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@sharkkisser said: “(I’m sorry that this was the only thing I could think of when I read their quirk descriptions)”

You frickin KNOW they sometimes use this as a battle cry before surprise attacking someone–once during battle training they try using this on Tsukki but with absolutely zero hesitation he just pulls up his shield and doesn’t even flinch when Hinata slams into it face first  (#rekt)

(For those who don’t know, Hinata’s quirk ,  Kageyama’s quirk)


requested — boyfriend texts with sicheng

Can I just say how immensely happy I am for Jimin and how immensely proud I am of jimin, I rmr the first day of festa when we got the skit, jimin mentioned how he was having trouble with his practices and how that seemed to worry him a lot, even today he mentioned how he along with the rest of dance line didn’t really feel like they had enough time to practice and that it really did worry them a lot and seeing him perform today these 3 amazing performances along with the rest of the dance line , nailing every step, every move, looking all happy but also looking so confident made my whole heart and soul sing and I know his whole heart and soul sang too when he heard the cheers and praises. The hard work put into those performances to make them as amazing as they were on such a short notice and on such a tight schedule as theirs has me feeling sosos proud. Knowing all his worries and concerns finally disappeared and knowing he excelled in his performances and seeing him excel in the performances (like he always does) (along with the rest of dance line) makes me immensely happy. I love him soso much I hope he knows he did well today🌹❤️

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i am in LOVE with your art style!!!!! it's totally okay if you don't have time, but if you do (and if you want to) could you please draw juuzou suzuya from tokyo ghoul in b5? ^u^ <3

kiss kiss ( ´  з` )ノ.。:*♡♡♡♡