i'm still laughing at it tbh


i feel like this is canon enough to have been a deleted scene

Throwback to the GNR show when I was standing right in front of Duff during Rocket Queen and I sang - staring directly at him - “I might be a little young but I ain’t naive” and he looked so scandalised that I burst out laughing and then he started laughing as well and winked at me.

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ALSO ALSO ALSO let me just fucking say that i am so tired of the antis claiming that teenagers dont think about sex. like at 15 it was all i could fucking think about and GUESS WHAT most antis are like 14-16 and them talking about at 15-16 aren't thinking about sex NEWS FLASH ASSHOLE you're fucking 16 and thinking about sex the whole damn time. congratulations, you played yourself



hey so I haven’t done any Ghostbusters stuff in a while but

Abby and Patty go on Disney dates. like, every time a new Disney movie comes out they are THERE, in the wayback of the theater with their jumbo popcorn and smuggled candy, laughing and inevitably crying and probably swearing at animated characters. 

(quiet swearing, because of the kids, but still. it’s a good thing they didn’t know each other when Frozen came out, because their collective reaction to The Hans Thing would have gotten them kicked out.)

and it’s like their Thing, because Erin doesn’t really care for kids’ movies (no matter how many times Abby tries to explain that “It’s not for kids, it’s for people who like joy. Do you not like joy?”) and Holtzmann is waaaay to fidgety to be comfortable in movie theaters no matter what’s playing. so it’s just Abby and Patty having a blast and getting a kick out of having a buddy to go with. Abby used to go to Disney movies alone and feel like a weirdo, and Patty used to have to borrow her neighbor’s kids, and they’re just really stoked that they have each other to hang out with now.

Keith is the first one to buy Spanish for Dummies. 

He’s slowly learning the language, Lance still mocks of his Rs but he’s sure Lance only does it to piss him off. They talk a lot in Spanish, and Lance’s mood improves when he calls him “bonito” or “corazón”.

The problem? Lance says korean is too hard and doesn’t want to learn his language. Now, Keith tries to act tough and pretend he isn’t hurt by the fact that, hey, he’s taking his time to learn a bit of Lance’s mother tongue and Lance doesn’t want to give back. It’s okay. He’s a tough boy, he’s fine. 

Lance cames a day from yet another extra shift. He starts speaking in korean. It’s perfect. Too perfect actually, he’s been going to classes in secret. He says he has little time in it but that his professor says he’s really good at it, so he needed to show off to Keith.

Now Keith has what he wanted, the problem now is: Lance apparently knows more Korean than he knows Spanish and Keith… doesn’t know how to feel about this. What’s real? What’s correct? Why Lance knows more Korean than he knows Spanish, that’s not fair, he started first. 

Stupid Lance.