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FT Ending RANT: I'm Dissapointed

It’s been a while since I’ve been feeling this way, and since the last chapter is next week, I might as well voice my opinions and feelings.

Fairy Tail has a special place in my heart, and always will. It was the first anime I genuinely enjoyed for years on end…I was crazy about it. Fairy Tail was always in my vocabulary, I was always reading fanfictions, watching episodes, watching AMV’s, loving, appreciating, and fangirling over the story and all the characters… and when the anime ended, I began to read the manga, and was still always just as excited.

Fairy Tail helped me to meet many new people online and offline, helped me to reach out and try new things, and also just gave me genuine happiness like nothing else.

But…during the past arc, the last arc, I noticed the quality of writing decreasing with every chapter. And me being the Fairytard I am, I tried to defend it as much as possible. I was being oblivious and ignorant. “It’s not bad.” “Hiro always has bad chapters here and there but then he’ll release one that’s complete gold” “This is what I should expect.”

But, their is only so far you can get pushed. Alvarez was a huge disappointment. Why introduce them in the first place if they all got beaten so easily. Why hype them up if in reality they could’ve been mistaken for fodder. Why make Chelia lose her powers, to supposedly make the defeat of Demetria more dramatic, when in actuality Demeria was still alive and healthy.

I was so disappointed with Alvarez. I was so disappointed. Especially with the one shot of God Serena. Just no.

And the way Zeref and Acnologia were treated honestly just makes me sad. Zeref, someone so intricately written and thought out. Someone so twisted, yet so kind, someone you didn’t know wether to love or hate. He was such an interesting character, my favorite villain of all. Yet, how was he taken out? Being punched or whatever by Natsu when he could’ve easily just walked through the portal to begin his new life? Being beaten so easily in that OP state? He couldve killed Natsu with the flick of a finger if he wanted to, not that I wanted him to either, but still, so much wasted potential.

And Acnologia. My God, I was just DISGUSTED by the way Acnologia went out. Being beat my magic, when he’s apparently immune to magic and can EAT it? Being cornered into some last minute fairy sphere, how this girl got all around the continent in such a short amount of time will forever be a mystery.

But WORST OF ALL. Acnologia conveniently gets paralyzed, forgets his arm is gone(how the hell do you do that and also why could he only move that arm)and one-shoted by the Dragon Slayers Friendship Fist. Fucking Hell.

AND WHATS WORST IS THAT HE DISINTEGRATED! HOW? WHY? Did being hit by Natsu’s fist make him reach some form of enlightenment? What was with that dazed, peaceful look? So UNCHARACTERISTIC FOR HIM? What would make this twisted, heavily PRIDEFUL, and psychotic man/dragon THROW AWAY HIS OWN TITLE, ADMIT DEFEAT, AND GIVE HIS TITLE TO SOMEONE ELSE? We didn’t get any backstory that I’m sure we were all expecting. He just ended up being an OP, depthless character who wanted nothing but to destroy all dragons, with the last minute drop in out of nowhere that “dragons are terrible and killed my family.” Yet…didn’t he boast about being the DRAGON KING? About being the strongest dragon? Where the heck is the sense in that.

That was terrible. Hell no. It would’ve been better if he would’ve went out with a very cliche and overused, “Noooooo!!” Which still would’ve been better than this ishh Mashima pulled. That was terrible. I’m disappointed. I’m so disappointed. Mashima, don’t hype up characters for hundreds of chapters, make them super OP and badass, and LIKEABLE, just to make them go out in shit ways and have their final fights be lackluster, disgusting, cringey, overused, and disappointing as fuck. At least Acnologia, I thought. If anyone, at least he’ll let Acnologia go out with a bang. But hell no was I wrong.

I literally read the latest chapter with a straight face throughout the whole thing. I was done with it, and I wasn’t expecting a great ending at all. I’m glad my hopes were not shot down, since I didn’t have any in the first place, but I will admit the one thing that made me smile throughout the whole chapter was the small Nalu moment at the end.

After all, their relationship is a big reason why I fell in love with Fairy Tail in the first place.

I actually look forward to the next chapter, since they no longer have enemies to beat. I’ll enjoy one of the main aspects which made me love Fairy Tail, the relationships between the characters and their interactions with one another. Surely he will not disappoint on that. I really hope not.

But…those are my feelings. I’d love to hear what you thought too.

I am Trollshima’s Assistant. But I sure as hell did not help with this crap arc.💩I will overlook Fairy Tail’s darker days and continue to love it for the beauty it contains.

Indy Mini W18D4 - easy 6

It was cold and rainy alllllll day today! But by the time I headed out for my run it was only sprinkling! And it stayed that way my whole run.

I made sure to keep these miles nice and relaxed. Of course my brain did the whole “you feel tired now and have to run over twice as far and 2 minutes/mile faster on Saturday” freak out. But I did my best to dismiss those thoughts! I’ve put in 18 weeks of good training, so now I just have to trust that and have fun on Saturday!

I’m surprisingly calm though! I think about how I felt before Chicago and I am a million times more calm for this race haha I’m most excited to see how I do! I think it will be a fun race, no matter the outcome :)

Happy Friday eve!! 2 days left!!!!

Well, folks, I got offered three jobs today, which is part of the reason I’ve been off tumblr so much lately (going after those jobs, ya’know), and whichever job I take, I’m going to be a busy woman. 

I’m in the prime of my career, and now that I have my new job, I’ll be needing to focus most of my energy on it. 

In the end, that means that my participation on here is going to get more spotty. I might be on for a week and then gone for two or three weeks after that. It’s going to be difficult to gauge how much I’ll be on from here on out, fyi,

But I’ll still be around, one way or another. No doubt there. I’m not a quitter. 

PFFFT what are you talking about I’m not hyping it hahaha who gave you that crazy idea hahaHAHA HAH A 😅

please send help all I’ve been doodling lately were these godforsaken robots is2g

Lil’ Note

Hey guys.

I know this sounds weird af, but I’m genuinely baffled every time someone comments on my fics, because I can’t believe actual people enjoy my writing. Especially people whose first language is English and think my work is good enough to be read.

If you’ve ever left a comment or even liked/reblogged one of my fics I’ve probably thought “Are you serious?!” while reading the notification. Even after months of writing, I still get excited for every. Single. Note.

And yes, a lot of times I’ve read comments and assumed people were just being nice to me when they didn’t really like what they’d just read.

I’m so self conscious about my writing it’s insane.

I’m not even mad about those photos, I think I don’t even care hahaha still I’m laughing my fucking ass off.

But, there’s something that’s probably going to haunt me in my dreams. The fact that they can just put Katie’s name and we all loose our shit but in a good way, not sending dead threats or other crazy fucked up thing.


And the fact that THEY KNOW THIS, it haunts me.

This is a nightmare.

I have no one to tell when I loose weight, like if I'm excited there's no one to tell except you guys. my friends all tell me I'm crazy when I say I need to loose weight they don't understand how I'm uncomfortable in my own skin. so I turn to my followers, I'm down 7 pounds (down 11 if I go from my hw) & I couldn't be happier I still have a long way to go but his is the most improvement I've seen in a while, I'm finally starting to be happier & looking forward to things because all I can think about is how much better I'll look in a few more weeks, a few more months, next year. I just can't wait.

anonymous asked:

If this is okay, could you do RFA + V and Saeran reaction to an MC with self harm scars (not fresh, like a year or two old), but she hides it for most of the relationship by saying she just likes to dress modest (long sleeves and such) even in the summer since she's worried they will not like her/think she's crazy? And then they find out one day? If it isn't okay with you, then that's fine! I'm excited to see your writings nonetheless!

Sure! I will do it, but only with the RFA members I´m still trying to get in V´s and Saeran´s character. I´m going to write about them…But in the future, right now I don´t think so.

And sorry for my horrible grammar, English isn´t my first language.


  • It have been long since you and him started dating.
  • He had never noticed before but after all this time as a couple he has never seen you without long sleeves.
  • At first he didn´t take it as important.
  • But one day Yoosung propused to go to the beach and when you started getting nervous and reluctant of going…he got suspicious.
  • Yoosung asked you is there was something wrong.But no matter how many times he asked you didn´t answer
  • At some moment you started to cry
  • And Yoosung was like “HOLY COW WHAT I DID!”
  • He started to apologize repeatly saying that if you didn´t want to you didn´t have to say it and no matter what he loved you.
  • So took courage and told him
  • And he felt like crying ”Why someone wonderful as you would do that!?!?!?”
  • But he acted quickly
  • After you telling him about your scars he hug you and told that you were his everything and that he will never leave you for something like that.
  • At the end you both cuddle and stayed at home.


  • With Zen I think it was like this:
  • You and him were at his house rehearsing
  • And in one of these scences he had to take your wrist and kiss it
  • So when he do it your sleeve rose a bit.
  • You took you wrist away but it was to late
  • With a face full of worry he asked you what happened you in there
  • You started crying and between sobs you told him about your self-harm years ago and that you didn´t tell him because you were afraid about him leaving you
  • He instantly hold you close and started to kiss you on everywhere(Face, neck, arms)
  • He then looked at you in the eyes and told you that “you are one of the most beautiful things that I have had the bliss to appreciate, a few scars will not make me think otherwise, if more, that will only make you even more special than before”
  • You two kiss (in the lips this time……and very passionately) and continue rehearsing.
  • (Expect cuddles and cuddles and more cuddles)


  • I really think that with Jaehee you would had told her
  • You were really nervous”Ja-jaehee I-I have some-thing t-to tell you”
  • She at seeing you like that will instantly giving you her total and complete attention
  • So you told her
  • Told her that a year ago you got a horrible depression and started to cut yourself but that was in the past and that you never ever did that again.
  • But you felt insecure about yourself.
  • Jaehee Mother Mode On
  • She will comfort you, telling you that she may not understand you but she will do anything to make you feel good.
  • But she will be lowkey worried about it
  • Will start searching information about it and how to make you feel better
  • She will try to make you understand that those scars not make you any less than anyone.
  • She will be more attentive and will kiss and hug you more from now on.


  • He knowing about you scars would be completely by accident
  • Since now you and him been together and you living with him it doesn´t surprise me that one day he walks into you while changing.
  • He will obviously notice your scars but he says nothing and walks out the room
  • You then started to get nervous because he said nothing about them so you will start to think of the worst.
  • When you reach the living room where he is you see him talking to the phone
  • Then he will kiss you passionately and tell you that he has already called someone to help you with that because is impossible for him to think that someone like passed something so horrible, so he wants to do everything he can to make it easier for you.
  • You the start to cry and he will hug you and tell you that he loves you (But in the inside he will not know what to do because he had never seen someone crying before)
  • He will even get Elizabeth the 3rd to join in the hug (that will definitely will make you happy…he thinks)


  • He would already know (that background check he did of you told him everything)
  • So when you start dating he will drops hints about it and how he doesn´t judge people like
  • But really he can´t wait for you to tell him about it
  • After all you have done to him, how you show him what is love again, how you help him save his brother, how you save him, he only wants to make you happy
  • So one day you drop the bomb and told him
  • He will obviously would tell you how he doesn´t care, how does he will love you no matter what, how does he does he will never leave you
  • But after all is said and done he will tell you jokes and show you cat videos
  • You two spend all night laughing at how dumb does cats are

Can’t stop thinking Victor is feeling jealous in that last scene…I mean just look at that lovey-dovey  Victor cuddling with Yuuri scene and with Yuuri’s fan’s arriving how Victor’s face turns from a excited and warm one to a boring and emotionless face like “*sigh, why now?”.

..well, he’s still cute anyway but…omfg…this pair is so f*cking CUTE–. 


Everyone listed here will be receiving a Gaara Christmas Card from me in the mail! Yay! (please excuse my old drawing. I’m re-doing my Gaara Christmas tree for this year, just haven’t finished it yet)

This is just people who a receiving a physical card. This isn’t the list for tumblr messages. I am not taking anymore Christmas Cards now, but I will still happily give out tumblr messages.

Thank you everyone!

- - I am so crazy excited about this you don’t understand - - !!

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misery-of-us  asked:

Hey I know that you are probably still into the carmilla thing and I'm sorry but SKIMMONS!!! We kinda didn't get a lot this week sooo... Could you do a reaction of when Simmons finds out ward took Skye? Please! And really congrats on the carmilla/laura!

Hello friend! Yes I am most definitely very much excited about Carmilla and Laura (hooray!) but Skimmons will always be number one in my heart. Never be sorry about Skimmons! I’m definitely not! Hope this works for you!

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anonymous asked:

All these spoilers are crazy! I'm so excited!!! But what do you think of that girl saying that SF & Cs have equal reasons to hope after this episode? I don't like that.


And to clarify, she said they have reason to hope bc no decision is made by Emma, that her putting Henry first is still her standing position. 

NO DOI. This is Emma, after all. She’s not going to complete her entire arc about love and trust and faith IN THE FIRST EPISODE.

Look, this is still a teevee show. They have a big ole buzzy ship igniting our screens, and you know they are gonna milk it for all it’s worth. As they should! We have 11 episodes to get through, and Captain Swan is going to be dominating all of them. 


They will not technically be endgame until Emma chooses Hook.

Until their TLK happens.

Because that is just how the power couples on this show become the power couples. That is how they are canonically confirmed.

Is the writing all over the wall for CS? You bet. But technically, a SFer could still have hope just because Emma & Hook haven’t TLKed. (Again YET). That’s like me saying I still have hope that I will with the PowerBall jackpot this week, just bc they haven’t picked the numbers yet. Are the odds in my favor? SHIT NO. But there is still a chance

And as a realist, I must admit that this is also true for SF.


As a rather bright girl who is pretty adept at reading context and spoilers and generally using my eyeballs and brain when watching OUAT, I am 100% confident that Captain Swan is the end-all be-all. SF can hold onto their kernel of hope, I DON’T EVEN GIVE A FUCK. Have at it. Go crazy. 

But it’s not going to change anything. 

Especially when it comes to Captain Swan being True Love.

So yeah, I’m so not worried. And I know that we still have a journey to go through with Captain Swan this season. As the show always says, true love isn’t easy. It must be fought for. And Hook’s fighting for it. And we should be fighting for it, too. By being positive and confident and ignoring the other ships and their negativity. Concentrate on all the beautiful spoilers we have laid out in front of us. Read a fantastic fic, manip some glorious pics of our bbs. Meta some shit that makes me flail and cry and fall in love with CS all over again.

March 9th will be here before we know it and a lot of this will settle down once we see our bbs in action. So just hold on tight, little Nonnie.