i'm still getting to know them a lot better

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Can you talk more about psychiatry in the South? You know where I'm from - and I'm planning on moving back to practice after school. Psychiatry is one of my top choices of specialty, but because I know the culture I'm also wondering about my job prospects. I'm interested in inpatient, addiction, and child/adolescent if that changes your answer.

Psychiatry is SOOOOO needed in the South! 

The stigma against psychiatry and mental illness is getting better I think. It’s certainly not gone, but more manageable. 

My mentor/former boss Dr. S had to speak to a large group of pastors a few years ago. She asked me if I had any suggestions about what to say to them. My answer was “tell them depression isn’t a sin, and neither is Zoloft.” I do still see a lot of resistance to psychiatric treatment coming from churches - mostly the small, very traditional ones. Many people in the contemporary church are speaking out about depression (shout out to @jspark3000 who recently put out a great book on this called How Hard It Really Is) and are encouraging people to get help. But I still regularly see patients who believe that suicide is an unforgivable sin and that depression or anxiety are character flaws or stem from a lack of faith and couldn’t possibly be biological. I certainly believe in the power of prayer for all conditions, but I also know that the some of the answers to my prayers were Prozac and Wellbutrin. So yeah, that’s something you’ll have to deal with.

As for child/adolescent, I also occasionally run into parents who think their kids with ADHD just need more spankings. Now I certainly see plenty of kids who are medicated for bad behavior in the name of ADHD and probably do just need more discipline and structure at home, but it’s hard to show parents the difference between hyperactivity and legit ADHD sometimes. There is a HUGE need for child psychiatrists. There are none available anywhere near me, and in the 3 months I’ve been in my new job I’ve found about 6 or 7 kids who really needed to be seen. I refer a lot of kids to counselors too. Parents seem to be pretty open to counseling for their kids when they’ve been bullied or abused, but they seem less willing to admit the kid needs counseling when the kid’s issue comes from life stressors like moving to a new school, divorce, a parent going to prison, a new sibling at home, etc. 

On the inpatient side, many of your delusional patients on inpatient psych will be Jesus or Judas or God or John the Baptist or George W. Bush or Dale Earnhardt. Get used to that. Much of my inpatient psych training was medical drug and alcohol detox. Obviously there is an opioid epidemic in our country, but it seems to hit the small towns even worse. 

Basically, I cannot encourage you enough to do psychiatry. Next to primary care, it’s what my patients need the most and have the least access to. Come work near me!

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Hi !! I'm super new to the army and I'm still kinda having a tuff time knowing who's who? I was wondering if you could help me ?? :)

I can answer this from experience! I had a difficult time knowing who was who, too. What I did was watch a lot of old content. For example, I watched all the old Bangtan TV videos / Bangtan Bombs from the beginning up until now. Through this, I was able to get to know their personalities better, which helped me to differentiate members not only based on looks, but character as well. ^__^ Hope this helps! 
- Kristi

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Truscum are so looked down upon by Tumblr but I've actually been able to finally relate to people and get tips for dealing with dysphoria. It seems the tucutes (do people still call them that?) Always give advice for dysphoria as "Just know that you're better than other dudes when you get your period!!! Regular guys couldn't stand what it's like!!!" And trying to make trans people accept their birth sex. Yeah, I can't stand it either, that's why I'm asking for help idiot.

I relate to this a lot to be honest. I went with the flow when I was first coming to terms with being trans. On tumblr, I wasn’t aware there was discourse in the trans community. When you are young, confused and learning new things about this whole different aspect about yourself, you will listen to what any one will tell you. Even more when you are in a vulnerable state of wanting to make sure you really are trans and hope that what you experience is like everyone else.

I was honestly at odds with the whole “gender is a social construct” stuff the more I got involved, when I viewed gender as who I was inside and not as a result of what society assigned to me. It seems people with sex dysphoria really are the minority here who need medical transition and proper help to deal with our dysphoria, not mind games.

When you have been on here like I have, and I am also not as old as some other trans people I know so you can appreciate how more messed up it is, you begin to realise that the trans community is largely made up of people who are distressed over their gender role, and blame society for making them feel dysphoria over their bodies, rather than having sex dysphoria over the fact that they are meant to be the opposite sex.

In a way, I can understand where they are coming from in a society that pushes the rhetoric that if you are gender non-conforming you are transgender and this can result in social and sex dysphoria, when someone is being fed the idea that their body is wrong. I empathise with this, but there really does need to be a distinction between trans people (primarily sex dysphoria) and gender non-conforming people (with social dysphoria).

Yet, there is also the business with how sex dysphoria can be caused by other things too, so I wouldn’t necessarily say anyone with sex dysphoria is immediately trans. I always advise people to thoroughly research and discover where their dysphoria may be coming from before coming to the conclusion they are trans.

Keep in mind that trans people are meant to be rare, yet the trans population has largely grown in the past few years, especially on Tumblr. You can argue that this is because of representation, though you can also argue that the trans community is actively advocating for anyone who is gender non-conforming to be trans, and this is why I am disconnected with the trans community nowadays.

We seem to be misrepresented and spoken over by the large number of gender non-conforming people, rather than trans people. If you listen to who these people are and what made them realise they are trans, it is most often due to gender non-conformity. To be honest, the fact I even have to label myself as trans medicalist is just annoying, like you would think it’s obvious that trans people have dysphoria but not on Tumblr.


I can’t be the only one who’s bitter about the fact that Babymetal is the most popular Japanese rock/metal band internationally. I just don’t get it. Japan has some amazing metal bands that surpass them in style, talent and variety. I don’t get how the generic metalheadknows about Babymetal but has never heard of Dir En Grey, Crystal Lake or Maximum The Hormone. But why is that so? Oh…right…small Japanese girls in miniskirts who act kawaii and anime-like sell a lot better internationally than actual metal bands. Figures.

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It's so sad that Jin is the last biased member exactly because he got no spotlights at all unlike jk and jm (of course it's not their fault) but anyways I think that If he was more in the front line of the choreography plus got more lines people would stan him a lot more, especially the new armys that are still getting to know them. I love the 7 of them equally, I wish bighit would be more fair, I'm so angry.

it’s funny because if bighit had any logic they would put jin in the spotlight for once and give him lines. that’s how you promote a member who doesn’t have that many fans. but no i bet they just thought “oh jin doesn’t have fans? we better promote jungkook” like what. why are they like this.

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i want to go into animation, any tips? i'm 15 years old and my drawing skills are no where near where i want to them to be..

How awesome!!  Animation is a lot of fun and a LOT of work..I’m still figuring it out myself every day, so I dunno if my advice is the best but I can tell you what I know :3

First, being 15 is an awesome advantage!!  I didn’t start animating till I was 24 and I feel like I’ve missed out on years of opportunity to learn, so the sooner you can start doing it the better. Try to get your hands on something that will let you animate, whether its a program like Flash, drawing it on paper or evening filming stop motion stuff or making little post-it note flip books.  I’d say to start doing small exercises cause even those take a lot of time…pick one thing you to accomplish with an exercise (a bouncing ball or a character changing expressions) and just see how it goes.  Don’t overwhelm yourself at first with doing too much, just try and get one thing to work.  You are gonna be frustrated and annoyed with your work at times, but just keep pushing forward.  Even if you aren’t happy with the result of your work, look at it objectively and see what you can improve or need to work on, and try and do that with your next exercise.  So don’t just animate once bouncing ball and say ‘cool, I’ve got that.’ Do 20 of them, do them until you never want to see a bouncing ball again.  You will learn the principle backwards and forwards and be able to apply it to the rest of your work later on :D  Look at animation you enjoy as well and try to identify what makes you like it…is it really fluid?  is it snappy?  seeing things like that will help you develop your own style of motion, which is half the fun in my opinion :3

For your drawing skills:  Practice!  Practice drawing every day if you can…my personal experience has been that art progress is slow and sometimes frustrating, but if you stick to it and push through the hard times you will improve :D  I actually started my original comic as a means to teach myself to draw…it kept me on a schedule of drawing frequently and also made me draw things I’d never have just sat down and tackled on my own, so if you can do a project that will engage you like that I wholeheartedly recommend it :D  Another thing I didn’t do when I was younger and wish I had is research artists you like and try to recreate some of their drawings as exercise…there’s a lot to learn about technique like that, and you can then apply it to your own work.

Above all else, I’d say to draw and animate things that you love, that engage you…you will be spending a loooot of time with these little projects, so don’t do something that bores you!  if you really like fight sequences then draw fight sequences!   Start trying to do them right now, then see what you are struggling with technique and principle-wise, then work on getting better at those nuts and bolts.  Of course not all animation or drawing is engaging, but at least be developing a foundation that will lead you to doing the work you want to :D

PHEW! That was a lot more than you wanted to hear probably, but hopefully it helped a bit!  Good luck and HAVE FUN!!


Get to Know Me Meme  |  [2/5] Favorite Movies
    ↳ The Matrix (1999)

I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.


Well, I’m not all that good at tutorials…So my tip I guess is that you should draw a lot. And be patient with yourself and remember it’s okay to make mistake.

These are most of my sketchbooks I’ve filled from the time I was fifteen, up to now. There’s 11 of them. Filled with all my struggles and triumphs. Looking back at them now I see lots that I could do better but at the time there were big leaps in those pages. If 15 year old me saw my current style now I can’t help but wonder how I would feel about what I’ve learned.

Every artist has struggles and I know for myself the only way I ever get over those struggles was by drawing through it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, and there have been times where I’ve felt like I’ll never get any better, like I’ll never be as good as this other artist, why should I keep drawing if I’ll never get better, never be enough. But even when I felt that way for some reason I still couldn’t put my pencil down. And even now when I feel that way I still find a stylus or pen in my hand, I still keep drawing.

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sis how do u think smc's gonna handle the final battle against pharaoh 90? like i know that the animation's a lot better now but tbh it's still not exactly amazing & that fight would require such a high ass budget to animate so i'm kinda worried :/ it's such an iconic moment for queen hotaru so i don't want them to fuck it up

It’s early to say, we’ve had just one episode.

So far it has been looking good but let’s not get too excited since Crystal’s very first episode looked good as well and ended up being a mess.

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Hi Mal, it has been a bad week ): Spend all my monday on the hospital with pain because of kidney stones and I'm still little sore... Can you rec some good bagginshield fics? I love your blog and you've made me ship them really hard <3 thank you!

Aw no I’m so sorry!! I hope you get to feeling better! Kidney pains are the worst. I know from experience. Drink lots of water and get some rest!

Okay let’s see:

The Road Delivered Us Home by keelywolf - rated M - This one is prime pick-me-up material. Very cute with a dash of misunderstanding and angst. It’s a Middle Earth universe one where Thorin lives (though Fili and Kili do not) and comes to visit Bilbo in the Shire. Little Frodo is included. 

An Unexpected Addition by karategal - rated T - Everybody-Lives AU. In which Bilbo goes back to the Shire to collect his things and comes back to Erebor with a little something extra in tow. (Spoiler alert: It’s Frodo.)

The Courting Habits of the Line of Durin by diemarysues - rated T - Everybody-Lives, Courting AU. Pretty straight forward. Adorable. 

Candid by northerntrash - rated E - Modern AU. The fucking cutest fic you will ever read in your life, oh my god. It will rot your teeth and you will love it. 

One-Sided Conversations by northerntrash - NR - Modern AU. Also fucking adorable. Bilbo is a coma patient that Thorin accidentally starts using someone to talk to about things he wouldn’t normally say out loud. Then Bilbo wakes up.

Those are all pretty long and a couple even come complete with a follow up series! Hopefully that’ll get you through and you haven’t already read them! Get better soon and welcome to Bagginshield hell.