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Just as luck would have it, upon entering a much more frigid area of the sea, the thermostat decided to break, leaving the submarine quite cold. Now to a man like When it was late enough the surgeon made his way into the woman's room, holding a stack of three comforters. He took his time unfolding and guiding them to fall over her sleeping form, he knew her hatred of the cold, and would rather his right hand woman not freeze to death over night. No sooner did he take his leave.

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   Her fingers clasped tightly to her chest as she curled into a small ball underneath what was to be a thick blanket, the cold making it impossible for her to be able to stop shivering. It was colder than she was ever used to, considering she resided in a nearly desert-like town. Law had told her that the thermostat was broken and they didn’t have the part that needed to be repaired. The rest of her crew weren’t phased, making her feel like she was the only one who couldn’t function properly.
   She hated it.  
   Not only did she hate the cold, but it interrupted her ability to be able to sit down without a distraction. It had been a full day where she hadn’t made any progress in the current textbook she was reading. Nevertheless, she found herself drained of all energy, most likely due to the cold weather affecting her body. 
   Slender fingers moved to in between her thighs as she snuggled closer to her bed, hoping that she could find some way to alleviate the cold. However, exhaustion eventually took over her as she fell asleep on her pillow, her red hair scattered everywhere. 

> > — 

   Her slender fingers twitched, moving around before her eyes cracked one by one. One of the first things she noticed was how pleasantly warm it was. Arms stretched out until she felt the satisfying pops of her shoulders and back before she noticed how many layers of blankets were on her. 
   Rubbing her eyes, she felt the corner of her lips twitch upwards, forming a smile on her face. Closing her eyes once more, she would take few more minutes before she would leave her warm cocoon. After all, she needed to catch up for the days that she missed. 

“We can hide under sheets, under heavy covers
So deep as the night draws in
And we’ll be slow honey lovers ‘til the clocks go forward again“


…i don’t think you’re ever going to have to


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