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I’ve made a resolution to comment on every fic that I kudos from now on…multiple times if its novel length.

Since I started following (and getting to know) authors through tumblr, I’ve realized how much work goes into these beautiful stories. A LOT more than I ever realized.

I have to admit, I’ve been VERY guilty of never commenting (mostly due to social anxiety tbh)…but fanfic helps me so much and brings me such joy to read. So I’m gonna try to tell the authors how much I appreciate them. I may even go hit up some old favorites and comment on them too.

@corariley I’m sure you noticed the comment spam…LW is the first fic I’ve read since I made my resolution 💖

  • Person:High key hope none of your favorite Bleach ships become canon.
  • Me:High key hope you choke for saying that.

Do you know what this fandom needs? More Marcel ships

Marcel and Scotty hanging out being domestic and gay like the domestic gay couple they are, building Ikea furniture and cuddling on the bed they made together

Marcel and Anthony curled up on the couch reading comics together

Marcel and Tyler gaming together and getting hella competitive, and having to calm the other down with kisses when they lose

Marcel and Brock holding hands when they’re out on a walk together, cracking each other up with puns as they go

Marcel and Evan hanging out and Evan is winding him up big time just because he thinks he’s cute when he’s frustrated

Marcel and Delirious watching horror movies together and acting like they’re not scared but they’re clinging onto each other suspiciously tightly

I don’t have any ideas for other Marcel ships right now but they’re all GOOD. 

~*~More Marcel ships~*~


Okay so I see people have already started to sexualise NCT_DREAM even tho it’s been like 2 hours since they debuted…
Okay let’s list the members of NCT_DREAM with their age:
Jisung - age: 14
Chenle - age: 15
Jeno - age: 16
Haechan - age: 16
Mark - age: 17
Renjun - age: 16
Jaemin - age: 16
As you can see the members are still KIDS. I repeat they are KIDS and not ADULTS.
So please explain to me why are they being shipped, called daddies and why are they having memes made of them saying that they should kiss? Please explain it to me. Because I really have no idea why someone would want to do that. I find it really gross and disturbing on so many levels. I am around their age and while watching the MV the only thing that came across my mind was “Aww look at this adorable kids”, that is to say I acted like a mother.
I have never thought that people would want to do those kinds of things regarding children. Clearly I was wrong and I have no idea what I can expect next to happen and I don’t even want to know. This is one of the reasons that people think that fandoms are disgusting and weird, and tbh I do not blame them.
Idk if anyone will even read this but i just had to say what was on my mind.

In the Cyan stream at Mysterium, Rand Miller mentioned that there’s one detail of Obduction’s plot that had him go “no we can’t have players think this”, and he brought it to RAWA, and RAWA replied “no that’s exactly what they’re supposed to think”.
I wonder what the heck this is about, and also if we’ll be able to figure out what detail he was referring to once the game is out…

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I really don't want to come off as disrespectful, but I've shipped reylo for quite a while and I recently re-watched TFA. I don't understand how Kylo could slam Rey against a tree like that and still feel for her. I want to go back to being a hardcore Reylo shipper but I'm confuseddddd. Do you happen to have an explanation? because I'm quite stuck :(

you’re not being disrespectful dont worry! I’m sorry but i feel like my explanation is going to disappoint you cus i dont care that much anymore about weather or not kylos action truly was “evil” and malicious or not, the only comfort i can give you (about the tree thing) is that i truly dont think it matters and i dont care weather or not bullies on the internet feel like i should care, i dont, i just dont giva a damn anymore lol.(i am an unapologetic reylo shipper that has no more fucks to give) btw if you want to read on why kylo isn’t evil there is like a billion metas written on him regarding this subject, go nuts!

So i guess some advice I would give to you is for you to reflect on if you think/feel this way cus shitsticks on the internet says you should and, as a result, you feel guilty.. or..if you truly find that this very small scene in a movie full of actual death and abuse far more concerning then a force throw, is an obstacle in shipping reylo, if thats the case then you have to decide for yourself weather you like it or not, and I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise cus its all you own personal preference  (truly i mean no offense I’m just so tired and done with this “reylo is problematic” bullshit that ive heard for 8 freaking months)

I just realized that this fandom exists on tumblr and I want to make use of it.

I haven’t finished the series yet, so don’t spoil anything for me, but I kinda want to blog about my experience reading the Wheel of Time.

Problem is, I’m already on The Path of Daggers. Would you be interested in that or nah

BTW, story behind this url:
Mind: What is the most absurd thing you can think of?
Me: …
Me: Aes Sedai with guns.

Steven Universe Artist Quits Twitter Over Fan Harassment
Steven Universe storyboard artist Lauren Zuke has left Twitter and deleted her account after days of harassment from an aggressive subsection of Steven Universe fans.
By Beth Elderkin

People, please remember that the team behind SU and other piece of media that you engage are just as human as you are. You are entitled to literally NOTHING, nothing, so please stop treating other people like this. Lauren Zuke is an amazing, talented person who works her ass off for this show. She didn’t deserve this.







@cinderdrilla I really really really admire you adn you art and everything

@thunderstonereject replied to your post:Reda Recommends GoChi Fics

omg I’ll have to check these out I love a good GoChi fic, have you ever read When Worlds Collide, by gue22? It’s a trip, but one of my favorite GoChi fics


funny you mention that fic…

See, the main reason I started writing GoChi was because of that fic.

I don’t normally rant on a fic; and I try to avoid pointing fics out specifically but since you did it for me…

I’m sure you’ve realized by now, that yes, I have read it (mostly - it’s not even complete yet as far as I know, either). And I can’t stand it. “When Worlds Collide” seems to be one of the most commonly recommended fics for GoChi fans and I can’t see why as it’s so ANTI-GoChi. 

Chi-Chi’s character is so off to me, I can’t stand it. She’s far too bitter and crazy and downright psychotic at times. And it shows no signs of getting better. 

I don’t mind a good angst fic (if that is what this is supposed to be) but this isn’t the kind of thing I look for in fics at all. It’s constantly hitting my “nope” buttons and I’m sure I’ll eventually get to the point in my fanfic binge and rating adventure where I’ll have to read every word to make a truly fair judgement instead of running for the hills….

Maybe people are easily swayed because it’s pretty well written. And there’s so many fics in the DragonBall fandom (under GoChi specifically) that are terribly written as far as I’ve come across. But I ain’t buying it. 

What I’ve recommended are short, fluffy things. (They’re not even my highly recommended stuff because I haven’t found one I’d highly recommend yet). Because that’s how I feel this couple works. I trust that they have communication between each other, that they reconcile through their problems, and that whatever bitterness builds is forgiven away. Because that’s how good couples work. That’s how relationships work. It’s not about “always being there” (heck - my husband I shove each other away for our own entertainment because we are attracted to different things). If all it took for a good relationship was to BE there, then there’d be a lot more happy families in the world. It’s deeper than that. And I think fics that focus on the idea of Chi-Chi being bitter about Goku leaving completely miss the point.

But, hey, that’s just my opinion. You’re free to enjoy what you want for your own reasons. I just can’t

You know, in fics and in people talking I see them talking about and describing nightmares, and usually they’re shocking. They jolt you, make you sit up or lash out, trigger fight-or-flight, make your heart beat and let you be ready to run, but what about other nightmares?

What about the nightmares that don’t start like nightmares, the ones that feel like dreams they’re not out of place at all, the ones that start off feeling ordinary but then just one thing happens and it goes on and on until. It’s over, you’re out of the dream and you come back to yourself lying down like you never left - your heart is not hammering (but it is beating and you feel it) and there are no tears in your eyes (yet), you can’t even tell it was a nightmare at first but you think of the last moments and your mind lingers on it, lingers on the implications of it and you think of how it started and changed and you realize yes, it was a nightmare and the quiet and heavy way it comes to you doesn’t make it any less of a nightmare and you just can’t stop thinking about what it means and those last few moments before you woke up.

Basically what I’m saying is I’ve been filled with the overwhelming urge to see this kind of nightmare get written in a fic (I’m most certainly gonna be writing a hurt/comfort based on this at some point) because it’s the only kind of nightmare I’ve ever known and let me tell you, just because you’re not waking in a cold sweat or ready to fall out of bed doesn’t make the dream any less impactful or heavy or leave you any less breathless.

(Also in case anyone was concerned, I didn’t have a nightmare myself. :) I was reading a fic and it got me thinking about dreams and things. Although, now the angst beast has reared it’s head, and it demand to be fed with this idea. Whoops.)

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So some blarke hates a character because you love him? What would happen if you started liking Beachball McMurderer? I know you won't but imagine. They'd probably suffer the blue screen of death lmao.

It’s not a Blarke. 99% of the hate I get for Chris (and my opinions in general) comes from people in the Kru. Trust me, there are groups in this fandom who hate me more than most Blarkes do. I know that for a fact.

I’m only at season 1 of my casual Gilmore Girls rewatch but thanks to a blog I discovered today, the Rogan feels hit me like a train again.

Team Logan *3*