i'm still getting used to cs6

sinceredir  asked:

Hello! Your new style is awesome! Would you explain a little more how you work? Are you using layers, masks, selections? Tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Everything is done on SAI (CS6 for a bit of editing)

Let me show ya something quick:

Basically the trick is blending/how to blend colors. ALSO, dont use the blurr tool, blend within shades(it’s a bit difficult at first but you’ll get it)

My most used brush settings if you wanna give it a go:

I will do a more thorough walk through later on, but for now just give it a try! 

Hope this helps:3

shinydiamondblog  asked:

Any advice for Flash CS6? I'm trying to get into animating now, & I still have things I don't know about. Like, how do I make the animation move like it's on camera? I remember Youmna use something similar for Day 5 of Crossember.

Ok first of all, try to get the habit to save all time when you’re animating, because cs6 versions are a bit inestable and sometimes the program crashes. Or you can configure flash auto-saving going to Properties panel from the program menu.

Second! Make a backup from the animation when you consider it, because the file could have the bad luck to get corrupted and you could lost the patience and all the work you did ( That happened to me when I was doing the 0.2)

Third: For the camera moves you can use VCam (you can find it on newgrounds website) But you have to realize you’re using the correct one. Some Flash softwares (I don’t remember if it’s from CS4 to CS6) works with two programming versions: AS2 or AS3 (AS= Action Script) I recommend for people who has the latest versions, use AS3.
VCam is just an programmed object that you can put in everywhere on your canvas and animate it with tweens and generate a zoom, trackings or shakings. You can play and discover effects as you want ^^

I really want to make a streaming showing how I animate and record it for people who wants to get some advice, because I’m so bad making tutorials :’)