i'm still laughing at it tbh

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Not to one up the anon earlier, but I too just caught up with the manga, literally last night and I laugh-cried so much I caught a cold.

all these people catching up with their mangas overnight and then there’s me, who took two weeks to read like the 72 or so chapters that were out at the time and is dawdling way too much on reading soul eater.


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3


i feel like this is canon enough to have been a deleted scene

kaijo boys trying to pick up girls
  • KASAMATSU: why would you want to go for the girl who just rejected kobori?!
  • HAYAKAWA: because i'm in charge of rebounds!

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Tbh I still love Sherlock. It's still the most important thing in my life. It's still the show that saved me when I didn't know how to cope. It helped me to understand my own sexuality and I can't really see myself letting it go.I'm still part of the TJLC fandom and I can think about season 4 and laugh about it. But I'm bitter. I feel like a fool, I don't understand why things are like this. Why is the writing so embarassing?They owe us some explanation but we'll never get it. I'll keep believin

Hi Nonny!

*HUGS* To be honest, Sherlock and its fandom saved me as well, and I love it to pieces. As I’ve stated before, like you it’s helped me discover myself, and I just will forever love this show because of it. And there are some aspects of S4 that I think are phenomenal, so it’s not a complete embarrassment. 

But the writing, what the hell happened? This show, in past seasons, was a critical darling in the media; they loved it, but even they are aware of the flaws of S4 and they only pay attention on the surface level of the story, so that says a lot about the fuckery of it. It’s okay to feel bitter about it, I can understand completely. Sadly I don’t think we will ever get an explanation for what we received, but that seems to be the norm for us as of late (that or bullshit excuses). But as I’ve said numerous times, Mofftiss can’t take the fandom from any of us; it’s still a wonderful place of amazing people who continue to make this show the story it should have been. I too will keep believing; for me that entails that one day the true story WILL be told about John and Sherlock, and someone will finally be the first to do it. I am sad that this series wasn’t that show, but I think it will happen in our lifetime.

Throwback to the GNR show when I was standing right in front of Duff during Rocket Queen and I sang - staring directly at him - “I might be a little young but I ain’t naive” and he looked so scandalised that I burst out laughing and then he started laughing as well and winked at me.

Helpful Advice from Mikasa
  • Historia: 'Kasa, who said 'I love you' first? You or Sasha?
  • Mikasa: Sasha did and it was more she blurted it out during sex.
  • Historia: Wait, really? * eyes wide* but like wasn't that I dunno? Due to orgasm brain or something?
  • Mikasa: *snorts* Orgasm brain, okay. Well we did pause on the sex for her to confess she wanted to say it the whole day, and it wasn't planned to be blurted out while I was knuckles deep in her--
  • Historia: *waving her hands, red faced* Woah! Woah, okay! I get it! So it wasn't planned, and she wanted to say it before you both did it like rabbits. How did that make you feel though?
  • Mikasa: Amazing, elated. Everything positive and radiating and good you can think of, I felt it. *pauses, cheeks a noticeable pink* Honestly, I would have even if we were doing nothing, but sitting next to each other and she said it.
  • Historia: That's...well that's comforting then.
  • Mikasa: *cranes her head to look at Historia questioningly* Are you waiting for Ymir to say it?
  • Historia: *sighs* She's always the first to say it, even before we dated. *pouts* But the thing is I haven't yet, and well you know me. I can be a...uh...
  • Mikasa: *snorts* A perfectionist. Yeah, that sounds like you.
  • Historia: *hits Mikasa's shoulder with a laugh* Rude, much? Anyways, yeah. She says it, but I want it to be the right time? For it to feel...I dunno, right?
  • Mikasa: There is no 'right time' ya know? It's how she makes you feel is what matters, and honestly you love her enough to ask me about it.
  • Historia: ...
  • Mikasa: ...
  • Historia: ...you're right, I do! *jumps up out of her seat* I'm going to go tell my freckled asshole of a girlfriend that I love her! Thank you, 'Kasa.
  • Mikasa: * watching her sprint away* No problem, His'!
  • -
  • Sasha: *hums a happy tune* So, Ymir bragged that Historia went down on her after she finally said 'I love you' and I didn't have the heart to tell her I beat her to that with you. Funny how it was similar though.
  • Mikasa: *chokes a little on her drink* Yeah, uh...funny how that worked out.
  • Sasha: *sighs* I love that you helped them out, babe.
  • Mikasa: *laughs* I'm not even surprised you knew, and I did my best.
  • Sasha: *winks* I know, and I love you for it. Also, now Ymir can quit whining! *grins happily* So there's a silver lining after all.