i'm still laughing and it's not even funny

Fake Chats #195
  • Jimin: do you think you're funny?
  • Seokjin: I know I'm funny. You wanna know how I know that?
  • Jimin: not really.
  • Seokjin: because you laugh! Ha!
  • Jimin:
  • Seokjin:
  • Jimin: *giggles*
  • Jungkook: hyung, seriously, that wasn't even remotely funny, couldn't you have held on to it?
  • Jimin: I don't to laugh! It's against my will.
  • Seokjin: doesn't take away from me being funny, though.
  • Jungkook: Yoongi-hyung doesn't think you're funny.
  • Seokjin: Yoongi in an evil little hedgehog and I don't care what he thinks.
  • Jimin: *giggles again*
  • Jungkook: hyung! I admit that the idea of Yoongi being a hedgehog is remotely funny, but still!
  • Seokjin: c'mon Kookie, embrace the dorkiness. Remember, I raised you on my back.
  • Jungkook: what does that have to do with anything?
  • Seokjin: you have my DNA. Bad jokes are in your genes.
  • Jungkook: you aren't actually related to me. I'm bad joke gene free.
  • Seokjin: young man, talk like that gets you blacklisted.
  • Jungkook: blacklisted from what?
  • Seokjin: Jimin.
  • Jungkook: that's crossing a line!
  • Jimin: *giggles*

[keith standing outside his fencing practice, angsting in the heavy rain to set the mood as he stares down at his phone and watches each minute tick by, each minute making lance later and later to pick him up]

lance, huffing and puffing, drenched and sweating, pulling up on his mum’s pedal bike with a basket on the back that he expects Keith to sit in, and that keith will most definitely sit in; he smirks at keith, even as his body shakes from the cold and overuse, giving him a shakey two fingered salute: the hero has arrived – sorry my car broke down so i had to steal my mum’s bike so i could pick you up
keith, not meeting lance’s eyes [mumbles]: i thought you’d skipped out on me
lance: *gasp*
lance: *puts hands on keith’s shoulders*
keith, still stunned every time by lance’s touch even though they’ve been dating for five months: *gasp*
lance, sincerely, hands still on Keith’s shoulders, looking deeply into his eyes: i would never skip you, you’re like leg day
keith, tears in his eyes, pulling lance off the bike so he can kiss him [fondly]: lance, that doesn’t even make sense, you don’t go to the gym, what are you even talking about, i love you so much-

For You MV – A summary
  • Jungkook: for you
  • Jimin: for Jungkook
  • Suga: for Jungkook
  • J-Hope: for Jungkook
  • Jin: for Jungkook
  • Rap Mon: for Jungkook
  • V: for Jungkook

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I can’t stop laughing because of the pee thing 😂. I wonder if this is how horror movie writers feel when this happens.

I mean… I did it for a reason. It’s not like I didn’t sit here going “Why don’t they just pee in the thing? Oh, yeah.. because XXXXXXX” Sigh…

Find out what all the PEE is about :  ESCAPE Chapter 8…

Nagito Komaeda doing *insert mundane thing here* will always be hilarious to me.

It doesn’t matter what it is. The single idea of Nagito Komaeda doing anything that supposed to be a normal thing to me will always be hilarious.

Because there’s this constant tension of how could this go wrong. Even if he succeeds I’m still going to laugh because WE JUST!! DON’T KNOW!! /HE/ DOESN’T EVEN KNOW!


So the ToppDogg concert is in less than a month so I did this really poorly edited video to make myself laugh. Please ignore me. I laughed the entire time I did this…  I’m still laughing.

Literally I started off making the video fit the song and then I was like …forget it. *mashes everything together*

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Chrissy, I just realized that whoever/whatever Gompers is, he's still fricking married to Waddles. And it's hilarious. IMAGINE GOMPERS GETTING BACK HIS ORIGINAL FORM AND JUST BEING LIKE 'WHERE'S MY HUSBAND' AND THEN R.I.P. WHATEVER AGENTS TOOK WADDLES. I'M LAUGHING TOO HARD HE LP (also that would be really funny bc it would kinda make a same-sex relationship canon, even if one party is a pig. A big 'fuck you' to censors everywhere right there, man)

“Yooo Tad! Long time no see! How’s earth been working out for you?”

“Bill, I would like you to take that bowtie of yours, and firmly shove it deep into the recesses of your lone, gaping, revolting cornea.”

“Woaaah hostility, Tad. Not the kindest way to greet your best pal after 3,000 years!”

“You cursed me to live in that vile mammalian body for the past three millenia! I am not in the least bit concerned with the cordial nuances of this meeting!”

“But what’s the harm in shooting the breeze? Besides I thought it might be fun! Those things have four legs you know. Imagine the possibilities!”

“You left me to wither and die here.”

“So how was goat life anyway? Make any friends? Form any permanent unbreakable contracts?”


“Oh my god that’s a yes.”

I did not initiate the contract, Bill! It was the niece of my designated caregiver. I am sworn to that swine of hers.”

“Shut. up. Tell me everything.”

“There’s nothing to tell! My limited investigations have led me to believe there is a ceremonial practice that may sever this tie. A double force of sorts, a di-force. I have yet to ascertain all the important details.”

“My little brother got married and I missed it! I cannot believe it. Little Thaddeus growing up. Oh gosh Tad I’ve got to tell Mom. She’s going to be soo excited.”





“I have every intention of killing you, Bill.”

140102 EXO'S SHOWTIME EP.6 - yaja time pt. 1
  • (for those of you guys who may not know what yaja time is, it's basically a time when the ages are flipped - so the younger ones are the 'hyungs' and the older ones have to speak in formal speak to the younger ones)
  • BAEKHYUN: (to xiumin) be quiet.
  • CHANYEOL: (turns to xiumin who had his arms around chanyeol) where do you think you're touching??
  • CHEN: umin~~~~
  • BAEKHYUN: you shouldn't have your arms behind you~
  • (kris laughs)
  • CHANYEOL: why are you laughing?!
  • BAEKHYUN: you think this situation is funny, huh?
  • KAI: ey, stay still. the hyungs aren't even moving.
  • CHANYEOL: i'm sorry.
  • TAO: (to chanyeol) don't fool around, don't fool around! you understand or not?!
  • KRIS: (in formal speak to tao) are you crazy?!
  • trans;itsaconspiracy

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I'm laughing that they took the baby purchase pictures in a store!! Honestly it's such funny timing. They're getting it done while there's still worth before it's no longer his. Honestly I just keep getting convinced more than ever we are looking at final dregs right now.

I mean they couldn’t even show the items in a real nursery. this is so transparent it’s hilarious