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Awesome Movies - Silver Bullet (1985)

“Listen Marty, you have to got to get this out of your head. Psychotics are most active when the moon is full, and this guy’s a psycho! When they catch him, you’re gonna find out he’s just as human as you and me.“

                                                                               –Uncle Red (Garey Busey)

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I'm so glad Kirishima is getting so much spotlight, he really deserves it!!!! And it looks like hes gonna get more, since hes in the main group along with Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu. I;m so hyped!!!

Honestly!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one interesting group tbh, Kirishima and Tsuyu’s interactions are always incredibly adorable to watch and seeing Kirishima interact for so long with pure and good people is gonna be hard on my heart (I mean, you know I’m 100% a bakusquad fan but they’re all at least in part assholes and Kiri fits with them just right, he can be just like Sero and Kaminari and I love it, but then his interactions with Amajiki have been so pure can you imagine an arc filled with that I’m already crying)

I just hope my other faves won’t completely disappear through this arc haha sigh

Anon said: So which Kacchan quote do you like best “Die your bacteria fucks, dieee!” or “BRING YOUR DAMN TRASH TO ME”?



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Do you have any advice for quick but effective characterization without making it feel like I'm just cramming in character details? I'm planning a project where I basically have a ton of characters (31 now) in one setting and I tell mostly one-off stories featuring each of them, but I'm worried either they'll seem underdeveloped or the stories will be so full of characterization there's no room for anything else. It is gonna be character-driven, but there still should be some plot and setting!

I just sent an ask about ensemble casts and hit the character limit before I could add this, but I love your blog and I really appreciate you for filling it with such good advice and inspiration, and also for being by far the most approachable writing blog I follow! You’re very friendly and helpful and have great taste and it’s awesome! 

fhsklasuhleaiwhsng Well then. If that doesn’t make a writer smile, I don’t know what will. Thanks, Anon, that’s a very good thing to hear, since approachable is exactly what I strive for here. Now, you’ve given yourself a doozy, but don’t be too discouraged. There are ways, but you’re going to have to be willing to work on them. They often don’t come naturally to us. Let’s think about this a bit:

You want your characters to be distinct. They should be recognizable and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on your readers about who they are as a person, and the kinds of things they deal with in their life. How can we get across to our readers in short, concise, camouflaged ways that these are full, round, complete characters with a wealth of experiences and background and stories behind them, without actually putting all of those experiences and background information and stories right out there on the page in huge dumps? That’s the hope, right? That readers are able to walk away from a story with the distinct impression that there’s a lot more to this character than what they’ve just read, right? I think so. How can we portray that?

Make it clear they’re good at stuff, but also bad at other stuff. Show your readers what this character is made of! By virtue of being human, they won’t be gloriously fantastic at everything, but their past will lend them at least some skill with other things. Showcase those. Make sure there are moments in your stories that allow your character to shine, and other times when they’re allowed to fail spectacularly. Those failures or successes don’t have to be big, grand, plot-informing moments, but having a character choose a dagger instead of a sword during training will tell your audience things about how they grew up and what they’re naturally comfortable with. Having them struggle with lighting a fire but being able to mix salves and bind wounds will inform your readers of all kinds of minuscule background details as well as personality ones without the need to come out and say, “Baldric always took care of others first and himself last.” Let those moments shine briefly, even if they’re not plot-crucial.

Let them reference stuff when they talk. Everybody does it. During conversation, someone says something and it reminds us of something else, and we say things like, “That happened to me once. I mean, not the mouse thing; it was an iguana for me,” and, “Tell me about it. My sister once sat on the lid of a trunk in the middle of summer because she thought it was funny.” The key to characterization is remembering that you don’t have to go in depth and tell the whole thing for it to be effective. It’s okay to let your readers imagine what the rest of that story could be.

Your narrator is your best friend. Your narrator is there for exactly these kinds of things. Maybe showing isn’t conducive to the story and you need to do a little telling. No problem. Narrator to the rescue. Again, remember that short and to-the-point is key. Don’t mention things that aren’t relevant to what’s happening at the moment, but if there is something that adds to the reader’s understanding of the moment, feel free to briefly reference it using the narrator. “Gerret didn’t remember a time the Matron hadn’t stood her ground against the Legion. He got the distinct impression she cared more about the gods than the crown.”–and then move on. Little character details and backstory can be interwoven with current events as long as you put it in the lens of your point of view and you don’t dwell on it very long.

Additionally, when you’re trying to imply relationships the were built up before the events of the story–friends who’ve known each other for a long time, sibling rivalries, whatever kind of relationship–the way your characters interact with one another will tell the audience a heck of a lot. A character ruffling the hair of another is immediately a signal of affection without ever having to say, “The two infantrymen had been friends four years, two of which saw them in the midst of blood and battle.” Take advantage of the interactions that carry background connotations and let them do some of the speaking for you.

I’m just going to leave this here, too: Know what you’re okay with your readers not knowing about a character. Just think about it.

Texture building, my friend, that’s what I call all these little, short mentions you can slip in here and there–little details that don’t need more than a sentence or two to divulge and help give the readers impressions of grander things out there and behind your characters. It’s hard, unnatural even, and takes a bit of practice. Don’t fret if it’s not until editing stages that you’re really able to get those moments into shape. If your first draft is full of info-dumps, that’s okay. Getting it out on the page so that you can understand exactly what you’re trying to portray is helpful, too. Do what you need to do to get a good feel for what you want to include to help readers see the depth. Sometimes those crucial details don’t show themselves until you’ve already written the info-dump.

Good luck, writer, and thanks again for your kind words. -Pear

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Holtzmann X reader where reader isa medical doctor that helps Holtzmann when she gets injured on a case?? flirty banter please? PS I'm so happy that more GB fic blogs are showing up asfjakahdlsk

A/N - Apologies for the day or two wait, I’ve been staying with a friend and haven’t had chance to grab some time to myself until now. Thanks so much for this, I dotted some flirty banter in there but not too much as when I was writing, it went in a cuter direction. I do hope you like it!

“You’ll be okay Jillian, I promise. Look honey, I know you hate hospitals but you NEED to go. We’ll follow you in the Ecto 1, but you need to calm down! Please relax.” Abby’s tone is strong but reassuring as she comforts a injured, half conscious and uneasy Jillian Holtzmann. She receives impatient looks from the paramedics as she refuses to let go of Holtzmann’s hand until she let go of hers. The last thing Holtzmann hears and sees before she drifts to sleep is her closest friend, her family. “Holtzy, you’re gonna be fine…”

For someone as free spirited and intelligent as Holtzmann, the thought of her being afraid of hospitals was the last thing any of the girls expected to hear as Abby paces the stretch of floor. Then you approach the Ghostbusters…

“Good evening Ladies.” You introduce yourself.

“Aren’t you a little young to be a Doctor?” Patty looks you up and down, placing you in your early 20′s. Erin nudges Patty with her elbow and mouths to her. “Oh gosh, don’t say that!”

You clear your throat and smile gently. “I just want to reassure you that the surgery went well and I’m confident Dr Holtzmann will be back to her old self in no time.” You don’t take Patty’s comment to heart, she didn’t mean it to be negative. Purely an observation.

“Can we see her?” Abby asks you, taking a step closer to you.

“Not right now, I’m sorry.” You frown slightly because you know that if you were in their situation, all you’d want to do is see your loved one. You take Abby’s hands in yours and continue. “She’s assigned to me, I’ll be watching over her until she wakes up and when she does, you can go and see her and I’ll answer any remaining questions you may have. If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to her.”

Abby nods and Erin and Patty go to sit back down. You hastily make your way back to your patient.

As you arrive, Dr Holtzmann is sleeping soundly and you breathe a small sigh of relief. As you do, you hear a small groan from her and she begins to writhe slightly. You rush to her side and check her vitals, her temperature but everything is normal. She’s either in pain from her broken arm or her  anaesthetic hasn’t quite worn off yet. She settles down again and you have a moment to take in just how beautiful she is, you can’t help it as you smile gently at her dimples and her unconventionally unruly hair. 

You’ve seen Dr Holtzmann on the television numerous times, along with her fellow Ghostbusters and she always seems so kooky and charming, you’ve developed a bit of a crush on her over the past few months. You just admire everything about her, but it’s her confidence and her intelligence that you admire the most and frankly are a little envious of…. and those dimples… 

Unbeknownst to you, you place your warm hand on top of Holtzmann’s slightly cooler one and become lost in your fond thoughts of the Engineer and she wakes up. By the time you notice,because she barely moves at all, she’s looking up at you with those bright blue eyes of hers and before you can look away and refocus she speaks to you.

“Soooo, are you my Guardian Angel?” Holtzmann asks, tilting her head to focus on you.

You chuckle lightly, your cheeks blush a light pink and it’s obvious on your pale skin as Holtzmann begins to smile up at you.

“Oh I wouldn’t say that Dr Holtzmann, I’m just here to keep an eye on you.”

“Only the one?” She replies and you can’t help but smile as you experience the light hearted sarcasm you’ve heard so much about.

“How do you feel? You really took a beating, or so I heard? You saved  your friend’s life, it was so incredibly brave of you.” You thought it would be good to see how much Holtzmann could recall of the event.

“All in a day’s work, so what’s the worst of it? Give me the worst first.” She asks you.

You try to reassure her, you’d hate for her to worry about anything right now.

“Unfortunately, you have a broken arm but fortunately, that’s the worst of it. You just may have to put your brilliant inventions on pause, you can’t do too much with one hand.”

Holtzmann uses her free arm to steadily push herself up and rests back as you place the pillow behind her back, as you move your arm way she softly takes hold of it.

“You’d be impressed by what I can do with one hand.” She says before winking at you and you feel a wave of warmth flood your body. She seems to sense that her comment affected you as a rather large grin appears on her face.

“Um- yes I’m sure I would be. You’re very skilled, or so I’ve heard.. I mean.. oh gosh, I’m sorry.. I’m rambling.” You try to quietly laugh off your embarrassment and can no longer look her in the eye.

“You’re cute.” You hear Holtzmann add warmly, calmly.. still grinning at you..

“Is there anything I can do for you Dr Holtzmann? I should let your friends know that you’re awake and comfortable.” You ask, trying not to say anything else silly in front of her.

“Actually yes there is, I mean if it’s not too much trouble.” Holtzmann says, her face turning rather serious.

You raise your eye brows, attentive and are ready to do whatever she needed. “What can I do?” You ask her.

Holtzmann beckons you closer, so you lean in until you’re close enough that she can place a gentle kiss on your cheek and it takes you by surprise. You close your eyes and remain close to her for a few moments, taking in what just happened. “Please could you ask Abby to write my number down for you?” She whispers to you. “Just in case you need me to take care of you next time.”

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So I'm a little in love with your Rin + Ai fic series. Would you do a prompt where Rin and Ai tell Momo and Sousuke about their relationship?

(asldajks thank you anon :3)

things are growing in the rintori universe oh boy.  this is obviously within that same timeline, and goes along with this for the soumomo part.

(previous rintori stuff can be found scattered throughout my blog that I desperately need to organize wahh)

It strikes him, one day, how quietly Momo’s slipped into his life.

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I hope this isn't too much to ask for since I'm a new follower of your blog and all, but could you make a fic about Eren and Mikasa's wedding day? It'll be AU with the whole wedding jitters and vows and a really bomb ass wedding place? I really hope I won't be wasting your time on this one. :( More power to you! :)

I should be so ashamed that this basically a 7.8k story full of nothing but complete and utter sap but still sorry, not sorry. I finally got to write the big wedding piece I always wanted to (so never a waste of time, writing requests never is :3), and what better than for my sweet babes. Thank you so much for this request! I loved writing every bit of it :D

“Eren, will you stop fluttering around and just stand still for two seconds.” Armin didn’t sound actually annoyed, more amused than anything probably considering he was the one leisurely sitting down on a stone bench.

“I’m just trying to see whose here, that’s all,” Eren shrugged. It wasn’t a complete lie after all; he was peering around the gardens, especially where all the seats were lined up in rows, to see who had shown up already. He recognized a good amount of people between friends and family but some people he was pretty positive him mom invited without telling them because he had no idea who they were.

Armin looked down at his phone. “Well, there’s still plenty of time for more people to show up so either go over there and talk to them or stay over here and calm down.”

“I am calm.” Eren cleared his throat but his hands were fidgeting with the way the long sleeved button up was rolled up above his elbows.

“You are not.”

“I am!”

It was Jean who laughed this time from his spot on the opposite stone bench from Armin. “What? You nervous she isn’t gonna show up?”

“Obviously she’s already here,” Connie rolled his eyes from the other side of Jean, causing him to elbow Connie in the side for missing the point.

Armin snorted. “Don’t antagonize him, Jean, as tempting as it might be.”

“What the hell kinda best man are you?” Eren crossed his arms against his chest. It didn’t calm his pulse down at all.

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Hi jen you're one of my fav blogs so I thought I'd ask you this. I'm going into high school really soon and I'm really nervous. I don't know what to expect and I need some advice. Thank you! :)

It’s not gonna be as bad as you think!

1) Please do your homework, it’s much easier if you do. Sometimes teachers are nice and can give you extensions but others are mean and dont do it

2) there are the ‘cliques’, dont care for them you’ll find your own friends and it will be AWESOME

3) School food kinda sucks so be warned

4) Upperclassmen all hate freshmen, it’s a weird thing like, they get annoyed far more easily if youre a freshman and youre gonna think ‘Ugh why do they treat us differently??’ But when YOU’RE an upperclassmen, you get that ‘more annoyed if youre a freshmen’ thing its WEIRD. Just be cool and dont scream like others do because thats what they talk about

5) FIND SOMEWHERE TO SIT AT LUNCH AND CLAIM THAT SHIT because DAMN it’s hard to find space that you’re comfortable to eat and talk without having to move everyday. Me and my friends had this sweet table by the trees it was great

6) Dont scream when the lights turn off thats just dumb

7) Become friends with your teachers, some are cool as shit and if youre friends you get more leeway, TRUST ME

8) If your school offers IB courses then only do them if youre willing to do EVERYTHING holy shit theres so many requirements and if you just take ONE IB class it does NOTHING but be hard for you

9) Sometimes youre gonna get shitty partners for projects just a warning, you do that shit and and if they were REALLY unhelpful/rude, talk with your teacher because if you give a shitty presentation because of them, YOU’RE still gonna get an okay grade given the circumstances 

10) Have fun, do shit with youre friends, you’re gonna change A LOT during this time it’s normal, just keep on doing you!