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“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

highkey stressing that the writers are going to have Fitz be even remotely conflicted at all in whatever he feels for Aida. I can understand him being shellshocked, having just come out of the Framework and dealing with the horrible things he did there, but please no. Don’t do that. Don’t let that wordless stare he gave her be conflicted feelings. Let him be rock solid in that he loves Jemma, only Jemma, and that he knows Aida programmed him to love her to serve her own needs.

i need snk season two. i’ve been reblogging variations of the same 10 anime scenes for almost two years now and it is driving me insane. i get it. the world is cruel and also very beautiful. eren and armin want to see the ocean and the outside world. i get it. levi’s squad died and it was sad. i get it. we are so thoroughly out of material it it driving me up a wall. possibly up many walls. maybe even wall maria.


40+ Up: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)


Its been awhile since I’ve drawn any OHC art! It feels good to draw my son again :’) I recently went to a live showing for it and it was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life. JKos is honestly such a gifted person 😭🔥💜 I had to draw some parts of the show

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  • Tony: Peter, it's a little nippy out, you might want to put on a sweater!
  • Peter: Dad, it's okay, I'm kinda warm.
  • Steve: Still, there's a chill in the air and you've been on a plane.
  • Peter: Dad, I'm fine.
  • Wade: Peter, it is kinda cold out.
  • Peter: It is?
  • Wade: Yeah.
  • Peter: All right, thanks, I'll get my jacket.

female characters were treated /horribly/ in most of the past fandoms ive been in (sometimes just bc they were female/‘in the way’ of an m/m ship), i’m really glad it’s not really like that with overwatch

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I was so excited for SnK s2 and all the jearmin goodness that would come with it, but now that it's turned out it's only going to be a one-cour series instead of the expected 25 episodes, I'm starting to wonder how much of the jearmin material they'll manage to cover. Which jearmin scenes do you think we can safely expect to be adapted within those 12 episodes?

It’s tough, Jearmin got a lot of attention as a ship during the Uprising arc, and Jean is rather absent for the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc as it is. though considering we have already had that added scene between Eren and Mikasa in S2E1, he could have some extra screen-time somewhere.

As for jearmin, as long as they stay faithful to the manga then we can expect this banger of a moment from chapter 50…

I’ll be extremely upset if this scene is removed from the anime. I think it speaks great volumes for both characters, and not just in regards to their relationship to each other. But either way fingers-crossed for lots of lovely Jearmin!!

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Sonny Thoughts

Based on this script spoiler posted here by @minidodds​:


Thought 1: Is Rollins actually blaming a victim of abuse (a mother of an abused child, I’m guessing) for “letting” a man hit a child? Do the SVU writers think victim blaming is better when done by a female character? And can we get one single episode without a “bad” mother? And do Amanda’s issues run that deep, that she thinks every single woman (including herself) is possibly a terrible mother? What the fuck, writers?

Thought 2: Do we really need the male character to explain the cycle of abuse to a woman who’s probably had her fair share or run-ins with abusive assholes? Not to mention, a woman who’s suffered psychological abuse at the hands of her own family? If it were that easy to escape it, why has Amanda been completely unable to cut off her mother and my queen Kim? It’s one thing to have Amanda being judgmental about addiction (also troubling, but more consistent with a recovering addict who is trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow), but this? And, again, a man with no children chimes in to set her straight? What the fuck, writers?

Thought 3: What if the writers are attempting to retcon Sonny as a victim of abuse in his childhood?

(just spitballing here, of course, to balance out all the Barba theories with some Sonny ones)

Depending on how Peter plays that scene and if it doesn’t get cut and then posted as a “deleted scene" a week later, it’s a possibility. The text is somewhat suggestive, isn’t it? “It beats you up on the inside”? This would fit with Sonny’s anger (almost to the point of rage) when working cases with underage victims, and it might also explain why he’s always so sweet to children and teens.

It might clash with his early happy-go-lucky characterization though, and with the fact he’s always painted the picture of a happy family with a bunch of sisters and a dad who loved inflatable Santas. That, plus all the early interviews, when Carisi was first introduced, clearly stating that the “new guy” had a healthy family life, unlike Amaro and Rollins (and Barba). Then again, we have never gotten the slightest solid hint about Sonny’s home life (except when he said he never told his parents he was applying to college), and this type of retcon is nothing unusual for a network drama.

Or, what if Sonny sounds so knowledgeable because one of his sisters has suffered domestic abuse? And he tried to help her? Maybe when he was a teenager himself? What if she’s still struggling? That would be interesting, and it would honor the classic Carisi trait of saying “my sister…” every few minutes.

I’d imagine there’s a chance Sonny is just saying this because, like, he’s read it in a psychology book (also consistent with Sonny’s personality plus the writers’ aversion of giving anyone a personal storyline this season) or he had a friend of a friend etc, but still, he could be speaking from experience.

What do you guys think?