i'm still crying over this tbh

❤  oh my talking bird / though your feathers are tattered and furled / i’ll love you all your days / till the breath leaves your delicate frame ❤   

a mix
for the knight and the princess
for the boy and the bird
who changed their fates                                                                                                         who fell in love

dancing in the dark - ben howard ft. yael naim// pirouette - made in heights // fairytale  - alexander rybak // high hopes -  the vespers // then she appeared - the xtc // by your side - alice jemima // the writer  - ellie goulding // io (this time around) - helen stellar // every little thing she does is magic  - sleeping at last  // comes and goes in waves (2013 remix) - greg laswell // talking bird - death cab for cutie // wherever you will go - charlene soraia // we might be dead by tomorrow - soko // can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes // fever dream - iron and wine //

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I finally watched the history boys. It was about 200% gayer than I anticipated. I’m still crying tbh. Posner broke my fucking heart. Also shout out to Dakin for finally allowing me to understand the subjunctive. Irwin! I can’t. Fuck. I’m not getting over this film for a very long time.

okay first of all… what!?!??! are you all lost – i can’t believe i have reached 100 followers on this silly little blog of mine. but like .. thank you so much??? i’m going to cry honestly. i was so nervous about bringing kennedy over to a blog of her own and yet i did and it was the best decision of my entire life. it has been my favorite book/movie for such a long time and getting to witness so many people bringing all the amazing characters to life has been the biggest treat and having you all pay attention to my girl who i just inserted in has been a blessing. 

THE MAIN SUNSHINES OF MY LIFE ( aka the people i interact/write with the most and i love and cherish and would pick a thousand sunflowers for, thank you for writing with me, for loving kennedy and making me so genuinely excited to do replies )

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i’m going to be honest, i probably missed so many people but i really love and admire all of you and please feel free to ALWAYS send me messages or tag me in random starters because i would love that so so much. thank you again, i love you all dearly.


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Senpai help this poor soul, I love your art and my greatest desire is to learn to draw, but I do not know how to start, i pprobably too old for this now


- Since I’m a digital artist I can only give advice on digital stuff so first you should pick a tablet that you like? If u can afford the $2000 cintiq then good for you but if not there’re cheaper options. Please check this website. Intuous comic is what I’m using. 

- Choose your drawing programs. Medibang or Clip Studio Paint are the cheaper options to photoshop, though my personal favourite of all time is Paint tool SAI. However clip studio paint has 3D models and all the manga tones and backgrounds so if you can get used to it it’s the better choice. 

- And then comes the practice so here’s pose reference, hand reference, foot reference 

- I haven’t been able to find a decent coloring tutorial anywhere so tbh my best bet is to watch speed paint videos on youtube.

- Tbh if you want to get into the comic/manga stuff just, read your favourite mangas and see how they do panel transitions it’s really important since it affects the flow of your story I’m still crying over it everyday I hate paneling. 

- There’s no harm in copying your favourite artist’s art style at first for practice until you find your own preferred drawing style (tho don’t put it up online it’s plagiarism jfc).

- Draw things you love, not things other people love. 

caress of steel

a suzumutsu mix by me and owaire

upside down & inside out by ok go | ugly by nicole dollaganger | a beginner’s to destroying to moon by foster the people | friends and family by river city extension | french exit by the antlers | bruises by chairlift | nwo by deep sea diver | twin size mattress by the front bottoms | restart by little daylight | let them in by pvris | ambiguity by shearwater | grow by rae morris | vampire’s kiss by john gold | twin heart by julia marcell

art by femsanlynn (thank you thank you thank you)

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I just experienced every emotion it is possible to experience as a human at the hands of a 22K word update of the blessing more well known as Chrmdpoet's Lover in Low Light. I laughed I cried I sobbed I grinned. Literally there wasn't a single emotion left untouched in that single chapter. My life has been forever altered by the love story between Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods and I don't think I'll ever be the same.

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The election results are still being processed in my head tbh. I'm a closeted bisexual trans man w/ conservative extreme right winged parents. Ppl at school mocked ppl crying, claiming we "couldn't know for sure if our rights would be taken away" I came out to my history teacher over it, and he told me that we have our community and we are strong enough to not let anything bad happen, to keep our rights. That ppl won't let Them hurt us. It helps to hear that. We have support. Community

when im feeling /really/ Rowdy i follow some ziams bc those people eat conspiracy theories for breakfast and F*CK YOU if you haven’t thought at least once that zayn leaving was an alien mind control scheme or something like tbh?????? i’m here for the ziams

(i mean this with all the love in the world i literally love ziams so much they keep me young)


8x08 “Hunteri Heroici” // 11x08 “Just My Imagination”
Comfort in Innocence

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

This is probably one of the things I found most important about 11x08 “Just My Imagination”. The aspect of innocence, of finding comfort in a world and with (imaginary) friends that helped you through tough times. In the end to me when re-watching 8x08 “Hunteri Heroici” Fred Jones’ resuming to kid’s television could be seen as a craving for the time of childhood when everything was still possible. Those comics provided something like a security blanket in a very similar way as Sully provided for Sam. Of course in the framework of the S8 episode the escape into a dream world for Sam related directly to his year with Amelia, but I think one can also see the events of said episode in relation to S11 and the glimpses into Sam’s life as a kid. Because even though Sully did protect Sam and made him feel good, it was only a sort of bandaid and substitute to mask the disappointment over being left alone. So just like Fred Jones, eventually faced the music and left the dream world that made hims feel safe and welcome, so Sam sort of left this “dream world” behind - which of course wasn’t imaginary at all. I am still crying for Sully tbh, becaue Nate Torrence did such an amazing job at portraying Sully’s hurt and desperation over being called imaginary and not needed any longer - probably it hurts so much because he reminds of Dean a great deal here and how Dean reacts when he thinks he isn’t needed (which equals loved to him) anymore. After all imo Sully was Dean’s mirror of the episode…