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I love to imagine the Shards’ participation in the creation or discovery of ‘humanity’ on their worlds, because really, some of these local versions of humans are so far removed from Yolen’s original ‘humans’…


Devotion and Dominion: well, we’ve created nice, normal humans here for the most part, but what about the ones too packed with Investiture to stay that way?

Devotion and Dominion: … [look at each other]

Dominion: …aesthetic?

Devotion: aesthetic

Ruin: okay, good, we’ve pretty much replicated humans right (I think) with the addition of some cool new metal powers. we contributed equally. right? right. and I get to kill them all later

Preservation: [looks up from imbuing humans with some of his own self]

Preservation: ….yes.

Endowment: huh, there’s already people here? imma pick the ones I like and make them SUPER TALL and SMOKIN’ HOT

Honor: dear. dear, can we please try to make normal humans

Cultivation: NO NO NO okay look at this if we cross this strain with the natives then they get STONE FINGERNAILS. LITERAL STONE.

Honor: dear

Cultivation: and if we incorporate this version then instead of stone nails you get hair and skin that’s metallic gold HOW COOL IS THAT

Honor: honey


Honor: please

Cultivation: and they’re all gonna display hair colour inheritance by PERCENTAGE

Cultivation: and that’s not even getting to the Invested ones

Honor: …

Cultivation: now get over here and do your bit

Honor: …yes dear.

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1 for Usnavi?

1 for Usnavi: Holiday headcanon

• Valentine’s Day is one of Usnavi’s favorite holidays. As of the time he got himself a girlfriend. Oh, and is he head over heels in love with her. He was going to go all out for her, but Vanessa stopped him. It’s okay. They could still celebrate the holiday from the privacy of his apartment.

• Fourth of July wasn’t a holiday Usnavi was too fond of. For many reasons. 1, it did bring back bad memories of the big blackout and that night in general. Many people did not like to talk about that night. 2, the fireworks would go off for HOURS upon HOURS every night and Usnavi couldn’t sleep. He basically despised Fourth of July.

• Halloween was something else. As a kid, Halloween was Usnavi’s favorite holiday. He loved to dress up and receive free candy from his neighbors in the barrio. It seemed odd to a young Usnavi, but he rolled with it. Older Usnavi still loved the holiday, but from inside his own apartment. Sonny still dressed up, sometimes with his boyfriend.

• Thanksgiving was nice for Usnavi. He liked that he found a way to get everyone in the barrio together for one night to have dinner together. Of course, they didn’t cook the traditional meals that you would assume went with the holiday. They had the turkey, for Thanksgiving, but the rest of the food was cultural. Everyone went home full.

• Christmas never disappointed Usnavi. In fact, that time of year always made him the happiest. He loved winter - the snow (except shoveling it), giving presents, receiving presents, the FOOD, it was all amazing. And, not to mention that everyone is together. When he was younger, he wanted nothing more than to have everyone together with him on Christmas morning to see “what Santa brought.” As he grew up, he found joy in seeing the kids younger than him share the same feelings he had. Christmas was his all time favorite holiday, for sure.

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

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What's your fave Anti theory?

Oh man I don’t know/have nearly enough theories about him as I do about the other egos, tho he is probably the most interesting one.

I actually like the idea of him being a deity the fans brought to life. I mean that is what originally happened but I wanna think that’s true lore wise as well in this kind of american gods type of scene, where us fans wanted him to be real and when enough people were dedicating their time to think about/worship/pay attention to him, he became real. He is all the things we wanted him to be and more since he now has a mind of his own. And if we would all one day decide not to notice him anymore, he would eventually die out because the only thing keeping him alive is us believing in him. So every now and then he has to pull these kinds of stunts so people would start talking about him again, thus making him stronger.

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Hello, I saw your post about "my body, my choice" and I really don't want to be offensive or rude, but I genuinely would like to know why you think it doesn't go both ways? Isn't it her body, her choice wether she wants to keep it or not? Sorry again if I am being dumb here.

no worries, nonnie, not rude at all.

my issue is not on an in story level. you’re right, it does go both ways and it’s bex’s choice.

the thing is ‘my body, my choice’ is and has always been a pro choice slogan. its message is that female reproductive health and the choice to be and stay or not pregnant should be up to the woman. and that having an abortion is not evil, it’s not a sin or a shame. it is a valid choice, up to the person who is pregnant.

ed have repeatedly and consistently treated abortion as shameful (look at kerry, she was practically punished for having an abortion when she felt it was the right thing to do.) and while i understand that a lot of it comes from not wanting to alienate the audience it’s aimed at, just the introduction of the “forced abortion” detail shows how it’s treated as abortion is the worst thing that could happen to a women.

to use a slogan about choice, a known, established slogan, in a storyline with the opposite purpose, is a massive slap in the face. 'my body, my choice’ means whether someone has an abortion or not, it’s their prerogative. and either choice is valid and there is no shame in either.

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Yes, Sougo is a massive sadist and far from the nicest person in the world, but he still has some good points. What about his incredible loyalty to the Shinsengumi, to Kondou? What about the respect he has for Gintoki? What about the fact that he brought his pride down low enough to ask Hijikata to overlook what Mitsuba’s fiance was doing, so that she could be happy while she still lived, and the fact that he did his best not to show her the bad side of him, once again for the sake of her happiness? What about the time he made himself the bad guy to protect a young girl’s image of her father?
You can’t deny that in the end, Sougo always fights for what’s important to him and the people he cares about. I think something people also forget is that Sougo seems to have quite a low opinion of himself. He thinks of himself as nothing but a murderer, he thinks he’s not good for anything but killing, and as far as I can tell, he isn’t proud of it.

A Drunken Conundrum
  • Sherlock: *drunkenly stumbles toward door and bangs on it* Moooolllllyyyyy Hoooooopah! Molly, I need to shpeak wit you.'
  • *Door Opens*
  • Sherlock: *grins stupidly and tries to focus the two blurs into one person* There you are. The path'logisht I love. You're sho beautiful, wit your hair and shmile and brainsh. And you cut open corpshes sho perfectly. *sighs dreamily, closes his eyes, and rests his head on the doorframe*
  • *John and Mary stare at him in bemusement*
  • Mary: When do you think he'll realize we're not Molly?
  • John: *looks at Sherlock for a moment* Not anytime soon, I'm guessing.
  • Mary: *grins wickedly* Excellent.
  • Sherlock: *pouts* Aren't you going to kish me now?
  • John: Not likely, mate.
  • Mary: *pulls out her phone and starts recording*
  • Sherlock: But I told you I love you. *stumbles forward blindly and purses his lips*
  • John: *dodges out of the way* Oh, hell no!
  • Mary: *laughing* And you wonder how the rumors get started.
  • Sherlock: *stumbles into the living room* Wait, thish ishn't Molly's shofa. *looks around and frowns in confusion*
  • John: No, mate. Molly's sofa is about seventeen miles west of here.
  • Sherlock: *stumbles toward the door* Which waysh west?
  • John: You're not walking there, Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: But she needsh to know that I loooooove her sho much!
  • Mary: *still recording* How about we give you a lift, love?
  • Sherlock: *bottom lip trembles* That would be sho shweet of you!
  • John: Bloody great. I'm chauffeuring a hammered detective to declare his love at 10 at night. How did this become my life?
  • Sherlock: *hooks his arm around John's neck* Come Watshon! The game of love ish on!
  • Sherlock: I hate you.
  • Mary: *smiles smugly as the video finishes* No, you don't.
  • Mycroft: I must say, brother, I never expected this outcome when you stole my bottle of Hennessy. You still haven't paid me back for it, you know.
  • Sherlock: *grumbles* Don't hold your breath.
  • Molly: *beaming widely and kisses his cheek* I think it's adorable.
  • John: You didn't have to ride with him across London. Never did get the smell of sick out of the upholstery.
  • Sherlock: *flushes* Sorry about that.
  • John: *shrugs* In the end, I suppose it was a small sacrifice to pay for you two to be happy.
  • Mary: I think I deserve some credit for waiting to show Molly the video for almost two years!
  • Sherlock: You'd have gotten a lot more credit had you erased the damn thing and burned the phone.
  • Mary: Oh hush you. *Stands and raises her glass* To Sherlock and Molly Holmes!
  • Everyone: *raises their glasses in toast* Sherlock and Molly!
sparks fly

It’s Sterekweek!! And I really shouldn’t be writing fic right now but STEREK! Today’s prompt was “Scene Stealer” and I had no idea what to do with that until I stumbled across this post in my prompts tag, which spawned this slightly cracky, Indiana Jones inpired, 1.7k madness - fair warning, the only parallel to Indiana Jones is the fact that Stiles is a professor of archaeology and I sort of forgot evene that half way through sorry I hope you enjoy this anyways!

Stiles has grown up to be a total bamf, okay?

He’s a professor, and he’s a cool professor at that! Okay, all the other professors of archaeology are over seventy and more than half dead, but still. Stiles is the cool one. And apparently even the hot one, if the comments on “Rate my Professor” are to be believed.

So anyways, Stiles is a bamf. Not just because he’s the coolest professor of archaeology ever, but because he’s the coolest professor of archaeology ever who actually does things, finds things! Cool things, magical things!

Oh yes, Stiles is also a little bit magic. Unfortunately you’ve got to take that literally, because Stiles is just a spark. He can do a little magic, is totally awesome at mountain ash - he can even do the cool circle thingie now! - and can be used as a conduit for spells or other people with more magic at their fingertips. The latter is not so great admittedly; people keep kidnapping Stiles to use him for their usually nefarious purposes - like he wouldn’t mind getting regularly kidnapped so much if it was to save the bees or feed all the puppies of the world or something nice like that. But no, instead it’s always world domination, world domination, world domination, with the occasional reach for the stars to mix things up a little.

Case in point: Peter Hale.

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Aaaaannnngggggssstt with some more angst with a dash of… fluff? 

Lolz, here some more OTGW artwork that I had lying around. Some of these were either pictures I wanted to digitally color or colored, and some are just doodles. ( colored one I did do here. )

The one with The Beast and Purple Guy was a little joke I thought up when I read one of Patrick McHale’s original ideas for OTGW to where the Beast was really just a conductor chasing the brothers around to get them back on the train they jumped out of. >u>”