i'm still a faggot

"I'm Too Cooooool For Music"
Bomb the Music Industry!
"I'm Too Cooooool For Music"

You can’t satirize queer culture if you aren’t really gay
You can’t be anti-PC when no one cares what you say
And you can say the kids are idiots but you’re still up onstage
Shock value shock value shock value SHOCK VALUE SHOCK VALUE
HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! I’m just here to entertain
Just like GG Allin but derivative and lame
Man, who needs music when you can call people names?
Songs are total bullshit, man, music isn’t cool enough for me


When I was a kid, I was an outcast before I even knew anything about music. I spent my time drawing and reading and watching horror movies and being hated by everyone. I was about eight or nine when I first remember seeing My Chemical Romance on some late night music show that my cousins were watching. The video for I’m Not Okay was on and I couldn’t get over it. I remember just thinking, “I don’t know what this is, but I want to know all about it”. By middle school I had become this angry little kid who hated everything and understood nothing. I just knew that I didn’t like my classmates and they didn’t like me, but I really liked music, and I really, really liked My Chemical Romance. It seemed like a constant schedule at this point-go to school, get called horrible names, skip gym class to draw, go home to sit in my room blaring loud, angsty music, start again. It wasn’t very different from the years before, but it felt like everything had changed because there was this band that existed that were outcasts, that grew up exactly how I was growing up.
My Chemical Romance had become the band that changed me, that altered my life in every way. I wore my insults like armor because of them, because of how they turned the negativity thrown at them into something positive. Being called a faggot or a dyke or a freak-those just became identifiers and I was okay with that at the end of the day. My Chemical Romance became my first two “real” shows. They made me realize how much I loved witnessing live music, how passionate music could really be and how I loved to be a part of it.
Now I’m out of school, I’m a legal adult, and My Chemical Romance has been broken up for what feels like ages, but people are still talking about them. It feels like people won’t shut up about them. And honestly, who would want to? They changed the game for so many people. They influenced almost everybody. They shaped my friends, my friends’ bands, myself. My Chemical Romance posters still cover my bedroom walls, and I still wear insults like armor, and I’m okay with who I am, and I’m okay with still feeling like the outcast because this band, this idea, will always be what made me okay. Even now that they’re gone, that will never change.