i'm still downloading it but it works

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Hi! do you know how someone in usa would be able to watch skam? (always see gifs and now i'm kinda interested in watching)

hiya yourself :) yes, you’ve decided to join us, nice!


and https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4_tljy06u8UVlc0RmF5ek9hTnM

also you can download them here http://wandarogers.tumblr.com/post/153897598056

s4: https://skamenglish.tumblr.com/ and http://isaksaltereven.tumblr.com/

s1 texts: https://skam1texts.tumblr.com/tagged/s1/chrono (chronological order works only on desktop/laptop so i advise you to watch it there)

s2 texts: https://skam2texts.tumblr.com/tagged/s2/chrono

s3 texts: http://thesestonehills.tumblr.com/skamextra3

s4 texts: http://thesestonehills.tumblr.com/skamextra4

i think that’s all :) happy watching!

Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)
Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)

Hey everyone///// so…I have worked on a piano arrangement of Beautiful by Oh Sunshine lately, and since it’s not anime related, I was wondering if people would maybe be interested for a score….? (like a “guitar chords” version or a full score?). If yes, I would post a full cover with a download link for it ^/////^

This audio is only a quick extract of how it would sound, so you can have an idea sorry for the little mistakes I still have to work on the synchro piano/voice/////

in need of some CC recs

I rarely download build/buy mode items and when I do, it’s just something that floated across my dash, so I’m worried that I’ll have trouble tracking down the good stuff now that I’m starting from scratch again and most of the find blogs I used to get my content from are now inactive.

So, if y'all could send me some links to your favorite CC Find blogs for TS2, I’d be super grateful!

Obligatory ???

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Hey you're one of my favorite artists when it comes to color, and I'm trying to learn how to use color digitally. I was wondering if you would be willing to share some tips or give a little insight into your coloring process please? :D

awww thank you so much !! well, i don’t know much but here’s what i always do (i use FireAlpaca btw, it’s free, you can download it here)

… i hope that helped a little? :D



So I hurt myself some how, it hurts to sit up, my back and hips kill so in my pain and suffering I took something for the pain, decided to lay down and husband took my phone downloading the Word Documents App on my phone signing me in and helping me get settled into bed to relax.
But I can still work on my story while laying in bed without my heavy laptop on my lap or having to sit up and be in pain! I’m so excited, and yes husband is laughing at me. Hahaha. This is so exciting peaches! I didn’t even know this was possible!! I have the best husband ever!!
Btw Word Documents App is free and you can sign right into you Word profile and be linked up!! Just for those writers out there who might need or want this. I’ll be working on my series with my thumbs!!

Request: Undone

Request: Hello. I was wondering if you could do a SamxReader based off of the song undone by Haley Reinhart? Thank you so much!!!

Word Count: 940

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

PS. The song made me cry like a baby. I hope you’re happy :p

Yet again, you find yourself staring at the bottom of a bottle. The burn of alcohol still tingles at your tongue and you sigh, wishing that it had some kind of effect.

You were told it was going to make the feelings go away, but you’re just a mess of muddled, swirling thoughts and feelings and memories – no different than you were three hours ago.

Y/N, I need you to listen to me.” Sam pleads, “You have to understand-”

“You’re too stubborn to make this work.” You hiss, rage blazing through every fibre of your body. You’ve never been so angry in your life.

You stumble over to the bag on the bed, digging through it in hopes of another bottle. No such look, and you’re left with nothing but your thoughts for company.

“It’s not about being stubborn. It’s about keeping you safe because I love you.”

“If you loved me at all, you’d… you’d stay.”

“Don’t, Y/N.”

“Don’t go, then.”
Lying back on the bed, your eyes fixate on a small speck of black on the otherwise bland alabaster ceiling. You sigh, closing your eyes.

Bad idea. Your mind floods with images of him. Laughing, crying, smiling, talking, reading. Everything.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

“You made it harder.” You choke back a sob, “What happened to forever?”

He looks at you sadly, his eyes brimming with tears that he won’t shed until later, when you can’t see. You know, though.

“Everything happened.”

Where does love go when it’s gone? Does it ever really leave at all? Or does it somehow transfer into other emotions? The fear, anger; sadness. Does that use up the love that once took up such a huge place in your heart? One day, will the cavity replenish itself with fondness? Bitterness?

“See that one up there?”

“Sam, there are billions of them.” You giggle, looking over at him. Your hand wanders over the dewy grass to find his own, and you lace your fingers with his.

“That one. Straight up there, the bright one.”

“Uh… yeah, I see you.” You follow the direction he’s pointing in, grinning.

“That’s our star.” He whispers, “So if we’re ever apart, you look up and so will I, and it can be like we’re together.”

It’s so dark outside; streetlights left off to conserve power in a small town like this. But the star burns bright still, like nothing has ever happened.


“Sam, get your ass back in here. You’ll catch your death.” Dean yells from the warmth of the motel room. His younger brother doesn’t answer, however, still lying on the hood of the Impala and staring at the sky.

Dean hauls himself to his feet and storms out, flinging the door open.


Still, no answer. Dean walks around, hopping up on the hood alongside his brother.

“What you lookin’ at?”

“It was ours,” Sam whispers.

“You and Y/N?” He asks, prompting a nod from his brother. Dean notices the clear tear-tracks down his cheeks and sighs, lying back against the windscreen miserably. Sure, you’d been with Sam, but you were his friend too. His sister in all but blood. He misses you too – the last week has been pure torture for him. It’s been lonely without your laughter and cheerful teasing; your jokes and your reassurances. There’s an empty space in the family now.

“Oh, come on, Sammy. Just call her.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“She hates me.” He whispers into the night, your words coming back to him.

“I don’t know why I ever bothered loving you, Sam Winchester.” You hiss, your words burdened with unshed tears and anger, “I should have known you’d be so pig-headed and pathetic.”

“No she doesn’t.” Dean states, “She couldn’t hate you.”

“You didn’t hear how she was talking, Dean.” Sam whispers, wiping away tears, “You couldn’t know. She hates me. I could die tomorrow and she wouldn’t care.”

“Not true.” Dean dismisses him, “You were perfect together, okay? I don’t know your reasoning behind all of this and honestly, I don’t care. The fact is, you’ve lost the love of your life and I’ve lost my best friend because of it.”

A shot of guilt rockets through Sam and he sighs, sliding off of the car.

“Tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

“I can’t.”


“I thought you said you wouldn’t be calling.” You say as soon as the ringing stops. Sam is silent, and you can’t even hear him breathing.

“I know. I lied.”

“Like you did about loving me?”

“Y/N, please.” He whispers, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what? Don’t leave you? Don’t kick you out of the only family you’ve ever known?” You hiss, raking a hand through your hair, “Sam-”

“I was wrong!” He bursts out, “I was so, so wrong Y/N. I don’t… I do… I love you, okay? I always have and I always will. I was trying to keep you safe but… safe is… I don’t know what safe is.”

“Sam, are you drunk?”


“Then get your ass down here so I can… I don’t know. Kick you, kill you, or kiss you. One or the other.” You find yourself laughing, despite the tears running down your face. After reeling off the location, you hang up, your head spinning. Maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s just hope, but you know one thing.

You thought it was the end, but now you realise… it’s just another beginning.

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I'll try to gif some Kenta for you and I'll keep on eye out for Kenta news/translations!! You work so hard on the blog don't feel too bad for things that are out of your control, buddy!!

Kenia i really owe you my whole life, you are always so sweet and kind 💘 thank you so so much, words can’t even describe how grateful i am 😭

To all non-Scandinavian Skam lovers

I’m so sorry that the tv channel NRK has made the decision to not include English subs and also delete all Skam Youtube videos/channels surpassing 50% of each episode.

That said I think there’s still ways to watch it. This post explains how to download episodes and use English subs, so hopefully you can make it work. If not it was awesome having so many international fans if only for a short while! <3 All the love!

Edit:  Blog ShameTV is uploading subtitled episodes onto dropbox, check this post and give feedback if everything seems to be working :)

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How did you make your inukag edit for KagoMay? I swear its fucking amazing * A *

Omg I can’t believe yall liked it so much ಥ⌣ಥ Ok well I’ll explain how I made it (assuming you know how to make a basic gif) ! It’s pretty simple, you just need a little bit of patience. 

So first of all I made 3 small gifs like usual. I set the dimensions to 100x100 (I had to crop it before because the size of the height and the width has to be the same before you resize it to 100px) and I colored them a little bit too, so they wouldn’t look too pixelated and when I saved them. So now I have little gifs like this:

Then I opened a new file in photoshop and set the dimension to 500x170 and then I opened the three little gifs I just made. Now when you want to put many gifs into one big gif you have to make sure they all have the same amount of frames, so just find which gif as the lowest amount of frames and then delete frames on the 2 other gifs to match this number. This is probably the trickiest part. You can either remove frames from the beginning or the end of your gif or if you have wayyy too many frames in one of your gif well you can do what I call the “keep one, delete one” frame technique, so your number of frames will be halved. 

Ok, now that your mini gifs are ready what you’re going to do is click on this little button here:

And you’ll click on “Select all frames”. Now you can go back to your blank file and make sure you have your animation bar (just click on Windows > Animation). Now select the first frame and then click on the same little button and click on “Paste frames”. Now a window will open and you’ll click on “Paste on selection”. Now the frames of your gif will be in your new file. I suggest you gather those frames in a folder because it’ll be easier to move them around. Click on this button : 

then select all the frames of your gif by clicking on the first one then maj + click on the last one and then drag them onto the folder icon. Now you can click on your folder and move it around (on your image) and it’ll move all the frames of your gif at the same time! Then I did the same thing for the other two mini gifs.

To add an image over your gifs click on File > Place.. and choose the image you want (the background has to be transparent). And then you put the layer of your image over the folder of your gifs like this: 

Yeah I gave names to the folders so it’s easier to differentiate them lol. Oh and the stuff under the layer of the image are the effects I added to the image (in this case it’s a shadow). To do this, simply click on the little “fx” button at the bottom of the image and choose the effect you want to add. Now it looks like this: 

Then I added a picture as the background (set it as the bottom layer, under everything else), I added a psd on top of everything and I added the border on the mini gifs but that’s too long to explain lmao. When you do all of this, make sure all your frames are always selected! So after messing around a bit with the coloring to make it pretty I got the final result :

So yeah, that’s pretty much it I think? If you have more questions feel free to ask me! ^^

Btw, I still use the old dimensions (I think most people use the old ones tbh) so if you want my gifs to look nice on your dash you should consider installing stylish : you can download it here ! please do it 

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Do you use the computer online drawing Do you use the drawing thingy to make your drawings or do you do it by hand? If you do the online computer drawing thingy with, how do I find the website to download it? I'm just curious because some people do it different ways.

Well, I use this online drawing thingy to make my drawings by hand. Procreate has a free version I think, but I purchased it because yeah.

I use the pencil tool to make a quick sketch to get proportions, then I solidify the lines using a thicker lead setting.

Then I add a base color and work on my shading from there.

Not sure if that answered your question, but yeah, I do everything by hand(:

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hey um in the edit where haise is like "we'll become girls." do you have a loop of haise laughing. i love it

Waah thank you anon! And sure no problem, here’s a 500px version I just made for Haise, with loop! YEA so enjoy! Just don’t go around reposting it (reblogs are fine).