i'm spazzing out right now


"Diana Dawn at the Lucasfilm Picnic, 86

A little later I was walking down the dirt road at Skywalker Ranch and I saw a Fire Engine coming down the road and it’s bells were ringing and it’s horn was blowing, so I moved over closer to the ditch, thinking they needed more room to pass by, since it was a narrow road, and to my surprise, they blew the horn again and when I turned to look back at them I saw Michael hanging out the passenger side of the truck and waving excitedly, so I looked behind me thinking he was waving to someone else, but no one was there, so it suddenly dawned on me that he was waving to me. So I smiled and waved back, and he seemed to be as excited as a kid would be riding in a Fire Truck for the first time."

^^^^^wholly crap… MY DAD WORKS AT LUCAS FILM FOR GEORGE LUCAS AND I’VE RODE THAT FIRE TRUCK AROUND HIS RANCH MANY TIMES BEFORE…. I see movie premieres there all the time and everything… I cannot believe I would have had anything in real life to relate with Michael Jackson. Our butts have been on the same fire truck!  

((So only a month ago, I announced that I hit the 50 follower milestone. Today I’ve hit a new one, and I can’t thank all of you enough. This has really been a blast for me so far. The fluff, the angst, and everything in between has been a fantastic adventure, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for my little Jellycat.))