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some art for the new su leaks, featuring background practice!!! which im really fucking proud of!! also featuring blue diamond, who is very very pretty and who i am very very gay for.

It’s not fair that you’re still the only person that can make me smile even when I’m so incredibly down. It’s not fair that your voice is the only thing that seems to calm me down when I’m thinking about getting out of town and never seeing this place again. It’s not fair that your eyes locked on mine makes me feel more cared for than my own family does. It’s not fair that you left and found new places to leave pieces of your heart after I let you into my head. It’s not fair that I’m still upset and you seem just fine. It may not be fair but I wouldn’t have it any other way because when I think about you with your eyes still so bright… It makes me happy again. It’s not fair but I hope you’re so unbelievably happy. That’s the only thing that makes this unfairness bearable.
—  It’s not fair that you don’t think about me anymore, but it’s still okay.
tattoo counting


“Ya know, H, you have exactly 62 tattoos-”

“And counting.” He adds, a coy smile tugging at Y/N’s lips.

“How many of those have I kissed?”


y/n wants to count each and every one of harry’s tattoos with her lips and he’s just not one to complain.

** sensual topics but not entirely smut if you feel me? **


Harry was a boy of many questionable propositions. As for example: his tattoos. Not many of them have certain meanings to his life, and some are plain acts of spontaneity caused by boredom.

Now, Y/N used to hate his tattoos. Inking up his body for what purpose? To look cool?

But I don’t think you can really blame her. As a matter of fact, Y/N knew Harry before all his tattoos. When his skin was fresh and clean of any inked art. When his skin was a pure creamy ivory without any distraction. Back before he took on the life of “Teen Heartthrob Harry Styles”.

And although in the beginning she disliked the idea of Harry putting permanent pieces of art all over his body, she did end up growing to adore them.

And as it goes, she’s been there for him every single time he went to get a new one.

“Babe, can you pass me that shirt?” Harry walks into their bedroom, his newly cut hair damp while water trickles down his bare chest.

She looks up from the book she’s currently reading and peers up at her beloved boyfriend, squinting as her eyes rake down his body.

Her eyes land on the butterfly one, her favorite, and she licks her lips as if she’s staring at the upmost delicacy in all the world. She very well might be.

Harry slightly chuckles, causing her eyes to connect with his. “Haz, what is it with you and not wearing shirts?” 

“I suppose it’s all a big trick to get you to fall in love with my body.” He wiggles his eyebrows and she rolls her eyes.

If only he knew how deeply in love Y/N was with his body. His whole self for that matter. But she doesn’t want him to turn into a cocky bastard so she sits up and hops off the bed, walking over to where Harry’s waiting shirt is. 

“You asked for this shirt, did you?” Y/N says in a low voice that could be pegged as seductive. Harry walks over to her, intrigued.

He tries to grab at the shirt, but her grasp on it retaliates back a bit as her other hand pushes at his chest.

Harry would be lying if he said he didn’t love this. What with her usually being so shy and even a bit bashful when it comes to situations like this. She’s not dominant, what the hell? But he fucking loves it. 

“Y/N. Give it here.”

Her eyes flicker from his to his body to the shirt in her hands and she can’t seem to find a reason why he needs to put the shirt on. 

“I don’t know..” Her force on his chest pushes him back, towards the bed as a small smirk grows on his lips.

She’s sure that smirk will be gone by the time she’s done with him. 

His calves hit the mattress and she barely pushes her single index finger and he falls to the silk sheets underneath him. A smirk now covers her face as she quickly straddles his lap, the shirt still in her hand.

“Still waiting for that shirt, love.” He goads and she laughs at his cockiness.

Harry was always like this. In most to any situation, really. She remembers all the times he would flirt with other girls right in front of her. He was so damn cocky, she didn’t understand how that scored him a date. But then it happened to herself one day and she finally understood the dilemma of Harry’s cockiness. He’s a cocky bastard and she fucking loves it with all her heart. 

“Ya know, H, you have exactly 62 tattoos-”

“And counting.” He adds, a coy smile tugging at Y/N’s lips.

“How many of those have I kissed?” Her eyes connect with his and she notices he gulps down as his hands move to her hips. Perfect.

“Not sure.. maybe half?”

Her lips move to his neck, causing his mouth to run dry. “I wanna kiss them all.”
And fuck, when she says that, Harry knows he’s done for as he lets out a low groan, a smirk covering Y/N’s face as she makes her own mark of territory. 

Who said Harry didn’t love Y/N’s cockiness? 

“No one’s s-stopping you.”

She stops for a second, hooded eyes staring down at him like some kind of prey as she mutters the words that are sure to kill him.

“I know.” 

i guess this is a blurb?? if ya want, i could make it into a full one shot, just message me and if enough people do ill totally do that!!


ok it’s chill here’s my masterlist i h8 harold v much :)))

- amanda !!

I had a weird dream pertaining to s3

People were posting blurry screenies from a seiyuu event on Twitter, one that previewed either s3e1 or an ova’s trailer to the event’s audience (i don’t remember which one)

amongst the blurry screenies were the battle lovers’ AND the sc’s new uniforms (the SC were also using riboons, and Akoya was seemingly complaining they looked kinda tacky because of course he would), as well as the vepper in white uniforms (!!!)

yumoto was taller; actually, as tall as ioryuu, i think? maybe that suggested a timeskip of sorts, i dunno. i didn’t get to know how his voice sounded like tho but i can imagine it’d sound more like kazu-chan’s natural timbre.

the villains appeared too but they were just a group of way too blurry shadows so i was like “wtf show us actual villains“

then some screenies of what seemed to be a canon kiss between two of the characters (knowing me, you might know which ones to expect) appeared. they appeared a lot. seems like twitter was BOILING over that apparent canon kiss. (there wasn’t any actual kissing, though? just clever angling to make it look like it? though, it looked heavily implied, and you know how fujos work.) i don’t even know the context of this kiss because, well, we can’t really read in dreams, let alone in a language we’re still learning and can barely read irl.

i don’t know if any videos appeared because i was abruptly awakened by one of the morons who live here and made the tv’s volume really loud :DDD


So you already started [shooting the fourth season of The Americans], you know where it’s going? We have an idea of what’s gonna happen, but yeah, day to day it’s still surprising us. (x)

this has probably been mentioned 2932288 times already but Lana did the Young!Regina voice thing again when she said Robin’s name in the last scene and it still hit me just as hard as the first time


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Look what I got over the weekend!

I finished reading it last night and I’m pleased, I laughed and was hit in the feels more than I expected to be~

The Japanese word for "fleeting" in the novel's title Fleeting
Dreams is a word we created using the kanji for the word
"gleam" and "silver." The "silver" symbolizes Zero, and I added
"gleam" for the transient image of when light hits silver. Thus,
we combined them to mean "fleeting." Five of the stories talk
about ways various characters "gleam" to document a fleeting
emotion they had.

– Ayuna Fujisaki

I'm so happy Fujisaki-sama was willing to take on this project!
She brought a great continuity to the six stories and gave my
characters interesting new characters to meet and interact
with as well. I'm truly grateful to her from the bottom of my
heart. Thank you so much, Fujisaki-sama! My characters'
"time spent outside the manga scenes" can really be found
here. I'm just as happy to experience the joy of reading about
those times as my readers.

– Matsuri Hino

For the curious Zeki fan, even though Yuuki and Zero are parted as only one story takes place when she was still attending the academy, they have lovely moments of thinking about the other, yearning for the times when they were together. QuQ

For those that are unable to get the light novel, I’ll share these moments with you~ But should I post whole stories or just excerpts?

I’ll definitely transcribe the entirety of “Queen of the Abyss” since that’s my favorite, it focuses on Kaito and Zero while on duty with a noir-esque storytelling style.

But I also kind of want to do “A Maiden’s Melancholy.” Miss Fujisaki joked that this was the story she was most excited to write since it’s told entirely from White Lily’s perspective lol. It’s silly fun as Yuuki and Lily wind-up having a “girl talk” about a certain confounding hunter. :P

How about “Gifts for Yuuki?” It takes place in the Kuran Manor, but the focus is mainly on Yuuki and Aidou’s interactions, which are cute, and Yuuki provides a nice Zeki moment when she gets some time to herself.

Aaaaaa, I’ll think about what I’ll do as I’m typing up QotA.

Look forward to it! ♥