i'm still kind of amped up

i can’t believe it’s 2017 and I STILL have to put up with y’all shipping Sansa Stark, an underage girl, with a) a grown ass man who manipulated her and basically sold her to a man who abused her horribly, b) a grown ass man who she’s spoken to like, a grand total of twice, and c) HER OWN BROTHER, ALL while Margaery Tyrell is RIGHT THERE… beautiful… bisexual… kind and supportive to Sansa when no one else is… available… anyways you’re all really & truly demons I hope you know that!!!!

wayfaring stranger cover?
wayfaring stranger cover?

please excuse the bad audio quality i don’t hav any actual recording equipment…. it’s kind of quiet so you’ll hav to turn it up

uuuuhhh i watched no evil a lil while ago and this song has still been stuck in my head it’s so good. no instrumental & only one part bc i’m a fuck and don’t wanna edit !!! apologies for all the mistakes hsfdhsgh

sovdra  asked:

hey if youre still doing that ask meme I kind of assume you have like a really good fashion sense? perhaps?

I wish I could say you were right, but nah. I wear like jeans and a t shirt pretty much everyday. Sometimes I spice it up though with this palm tree shirt from h&m for when I really feel the need to embrace summer and feel good. But no, I’m not as much of a crisp dresser as I probably could be if I tried. But that’s too much work