokes. they fight and in the same breath say how they’re so damn grateful the fight was over. they know the ins and outs of each other and what makes the other one tick. and they still know that they could spend a lifetime learning, laughing, sure, shagging, and just being together and it would never be enough.

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Roseeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm still hoping you would see this and reply me....but I'll say it again! Would you include SnapBack for your merch in the near future? I bet loads of people would love to have one from youuuuu and rosieeeeeee! <3 Btw, love your funny jokes even tho you laugh at ur own jokes which is funny? Hahahahaha love youuuu rose! Hope to meet you someday which is not too far away ;( I'm a million miles away from where you are!

The answer to your question is YES. Snapbacks are next :) 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: perrie louise edwards was born on july 10th 1993 and now she's turning 22,the little dork who auditioned when she was 17/18 is turning 22 years old, the one who laugh at her own tomato jokes and make silly jokes 24/7 the one who's really smart and strong,she doesn't let the hate affect her at all and i know she got her girls, but even tho she's turning 22 i still feel the need to protect my tiny daughter from the world,if i'm honest i don't care how old she is i love perrie louise edwards a lot i'm gonna protect her from everything
saw Deadpool last night

oh my fucking christ guys. i realize that i have like zero followers, and i’m basically just screaming into the void at this point, but i just kinda want to gush. i loved it. i don’t even know where to start. Ryan Reynolds was fucking FANTASTIC. he absolutely nailed it. and i can’t even begin to explain how happy i am that Deadpool was pansexual. like, i’m panromantic and asexual, not pansexual, but it was so gratifying to see a character who i could identify with. not only a character, but a superhero character. it’s one thing to read comics or books, but actually seeing a pan character makes me so happy.

secondly, the movie was sooo fucking FUNNY! i’m 90% percent certain i missed like a quarter of the jokes because of how much i was laughing. the jokes were quick paced and engaging and just! this movie was so great. in fact, i plan to see it again. and while Deadpool was exactly my type of humour, my mummy enjoyed it almost as much as i did.

in conclusion, this movie is the fucking best, and everyone needs to see it! except for children under the age of like, 14 or 15 or something. for real yo, it’s rated R for a reason dipshits.