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I still can’t figure out if they actually have some kind of stove/oven in the Boxmore kitchen that isn’t just The Furnace but SHHHH let me have my imagery of Rad trying his best to teach the bots how to make real food for the holidays & them all having a great time of just making a mess of everything~ x,Dc

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i went from being extremely underweight to extremely over weight both due to different eds and now that i'm trying to lose the excess weight in order to be healthy it's so difficult not to use old behaviors. i do see a specialist and she's wonderful but i'm still really struggling. i remember you saying something about your body having a natural healthy weight so even though i have a large amount of weight to lose still i'm worried about knowing when to or being able to stop.

Okay, stop right there. As soon as I read “I’m trying to lose the excess weight.” I got all amped up and now I am typing a million miles per minute. 

I do not care if you are 100lbs or 500lbs; the goal should NEVER be to lose weight. The goal should be to normalize your eating patterns and to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. Your weight is not the problem here; your eating disorder is. 

I do not know what kind of specialist you are seeing but unless they are a registered dietitian that specializes in and has experience with eating disorders, I would probably advise that you switch. You do not need a diet or weight loss coach, nor do you need a dietitian that is heavily sucked into diet culture themselves. More importantly, you need a therapist [and potentially a higher level of care] so that you can start working on your eating disorder – the root of the problem. And no, your eating disorder is not about behaviors. Your eating disorder goes much deeper than that but I am sure you are aware of that. It is amazing how your relationship with food actually changes as you work on the REST of your life. Losing weight is not going to solve your problems. 

It is true that your body has a natural healthy range that it likes to be in. This range changes a little over time (it goes up as you get older – the reason that 16 year olds typically don’t have the same body type as 40 year olds) but for the most part, your body stays in it. So how do you find this point? You see what your body does when you are eating 100% NORMALLY. You don’t diet. You don’t restrict yourself of any foods. You eat when you are hungry, you stop when you are full. And sometimes you eat until you are too full and sometimes you eat a little less. The idea is to practice flexible eating.
You need to be eating enough (calorie-wise) to maintain a healthy body – and no, eating 1200cal per day (or even under 2,000cal) is not appropriate and will set you up for failure. You are going to keep binging so long as you restrict yourself of the foods that you typically binge on. 

So the solution here is to stop dieting. Don’t force yourself to have an apple for breakfast when french toast sounds amazing. Have the french toast and just eat a normal portion (or until you are satisfied, which may come later because hunger cues get all fucked up when you aren’t used to eating normally). Stop placing food into “good” and “bad” categories and your energy towards it will decrease. When food is “just food,” it is easy to have a normal, healthy relationship with it. Maybe you will lose weight naturally, maybe you will gain weight naturally, or maybe you will stay where you are; I cannot tell you what your body’s happy place is but the only way for you to find it is to reject your eating disorder in all forms.

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I think I might be late but it’s still the 17th here and I wanted to join in so !! I was tagged by the lovely @hyunjinh who came up with the very cute idea for selca day to show what kind of couple you would be with your bias & what kind of first date you two would have!


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If you don't mind me asking, what kind of asks do you guys have now?

Well there’s the ones from this post

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Thanks for asking! 

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