i'm still bored people

i need snk season two. i’ve been reblogging variations of the same 10 anime scenes for almost two years now and it is driving me insane. i get it. the world is cruel and also very beautiful. eren and armin want to see the ocean and the outside world. i get it. levi’s squad died and it was sad. i get it. we are so thoroughly out of material it it driving me up a wall. possibly up many walls. maybe even wall maria.


[It took a year to get that many on my main blog, so this is amazing!!

And still I don’t really feel as a part of the daily community since I’m too afraid to approach others TwT

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Oh I like them too! They’re also super neat looking with all those dangly tassels. They remind me of those creatures that wear moss and stuff as camouflage, except that’s just what they look like. Weird sharks are the best sharks, okay

Oooh those are colourful, holy shit. And apparently they’ve got a lot of blue, which is supposedly super rare? I can get behind this fish

Lmao I’ll look up pretty much anything that amuses me when I’m bored/whatever, and right now it’s fish for some reason. I mean, fish are always cool, they’re just particularly neat right now because my brain decided so haha. So I 100% feel you on that

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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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my heart is a kaleidoscope

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Hello! If you're still doing requests with describing people,then I'm fairly boring in appearance tbh?? Fair skin, short blonde hair, green eyes. But my favorite color is purple and I'm really into music,especially singing. I hope to get into opera when I'm older :o Other than that,,my favorite animals are Bears? Thats about all I can think of. If you get to my ask, thanks!

It’s kinda hard to portray a Pokemon who likes to sing unless it’s Jigglypuff or Meloetta, but I imagine this little one would find itself singing quite frequently, and eventually evolving to have a beautiful, loud and harmonious voice.

Pokemon used: Cubchoo, Azelf, Cleffa, Poliwag

It’s not diversity when your record streak of hiring not white actors is a long line of having to replace your “diversity” because the story demanded they die to further the plot*. You don’t get to count your total non white characters against the white ones when the white ones have been around for season after season while the non white ones are lucky to get through an entire story arc.

You are not progressive because you’ve introduced a record number of non white (or male) characters over the run of your show when those characters are forced to step on the dead bodies of their predecessors.

(p.s. it’s also shitty writing)

(*Or to prove to your audience that you’re a NEW kind of writer and that no one is safe, except your white favs, that becomes obvious after  a while.)

Destination: Life: a playlist of joyful, upbeat, scream-along-able music for the Gangsey to play on their future adventures. No murder squash allowed.

[oh, and I don’t want to be the center of anything, just a part of something bigger] [we will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes] [we lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight[deep in my bones, I can feel you, take me back to a time only we knew] [we’ve no time for getting old, mortal bodies, timeless souls] [she was trying to show me how a life can move from the darkness[firecrackers in the east, my car parked south] [we could always dare to dream that the places we have seen were enough to make us who we are] [I’m gonna let the future in, the future in, take it on, make it on my own] [our minds have gone to kingdoms without rule] [let every vessel pitching hard to starboard lay its head on summer’s freckled knees]

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why are people still calling riley blue boring? do they not get it yet? will they ever get that fact that she is still alive is incredible, and the fact that in the season finale she faced her trauma and years of pain to save the cluster is even more powerful? her struggle and her plot this season was just as important as the struggles faced by the rest of the cluster, even if it was more subtle. she has been fighting an internal battle for a long time, one that she finally won with the help of the cluster. why do people call her useless when she is endurance, when she is the one that connects them all? she has the ability to bring them all with her to her father's performance, the ability to help them all see their own damned births - she is far from useless and i don't get why anyone would write her off when her story is really just getting started.