i'm still alive!! i swear i am


“Only because you’re like a fragile little Bunny lost in the woods searching for adult help and companionship.”

“HEY! I am practically an Adult™!”

“But do you look like one?”


hello my beans <3

technically i am still on hiatus, but i have taken a break from studying to do some writing, and wanted to gauge the interest for a Bones x Reader series I’m working on.  I’m quite fond of it so far, but wanted to see if it would be something y’all were interested in.

I’ll post the summary and a “sneak peak” below the cut, as well as a list of WIP’s in a separate post.  Just want to keep y’all updated! I miss y’all! 

Also i flew past 1k while I was gone! Yay!!! truly y’all are incredible and precious and beautiful. I’ll be celebrating when I come back, but want some input on what y’all would like to see from me! I won’t be doing anything writing related, because I am trash and can’t keep up with those.  But i’ll take ideas about anything non-writing.  Right now i was thinking of putting together a list of my favorite blogs and fics? also my moodboards seemed to be popular so i could do those again? Let me know, loves! 

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I swear I’m still alive guys! Just been super busy these past few days.

Also I’ll be gone later due to it being my mom’s birthday~

I should be back later on, if it isn’t too late into the night.

I’m also going to be gone Sunday after work and won’t be back until Wednesday.

Due to the fact that I am going….CAMPING! With my best friend.

I’ll be saving drafts and whatnot while I’m gone. Plus I’ll send in asks just for the heck of it.

this is my monthly post to let all of you know that i am indeed still alive

I gotta say, 2014 was filled with unexpected friendships and unexpected betrayal. I went from being so ridiculously happy in the beginning of the year to reaching the highest point of sadness leading to almost cutting my life short. I'm still not at that point of happiness where I was in the beginning but hey I'm alive aren't I. I thought by now I'd look back on that time and look at it as a mistake but I still don't and I keep wondering how that could be. How could someone be so fucking sad to the point where you attempt such a thing. One huge thing that I've learned in 2014 was to never rely on people. Even the people who swear they will never leave you. I am begging you to never think that people won't stop caring for you because it can happen. They will wake up one morning and suddenly just stop caring and have no feelings of how bad they hurt you. I won't sit here and talk about how terrible the people you thought you loved can be but in 2015, please be careful. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve and try not to harm yourself in any way. I know it's hard but please try. You are worth so much more and the people who have done anything to hurt you do not deserve you. Remember that. Happy new year and please smile more <3