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I think Bum will have to kill Jieun, Sangwoo isn't going to do it for him this time, or give him some way to feel like he wasn't participating. But when he does ultimately kill her I hope he says something to her to the tune of "I'm sorry, I had to. You understand, right? Because you love him too."


Daddy Bear
  • Me: why the fuck are your thumbs so small
  • Raven: I just have small hands man
  • Me: my hands are bigger than yours even though you're taller
  • Raven: Well my hands are small enough to fit in that pussy

New year, new theme(?

the signs based on people I know (Gemini's perspective)
  • Aries: very dramatic but passionate about your beliefs and isn't afraid to call someone out on their stupidity
  • Taurus: actually really chill, super funny, you seem like pretty cool people
  • Gemini: I know two Gemini's other than myself, one needs to shut the fuck up and the other is literally the sweetest person I've ever met so there's that
  • Cancer: I know like 10 cancers and you are all really defensive and emotional lol so I think that stereotype reigns pretty true
  • Leo: you are very cocky and that's rlly annoying lmao go away
  • Virgo: lol u are crazy and need to get your priorities straight
  • Libra: I hated you when I first met you but after getting to know you more I learned to love your incapability to watch what you say and how you always seemed to make things awkward
  • Scorpio: sooo fuckin chill like how are you that chill do you even know what stress is bc I don't think you do
  • Sagittarius: I love you so much you're such fun people to be around
  • Capricorn: do u guys even exist lol I don't think I know a single one of you guys
  • Aquarius: weirdest fuckin humans alive and I love you
  • Pisces: so nice??????? Just..wow so nice!!!!!!!

just the thought of seeing johnny’s name in the tags of an official sm teaser picture is so overwhelming. the day i get that notification is not only a day where all of his dreams come true, but a day where all of his supporters can finally….*deep breath**exhale* finally see him do what he’s been working so hard for… im saying it ahead of time but im so proud of you john ♡