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RFA+V+Saeran accidentally hitting MC headcannons? I'm sorry if this triggers you or something but I'm curious how will they react!

( ̄▽ ̄) This got progressively more fun to write~~ It varies from fluff to comedy to slight angst lolol


RFA Accidentally Hits MC


  • He hadn’t meant to, he swears!!
  • He was just so excited about finally achieving a higher level than Seven on LOLOL that he’d carelessly thrown his headphones behind him and you just happened to be there!
  • When he turned around to tell you his good news, he noticed the newly-formed bump on your head.
  • Oblivious, he tilted his head in question. “Oh, how’d you get hurt, MC?”
  • You fired a glare at him, crossing your arms and stomping off, irritated by his carelessness. ‘I’m going to ignore him!’ you decided.
  • You held true to your word.
  • It wasn’t until days later (in which Yoosung spent whining for your attention) when he heard you complaining to Jaehee about what had happened, and how careless he was.
  • Finally learning his mistake, he slid to the floor, grasping at your leg while he stared up at you with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry!!!” he wailed, feeling the guilt him hard. “I’ll do anything to make it up to youuuu” ;-;
  • Dammit, his puppy face was hard to resist.


  • He noticed you trying to sneak up on him by looking at your shadow on the floor, and he swiftly turned around so he could tease you that your plan failed but… but…
  • His long ponytail somehow whacked you in the face, leaving a pink mark on your cheek
  • “Owwie.” You rubbed your cheek with a slight frown.
  • He shrieks at the sin he’d just committed. I JUST HIT MY PRINCESS WHATDOIDOOHMYGODIDESERVETODIE
  • He rushed out an apology in a panic, “MC, I’m so sorry, oh my gosh, I’ll never do that agai-”
  • Low whistles came from their surroundings.
  • “Wow, what an awful boyfriend, did he hit her? Her cheek is pink… Poor girl…”
  • “Isn’t that the actor Zen? Didn’t know he was abusive to his girlfriend…”
  • Every comment only made him feel guiltier. He hadn’t meant to hurt you—he would never!
  • He placed his head in his hands, feeling horrible about himself. You noticed that tears were welling up in his eyes.
  • “Hey, it was just an accident… And it was only your hair. It’s okay Zen. I know you’d never hurt me,” you murmured gently, smiling brightly up at him as you brushed aside his bangs.
  • “M-maybe I shouldn’t stand so close to you anymore…” He shook his head, frantically backing away from you, not processing your words at all.
  • Well, you sure had fun explaining why Zen kept running away from you like a little kid at the RFA party. It only got worse when Seven joined in, “ARE WE PLAYING TAG?!? TAG, YOU’RE IT, MC!!!” and running off…


  • As usual, you were helping out at the coffeeshop, scurrying around behind the counter to get to the customers’ orders.
  • And like most days, it was busy.
  • As you were serving a customer at the cash register, Jaehee was rushing to finish someone else’s order, and in her hurry, she bumped into you. Hard.
  • The both of you crashed down, with her knee digging into your abdomen. You felt the wind knocked out of you, and you gasped for air, your eyes rolling to the back of your head from the pain.
  • “MC!” Jaehee shrieked, the guilt hitting her immediately. “MC, are you okay? Can you hear me?”
  • You were in too much pain to even realize she was talking. You closed your eyes as you rolled to your side, trying to tolerate it.
  • “Hey, take my order already!” someone demanded.
  • Jaehee slowly stood up, a fierce glare upon her face as she slammed her fist onto the countertop. “Your order? MC is hurt and all you can think about is your order? You think your order is more important?” she growled, glaring daggers in the inconsiderate customer’s direction.
  • The customer visibly gulped, shuddering from the intensity of Jaehee’s anger. “N-no, ma’am…”
  • Your girlfriend clicked her tongue. In an icy cold tone, she stated, “I’ve never had to ask this of a customer before. Get. Out.”
  • Ignoring the line of customers, Jaehee chose to tend to you first, carrying you princess style (remember this gal can fight) to the staffroom and checking the damage. Upon seeing the bruise, she winced, feeling another wave of guilt overwhelm her. You could see her silently mouthing yet another apology as she stared at it.
  • “It’ll heal. It was only an accident, Jaehee, don’t worry,” you soothed her, smiling gently. Albeit with a frown, she accepted it.
  • …Although, she made you take multiple days off after that, despite your protests.


  • He’d just gotten out of a 6 hour long meeting, feeling completely worn out. Nonetheless, it was over, so he could finally return to his office.
  • You’d asked to meet with him for lunch that day, patiently waiting for him to finish up.
  • But he had hardly taken a step into the office, and he received a call from another business partner. He flashed you an apologetic look before taking the call, walking to the far end of the room to talk quietly.
  • You didn’t mind, it was just a little more waiting. The call couldn’t possibly take that long, after all!
  • Or so you thought.
  • But over an hour had passed already, and his lunch break was almost over. Growing impatient, you walked up to your husband, reaching to hug him.
  • Noticing your actions, he swatted his hand dismissively, trying to tell you he was busy. Unfortunately, he was distracted, and he ended up smacking your face.
  • The moment his hand made contact with your face, his expression froze. In a split second, Jumin hung up on his call, setting aside his phone and rushing to your aid.
  • But you pushed him away.
  • He winced at the hurt expression on your face. You weren’t upset because he’d hit you, but that he had tried to dismiss you as if you were just another employee to him—as if you weren’t important. But you couldn’t say that out loud to him. Just because he had hurt your feelings, it didn’t mean you had to do the same to him.
  • You lowered your eyes, avoiding his worried gaze, and quietly walked out of his office. Jumin sank into his chair in despair, feeling awful about what he’d done. He knew how it felt to be cast aside for work. And he hated that you had to go through the same experience.
  • After finishing work that night, he returned home, still feeling ashamed of himself. You’d already turned off all the lights as if to say you weren’t waiting for him tonight. He hesitantly opened the door to your shared bedroom, where you were reading a book in bed.
  • Jumin held up a bouquet of purple hyacinths, nervously forcing a smile on his face. “I-I’m sorry about earlier today, MC…” he said quietly.
  • “You think flowers will make me forgive you?” you sighed, a frown tugging at your lips. “While I appreciate the sentiment, the flowers won’t win me over. I understand that you may have been stressed from work, but that doesn’t make me any less upset about it. Well, you should get some rest.”
  • He looked away, then suddenly grabbed your hand. “I… Will you let me explain myself, at least?”
  • Albeit surprised, you nodded calmly.
  • “The reason I’ve been working so hard lately… even today… it’s because I wanted to clear my schedule to spend time with you. I know you’ve been very patient with me all this time, and I’m really grateful for that. I just… kind of missed passing time with you, so I was planning to finish up next week’s work and then properly ask you out on a date… But I guess it really took a toll on me.” He sighed again. “I’m sorry.”
  • You wrapped your arms around him, a soft smile upon your face. “Then, make it up to me by staying with me all next week, okay?”
  • Although you wouldn’t see it, Jumin had an adorable grin on his face. ‘I love you so much.’


  • If you were wondering why Saeyoung was laughing at 6AM in the morning, it’s because he woke up to your face.
  • Now, he wakes up with you everyday, but it was the first time that you awoke with a nosebleed. He grinned cheekily, “I didn’t know I was that hot, babe.”
  • …to which, earned him a smack in the head.
  • “This is your fault, you idiot,” you grumbled, carefully getting out of bed.
  • He cocked his head in confusion, “Wait, really?”
  • “You whacked me with your arm. Again.”
  • Although he felt guilty for hurting you, he covered it up with another grin. “Just admit that you were nosebleeding because I’m hot, MC~”
  • Despite his words, he still led you to the bathroom and helped you clean up the blood. He took it upon himself to wash the blankets and bedsheets which had gained bloodstains, and even made breakfast for you that morning.
  • And it’d be over breakfast that he quietly apologized to you.
  • “Hey, uhm… I know I was kidding around earlier, but I’m really sorry about hitting you, MC…” he mumbled, a light blush spreading across his cheeks. He wasn’t used to being so sincere, but he knew he should apologize.
  • You merely flicked his forehead. “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to. Besides, I’ve kicked you off the bed multiple times because you were taking up too much space.”
  • His head snapped up immediately, narrowing his eyes at you accusingly. “Wait what?! But you always told me that I rolled off by myself!!”
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • “Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry”
  • He was chanting it over and over, his head on his knees, his entire body trembling. You tried to approach him, but he only flinched, backing away.
  • “N-no, stay away. I hurt you, oh my god, I hurt you,” he whispered, pain dripping in his voice. His eyes were wide with horror, and your heart clenched at the sight. He was scared. Scared of himself.
  • Now, what had caused this?
  • You’d sprung onto Saeran, declaring a pillow war, and the two of you had been smacking each other with your pillows, trying to get the upper hand over each other. But then he’d tripped over his own feet while he was swinging his pillow at you, and ended up smashing his elbow into you, knocking you to the ground.
  • You’d only scraped your knee from the fall, and it only bled a little, but the injury was enough to make Saeran freak out.
  • “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me,” you said in a gentle tone, trying to coax him. “You would never hurt me.”
  • “I d-d-don’t want to hurt a-a-anyone,” he stammered, still shuddering. “P-p-please believe me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, imsorryimsorryimsorryi-”
  • You took ahold of his trembling hands, kissing the fingertips. “I love you, Saeran. It was an accident. You didn’t have any other intentions. It’s okay. I’m okay. Look, it’s just a scratch.”
  • It took a few more moments to calm him down, but he eventually came to terms that it was only an accident, and that it wasn’t his fault. Still, though the incident was small and harmless, the fear that he could become abusive, just like his mother, began to haunt him since that day.


  • ‘Bzzzz…’
  • Jihyun frowned, turning his head to find the source of that annoying sound. Although he had recovered from his blindness, (thanks to Jumin finding the best doctors and funding the surgery), his ears were still sensitive to distant sounds.
  • Bzzzz…’ He walked out of the kitchen, noticing that the buzzing sound became louder. It must be closer now…
  • ‘BZZZ!!’ His eyes caught the culprit: a mosquito was flying around the house! He tried to slap the mosquito with both hands, failing miserably as it diligently flew away. Oh, it’s on, Mosquito.
  • Jihyun began running like a madman around the house, swatting at the pest and missing every time. And then, it chose to stay still. SLAP!
  • “Eeep!” you squealed, feeling a harsh impact on your butt. “W-what was that for, Jihyun?!”
  • He glanced up at you in surprise, taking in your pouting face.
  • “Ahh!! I’m so sorry, MC! I was so focused on killing the mosquito, I didn’t realize. I’m so sorry…” He was rambling in his apology, sounding almost panicked
  • You smirked, then grabbed him by the collar. “Hey. I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, now, did I?” you whispered huskily into his ear. You watched as Jihyun’s ears turned pink from embarrassment.
  • (Meanwhile, Seven was listening from the monitor. He whistled lowly upon hearing your words. “Damn. Kinky,” he muttered. Too bad Jihyun had broken his bug, or else he would’ve loved to see what happened next.)
Old Weather Joke

Kuroko: I’m cold.
Kagami: Here, take my jacket Kuroko
Kuroko: But then Kagami-kun you will be the one that cold
Kagami: I’m ok Kuroko don’t mind me *put his jacket on Kuroko immediately*
Kuroko: Kagami-kun.. (put his angelic smile and blushing face here)

Takao: I’m cold..
Midorima: ….
Takao: Shin-chan~ I said I’m cold~
Midorima: Takao I can’t control the w– *sigh* here take my jacket.
Takao: I’M JUST GONNA HUG YOU❤❤ *glomps*

Furihata: …
Akashi: Here, take my jacket Furihata-kun.
Furihata: B-but I didn’t even say anyth–
Akashi: Ssh, take my jacket.

Himuro: The weather is so cold isn’t it?
Murasakibara: Eat this soup Murochin~ it should warm you~
Himuro: Thanks, can I also have your warm embrace?
Murasakibara: What’s not Murochin come here~
Himuro: ❤ (smile beautifully you could die.jpeg)

Kise: I’m cold..
Aomine: Well damn, Kise. I can’t control the weather!
Kise: AHOMINECCHI!!! !!! !


Haizaki: It’s cold
Nijimura: So
Haizaki: Excuse you but you should’ve put your jacket on me and said you’re okay
Nijimura: Did your head hit something or what also why aren’t you bring your own jacket in the first place
Haizaki: You dumbass hopeless romantic shit
Nijimura: Should I hit you so hard you could feel warm inside

kandreil bodyswap au for @keysandhonesty for the @aftgexchange!

(also shoutout to @andrewiel who i talked to about this au and to @gangseyys for helping me out! <3)

  • spite is one of the main essences in the kandreil household
  • especially between kevin and andrew
  • so neil gets used to seeing andrew climbing up a chair to reach his sweets or kevin searching for the vegetables that andrew threw away
  • it’s a fucking mess
  • but what else is new
  • neil usually stays out of it bc “it’s childish, stop it”
  • (he one time tried to interfere and the next day he couldn’t find his clothes for running)
  • (he doesn’t know if andrew or kevin did it)
  • (it was andrew)
  • but one day everything gets even messier
  • neil gets on his normal morning jog
  • but as he comes back, there is … chaos hell
  • andrew is sitting in front of the hall mirror and looking horrified
  • kevin sits at the couch and stares blankly at his hands
  • of course neil gets instantly worried
  • “neil, tell me that this is not real” comes from andrew
  • neil literally has visible ???? over his head
  • “i’m kevin, not andrew”
  • neil would think they are joking, but he never saw andrew express this much emotion before
  • so he looks at kevin andrew at the couch who looks at them with a frown
  • “do you have anything to do with this?”
  • “h o w would i?”
  • andrew’s got a headache
  • he reaches for the pack of cigarrettes, but oh boy
  • kevin did not forget who’s body andrew’s currently in
  • “i will kill you if you do that, i never smoked once in my life”
  • andrew stands up
  • WITH the cigarettes in his hand
  • kevin goes straight to the fridge and gets the first green thing he sees
  • “istg, i will stuff your body with vegetables”
  • “i will kill you”
  • “you’d kill yourself”
  • this is confusing
  • they all don’t like it
  • please end it

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Hurt. Angry. Alone.
There are things in my head, telling me words that I’m not sure if they’re true or not.
‘She’s talking to someone better’
‘She’s going to leave you again’
Round and round and more and more.
I can’t help this.
I don’t know how to change.
With us, it’s always hit, or miss.
And lately?
It’s been more miss.
Hurt. Hurt. Hurt.
My fault. My fault. My fault.
Maybe you understand. Maybe you don’t.
But I don’t think you know what it’s like to sit there crying, not able to breathe, clutching your head to make the voices stop, and rocking back and forth.
To no rhythm other than the one of madness.
But you get angry at me anyway.
It’s okay though, I’m angry at me too.
And as long as I love you, I’ll deal with it.

if zootopia had a gag reel
  • Flash: ...9...
  • Judy: THD03.
  • Flash: ...T...
  • Judy: HD03.
  • Flash: ...H... *his gadget crashes* ...this...is...the...third...time...this...happened...
  • Judy: *groans* I need more coffee for this scene...
  • -----
  • Gideon: Baa, baa, whaddya gonna do, cry?
  • Judy: Hey! You heard-- *her police cap slips completely over her head and she trips and falls over*
  • Gideon: ...Y'all, we'd better help her out before she actually does cry.
  • ----
  • *shortly after Mr. Manchas started going feral*
  • Judy: ...Mr. Manchas...?
  • *they open the door, finding that his tail was caught between his floorboards and he was desperately trying to get it out*
  • Mr. Manchas: ...It happened again, I know!
  • Nick: ...I don't know what I expected.
  • ------
  • Nick: ...Carrots. You saved my life.
  • Judy: Well, that's what we do at ZPD--EEEEEYAGH--
  • *they start falling, but the vines had been long enough that they were cocooned and still hit the ground with a loud thud*
  • Bogo: *rushes towards them* That--wasn't part of your act, right?
  • Nick: *visibly dazed* I'm seeing quick brown foxes jumping over rabbits...
  • -----
  • Nick: *starts petting Bellwether's head* So fluffy-- *accidentally rips off a huge chunk of her wool*
  • Bellwether: ...Still typing here. Totally not noticing you just did that.
  • ----
  • Bogo: ...You're fired.
  • Judy: What? Why?
  • Bogo: Insubordination!
  • Judy: *holds back laughter* S-sorry--I just can't--the word "insubordination" is just too funny--
  • Bogo: *looks at the camera* This is the fifteenth take. I cannot work like this--I'll be in my trailer--
  • ------
  • Judy: No, I am a cop. And I'm on the Emmitt Otterton case, and my evidence puts him in your car. So intimidate me all you want, I'm going to-- *sneezes at Mr. Big*
  • Mr. Big: ...It's all right. Many an animal gets the sniffles here.
  • -----
  • Judy: ...I don't deserve to wear this badge.
  • Bogo: Hopps.
  • Bellwether: Judy-- *forgets her lines*
  • Bogo: Bellwether.
  • Judy: Bogo.
  • Bellwether: Judy.
  • Nick: *offscreen* Nick!
  • -----
  • Nick: Look, you gave her a--a clown vest and joke mobile and two--two--two uh, what--yeah, no, sorry, I think I'm the one who needs that clown vest and joke mobile. *pokes his own nose* Honk honk.
  • ------
  • *Judy's train into Zootopia breaks down multiple times in the middle of its journey.*
  • Judy: *as the train breaks down in the middle of the polar region* Well, at least I can always stop by for some ice cream.
  • Judy: *as the train breaks down in the middle of the desert region* At least I can sunbathe here.
  • Judy: *as the train breaks down in the middle of the rainforest area* Wait, we're filming Mr. Manchas' part already?
  • ------
  • Clawhauser: *sipping loudly on his soda while Judy looks at the case file*
  • Judy: *is trying to hold back laughter*
  • Clawhauser: *unexpectedly burps really loudly* S-sorry, I didn't mean to do that--
  • Judy: *falls off her chair, laughing*
  • -------
  • Bucky: Hey buddy, turn down the depressing music!
  • Judy: *turns off her alarm clock*
  • Pronk: Leave the meter man alone! Didn't you hear the conversation? She feels like a failure!
  • Bucky: Oh, shut up!
  • Pronk: You shut up!
  • Bucky: You shut up!
  • Pronk: You shut up!
  • *they suddenly belt out Black Eyed Peas*
  • Bucky and Pronk: Shut up, just shut up, shut up--shut it up, just shut up, shut up--
  • Judy: *looks at the camera* Tomorrow's another day. Cut!
  • -----
  • Finnick: *from underneath the stroller* She hustled you-- *realizes his voice is actually high and pitchy* Wait--what--Nick, what did you do--
  • Nick: A little helium in your trailer, friend. Besides, you gotta be real convincing as a baby, don't you?
  • -------
  • Bogo: Two days to find the otter. Or you quit. That was the deal. Badge.
  • Judy: *is snickering*
  • Bogo: What now?
  • Judy: I-I'm sorry--I thought you said "baa". Like, baa baa Bogo, have you any wool? *falls in laughter*
  • Bogo: ...Excuse me while I actually facepalm here for a bit.
  • ------
  • Nick: All right, get in here. *steps back a bit as Judy goes in for the hug*
  • Judy: *lunges in for the hug and finds nothing, then falls on her face*
  • Nick: Sorry, just had t'get that out. *picks her up and actually hugs her* See, this is why we work so well. She knows my jokester side too well and just goes with it.
  • Judy: *muffled chuckling* ...I'm gonna fill your trailer with helium later, I swear.
  • -----
  • *while on the cable car*
  • Judy: ...Thank you.
  • Nick: *humming* What can I say, except "you're welcome?"
  • Judy: *chuckles* Should've never showed you that movie before filming. You've been humming it for days now.
  • -----
  • Judy: What are you gonna do? Kill me?
  • Bellwether: *chuckles* Of course not. He is. *pulls out a water pistol and splashes Nick's face* Wha--
  • Nick: *falls over, laughing* S-sorry, it was too easy--switching your gun to a water pistol--
  • Bellwether: *looks at the camera* Cue to Nick not being able to find where he hid the actual thing.
  • -----
  • Scientist: Mayor Lionheart, please. We're doing everything that we can.
  • Mayor Lionheart: Really? 'Cause I have a dozen and a half animals here who've gone off the rails--ails--ah, *stutters* Sorry, sorry, going too fast-- *chuckles* Wasn't quite my tempo back there...
  • ------
  • Bogo: *playing with the Gazelle app on his phone*
  • Clawhauser: *bursts into the room* Chief Bogo!
  • Bogo: *freaks out, throwing his phone out the window*
  • Clawhauser: ...You got another phone, right? And you still have my number on it?
  • -----
  • *Nick and the rest of the cast are backstage, taking a selfie with Gazelle and her tigers*
  • Nick: All right everyone, say, "sequel"!
~One Cream, Five Sugars~ (Philip Hamilton X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! I took this off my Wattpad because I wanted it to go somewhere of use, so here. It’s short and sweet but shitty with a dash of fluff.

T/W: Coffee? Oh God it’s the fluff hannah’s so bad at writing hng this is why i angst 

A soft thump echoed through the small coffee shop as a wad of yellow paper was tossed into the large, metal trashcan from across the room. Another wad quickly followed, hitting the rim and bouncing in carefully. She threw another. And then another…. And another-

Eventually, a smaller ball narrowly missed the trash can, and an exasperated, bored sigh followed.

“Why does Mrs. Adams make us stay here?! She knows nobody comes in past 9 –  Oliver got to leave an hour ago, why’re we the ones stuck here… I gave up a date for this, (Y/N); a date.” Theodosia stopped lazily tossing the paper balls into the trash and leaned over the counter, resting her forehead against the cool granite and trying her hardest to pretend she was anywhere but the small, empty New York cafe.

You shrugged, barely interested in the conversation at hand as you began to slowly drift off to sleep, sitting backward in one of the many metal chairs around the café, facing Theo, who was now looking out the large windows that covered the opposite wall with worry.

“It’s snowing real bad out there…” She muttered from behind the register, standing up straighter in an attempt to see the snowfall better through the large windows.

“It’s almost Christmas – it’s not exactly going to be the Bahama’s.” You chuckled, resting your chin sleepily on your arms, folding them over the back of the chair, and watching the heavy snowfall outside. Theo sighed, settling back down, and began to twirl disinterested circles on the counter with her perfectly-crimson French nails.

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Bossy as Usual

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 2,827

Summary:  Almost as soon as you sit down, your seatmate starts hitting on you. You’ve resigned yourself to eight long hours of misery and boredom when the man from across the aisle offers you a way out. You take it. 

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A Wolf and His Mate

Pairing: lay x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 1,607

Originally posted by daenso

Maybe aggravating him was not a good idea.

You knew how testy he got when your period was approaching, you knew how it affected him when your body was starting to ovulate and you knew what it did to him when you purposely went around other males.

Throughout the week lay had been more on edge than he usually was when this happened.

At kai’s party: his hand placed its self on the top of your knee underneath the table. As you engaged in conversation with one of your friends you tried desperately to swat his hand away, knowing where this was going.

However, his persistence worn you down. As you struggled to breathe let alone spit out a sentence his fingers were furiously pumping in and out of you.

after your stomach had knotted up and you had given up on conversating, you turned to him desperately. You didn’t know what you were desperate for, whether it was for him to stop or keep going; however, the smirk on his face and the gleam in his eyes told you this would not end well for you either way.

As you were closing to your finish he pulled away from you, shooting you an innocent look as he licked your juices off his fingers, if looks could kill, he would be dead.

This, unfortunately, wasn’t the only incident of the week.

You sat comfortably on the couch as you spoke to your boss over the phone. You had a presentation next week that could lead to a promotion so you wanted to do it right.

As you hummed in agreement, you watched with careful eyes as lay slowly approached the seat next to you.

The look in his eyes screamed red flags and you knew what he wanted. Any other time you would have gladly applied to his needs and wants, but right now…you were busy.

His arm wrapped around your shoulder as you shook your head slowly trying to inch away from him. A soft growl emitted from his throat before he pulled you back.

As his lips traced down your neck, you knew it was game over.

You tried your hardest to keep the conversation with you boss going but the feeling of his love bites had you stuttering and trying to control moans.

Ending the call you let lay pin you down as his hands travelled up your top.

‘I hate you’ you muttered before realising how long your night was going to be.

But lately you had been feeling a tad mischievous; walking around in nothing but skimpy underwear and his shirt, bending over to pick up something you had ‘accidently dropped’.

They were little things. But little things were the ones that hurt the most.

And now here you were, laid down on your shared bed, your legs wrapped around his shoulders and your hands weakly pushing his head away as he devoured you with no mercy.

“l-lay, baby please” you begged as sweat dripped down your forehead. His tongue flicked around your clit as he inserted a finger into you with no warning.

With a yelp, you quickly tried to grind your hips against him to amplify the pleasure you were feeling.

He added another finger as your stomach started to nod; You gripped his hair causing a stomach-turning growl to emit from his throat.

Your moans filled the room as you were getting closer and closer to your undoing.

“l-lay! I-i-m so close” you stuttered as your breath was hitching.

As you released you let out a string of soft moans of his name, he helped you ride out your orgasm before pulling away from you.

“baby please” he begged as he tried to control his breathing. Before you could ask what he was pleading for you noticed his boner painfully trying to burst through his jeans.

The sight of him glistening from need and

“Why do you do this to me” he sighed as he rubbed circles on your thighs with his thumb.

You giggled as you sat upwards, his previous lust filled eyes had been replaced with loving ones as he stared at you with admiration.

“I’m sorry, I love you” you stated softly as you cupped his cheek with one hand causing his to snuggle into it.

He hummed in content before kissing your forehead sweetly. “I love you too” he whispered; you quickly dressed yourself and the two of you decided to spend the rest of the afternoon watching movies.

Love wasn’t the word to describe the relationship between you and lay; it was something so much more than that. He had tried his best to explain the whole mate thing to you.

at first, shock and fear were the only emotions you could gather as he told/ showed you what he was.

However, after coming to the realisation that your boyfriend was still your boyfriend, one that just turns into a wolf sometimes, everything has been fantastic.

You groaned in frustration as the light from the sun shone through your window. your body sinking into the soft sheets below and lays body warmth mixing together created an atmosphere that you didn’t want to remove yourself from.

“good morning” he whispered into your hair as he pulled you closer towards him if that was even possible.

“morning” you replied as you squirmed to turn to face him. His hair was a mess and his eyes were barely open, yet as the sunlight hit his face you felt your heart beat increase.

“has that whole heat thing gone away now?” you asked him as you lightly played with small strands of his hair.

He nodded his head, purring a little when you hand ran through his hair instead of just playing with it.

“I know I can get a little overbearing when heat comes around…I'm sorry” he stated as his eyes adjusted to the light, staring at you awaiting your response.

Lay always seemed nervous when anything werewolfey happened around you, he was always on guard and waiting for your reaction, not knowing if it would be good or bad.

“baby it’s fine…let me take care of you okay?” you asked as you bit your lip. You quickly flipped over, letting his back hit the mattress as you grabbed onto his waist band.

“jagi, you don’t have to if you don’t want to” he said but you could see the excitement in his eyes.

“of course, I want to baby, now be a good boy. No grabbing my hair” you said sternly. His dominant instincts often took over every time you tried to take the lead, it was hot but sometimes annoying.

He let out of groan of reluctance before his draws had been yanked down along with pants.

As you licked the tip of his cock softly, you heard him groan harshly as he tried to control himself from pushing your head down onto him.

You smirked knowing this was killing him, but you were planning on having some fun.

You slowly placed the tip of him inside your mouth before slowly working your way up and then back down again.  

He cried out as his breath started to get shaky and his fists clenched together “Please don’t tease me” he breathed out.

You smirked before harshly sucking as you picked up your pace. Moans were escaping his lips as you swirled your tongue around him, using your hand to cover what you couldn’t fit in your mouth.

“Y/N, fuck” he groaned as you continued to take as much of him as you could. A soft growl came from lay before he ignored your request and grabbed your hair harshly.

His hips came up to meet your lips as his moans got louder, an indicator that he was coming close to his release. You moaned around him as you continued to move up and down; a small tear escaped your eye as your gag reflex started to fail you. 

with a loud groan of your name, his warm release flowed down your throat. you took a deep breath as you removed yourself from his shaft watching as his chest rose and down. you giggled lightly as his hand came up to his heart and he let out a sigh of content. 

“lay” you called softly as you stared up at the ceiling.

“yer?” he asked as he held your hand in his noticeably larger one.

“Can a werewolf have two mates?” you asked curiously as his thumb rubbed over yours gently.

“no…why do you ask?” he asked worriedly as he sat up to face you. You sighed deeply before turning your head so your eyes could meet his.

“I know I’m your soul mate and all…but I don’t know I feel like the forever bit is a lie and you’ll leave me for a better mate or something” you said softly.

With each word you said lays heart broke a little and you could see it in his eyes.

“baby of course not, why would you think that? I would never want anyone else, I would never leave you for anyone else and god, I wouldn’t ever even look at any one else” he said in between kisses he planted all over your face.

You giggled as he continued placing kisses all over your face; he pulled away after giving your forehead one last kiss, lasting longer than the other.

“okay, as long as your happy” you whispered

“you here, so of course in happy” he said giving you a loving smile that melted your heart.

He was your wolf, and you were his mate. Forever.

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe draw BH hitting on Medusa before Flug pulls out a ray, angry and jealous? I'm not sure if it was BH's plan or not, but they got that Medusa's head for the statue making devise somehow.

I’m sorry, I tried to do your request but jealous Black Hat is my jam and suddenly everything was different…. hope you like it :P

Anyway, this is also a super late Day 7 of the @paperhat-week-month


Request: Hello! I simply adore your imagines. Could you do a NewtxReader where the reader has severe anxiety but Newt doesn’t know until he finds her in the middle of a panic attack. And he calms her down and loads of fluffy moments. (Ps. I love your angst imagines. They make my heart ache, which apparently I like. Who knew?)

Word Count: 1,325

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @aceandawkward but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy @whatinbenaddiction

The world works in facts, standards. X + Y = Z. Multiply 5 by itself and you’ll earn 25, no matter the circumstances. Throw something solid in the air and it will come back down regardless of its weight.

It’s comforting, this certainty, to know that if X happens, Y will follow without fault.

You wish as you sink to your knees that humans worked the same way. That every situation resulted in only one outcome, one feeling. You know it’s impossible – emotions are messy – yet as you land on the cool tile of the bathroom floor, your last coherent thought is about how nice it would have been to know that watching seven strangers and three friends walk in that door would be the terror’s invitation, that only minutes later some unseen antagonist would waltz on up from its nest in your gut and take over everything.

You lie down, the cool tiles a welcome break from the sweat beading up on your face, ordering yourself to breathe.



Merlin’s sake, just breathe.

A knock at the locked door interrupts you. “Love, did you want me to put the chicken in the oven now or in a few minutes?”


You suck in air and muster the last of your strength. “Now.” A lie. It’s not supposed to cook for ten more minutes, but saying that takes far more breath than you can draw in.

“At 425?”

You drop your head onto the ground, gulping in breaths as the world spins around you, a whirling mess. “Yes.” The word’s quiet, little more than a whisper, as you shut your eyes.

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Hii I love your stories soo much and I would like to request a fluff story with dickids Agunu:3 Thank you so much for your hard work I love your page 🔥❤❤

Agunu x Reader - Fluff

You lay on the floor and groaned once more as Agunu continued gaming, he had been playing the same game for hours and you were bored. You watched as he shouted at the screen and tossed his head back in disappointment when he lost the game.

You wanted some attention so you sat up “Agunu!” He gave you a soft hum “I’m going home” He suddenly looked at you and turned to the screen to pause his game “Why?” You tilted your head “Because you’re more interested in the game than me” You stood up and brushed the dust off your clothes.

“I’ll er give you a call when I get home” You gave him a quick smile before spinning around and taking your jacket off the bed, Agunu stared at you speechless, he stood up as you slipped your jacket on “Don’t leave!” You grinned at him amused “Are you pouting?!” He wrapped his arms around your waist and leant his forehead on yours.

You sealed the gap with a deep loving kiss, he opened his eyes and sighed in content “Are you still leaving?” You shrugged your shoulders as you played with his hair “Depends, are you still playing that stupid game?” Agunu gasped and pretended to be offended “Stupid game?!” You rolled your eyes and he burst out laughing, you, on the other hand, crossed your arms and gave him an unamused look. 

“Are you jealous of a game?” You nodded your head, that’s all he had done since you got here “Does my baby want some attention?” You gazed into his eyes expectantly "Will you focus on me now?“ He playfully hummed, pretending to think of an answer which made you whine and hit his shoulder, he chuckled and kissed your head "I’m kidding!”  

He gazed into your eyes and you into his “I'm sorry for ignoring you” You nodded your head “I’ll forgive you after a certain amount of kisses and cuddles!” He rolled his eyes and shook his head “How many?” You stuck your tongue out at him “As many as I want!”

He pushed your jacket off of you and let it drop to the floor, he touched your lips with his before moving away. He placed you on the bed before disappearing and reappearing with a selection of movies, you beamed at him as he laid them on your lap before leaving once more. You studied the lot and selected your favourite one while waiting for him to come back, fortunately, you didn’t have to wait long as he promptly arrived with popcorn and drinks.

You smiled as he swiftly put your preferred movie into the player and made himself comfortable next to you, you nestled into his side and stared at the screen as the movie began, however, you soon lost interest as you were more interested in the boy next to you. You sat up and stared at Agunu, he gave you a confused expression before copying the smile that lay comfortably on your lips. 

“What?” You cupped his cheeks “I don't want to watch the movie” Agunu sat up and held onto the hands that rested on his cheeks “What do you want to do then?” You tilted your head before kissing his nose.

“I just want to lie here with you” He lay down and opened up his arms welcoming you “Come here then”

a/n sorry for any mistakes and for taking so long to post this! but thank you all for being so sweet and understanding!!! 

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Oh my gosh ask box open!! I'm so excited! Can I get a love at first sight scenario for kirishima and bokuto for a female reader please?? Thank you so much! I'm sorry there's not so much detail I'd just love to let you take the wheel I love your stuff so much thank you for sharing it with us!

I hope this is okay! I’ve never written a love at first sight. Hopefully, I got it. 


You are looming over Kirishima, supporting the massive slab of concrete with your hands and back. If that had hit him it surely would’ve killed him, but here you are, standing as if you were holding nothing. Kirishima looks up at your face. You are staring down at with curious eyes.

“Are you alright?”

Kirishima nods his head slowly. You huff, pushing the boulder-sized piece of rubble away. Your eyes flash gold, and the steel gauntlets on your arms run down your wrists like liquid, forming a blade and shield in your gloved hand. You glare at the artificial human before you, and the only thing Kirishima can do is stare. How can someone be so stunningly beautiful, yet terrifyingly fierce.

Who are you?

Kirishima has never seen anyone like you before. He’d know if he did because there wouldn’t be anyway he could forces a face like yours. Just being in your presence is making his heart hammer in his chest. You are like a goddess of battle as you rush the creature with shocking speed. Kirishima gulps. He should be up there, fighting with you … but he just can’t stop staring at your form easily dodging and flipping and striking. The monster howls with pain leaping away for retreat. Your eyes flash gold again as you shift your sword into a spear, launching it at beast.

Your weapon pierces a building wall, digging and cracking as it tunnels through the concrete of the wall and through the shoulder of the artificial human. It’s trapped. Your shield transforms into a large metal binding. Using your seemingly immeasurable strength, wrap it around the squirming creature. You turn to Kirishima; he jumps slightly.

“What’s your name?”

“Ah … ah …”


“Ah, Kirishima Eijirou!”

“What’s your hero name?”

Oh. Duh. Of course that’s what you are asking for. Kirishima mentally slaps himself as he jumps to his feet, stumbling slightly before you.

“Red Riot.”

“Red Riot. I’m Blacksmith. Come on, we need to get a pro hero.”

You immediately turn and start to run. Kirishima hesitates for a second from the feeling in his chest. He blinks and shakes his head as he runs after you. Your place your hand over your heart and a your cheeks heat up. You aren’t even tired from the battle or the running, but you can’t stop the feeling in your chest.

“Hey! Watch out!”

“Watch wha—”

You have no time to react as a volleyball is smashes into your face. Your head is knocked back as blood drips out of your nose. You fall on your ass, holding your bleeding nose with your hand. Holy shit. You have honestly never been hit so hard in your life.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” Bokuto shouts, running up to you. 

He is already taking of his shirt and offering it to you. He cringes. How could he be so careless? How could he get so distracted by you that he hits you in the face? What is wrong with him? It was like everything was in slow motion. He jumped and was in the air, ready to spike when he saw you looking around the gym. You were so gorgeous, and now you are sitting in front of him with blood dripping down your face. Still beautiful … but you are bleeding … and it’s his fault. 

“(Name)-san, are you alright?” Akaashi asks, offering you a clean towel (as opposed to Bokuto’s sweaty jersey).

You groan, shaking your head and holding the towel to your face. 

“I-I’ll take you to the nurses office!” Bokuto offers.

Bokuto helps you to your feet. You blink. Slightly disoriented, you lean against his torso. His bare torso. His bare, broad, very muscular torso. You blush, stumbling away from him and hiding your blush behind your bloody towel.

“I don’t care if you take me to the nurse, but please put a shirt on first.”

“Ah … ah, right!”

Bokuto slips his jersey back on, wrapping an arm around you to steady you again. He swallows. How can a person with a bloody nose still be so damn cute. Making your way down the hall, Bokuto prays you can’t feel or hear the rapid drumming of his heart. 

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I'm really sorry if I am bothering you, but do you have anymore boyfriend headcannons for 2p Canada?

Not at all! uwu


- I could imagine him making flower crowns for you
- like he’ll put it on your head with a huge blush and he’s looking away from you
- he’s not very vocal but when you two are cuddling and he thinks you’re asleep, he’ll literally tell you how much he loves you
- this one’s pretty biased bc I am in love with the French language but holy fuck fuck him speaking French is just a blessing
- Allen once got hospitalized bc he was hitting on you lmao
- he likes patting your head
- anonymously sends you gifts on anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
- but you always know it’s him lmao

  • Blake: *Blake's finger tapped rapidly as she glances at her watch as she and her mother sat in a outside restaurant.* Where is she? She is never late. *She thought to herself, letting out a sigh as she took a sip of her ice tea.*
  • Kali: Is something wrong Blake? *Kali asked her daughter noticing her daughter's growing worrying expression.*
  • Blake: *Blake blinked, snapping out of her worrying trance while looking at her mother.* Hmm? Oh it's nothing seriously.
  • Kali: It's about Yang isn't it. *Kali stated with a small smile when her daughter blushing still before placing her hand on her shoulder.* Sweetie, You don't have to worry. Yang is still new to the lay out of our home. I'm should she will be here shorting.
  • Blake: Sigh, I know mom. I know. *Blake mutter patting her mother's hand.* It's just that I can't help it. Yang is never this later even when lost. Plus, with her being the only human on the entire island I'm afraid someone may try to pick a fight with her.
  • Kali: Aaaaw. That is so sweet. My little girl worried for my future daughter in-law's safety. *She sang happily before muttering to herself which Blake missed.* Plus, she isn't the only human on the island.
  • Blake: Her safety? I'm worried about the poor idiot that tries to start something with her.
  • Kali: Oh I'm sure Yang will behavior herself if someone starts something.
  • Blake: *Stares at her care free mom for a few second before speaking.* Mom. When Yang was trying to find clues about her mom's location she fought an entire nightclub is gangsters... And won.
  • Kali: Oh.
  • Yang: Hey Blakey! Hey Kali! *Blake and Kali heard, allowing Blake to let out a sigh of relief they her girlfriend made it right until the two cat faunuses turned their heads to find a slightly roughed up yet cheerfully smiling at them as she carrying a very large bag over her shoulder. The two watched the Blonde huntress effortlessly hop over the railing, showing no concern for the bag hitting the metal fence and let out a groan before making her way to them and giving a kiss on Blake's cheek and taking a seat.* Sorry I'm late. I got kinda lost and got a little distracted, haha.
  • Kali: We can tell. *Kali said handing Yang her napkin.* You got some blood on your cheek.
  • Yang: Huh? Oh, Sorry about that. Thanks. *Yang said touching her bleeding cheek before taking the napkin, cleaning her cheek and then picking up the menu.* Soooo did you guys order yet?
  • Blake: No we haven-Forget that1 What happened!? Are you okay!? *Blake panicked as she quickly and carefully looked over her girlfriend to check for any serious injuries.*
  • Yang: Yeah. I'm fine. I just had a little run in with some jerks that is all. Well, a few jerk, a nice guy that helped me out with said jerk with a cool weird looking arm-
  • Kali: Arm dark blue, both arms turning into blades and finger into claws, skin darkish gray, almost half of the left side of his face cover, Bandana covering dark blue and black hair, one sliver eye with a blue ring around it, bang pants with a kama, and a liquid/fire like stuff like aura but live that forms out of and around him? *Kali cut in.*
  • Yang: Yeah that guy. Anyway, We beat then up and I rushed over here.
  • Blake: You were attacked!? We have to call the police!
  • Yang: Don't worry Blakey. That guy, what was his name, Kai I think Said he'll take care of it.
  • Blake: And you just took his word for it.
  • Kali: Sweetie. I know the man she is talking about. Trust me. He's a hunter.
  • Blake: But still! We should at least get their names and report them!
  • Yang: Oh. That actually reminds. *Yang saids still smiled at she reached for the giant bag, causing great concern for Blake.* You one them said that they are an old friend of yours Blakey.
  • Blake: What do you mean? *Blake hesitantly asked as she and Kali watch Yang open the bag and with a little bit of a struggle lift up a tied up Ilia, her arms, legs, and mouth bound by some blue moving blade like edges aura.* I-Ilia!? What the hell!?
  • Ilia: *A blue symbiote like aura moves from her mouth.* Blake. I know what this looks like but I swear I was only trying to scare her off. I didn't mean to actu-mmm!! *She started to say before her mouth is covered again.*
  • Yang: Oh Good you do know her. *Yang continued to smiled, wearing a happy expression despite her hair slowly starting to ignite as an enraged aura forms around her.* So tell me Blake. Do you have any other exs that are going to try to KILL me I should know about?
  • ~~~
  • *Knock knock knock*
  • Blake: Just a minute! *Blake called out as she opened the door of her house and peaked out to find a tall man matching the description of the man Yang and her mom were talking about standing there.* This must be that Kai guy that helped Yang early. *SHe thought to herself.* May I help you?
  • Kai: Yeah Hello Sorry to bother you so late. I was hoping you could help me. Is a blonde hairs girl with a cybernetic arm staying here by any chance? I think her name is Yang?
  • Blake: Yes She is. Why do you want t-huh? *Blake began to ask until Kai tosses her a small yet thick envelope and starts walking away.* Wait What's this?
  • Kai: Her cut.
  • Blake: Her cut? Of what?
  • Kai: Of bounties and what I got for selling the asshole's that attacked her's weapons. Good night.
  • Ghira: Blake? Who's at the door?
  • Blake: Uh, nobody Dad. Just a package for Yang.

Shadow and Bone Labyrinth AU

After a serious fight with her best friend Mal, Alina accidentally wishes for The Darkling, also known as  the Goblin King, to take him away and he, who had fallen in love with her, grants the wish.

Once she realizes her mistake she tries to get the Darkling to free her friend, but he is relentless and tells her that the only way to free the boy is to solve his labyrinth in less than 13 hours or stay in the boy’s place. Alina, thinking it’ll be an easy task, chooses to solve the labyrinth, surely she can save them both.

What follows next is an adventure full of magic, unexpected friends and allies, dream ballroom sequences with dresses as black as the King’s magic and offers of eternity of servitude and love. Will Alina solve the labyrinth and save both her and Mal? Or will the Darkling win the deal? 

datbellytho  asked:

Keith and Lance have an eating contest. Resulting in sicky burpy pouty Keith and Shiro having to take care of him please? I've never done an ask before like this, sorry, I just love your work and this is kinda a dream.. I'm sorry if this bugs you

anon asked: can u hit us with some bloated, burpy keith pls? thanks so much for doing voltron, ilu” - hope you guys don’t mind if I combine these into a ficlet. 

Keith shifted, breaking the silence as his stomach emitted another queasy gurgle.

Shiro’s fingers paused, his forefinger still tangled in a lock of the dark hair.

“You know this is your own fault, right?”

Keith moaned, hiding his face against Shiro’s thigh. The older boy chuckled and resumed the head massage.

“Fuck,” Keith growled. “I know. I’m an idiot, all right?”

“You could’ve said no,” Shiro helpfully pointed out, amused.

Keith reached down between where his body was pressed against the bed and palmed his stomach. A burp jolted up into the back of his throat and he hurriedly clamped his mouth shut.

“You know Lance,” Keith mumbled bitterly. “He doesn’t take no for an answer. He just annoys the shit out of you until you can’t think about anything except shutting him up and damn the consequences.”

“It’s a unique talent,” Shiro agreed, grin replaced by a frown when Keith made a small choking noise. “You all right down there?”

Shiro stopped scrolling through the pad and glanced down at the boy currently using his lap as a pillow. He heard Keith swallow, obviously struggling against his body’s urge to relieve some of the discomfort.

Ugh,” Keith moaned, pressing his face harder against Shiro’s leg. His words were muffled. “I hope Lance is having the worst time.”

Shiro pet a wild strand of hair back into place, then moved down to rub gently against Keith’s nape.

“I hope he spends all night just…suffering, on the toilet.”

“Well, if he ate anything even close to the amount you shoveled down, he’s gonna be feeling it,” Shiro confirmed; the grin was back.

Keith mumbled something else but Shiro couldn’t understand him beyond the blockade of fabric.

“Try again?”

Keith pushed up on his elbows and blinked down at Shiro’s lap, “I’m glad you think this is funny.” He swallowed carefully and concentrated on taking a few deep breaths.

“I was never one to stand in the way of entropy,” Shiro teased, twining his fingers back up through Keith’s hair.

Keith shivered slightly and closed his eyes, sighing, “I thought you were supposed to be the voice of reason. Stop us from doing stupid shit like - ulp - eating ourselves stupid just to prove a point.” His stomach let out another angry grumble at the memory.

What had started as a joke had quickly escalated into a heated battle for supremacy. Keith couldn’t remember over what, exactly. But he and Lance had apparently deemed it worthy enough to stuff themselves with the spongy green crap. The off-putting color should have been Keith’s first cue to bow out. Instead he’d plowed mindlessly through three gigantic bowls until he heard Lance gagging and calling for a truce.

“What was the point of this again?” Shiro’s fondness teetered between mild condescension and genuine curiosity.

“Bragging rights,” Keith gave a weak hiccup. “And I won. So Lance can suck it.”

Shiro heaved a long-suffering sigh, resisting the urge to shake his head. This probably wasn’t the time for a lecture. He’d save it for when the two idiots weren’t so green around the gills. He suspected Lance wasn’t fairing any better and hoped, at the very least, that he’d sought refuge with Hunk.

“He certainly riled you up,” Shiro mused. “Any particular reason it was so easy, tonight?”

“He’s a jackass?” Keith muttered as if it were the obvious answer.

“Be nice,” Shiro flicked the back of Keith’s head.

“Ow! - hic - oh,” Keith reached up to rub the sore spot, pausing midway as a much wetter hiccup jumped into his chest.

“Keith?” Shiro apologized by rubbing his thumb over Keith’s knuckles.

“Shit,” Keith’s cheeks inflated as something gurgled up. It took a few hard swallows to push it back down.

“Quit holding them in,” Shiro frowned. “It’ll only make your stomach feel worse.”

Keith shook is head and rocked forward, suppressing another rumbling belch. He cupped a hand over his mouth just in time to let it out.

Oh,” he groaned, most of the color draining from his face. “I don’t feel good.”

“I know,” Shiro winced sympathetically as he slid his hand further down to Keith’s upset belly. He could feel the contents churning and sloshing beneath his palm as he began kneading gentle circles over the heated skin.

“Sh-Shiro,” Keith panted weakly, suddenly pushing up from his lap and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He leaned forward, perched over the edge while his fingers dug into his knees. Shiro watched the boy’s throat work convulsively as a shudder ran through is muscles.

“Hey,” Shiro soothed, scooting up behind him. He reached out to place a hand against Keith’s back.

“Think I’m — ‘m gonna throw up,” Keith slurred, voice thick with nausea.

“Easy,” Shiro coached, looping his natural arm around Keith’s chest. “Take a few breaths through your nose. You’re all right.”

Keith tried to follow the instruction, but midway through his first shaky inhale, he choked. His shoulders rolled with a belching gag that sent him heaving into his hand.

“Okay, bathroom,” Shiro leapt off the mattress and tugged Keith upright, concern and the threat of a mess all over the bed making his voice sound a little harsher than he intended.

“Oh, no,” Keith gagged, swaying unsteadily as his stomach whined, protesting the abrupt movement. He shoved out of Shiro’s grasp and stumbled the few steps to the small bathroom. “Don’t come in here.”

Before he could say anything the door whooshed shut and Shiro was left standing outside. The harsh sounds of violent retching met his ears and he cringed, wanting desperately to make himself useful.

“Keith?” Shiro knocked softly on the door. No answer. “I’m gonna grab a few water packets, okay?”

A sharp burp followed by coughing and then, “Kill Lance for me while you’re at it.”

Shiro scratched the back of his head, trying to maintain his empathy for the situation.

“I’ll be right back.”

The idiocy he endured for this team…

Dancing in the Moonlight (m)

Word Count: 4,607

Warning: Namjoon smut

If there were a way for you to escape responsibility, you’d gladly accept, whatever the consequences might be.

“Now smile and hold your head up high,” the voice behind you says drowning with sternness and expectations.

“Yes, mother.”

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Crush - Chapter 13. No Control

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: Things start to get a little hectic. 

Tags:  @iammarylastar  @badassbaker  @pathybo@mimigemrose@frecklefaceb  @beltz2016  @ariwolff14  @lauraaan182 @kenzieam  @tigpooh67@elaacreditava@equalstrashflavoredtrash@murmelinchen @feminamortem

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Winter Chats pt. I
  • Jacin: "I hate everyone. I hate everything. I mean...Winteriscool, tho."
  • Winter: "I'm not actually sure any of this is real, am I even real, is the world really made out of jello and fruit cakes right now? e.e"
  • ---
  • Kai: "Cinder, use your abilities to make me hit myself in the head with a wrench."
  • Cinder: "Have you been talking to Thorne again? Dang it, Thorne!"
  • Thorne: <from other room> "Not it!"
  • Winter: "How can you hit your head with a wrench, you left it in the other room?O.o"
  • Cinder: "...The wrench?"
  • Kai: "...My head?"
  • Winter: "Yes. ouo"
  • ---
  • Scarlet: "I'm sassy and French, you're not going to make me feel sorry for you, psycho. Where's my boyfriend?"
  • Winter: "You mean your pet dog? Does he play fetch? n-n"
  • ---
  • Iko: "This is the cutest dress EVER! I LOVE IT!"
  • Cress: "...umm..."
  • Iko: "It matches my hair, PERFECTLY! THANK YOU WINT---I mean...Your Highness Princess Winter!"
  • Cress: "...p-pardon me..."
  • Winter: "ouo"
  • Iko: "EEE! I love how the skirt looks like frayed wire! How did you manage that!?"
  • Cress: "It's just...it is a lovely dress...but...she made it from--- those are essential computer parts from the mainframe...and pieces of the engine...and..."
  • Thorne: "WE'RE GOING DOWN!!!!"
  • Rampion: "I'll go down with you anytime, Captain Thorne~"
  • Winter: "...I know I'm crazy because the ship is going down in flames.... n.n"
  • Thorne: "You're not crazy! The ship is literally going down in flames!!!"
  • ---
  • ....TBC.

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Hi!! I love your scenarios ;) I'm in the mood for lots of angst soooo, I was wondering if you could write the captains and vice captains of hq accidentally hitting their s/o during a fight. I hope this okay..

havent done anything other than nsfw in a while so enjoy ;)

Daichi would breathe heavily, watching you with wide eyes, pretty in shock at what he’d just done. He would quickly lean down towards you, tilting your head to the side gently to assess the damage before cupping your cheeks and telling you he was so sorry. Even when you placed your hands over his and told him it was okay his chest would be tight, being so disappointed in himself for letting himself do that to you.

Suga would pull his hand away quickly, holding it out in front of him as if it was the most dirty thing he’d ever held. He would be holding back tears as he apologised profusely to you, telling you that it was an accident but that it still makes his actions inexcusable and he’d understand if you wouldn’t forgive him. He would promise you that he would never allow his feelings to make him hurt you ever again.

Oikawa would audibly gasp at what he’d just done, watching you cup your reddening cheek with wide eyes, too in shock to even move at first. After staring at you for a few more moments he would whisper that he is so sorry, apologising to you over and over, reaching a hand out towards you but withdrawing it in case you didn’t want him to touch you after what he had just done. You would tell him that it was okay but he certainly wouldn’t feel like it was. Something like that can be forgiven but not forgotten.

The hand Iwaizumi had struck you with would shake as he watched you cover your face and burst into tears, his chest immediately tightening with both regret and disgust at what he’d just done to you. He would want to apologise but words would fail him for a while, just pulling you into his chest and letting you cry against him, stroking you so gently you almost couldn’t feel it. In his actions you could tell how sorry he was and that he never intended to cause you harm and that alone made you forgive him.

Kuroo would just freeze, his anger immediately fading into absolute despair at what he’d just done. He would cover his mouth with his hand, breathing out shakily before apologising and asking if you were okay, telling you he did it by accident because his anger got the best of him. He would feel like crying when you wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug, holding you close and burying his face in your hair, promising himself to make it up to you.

It would really take a lot for Kai to get to the point of anger where he’d actively reach out to do harm to you, even if it is in the spur of the moment. Being such a calm person normally it would really shock the both of you into silence, the stinging pain in your cheek being overridden by the tightening of your chest, almost feeling bad that you’d let the fight get so out of hand that he lost all his usual composure and did that. He would bow low and apologise to you so sincerely, taking your hands in his gently and telling you he would never ever mean to cause you harm.

Bokuto would pull back his hand like it was on fire, apologising frantically with wide eyes, wanting to cry himself as he saw the pained look on your face. He would be telling you how sorry he was and that he didn’t mean to and asking if you’re okay, running off to get you some ice before you could even answer. He would feel immensely guilty about it even after you’d forgiven him and resolved the fight, being so angry at himself that he’d done that to you. He would spend the next few weeks making it up to you by showering you with even more love and cuddles than usual.

Akaashi would swallow hard, his chest tightening at his actions. He would immediately tell you he is so sorry and gently move your hands from your cheek to see if there was any bruising. He would brush over your cheek gently, looking into your eyes with such fear that you smile at him softly and tell him that you’re okay and that you’re sorry too for the things you said during the argument, squeezing his hand to assure him that you’re fine and you know he didn’t mean to do it.

Futakushi would quickly move away from you, shaking at what had just happened. He would blurt out how sorry he was almost instantly afterwards, wanting to cry when he saw how your cheek was reddening. You would shake your head as if to let him know it was alright but he’d still run off to wet a cloth and press it gently against the affected area, telling you again how sorry he was to which you just pull him into a tight hug and whisper that it’s okay.

Terushima would feel awful, walking away at first thinking that you didn’t want to be anywhere near him after what he’d just done. After a couple of minutes he’d feel too bad though and go to check on you, walking over to you softly and asking if you were okay. He would bite his lip when you nodded at him with a downcast head, taking your hand in his gently and telling you that he is really sorry for hurting you.

Ushijima would fall still and draw his hands far away from you, his heart beating fast as he watched you to assess if he’d hurt you badly. He would be at a loss for words, only managing to get out an “I-” before clamping his mouth shut and swallowed hard. He would bend down to you, gently holding your shoulders before hugging you lightly, hoping his actions could get across how sorry he was.