i'm still in love with judas

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flash question: what makes us queer christians so fascinated by judas iscariot and his relationship with Jesus? go! (i'm genuinely interested in this though haha)

i think it’s because of judas’ place in the narrative as reviled pariah. judas was part of the inner circle, one of the men whom jesus trusted the most, held closest, loved and loved truly, but in spite of the fact that he was a man who hoped and prayed and laughed and tried to be good, we still call him devilish and irredeemable because we define him only by that one moment of his human weakness and not the whole picture.

the reclamation of him as a sympathetic figure is highly appealing to queer christians because we occupy a similar place in the narrative of our own lives– majority cis het christians call us sinners, liars, and betrayers and despise us just for existing, but in doing so they forget that we are ultimately people whom jesus loves abundantly. we are not just forgiven, as all believers are; our queer identities are heaven-sent, blessed, and so so holy.

look at it like this: if judas can be loved by christ unconditionally in spite of damning the man to his grave, if judas can hurt so much as to take his own life but then find both acceptance and healing in heaven, then we queer believers assuredly can receive limitless tenderness from the lord right here, right now. no matter how much any close-minded person might try to convince us that we’re damning ourselves for living our lives, judas is proof that anyone can be saved, and yes, that most certainly includes us. the intense hate we face is nothing compared to the sacred beauty which god knows exists in our survival.

in short, we queer christians are drawn to judas because he is imperfect and shunned and tragic and loved by jesus regardless. his story reminds us that no matter how our lives play out, there is love here for us now and love waiting for us on the other side. none of us are truly irredeemable

Dear Jesus,

I’m sorry for all the times I fail You.
I’m sorry for all the times I fail to represent You.
I’m sorry that on some days I do not stand out from the crowd.
I’m sorry that I open my mouth without words of Your love and light.
I’m sorry that sometimes I keep my mouth shut out of fear although You want me to speak up.
I’m sorry that I easily forget that You’re my strength.
I’m sorry that I enjoy wealth too much.
I’m sorry that often I do not humble myself.
I’m sorry that I put myself before You.
I’m sorry that I put myself before my neighbour.
I’m sorry that on some days I think I’m a better Christian than someone else - I’m sorry that sometimes I do not see the plank in my eye or I even dare to ignore it.
I’m sorry that I ask You to lead me and decide to take another road when Yours doesn’t please me.
I’m sorry that I tell You that not even death could diminish my love for You, but I often leave Your side and try to live on my own.
I’m sorry that I wonder how Judas could betray You, how Peter could deny You, how Thomas could ask to see Your wounds while I myself am not any better.

I still dare to say that I love You.

Even if this will cost my life someday.

I’m Yours. Fully Yours.

Things Cole told us instead of the truth about Solas:

-Who the inquisitor is banging and details about it
-Traumatic events from the pasts of basically every inquisition member
-The endings of popular movies
-How fucking happy nugs are. Of course they are happy, they don’t have friends who keep important secrets from them you little shit

the religious imagery in that episode is still slaying me though

like not even the crucifixion (was that a work of art or was that a work of art) but the fact that hannibal, who talks himself up as this god-like figure and loves to play god, is compared to judas, the betrayer, the man who gave up his friend, an innocent and a martyr, is 50 different levels of perfect i can’t even put it into words