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Did u see his tweet it's like he's been kicked out *never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat* . If not he's tweet is so bizarre. I'm still waiting for more info to see if him leaving is truly good for the girls

well well well… thank you for telling me I had not seen it. Yeah I also get a “he was fired” vibe. 

Yeah we totally need more info. About this being good for the girls, I mean that man was Satan himself but ofc we should not forget that many likewise people are still behind them. However right now we should enjoy the fact that the man finally got the karma he deserves. Let’s see where this goes.

P.S. A friend just sent me this…

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Hi! I am a big fattie, 300+ pounds and very out of shape, and while I'm starting to trying an accept my weight, I -am- still very unhappy being a noodle arm weakling who gets out of breath changing sheets. I have Health at Every Size checked out for a first time read (excited) and am also going to read The unapologetic fat girl's guide to exercise and other incendiary acts, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations for books, or your own advice for getting physically stronger while fat.

I think you are totally on the right track with those two books! And you can also check out my “exercise” tag for more info and resources.

On a purely personal note, I want to encourage you to be patient and kind with yourself as you work on your goals. As you know, you are moving a big body around and that takes a lot of effort! And that’s OK. It is normal for fat people to breath hard and work hard as we do physical tasks like housework or going up stairs, even when they are physically fit. Don’t forget that some people have to go to the gym and lug weights around to get the kind of workout you can get just doing your daily chores and living your life! Your body is it’s very own strength-training machine. Enjoy that!

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This is kinda to the person who talked about being pan with a preference, I'm pansexual and demisexual and I also happen to be genderflux/nonbinary but partly fem aligned person and I knew I had a preference before I even completely identified as pan like before I I knew pansexuality was a thing. I prefer non-binary people first then girls then guys but guys a lot less. Some people like me, and you are just like that and it's totally okay 🙂❤️🌈

well said, anon. preferences while being pan are okay!! y'all are still precious valid pans!!!

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How do you typically respond to the argument claiming that "successfully passing" transwomen experience misogyny too, like for example when applying for a job and getting turned down for being perceived as female... I know it's totally different than actually being female, but how do you explain that difference to genderists... i.e. explain why that still doesn't mean feminism applies to them? I'm lacking an elegant response to that one...

Well A.) there’s rarely a “successfully passing” transwoman, though men seem more oblivious than women because men are ready to believe heels, long hair, make up = woman. 

B.) Even a transwoman who experiences misdirected misogyny has not grown up with misogyny or the type of socialization actual girls and women have dealt with their entire lives. 

and C.) many transwomen, clueless in their superficial appropriation, think the misdirected misogyny is something that happens uniquely to them or to transwomen and will continue to assert that actual women are “privileged”. 

it’s weird that the closer i get to transitioning, physically and socially, to a more masculine presence, the more comfortable and open i’ve become with my femininity???

not weird as in bad weird, but just….huh weird ya dig

imAGINE ace/aro suna tho

ace/aro suna when he’s younger justifying always turning girls down to himself as “well they’re mean to takeo so of course i don’t want to date them” but one day realizing that while that was TRUE, there was MORE
ace/aro suna repeatedly deflecting by saying that dating seems like too much trouble, which it really really does
ace/aro suna indignantly saying that YES he does indeed have a pair, one that no one but him is to touch thank-you-very-much
ace/aro suna wondering why the hell all these people keep coming to him for relationship advice and bewildered at all the misunderstandings that occur like guys it’s not that complicated i’ve read all about it but why am I the one you’re asking?
ace/aro suna being so shaken after the plastic wrap scene that takeo stops short, and suna explains that A: sexual assault is bad and B: he really doesn’t want to kiss anyone at all
ace/aro suna casually NOPING out of any vaguely romantic situation, or alternatively being like “just act like i’m not even here” because it’s not like he’s paying attention anyway
ace/aro suna being just as excited about yamato as takeo, because not only is there a girl that’s interested in takeo, there’s a girl who’s not interested in him
ace/aro suna being totally honest when he says he likes girls, because he really does, just as much as guys, though it would be nice if more of them were nice like yamato
ace/aro suna brushing off the well-meant-but-misguided gesture to “share the love” because he’s got all the love he needs already, okay?
ace/aro suna only rarely fully relaxed outside of home b/c of all the unwanted romantic attention he gets

ace/aro suna


This scene was pretty cute; since they all thought that Sci-Twi was Princess Twilight they were so incredibly happy to see her! Like, look at that huge grin on Pinkie’s face!

Sunset, though?

Sunset looks not only happy to apparently see Princess Twilight again, but she looks totally lovestruck. It’s the best.

what justice is there when I’m a lesbian who’s matched with 14 dudes on tinder in one week (after i allowed guys as well when i’d run out of girls in my area and still wanted to have some fun) meanwhile I’ve matched with a total of 8 girls in the span of several weeks whereof two are my best friends, two were already in relationships just looking for friends, two never wrote and the last two i chatted with for a while but never really clicked, also did I mention I then RAN OUT OF GIRLS

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Hi! So in my novel my MC is a Muslim girl who was permitted to travel abroad for education by her parents (Is that alright? I haven't been able to find much online of these kinds of facts), and throughout the novel she gets involved with this demon who's been falsely accused of a crime, and is currently being pursued. She still practices her religion loyally, even though the novels plot is centered around Christian mythology. Is that okay, or should I change anything? I'm really sorry :S

Hi there,

On the point of a young Muslim girl being able to study abroad, this will vary depending on the family and their interpretation of Islam. In conservative families, they may insist that she take a male guardian, or mahram - a father, brother or uncle, or a grandparent - with her, but I know just as many families where the girl will go to, say, a medical school overseas, and it is totally acceptable.

On the demon point - I feel that is striding into problematic waters. I think I’ve mentioned before, or perhaps the other mods have as well, that Islam and magic do not positively mix. If we’re taking the demon in the equivalent as a jinn, or what would be looked upon as a bad jinn in the line of Shaitan (Satan) and his followers, a Muslim girl would absolutely not be making friends, or (which I hope was not implied) considering a creature like this as a love interest in any form.

I’ve mentioned that I have close Christian friends and a Christian grandmother, so I am well aware that demons usually signify tainted, evil creation. I really don’t see this sort of friendship as a good, acceptable or even logical situation.

I also don’t understand why a Muslim girl would need to be involved in a story that is based off Christian mythology. I mean, this may be my personal view, but it would make more sense if she was involved in a story with a Christian character. Otherwise, I see a lot of belief systems and thoughts, even about creation (ie. we see and portray angels differently than in the Christian tradition) clashing and a lot of potential for upsetting and offending Muslim readers.

I hope this helps.

- Kaye

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Can I please get a angst/fluffy scenario with Jungkook where you're his best friend, but he starts to go around with another girl and you get really sad and distant, so he starts to miss you and tries to talk to you, but you're still kinda mad and ignores him, and he ends up realizing he likes you, so he confesses and there's a FREAKING FLUFFY END? Pretty pleeeeeeease <333333 Oh, and if you can add something like a soundtrack, that'd be perfect. Hope I'm not being abusive D: Anyway, thanks <3333

Anon this isn’t abusive at all! Don’t you worry~~ Also Admin A will make the soundtrack/Playlist and post it tomorrow, I’ll link it in tomorrow ♥ Also this is totally the plot to a music video tbh <3  I’m putting this in first person, I can re-write it if you don’t like the style this way [Admin O and A have different scenario styles]

OMG This Jungkook one got so long,I’m so sorry
Words: 1,718
-Admin O

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The intuitive types in a reality show
  • ENFP: *hugs INTJ tightly* Oh my gosh! I can't believe we are gonna be on television ALL TOGETHER! We will be like roomies! Seeing each other everyday...24/7 xD
  • INTJ: Oh God. Stop. Please.
  • INFJ: I wonder if people would even want to watch something like this, it's not like we do a lot of drama
  • ENTP: The key is to just be overly dramatic. Everyone already knows these reality shows aren't real
  • ENTJ: That's true. But still, I can direct you guys to have more interesting situations come up
  • ENFJ: No, haha, I think the audience would much prefer us being our real selves. Afterall, why else would they bring us in?
  • INTJ: Oh please, my hope is that we act like our boring, normal selves, and they cancel this stupid show
  • INTP: Well, I mean I'm not totally against-
  • INFP: Ohhhh look we have 2 bedrooms
  • ENTJ: It makes sense to have the girls in one room, and the guys in the other
  • ENFP: Orrrr, as you said, to make it interesting we should mix the rationals and idealists!
  • INTJ: No wait-
  • ENTP: Oh yeah, that sounds interesting
  • INTP: But I-
  • ENFJ: As long as no one has any big problems with it, I don't see why not
  • INFP: I want to pair up with INTP! *links arms happily*
  • INTP: I-
  • INTJ: For the love of all that is good, please do not leave me with-
  • ENTJ: Okay, you four can take the downstairs room, ENTP, ENFJ, INFJ and I will take the room upstairs
  • INFJ: No but really, are we going to try and live like a huge family or something
  • ENFJ: I think all of our personalities are different enough to naturally have some...family feuding
  • ENTP: Obviously, and after a couple meltdowns and huge catastrophes, there is always that group of people that keep it cool all throughout
  • ENTJ: *fist bumps ENTP* And that is going to be us. Let's keep it together and own this show

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I'm totally going to hell for this... but can I request Aria still being sad over Liselle, maybe many years after she died?

Little Girl in the Ground

[Aria/Tevos, Liselle]

Rating: T (language, general angst)
Word Count: 1,843 words

Summary: It’s been well over a century since Liselle’s death. While Aria is generally in possession of enough resolve to keep looking ahead and not behind, on some years a bog of poisonous memories, mistakes, and what-ifs returns to afflict her with grief. The pain is enough to drive her to drastic coping strategies; something, anything to either restore her steely emotional fortitude, or merely numb it all until the storm passes. Rarely is someone present to see her crash and burn—for very good reason, Tevos learns.

(Year 2316)

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Hi! Do you take requests from just anyone? If so, can you please draw Nina and Ophelia just hanging out or hugging, being friends? They're my favorite girls in FE, and I'm upset they can't support, talk or be friends in the game, and they're both Forrest's retainers or something like that.

i hope this is ok! (this is a good request btw and i totally agree with you! they could make good friends if you think about it. too bad they can’t support :( also i added forrest too since you mention them being his retainers.)

  • Presumably straight guy next to me: Jyn is awesome. And hot.
  • Presumably straight girl behind me: Cassian! God, I love him.
  • Me, a totally bisexual person: Yes to both, and I fucking love this movie, but Jyn is definitely more badass so I'm going with her. (I love you, Jyn!)

Disney: *Makes movie with 5 human main characters 3 of which are PoC, creates fictional multi cultural world, subverts stereo types by making the blonde girl the smartest one* 


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I recently came out to a friend about being bisexual (im a girl and am attracted to both but mostly girls)and she told me I'm confused because I have never been with a girl or a boy. Is this true???

No! If you are attracted to them, then you are attracted to them. 

For example, I find Zachary Quinto incredibly attractive and I would totally want to climb him, but I have never met him. 

I can still say I am attracted to him. The same works for being bisexual to entire genders.

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when people say things like 'fake bisexuals' i feel like it's aimed toward me (I'm a girl). i identify as bi because i have the ability to be attracted to guys and girls. however I've only dated guys in the past and I've only had crushes on guys. but i can still see myself being with a girl :/ what am i?

when people talk about “fake bi girls.” it is totally your prerogative to just start making pterodactyl screeches at them. you don’t have to have dated a girl to identify as bi. you’re the only person who knows who and what you are, so tell anyone who says otherwise that they can go screw themselves.

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is it okay if I don't identify as a boy but still dress as one and wear a binder? a lot of people have been asking me if I'm transgender, but I'm not, I'm happy being a girl. I just feel more comfortable in boy clothes and being more "boyish" than girls.

that is totally fine there is nothing wrong with that !! 

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leeeeshleeeshleesh I just the /worst/ thought. the handprint tho. if dean still had it (he does, totally, i'm in denial), cas would be like... so possessive over it. nobody else is allowed to touch it. Like they do a case in Arizona and its 110 degrees so dean is wearing a tanktop and they're at a bar tailing a suspect and some girl touches the handprint and asks what it is and Cas just *growls* because nobody else gets to touch it. ;A; don't look at me I'm trash.

First of all, how dare you. You come into my inbox and leave this… this…!

*resigned sigh*

Okay, but Cas being growly and possessive is my jam, and especially over that handprint because it’s already a sign that THIS HUNTER IS MINE AND I SAVED HIS CUTE BUTT FROM HELL, EVERYONE. I love the idea of Dean in a tank top and Cas trying to cover him up. Like, he’ll keep on draping his trench coat over Dean’s shoulders and Dean will just get so grumpy because “What are you- It’s hot as balls here, Cas.” And Cas would probably squint and growl a whole lot and Dean would blush and POOR SAM and TAYLOR, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.