i'm still getting her face down

Quick, self-indulgent MCxJaehee angst bc I love her, and it made me sad when she broke down crying bc we couldn’t be there to comfort her. I’m still pretty rusty at drawing, I’m trying to get back into it T_T I hate drawing heads/faces.

Walking down the streets of London, Hayley kept a friendly smile on her face. She’s been here for about a month and is still getting used to the big city. The atmosphere was very different from back home in New York, NY. It was more spread out, the lands were beautiful, and she didn’t hear as many horns scream from cars as much. About to turn a corner, she made eye contact with a male and gave him a friendly smile. This was a bad idea. Turning the corner, the man started to follow her with a creepy look on his face. “Hey, beautiful. Come back to papa.” She heard the man say, now starting to walk faster. “Don’t run from me, sweetie. I won’t hurt you.” The man said again, making her turn to him with a scared face. “Please, get away from me.” She said, now turning back around and accidentally bumping into someone. “I-I’m so sorry.” She said, shaken up and looked back at the creepy guy.

Teagan was exhausted beyond compare, but she still had a smile on her face as she looked down at her day-old baby sleeping on her bed beside her, “It’s weird, I never thought babies were cute before, but this one… I made her.”

She awoke with a start, silent tears streaming down her face as she looked around and tried to get her bearings.  "Jesus Christ,“ she said quietly, palming at her cheeks, trying to erase all evidence of crying.  It wasn’t until she realized that someone else was in the room with her that she stopped her motions and bit her lip, hoping against hope that they would think she was still sleeping.