i'm sorry...what did you say your name was

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You're one of my top fav ST blogs. What are some of your fav blogs/mutuals?

ok first off thank you for saying such a lovely thing !!! that means the world to me !!! :’) <3

and secondly, whERE DO I EVEN BEGIN ???? i have a follow forever i made at the end of last year if you wanna see like,,, all my mutuals (the vast majority of them are ST blogs) but i’ll name some of them here !!!! 

special shout-out to my og squad known as the gain train and my newer squad who doesn’t really have a solid name bc we change our gc name all the goddamn time (love u guys xoxo)

@shesavedus, @telekineticeggos, @reedstrangerthings, @themikewheelers, @heaths-ledger, @strangerwhee11ers, @reallylikeseggos, @eggogorgon, @protectmike, @flea-and-the-acrobat, @the-weirdo-on-maple-street, @cloeggo, @strangehorcrux, @elevnns, @supercomsandeggos, @raesberri, @ashy-le-mashy, @stranger-art-things, @cherrysconesandtea, @jemmahearteyessimmons, @valbirch, @scienceisneat, @baileytsample, @matthews-and-hart, @danahscott 

and then like other super cool people that i’m mutuals with that are heavily ST related are @dadharbour, @bichaelwheeler, @theamiableanachronism, @eggos-and-promises, @strangerhypnosis, @upsidesdown, @ghost-grantaire, @justice-for-benny, @femmejenniferhayes, @sstrangerthaneleven, @upsidedownwaffle, @reallyjustaneggoscommercial, @fortheloveofeggos, @protectjonathanbyers, @finnxwheeler, @eggosthings, @m11kee, @miliebobbybrown, @dazzlingtiredeyes, @tinyryder

i literally follow soooo many blogs like you have no idea so this def isn’t all of them just fyi !!!! it’s nothing personal if i forgot your name on the list !! it’s just a lot to remember to name everyoneee lmao 

[The ZPD are working security at a Gazelle concert]

Gazelle(Approaching Nick): I’m sorry officer, what did you say your name was again?

Nick: Nick Wilde- I think we met once after the Bellweather incident.

Gazelle(Innocently): Any relation to Nicholas Wilde the thief, trickster, conman and all around scam artist?

Nick(Freezing up):…where did you hear-

Gazelle(Smiling sweetly): I make a point of knowing what goes on in my city. And calm down, I didn’t say I didn’t like you.

Nick(Stiffly): People change. I’ve been working for the ZPD for almost a year now-

Gazelle(Getting herself a drink): I didn’t say I thought you were a bad person! Besides, you’ve done wonders with the police department, I’ve heard about that too. Wine?

Nick(Relaxing): Maybe some other time.

Gazelle: Suit yourself. Do you have a young lady?

Nick(Glancing at Judy from afar): Yes.

Gazelle(Amused): And does she know what you’re like?

Nick(Sighing): Yes. I keep telling her.

Gazelle: And she doesn’t believe you?

Nick(Watching Judy): No, she does. I don’t think it worries her, actually. She’s not your average girl.