i'm sorry. i won't blog about this all night

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Hi! There's also the potential of not thinking that the human killed Grillby, but Sans himself. After all he was right beside him, maybe he immediately thinks he lost control over his own magic and dusted his bf by accident???? Cue Papyrus being woken up by Sans's screams and while trying to calm him down a panicked call to Grillbz to get his ass home asap cuz Sans won't stop... Wow, this turned so morbid in my mind ;_; I'm sorry

RE: This post about Sans spending the night with Grillby and freaking out upon finding nothing but ashes in the bed the next day.


Oh no. I can see that happening. This calls for some of the inevitable Sansby comfort cuddles.

(It’s okay, skelenerd. You don’t have to worry about being… sans Grillby.)

AHEM, also, no need to apologize, Anon! This blog counters sad stuff with cute fluff all the time.