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what new rumors?

so, seolhyun posted this picture on her instagram story. the “proof” of them dating again is circled in the red (edit: seolhyun didn’t circle it, a korean did & uploaded the screenshot online to show that seolhyun & zico are still dating/got back together). 

people were like “oh? doesn’t zico have those shoes? are they dating again?” zico DOES have these shoes as seen with the pictures below. but SOOO many people have these shoes. they’re really popular now and i’ve seen a lot of celebrities and non-celebrities wear them. they’re unisex. so they might even be seolhyun’s own pair. 

a lot of people started thinking they were dating again. and some people were making theories like they’re fwb and that zico’s a liar because he said they already broke up. zico posted the picture below on his instagram story today to prove to people that they aren’t dating so that haters (koreans and international) can stop leaving nasty comments for seolhyun. he KNOWS that public relationships affect the girl more because that’s how our sad society is. he even talked about it on radio star. 

but after this clarification, people are saying stuff like:
- he must have a new girlfriend and that’s why he’s putting out proof 
- he must’ve fought with his new girlfriend
- seolhyun can do better 
- he hates seolhyun so much and has no consideration for her that he must prove that they have nothing to do with each other anymore
- why is he using english? he’s such a tryhard (this is dumb because he’s getting so many hate comments in english lol)

and STILL leaving hate comments and sending him angry DMs. here’s a translation of a DM he got and the response he sent back. i also added the original screenshot of the DM. (credits to Joanna0922 on twitter for the translations)

like… he’s just clarifying the truth because people like to make up crazy rumors and bash celebrities in their free time…? why are people so twisted…

SMTM6 Ep 3 Favorite Moments/Highlights/Thoughts


(This is a long one since 1 vs 1 battles are my favorites)
- I live for the dramatic opening of this show.
[Second round continuation]
- My aesthetic is ZICO playing with his sunglasses.
- “Let’s get it!”
- Hangzoo is so cute omg
- Sleepy: “Let’s just avoid the firepet” loooool @ this boy
[Third round]
- ugh everyone’s talking shit behind each other backs
- Everyone about Digiri: “He’s mine” lol why are you all roasting him???
- Woo Wonjae vs Ignito omfg
- Junoflo and Hash Swan rivalry going strong
- “Sleepy wanted to go against me.”
Sleepy: “NO!” hahahhahahaha he kinda reminds me of Heechul idk why
- btw Dean’s sunglasses are very beautiful and so is he
- Choiza:“Watching people fight is always fun”
- Dok2: *imitates Jay Park’s “let’s get it”
Jay Park: *still laughing* Let’s get it!
(I used to unlike them but they’re so funny oml)
- Maniac about Microdot: “He sent BewhY home? Broo”
- Digiri: “I’m happy that Show Me The Money is going the way I wanted to”
Producers: *shook*
- Ok, honestly the competition between P-Type and Digiri is so stronggg
- Gaeko: “Shouldn’t there be a special sound effect? Boom boom boom”
*Lion King’s Circle of Life begins*
- Killagramz and K Jun deciding on their beat by rock paper scissors lmao why are they like this
- K Jun monkey sounds are my new ringtone
- Jay Park: “Let’s get it let’s get it” for the I'velostcountth time
- K Jun: “It’s called a fat flow” hahahahhaha omg
- Woo Wonjae vs Ignito is the battle we’ve all been waiting for AND IT WAS LEGENDARY
- Jay Park:“Please be equal”
“Score is equal”
- That Woo Wonjae’s “to to to” though
I love Ignito but Wonjae deserved this fight me
- ZICO: “I think I need to change my underwear” lol
- ZICO: “You know how to smile” lol I thought the same and I get that a lot too
- “Will you celebrate?”
Woo Wonjae: “ I’m bad at this kind of stuff” (lol sameee)
“Are you really happy?”
Woo Wonjae:“sorry?”
“You’re happy right?”
Woo Wonjae: “Yes”
- Tiger JK: “Dean what do you think?”
ZICO: “Dean thinks he’s better looking.”
- Jay Park: “Let’s eliminate them all” lol
- Junoflo and Simba Zawadi’s rivalry is sooo strong like Hash who???
- Junoflo: “I’ll do 111% better.”
Simba Zawadi: “I don’t believe in percentages over 100%”
- I’m soo happy for Junoflo he worked so hard he deserved this
- Asol about Penomeco: “I kept sending him the signal to not choose me.”
“Asol do you feel burdened?”
Asol: “ I’m just whatever” she’s sooo cute
- Gaeko’s “Oh my God” just because same
- I love Penomeco to death but I was rooting for Asol yesss
- Tiger JK: “Gaeko comes in my dreams” lol

(can’t wait for the next episode because Punchnolla, Double K, Hash Swan ect ect)

Never Forget Zico’s Hair Choices


Over Processed

That 70’s Show rejected cast member

Banana Hair

Instant Ramen 2 Pack

I Had Purple Hair Once You Most Likely Didn’t Know That

Ima Highlighter phase

The Little Mermaid

Lost My Beanie

Nah I Found It We Straight Now

But I’m only 21 I Can’t Be Your Daddy

Nonbinary Sailor

The One Time Shayla Wanted To Break Me Off Badly So She Made Me Into A Poster

The way zico is capable of expressing such beautiful dynamics on the subject of love itself–warms my heart so much bc he’s all grown up and still experiencing new things in life while becoming stronger in the process. I’m just emotional over the fact that we’re able to see this side of him despite all odds and how proudly he lets us see such a vulnerability in his music


~ Everyone calls you a masterpiece ~

I was tagged by @u-r-the-smell-before-rain (who is really beautiful 🍑) like ages ago and I finally had the guts to upload this.

I love U-Kwon so much you don’t even know.

Again, I don’t have friends so I’m not tagging anyone specific 👐 But if you’re reading this, feel free to feel tagged ❤

Lean on Me

Anonymous requested: Zico for #7 since he’s a giraffe.
Part of my prompt request series.

Carrying a full basket of laundry; no problem. Loading up your arms with more groceries than your small arms could handle, also, no problem. But supporting the weight of your boyfriend appeared to be a whole different story.

Jiho was currently leaning against your back with his chin resting on top of your head. His arms dangling loosely over your shoulders as a groan muffled into your hair when you leaned forward to press eleven on the elevator buttons. His body felt like dead weight and gave you more trouble when you tried to stand up straight. At least, as straight as you were a few seconds ago.

“Jiho-yah,” you muttered, giving your body a shake.

The motion did nothing but earn you another groan. His nose dragging back and forth against the strands of your hair. His drunken self no doubt trying to treat you like a giant body pillow. You gave a harder shake and attempted to push you both up, but it was easier said than done.

“Yah! You’re going to make us end up on the floor. Jiho!”

“Shh. Stop yelling,” he whispered against your ear.

You let go of one of his arms to quickly swat his head leaving an “Ow!” in its wake.

“Get it together.”

You’re so small,” he laughed. “What’s the weather like down there?”

“I’m gonna leave you here in the elevator.”

He didn’t respond right away. His quietness making you stop completely to make sure he was still breathing behind you. All had grown eerily quiet besides the hum of the elevator ascending up, when his fingers moved up to poke you in each breast.

“Boop – Boop.”

You wanted to snap at him and remind him that you were currently his legs. That you could easily just drop him and leave him behind to fend for himself. None of that happened, however.

What did happen as the elevator doors opened to your floor, was the immediate scream of, “Piggy back ride!”

“Jiho, no- “

You had no time to brace yourself before his hands were on your shoulders. His drunken body not realizing it was applying too much pressure until your knees caved in under the strain. He jumped up and his legs clumsily wrapped around your small frame; legs tangling up with yours.

“Jagiya, be my prince charming!”

“Quiet pabo.”

The struggle to move was becoming increasingly apparent as your first step to exit the elevator ended with your legs wobbling in place. They threatened to give under the strain of his extra weight and, not to mention, his legs bumping into yours with each step.

“Go faster,” he mumbled, a hand swatting air at your backside as his drunk ass struggled to land a hit.

“I swear to god I’m gonna drop you.”

Jiho was still trying to hit your ass when he must have decided it wasn’t worth the fight. Instead, his hand landing a harsh smack on your thigh and a, “Ya!” right after.

“That is it!”

You started to let go of his legs and wiggled around like mad to let him go. Jiho’s whole body falling back off of yours until you realized his arms were still wrapped around your shoulders. The minute he fell back towards the cold floor of the hallway, you went too. You knew it was a waste to try and grab onto something that was nonexistent in the railing free hallway, but it didn’t stop your flailing arms from trying.

Jiho was the first to connect with the floor with you falling on his chest seconds after. A loud, “Umph,” landing in the hallway. It felt like it was taking your brain forever to catch up with what had just taken place. That you were on the floor in the hallway a few feet from your apartment. Your body nestled between the legs of your boyfriend who wasn’t making a sound so much as breathing.

To check he was still alive you poked his inner thigh earning a groan in reply that sent a small smile to tilt your lips.

You’re so small,” he breathed out. “Too small for piggy back rides.”


So this is based of the drabble game I posted! I’m so sorry it’s late, nonnie! 

*as an aside, I’d like to apologize because my forgetful ass didn’t see the other fucking letter. Forgive me; I’m feeling salty at myself for this.

48A - “I don’t give a shit! I don’t give a fuck!” 15B - In bed 18D - Sweater

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“Jiho-yah. I swear if you move one more time…”

You’d been trying to sleep for the past few minutes. Try being the key word. Usually Zico was the first to fall prey to the sandman, but apparently, not tonight. Not the night your exhausted body needed it most. At the sound of your groggy threat you felt his movements still behind you.

Until they started up again.


You turned in the bed to look at him. Your eyes open and heavy with an illusion of sleep. Zico looked up at you innocently, his eyes wide and hands clutching at the duvet at his hips.


“What’s the problem?”

For a split second, you thought he wasn’t going to respond when his fingers pulled lightly on his sweater that you’d worn to bed.

“You’re wearing a sweater. You know the rule: no clothes in bed.”

You let out a tired sigh as you fell back against your pillow. Your hands running over your face and into your hair; tired eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.

“I’m too tired to take it off, Jiho.”

It was almost like you could hear the pout before you saw it. His lips soon disappearing in a thin line while his eyes sent pleading messages you couldn’t hear.

“You know I can’t sleep if either of us is wearing anything in bed.”

“That’s because you never tried. Plus, I always thought you’d made that rule up just so you could see me naked.”

“It worked.”

A lazy chuckle sat heavy in your chest while your hands rubbed over your eyes again. The exhaustion you’d been fighting weighing down your bones until you were positive it had you sinking into the mattress.

“Please, just go to sleep.”

You turned to face away from him, hoping it was enough of a signal that you meant business. He didn’t say anything else, and a part of you wondered if he’d eventually fallen asleep. The answer coming moments later as his long legs started thrashing around under the blankets; tugging the duvet off of your shoulders. The mattress  dipping and bouncing with each new position he tried.

You swore your eye was twitching.

When you were about ready to kick him off the bed completely, he stopped. There was no more rustling of sheets. No movements that left you bouncing in place. Nothing.

You let out a silent, “Thank you,” as you relaxed into the warmth of the sheets. Only to have it interrupted once more with the feeling of him tugging on the edges of the sweater.

“Please,” he whispered, “Please take it off.”

You screamed into the pillow; seconds later bolting up to sit.

“I don’t give a shit! I don’t give a fuck! Take it off, you damn child!”

You held your arms up over your head, wiggling your fingers while you waited for him to do as you’d instructed. Zico knew you weren’t really mad at him, just grouchy. 

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He jumped up, arms doing a giddy dance of victory, just before his hands took hold of the hem of the sweater. It was up and over your head in seconds. His warm body replacing the now missing fabric, as he moved you to rest your head against his chest.

Your cheek resting against his chest, his nose burying deep against the strands of your hair. He pulled you tighter to him and you couldn’t deny this was much better than your earlier position.

“Brat,” you mumbled into tattooed skin.

“I love you too,” was his reply; voice already heavy with sleep.

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I am already so fucking sick of hearing “Song Mino’s Cousin will be on SMTM5” listen. He has a name. He is trying to make a name for himself. If this is all they call him on the show I will fuck some people up. Like we already went through this with Taewoon and Zico and know this didn’t go well. No one liked this. Don’t do this to Song Gunhee as well. Please.