i'm sorry; i love you

“Someday, I’ll be with you. These miles will melt away, and so will all of this uncertainty. Soft kisses will replace midnight phone calls; the brush of my fingertips against your skin will replace this eternal ache of missing you. There will be no more lonely nights, no more fighting, no more breaking hearts, just you and me and peace.”

–a thought for rough days

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can you do a blog rec for each letter of the alphabet? (like one blog per letter) p.s.: i love your blog xx

Oh I’m not sure if I know a blog for every letter but I’m gonna try ! (also, for some letters it will be very hard, so i’m really sorry if you are my mutual and are not mentioned here) ~~ (as it turns out there were letters with too many blogs to mention so this is what i could do) 

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It’s Sanne’s @justlookatthehearteyes birthday today and that means this is going to be an incredible sappy post. I apologize in advance. 

Sanne, you are one of my absolute favourite people in the whole world. I still can’t believe I got to meet you this summer. When we started talking about it, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I remember I was walking around my city after a lesson at uni when Alice texted me saying “Me and Sanne were thinking about coming to your city” and I stopped breathing for a full minute. I don’t know why but after that day, I somehow convinced myself you weren’t coming for me. I was like “They probably just want to see my city, they probably just wanted to travel together for a few days and picked a random city, I just happen to live there”, which sounds extremely stupid right now, but that’s how my brain works sometimes. But then, just a few days before we met, you told me about that patient that made you kind of scared to come to my city (I still hate this) and then you said “I don’t care about it, I’m just coming there because you live there and I want to hug you”. Plain. Simple. You have no idea how important those words were to me. Even now, I still can’t believe someone would do something like that for me, would travel miles just to meet me. But you and Alice did and I still can’t believe it. I don’t regret anything about the two days we spent together, if I could I would frame the moments we were at that bar, drinking iced tea and talking about anything and everything, but sometimes I wish I were a less embarrassing and awkward person just to tell you how happy I was that you were with me in my city. When we were sitting on those stairs (I started thinking about them as our stairs), tired for walking all day, looking at those kids that were playing with the bottle and the dog, I remember thinking “I am so happy right now, I will remember this moment forever”.

Thank you for letting me create memories with you. I feel so honoured to be able to consider you my friend. 

You once said in a post “I trust Vale with my life” and that’s exactly how I feel as well. I trust you with my life, I trust you with my unpopular opinions. One of the things I love the most about you is how honest you are because it shows how much you care about a person. Because even when you tell me something that you know I won’t like, you always say it in the nicest way, making sure I know you’re doing it because you care about me. And that’s so important to me, you have no idea. I’ve always thought that talking with you is one of the most soothing things ever. Thank you for listening to me when I am too anxious about exams, thank you for saying I shouldn’t say I look awful in pics, thank you for caring about the music school thing. But you weren’t there only when I was sad or upset, you were there when I was happy, excited, crying (in a cool way) about good things. You’ve been here for every step of the way.

But mostly, thank you for never making me feel like a bother. This is a thing I bring with myself, always, feeling like a bother ever for my closest friends. You never made me feel like that, not even when I send you useless texts about Harry’s hair. I always need constant reassurance that people still love me, that people didn’t forget about me. And you always send random text saying “I love you, I miss you” and those messages are my favourite. My friends and people that know me, they don’t know how vulnerable I am because I never let myself show that part of me. I didn’t want them to know. But you let me be fragile and vulnerable. You came to know the darkest and most fucked up part of me, and you still here. Which sounds impossibile, but it’s true.

On this website but mostly in real life too, when we met, you made me feel like I have a place, like I was in the right place at the right time.

So, happy birthday, love. I hope you feel loved and happy and that people smile at you on the streets for no reason, I hope you get to dance on Kiwi for as long as you want (I still want a video of that ahaha). I hope life gives you everything you want and more. You give the best hugs and I can’t wait to hug you again. I’ll always be here for being happy about happy things together. 

Happy birthday, I love you so much ❤️


pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love


“More than anything, I believe we all have love in ourselves.” // 170912 Happy birthday to the most precious bean, our dearest leader, Namjoon! Thank you for everything you have done (and still doing) for BTS and music. You’re an inspiration and I hope you know you’re loved as much love as you share. ♡

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“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

Knowing I can’t give you everything you deserve is breaking me apart