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Did you see the icky stuff people on simsecret were saying about you? :^( I'm really sorry that you have to deal with mean stuff being said about you like that. People will always find something to complain about, I guess. Either way, I hope you have a lot of fun on your trip! Taking a break every once and a while is good, and I hope you come back rejuvenated! 💕

Yeah I saw it. This community can be so toxic. I just think it’s funny that people can be so angry over something so little. How dare I recommend the custom skin I used in my save to people downloading it to make sure all of my Sims look the same in their game?!

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why aren't you accepting their apologies? isn't that immature... people deserve a second change

what apologies

Between the Lines

Summary: You always thought you could trust Steve. Apparently, you can’t.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter
Word counting: 500 words
Warnings: Angst. Cheating.,

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Time to tell me the truth

You stared at Steve in silence as he looked down at his own hands, holding back whatever was in his mind.

“Y/N…” He muttered.

“Steve.” You said back.

He said he needed to talk to you, said that something had happened.

“I don’t know how to say this.” He confessed. “I'm… I’m sorry.”

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  • Grog: Heeyyy..this isn't the bathroom!
  • Voice: Who...are...you..?
  • Grog: I'm Grog!
  • Voice: Hmm..you..are not like the others.
  • Grog: Yeah...I'm blue.
  • Voice: Your mind..lacks fear. Doubt is non-existent. Completely absent of negativity.
  • Grog: .... I'm sorry, what? You were saying something?
  • Voice: And your strength..
  • Grog: Yeah, I've been told that I'm an excellent listener.
  • Voice: I've increased the gravity ten fold since you've arrived.
  • Grog: What's a ten fold?
  • Voice: You..haven't noticed..?
  • Grog: What a ten fold is? Yeah, I-I don't know, you're the one who brought it up.
  • Voice: Hmmm..then it seems that you...are a True Warrior.
  • Grog: Neat.
Blessing in Disguise (part 3)

Words: 1.9k

Summary: You and Misha individuality pine over the other; assuming they would never feel the same way.

Warnings: RPF AU, language, smut (male masturbation, mentions of oral sex and fingering)

A/N: This is an RPF AU, so we can assume Vicki is happy somewhere else. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” Misha groaned against the soft skin of your neck. “I can’t believe I get to honor of being the first to have you like this.”

Your nervous giggle turned into a breathy moan as his hand dipped into your panties. “Misha…”

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Some Cute Sentence Starters
  • "I'm sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes"
  • "You're beautiful, you know that?"
  • "If I could, I would kiss away all your scars"
  • "You're all I've ever wanted"
  • "You're...magnificent"
  • "I think I might be falling in love with you"
  • "Everything about you can be described in one word. Perfect"
  • "My life would be so boring if you weren't in it"
  • "I have something to say. Three words, eight letters. I...got food."
  • "Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long"
  • "We should get a puppy!"
  • "We should get a kitten"
  • "He/She is nothing compared to you"
  • "I need to choose a pet name for you. Any ideas?"
  • "I hate seeing you unhappy so now I'm going to do everything I can to cheer you up. Even if it means making a fool of myself"
  • Draco: Oh look at me, I'm Harry Perfect Potter. I'm such a bad ass Gryffindor.
  • Harry: Draco, that's my tie.
  • Draco: Oh, sorry.
  • Harry: You were saying...
  • Draco: Huh? Oh right. I'm thinking of putting "Saint Potty" in there somewhere. I'm not sure yet.
  • Harry: Well, I'm sure you'll come up with something creative. You always do-
  • Draco: I should make badges!

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are u guys ice dancers only? because you seem to have tons of experience but from the videos u guys can't do biellmanns or double jumps lol (I don't mean to be rude, just confused I'm sorry)

you were saying?

Don’t underestimate Ice dancers, they have some of the best spins and spirals in the business.

I (Hera) am an ice dancer (solo at the moment) and my Biellmann is among the best at my rink (shown here with almost no stretching/warmup). Ice dancers can do a whole lot and most actually can jump singles, I know some who were up to doubles and triples before switching to ice dance. 

What you all see in these videos is what we get a chance to record and I know that I hardly ever get the best stuff on camera, the moment the camera comes out I start messing up, it’s a psychological thing I guess.

Maddy is a freestyle singles skater and she has all of her doubles (which you would know if you read the about page), and they’re really solid and nice. The double lutz is shown here.

The Admin Challenge is a fun little thing that we’ve only just started, we’ll get to the good stuff all in good time, we’re just pacing ourselves.

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10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong? (i know u have a lot to say abt this!!!) 18. what is your favorite star wars book or comic? 24. how do you pronounce twi’lek? 25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong?

I feel like the Jedi were written as a vague “Space Buddhist Monks” trope, without any actual Buddhist philosophy behind them. It was Buddhist trappings over an intense Christian mindset- good vs. evil, dealing all in absolutes. They don’t read as an institution that’s been around for 10,000 years- they read like a pretentious, Evangelist-raised, California college student’s interpretation of Buddhist teachings after taking a one-semester class about it. In-universe, they’re really hard to get a read on as The Good Guys, just because they have entirely too much power and such a fucked-up dogma- and yet the narrative treats them as The Ultimate Good so heavily that it fucks itself in the process.

So, that’s my Doylist analysis, is “poorly written”. And my Watsonian analysis is mostly just…

They declared that anyone who seeks power Falls. They declared that the Fallen cannot be redeemed, that it is only through death that they can be reunited with the purity in the Force, and only then through repentance (or else you end up a corrupted Sith ghost. which is totally different from a Force Ghost. Somehow.)

And then they accrued themselves power with the Senate, with the government. They declared themselves the ultimate guardians, and that their dogma was absolute rule.

By their own rules, they Fell, and they were Falling long before Palpatine took power. The Jedi were a prairie that needed burning for the new shoots to strengthen. And hopefully Luke can do it better. (TFA? what’s TFA. leave me be.)

Answered 18- it’s the Darth Maul journal!

24. how do you pronounce twi’lek?

t-whee-*glottal stop*- leck ! the apostrophe makes either a click or a glottal stop, star wars authors. it’s not sentence jewelry, it serves a purpose.

25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Qui-Gon Jinn sometimes, tbh? I mean, I love him. He’s my Poncho Dad. I love his reputation as a caring and compassionate Hippie Rebel Jedi who’s all about that Free Love.

But the way Lucas actually writes him, he’s very dubious and real shitty. Which isn’t a strike against my actually liking him- I feel very strongly about taking these characters away from George so they can get away from his shit writing for a while. They Are Mine Now.

But the fact remains that the words “I’m not here to free slaves” came out of his mouth, while standing in the home of two slaves, who have like. helped and fed him and gone way beyond basic hospitality rules to help your ass, QUI-GON. And THEN he encourages a nine-year-old boy to take part in a bloody gladiator’s race that kills NUMEROUS people, dangling freedom and a future in front of this child if he wins.

Legally speaking, Qui-Gon trafficked a nine-year-old slave into the Republic, illegally (I’m pretty sure Anakin wasn’t even given freed status on Tatooine- they got the transmitter deactivated and left. Legally he’s probably a missing person or something. Oh, no, I’m sorry. Missing property) and then press-ganged him into the Space Monks without ever reassuring this NINE-YEAR-OLD CHILD that “oh yeah, if you don’t actually want to be a Space Monk, you can go live with your mom and both be free and safe”.

And that’s not even bringing up my childish gripes with the way he and the rest of the Jedi refer to Maul as an “it”. Or how he summarily rejects and abandons Obi-wan right in front of the goddamn Jedi Council. Or the Jedi Apprentice series, which makes him out to be like the LEAST sympathetic asshole of all time and definitely emotionally abusive.

God, Poncho Dad, why were you so poorly written? You could have been so good.

Mute Muse Starters
  • "Hey, why are you so quiet?"
  • "I asked for your name."
  • "Can you speak at all?"
  • "Did you hear what I said?"
  • "Are you shy?"
  • "You're not mute, are you?"
  • "You know how to speak, right?"
  • "Are you ok?"
  • "Did I say something wrong?"
  • "It's ok if you can't talk, I was just wondering."
  • "Are you normally this quiet?"
  • "Hey, you don't have to be so shy."
  • "Why aren't you talking?"
  • "Did they just say you're mute?"
  • "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were mute."
  • "Do you normally talk around other people?"
  • Me: I get subjected to a lot of anti-Jewish racism.
  • Goys: False! Ashkenazi Jews are white! You have white privilege!
  • Me: It's definitely true that I often benefit from white-passing privilege, but it's conditional. Even white-looking Jews are still racialised as ethnic others.
  • Goys: Nope, you're straight up white and you don't face any discrimination and y—whoa, hold up! IS THAT BROWN GUY YOUR DAD?
  • Me: Uh, yeah. My dad is Jewish and Desi.
  • Goys: OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE MIXED? I'm so sorry. What were you saying about discrimination? I really want your opinion as a part-brown person.
  • Me: Um...you know I'm just as white-passing as I was five seconds ago, right?
  • Goys: No, no, you're much darker now. I can totally see it. I was just confused before because I thought your Indian traits were Jew features.
  • Me: ಠ_ಠ