i'm sort of in lesbians with her

“trini’s character was sidelined” no it wasn’t. it was a 1 hour 30m long movie abt FIVE kids and TWO villains, who also needed some sort of background - she couldn’t have been on screen for the entire movie - besides, her and zack are smaller characters in comparison to the other three. The yellow and black rangers have never been leads. Also, I, as lesbian, felt that Trini’s ““““gayness”“““ got just as much highlighting as it deserved. it wasn’t made out to be a big deal, but it was still talked about, and I think that’s how it should be. stop giving the makers shit, can y’all never be happy jfc

Unpopular opinion (maybe?)

As much as I love lesbian JD and Veronica I actually kind of feel like the idea is only cool in theory…I just think JD was meant to be written as a boy and even though having him as a girl is awesome because it punches gender roles and heteronormativity in the face, it sort of…messes up his character. I think it undermines his motives when you make them all about him/her being queer, because that’s not what his motives are about. Idk.

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Do you believe that women can genuinely straight? I always see these "EVERYONE" is sexually fluid comments ( which is bs for obvious reasons) from mostly the bi/pan community, and then I've seen posts about compulsonary heterosexuality, and how all women are capable of being lesbian/bi or how there's "no such thing as a straight girl". Idk I'm not straight, and it sometimes makes me uncomfotable because I don't want to make another girl uncomfortable by assuming anything about her sexuality.

Yes, I believe women can be genuinely straight. There are many, many, many straight women. 

I think a lot of younger LBPQ+ girls tend to start theorizing that every woman’s attracted to other women as a sort of coping mechanism for internalized homophobia to soften the transition from blatant denial to tentative questioning– or at least, that’s how it was for me. 

First I thought “none of these feelings about girls count, it’s just normal straight girl crushes, or a phase lots of straight women go through, it doesn’t mean anything” 

then later I thought “if these feelings count, and I discounted them because they seemed like normal things for straight girls, maybe all girls like other girls, maybe I’m not actually fundamentally different, I’ve just figured out something they haven’t yet” 

but spending time as an out lesbian, I can assure you, there are genuinely lots of women who have never and will never be attracted to other women. 

Some of them fetishize us which might look like attraction when we’re young and desperate for physical affection from women, but it’s not. And after getting burnt enough times, you figure out that they’re not attracted to you as a person, they just think it’s funny or ‘daring’ to play-flirt because they can without consequence and you have to accept the sexual harassment without reacting or you’ll be the ‘predatory’ one– it’s a power trip. But that’s not attraction. 

The insistence that all women are sexually fluid is lesbophobic and biphobic because it simultaneously asserts that being a lesbian is impossible and that being bisexual is a needless term that denotes nothing of individual experience (if everyone’s capable of attraction to everyone, then bisexuality wouldn’t need to be recognized as a coherent group). 

I think the idea of universal sexual fluidity (of women specifically) is very prominent in a lot of places– for a variety of reasons relating to homophobia, misogyny, and compulsory heterosexuality– but I fundamentally disagree with it. 

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Hey asy i saw some posts on mizu page talking about how some people in widowtracer wanted to kill off Emily. As a new widowtracer fan I'm shocked. Did you know about this?

Yes, there’s always been an element of the widowtracer fandom who HATE Emily and want her to die (and say it in those words)!

As a multishipper and as someone who’s LONGED for this sort of queer lady representation for 20+ years, I never really understood that angry vehemence. I love that Tracer is in a canon healthy lesbian relationship, even if I sometimes write widowtracer stories where she doesn’t exist :3

I love both ships! No more lesbians need to die in media to satisfy my OTPs ♡

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I stopped posting about Layton's Mystery Journey when I posted fanart of Ernest and Kat in a sort of ship-y way. People starting going after me and insisting Katrielle is a lesbian even though? Her sexuality? Hasn't been made canon? At all? Let people ship what they want I'm don't with the fandom because everyone here is so rude. If you don't have the same headcanons as someone else you're attacked and shamed. It's? Scary


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I don't want to invalidate Rose if she is bi or people who headcanon her as such but it's kinda hard for me to see her that way, not because I'm invested in her being a lesbian but because the way she treated Greg (at least what we've seen) she didn't actually love him but saw him as a sort of pet. Thoughts?

There’s actually no evidence of Rose beign anything other than straight and manipulative. She toys with Pearl’s emotions, knowing how she feels and doesn’t do anything about it. She has “the men who would come into her life now and again” and we’ve only seen her with Greg. So no, if anything, Rose is queerbaiting.

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I told my therapist I was a lesbian and she told me that 90% of 15 yr old girls experience SGA and then come to be straight or bi, and that I should keep my options open. is that true? im sort of worried, it's taken me so long to come to identifying as lesbian and now im terrified that it's just going to go away one day. is there any merit to that? sorry for long message, I'm sorta freaking out :/

“keep your options open”, or in other words, “obviously you HAVE to be attracted to men sweaty (:” aka ye olde homophobia.

if you told her you were straight, i seriously doubt she’d tell you to “keep your options open”

if you end up changing labels in the future, great, that’s fine! that happens too! doesn’t mean that anyone gets to tell you that you shouldnt be identifying as a lesbian because “you MIGHT change your mind in the future”. anyone of any identity can change their mind in the future. i dont know where she’s getting her statistics, but im guessing its somewhere close to the Home of Phobia

you need a new therapist whos not a homophobe

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my first crush on a girl was my ""straight"" friend becca in sixth grade band class and i just ran into her a couple days ago for the first time since middle school (i'm 21 now) and turns out she's a butch lesbian and she has a wife!!! i'm so happy for her and also really impressed that my gaydar was so accurate at 12 years old

STOP omg this is so cute. Congrats to Becca!!!!! I really do think that Young Gays who don’t even know what’s up do sort of magically gravitate to each other a lot. :)

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lol u can micro-label yourself all u want doesnt make u a lesbian though! ur friends can call u a lesbian doesnt make u one!

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anyone else absolutely convinced their mothers would be infinitely happier if they chose bisexuality or political lesbianism

if i ever have a kid this will probably be their first day of school
  • future me: carmilla laura, i named you after two of the bravest women i ever knew, and one of them was a vampire.
  • future child: mom stop trying to give me some sort of harry potter pep talk you named me after a fucking useless lesbian vampire and her girlfriend. i'm telling everyone my name is mary.

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I get all the probable PR angles to this but I'm still surprised that Harry would take this route given ALL the groundwork he's laid since last November's "not that important" moment -- and so many others since. Sort of feels like 2 steps backwards, or even an in-your-face "not" -- almost duplicitous.

I get how some people will see it that way, but I don’t. I just see Harry having a good time with his friend and getting some PR for her show.

Him being seen kissing a girl at the same time as she suddenly has “lesbian” headlines all over the gossip columns is pretty transparent to the average tabloid reader.

"My mom went through everything that I own (I don't even live with her) and found all of my sex toys and my queer books, including the Whole Lesbian Sex Book, which sort of outed me to her. She wants to talk to me, but I don't want to come out to her because she's casually homophobic and monosexist (I'm not a lesbian; I'm queer). I don't need to have this discussion with her. I don't know what to say to her. PLEASE HELP!!!"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says: 

If I were you I’d write a list of pros & cons. Talking to her vs. not talking to her. It sounds like both options are stressful as shit and causing you some panic. So, what’s better? 

For me, the constant wondering what she’s thinking about every time I make a move is WAY WORSE than being out and having to argue about my identity. But that is me. I know myself and I know I will internalize all of the feelings I have and eventually explode. 

You have the safety of already not living with her. So, if things get hairy, you can always escape. I think it’s a good sign that she wants to talk to you, a lot of parents might not ever want to talk to you again. No one is telling you you HAVE to talk to her.

It’s annoying to explain your identity over and over and over again to someone. Especially someone like your mother, who should respect and accept your identity with no questions whatsoever. BUT IT’S LIKE, what if you explain yourself 30 times and on the 30th time she finally get it? You know? 

If you talk to her, explain that you’re queer, and when she says “does that mean you’re a lesbian.” Calmly explain to her you identify as queer and what that means to you. There is certainly a learning curve, queer is not a word that is plastered all over the world the way ‘lesbian’ is, so give it a little time and don’t stop owning your identity. 

Kristin Says:


I agree with a lot of what Dannielle is saying but let’s start at the beginning here… your mother WENT THROUGH YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS. That is not okay, never okay, completely out of line, and DID I MENTION NOT OK?!


Yes, a conversation with your mom is something that should happen, on your time, and when you are comfortable, but I am going to give you permission here (not that you need it) to focus that first conversation on the violation of your privacy, and nothing else.

Your mom found a bunch of things in your personal space and now wants to talk? Cool. Here’s the initial talk: “Mom, I know you found a lot of things that you have questions about, but I need to explain to you that you found those things by disrespecting my privacy. I do have things that I would like to discuss with you, but it was my intention to have those conversations when I was ready… and I was not (and am not) yet ready. Things have shifted, now, because of some of the things that you’ve found, but for now I just want to let you know that I feel very violated and disrespected, and I would like our first conversation to be about that, and nothing else.”

If you can’t say it but you want to? Write it down and give it to her.

You cannot have a conversation about your identity before first addressing the fact that this identity was discovered by force… which is totally uncool.

NOWWWWWW that you’ve gotten that out into the open, you can begin taking baby steps with mom into the land of coming out and understanding the word 'queer.’ I second Dannielle on having patience as she learns a new concept: you are working against decades of heavily demarcated information in her brain, so it can be tricky. Explain what the word means to you. Try to use examples and metaphors and any other descriptive tools to help her understand things past the black/white understanding of YOURE EITHER GAY OR STRAIGHT. Repeat yourself. Tell her when she’s said something offensive, but recognize when she is trying.

It’s a journey, but moms have the ability to surprise us all. Stay patient with her, but always remain firm in your boundaries and your identity.