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anonymous asked:

you can see the seam where you blended rowena's head into the body. maybe manips aren't your forte

I appreciate the attempt at constructive criticism, anon, but here’s the thing…

I didn’t actually do anything. This is a legitimate picture of Ruth that I cut out. I didn’t put her head on another body. I didn’t blend her neck in anyway.


Roxas Appreciation Week

Day I  favourite scene [1 / 3]

“Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that.”

                                                                        “Get real. Look which one of us is winning.”


Bi Dick, Pan Steph, and Bisexual Aromantic Jason for captain-britain, bad-robins-club, and apotheosize!

I’m still taking requests for pride icons! Also @ everyone, don’t worry about repeat requests! There are enough panels to make multiple icons!

Btw I’m going to eat dinner now (it’s 6:30 where I am) but I’ll be back to finish all the requests later!


Remember how my body tastes.

You feel your heart begin to race.