i'm sorry you can kick me out of the fandom now

What went down in Dislocoeur
  • Ms. Bustier: in many fairy tales the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess, can anyone tell me why?
  • Ms. Bustier: that's not really an answer
  • Max: technically this only applies to 87% of fairy tales
  • Ms. Bustier: there's no way that number is correct
  • Ms. Bustier: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Ms. Bustier: yes Rose we got that
  • Ms. Bustier: who are you even talking to
  • Ms. Bustier: are you saying that in the imperative
  • Rose: pls do the smoochy thing :( #ladynoir
  • Adrien: well I just wrote this poem time to toss it in the garbage with the rest of the fandom
  • Marinette: hmm I wonder what that hot guy threw in the trash
  • Marinette: ooh it's a poem!
  • Marinette: "roses are red, violets are violet, poetry is f**king hard, do the smoochy thing pls"
  • Chloé: hmm why is Marinette looking through the garbage
  • Sabrina: did you know there's an entire fandom in there?
  • Chloé: wow she must be really desperate
  • Max: kk Kim it's time for you to run along this route and meet your crush on a bridge
  • Kim: why is her route so convoluted
  • Max: idk but if you meet her on that particular bridge and give her this particular jewel you've got a 87% chance of success
  • Kim: there's no way that number is correct
  • Kim: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Marinette: I say go for it!
  • Kim: kk, running now
  • Marinette: now imma write a poem to Adrien
  • Chloé: and imma break the hearts of a buncha tweens
  • Chloé: hey tweens! you see how fabulous I am? well I'm never gonna date you
  • Chloé: do you see what you're missing out on
  • Chloé: well that was fun anyway I hope one of you gets akumatized now
  • Chloé: b**ch I'm out
  • Kim: *goes to bridge*
  • Kim: this is the Pont des Arts, right?
  • Kim: so where did all the locks go
  • Kim: it's just panes of plexiglass
  • Kim: this is way less romantic now
  • Chloé: hey Kim
  • Kim: hey Chloé lemme smash
  • Chloé: are you for real
  • Kim: I got you blue AND yellow
  • Chloé: you're as pathetic as that meme
  • Kim: she doesn't want blue and yellow
  • Chloé: look I've got a buncha tweens clamoring after me now
  • Chloé: so you're like fourth in line at best
  • Chloé: BYE
  • Kim: what has my life come to
  • Hawkmoth: wow this is even more sad than usual
  • Hawkmoth: like, I actually feel really sorry for you
  • Hawkmoth: so here have an incredibly cool transformation
  • Dislocoeur: now we're talkin
  • Dislocoeur: I've got a bow and arrows!
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Marinette: and now it's POETRY TIME
  • Alya: whaddaya got
  • Marinette: "roses are nerds, poems are easy, lemme smash pls bc I think you're hot"
  • Alya: wot
  • Marinette: wow romance really isn't all that great when you're honest about it
  • Alya: wow and here I didn't think you'd ever have enough experience with romance to figure that out
  • Marinette: ooh sweet burn
  • Marinette: btw that flying guy just shot you with an arrow
  • Alya: yeah that's where the sweet burn came from
  • Alya: and now I'm suddenly tempted to go confront Nino in a rap battle
  • Marinette: YES DO IT
  • Marinette: ok Tikki let's kick that flying guy's butt
  • Dislocoeur: hey it's Ladybug!
  • Marinette: no not yet
  • Dislocoeur: oops sorry
  • Marinette: Tikki, spots on!
  • Dislocoeur: there we go!
  • Ladybug: welp running away now
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Chat Noir: hey Ladybug I've got a confession to make
  • Ladybug: look I already know you love me ok?
  • Ladybug: please don't endanger us by confessing what's already incredibly obvious when there's a supervillain trying to shoot us
  • Dislocoeur: *shoots Chat Noir*
  • Ladybug: that one's on him
  • Dislocoeur: yeah kinda
  • Chat Noir: now imma kill you
  • Ladybug: why
  • Chat Noir: because hate always wins
  • Ladybug: citation needed
  • Chat Noir: citation: the US election
  • Ladybug: ok fair point
  • Chat Noir: you just accepted anecdotal evidence as proof of a general claim
  • Ladybug: oops you're right
  • Chat Noir: now prepare to die
  • Dislocoeur: *tracks down Chloé*
  • Chloé: wow and here I thought you couldn't get any more ridiculous
  • Dislocoeur: imma shoot you now
  • Chloé: and give me the ability to make even sweeter burns than usual?
  • Dislocoeur: wait nvm that's a terrible idea
  • Chloé: wow even as a villain you can't succeed in anything
  • Dislocoeur: hey Hawkmoth can you Tier 2 akumatize me?
  • Hawkmoth: sorry buddy you're on your own
  • Ladybug: I gotta figure out how to dehateify Chat Noir!
  • Brain ghost Ms. Bustier: the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess
  • Brain ghost Rose: DO THE SMOOCHY THING
  • Ladybug: disclaimer—the following kiss is intended solely as a means of counteracting Dislocoeur's akuma-granted ability, and should not be interpreted in any romantic or otherwise non-platonic context
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *do the smoochy thing*
  • Chat Noir: I don't remember any of that
  • Ladybug: good now end that f**ker
  • Chat Noir: *ends that f**ker*
  • Ladybug: well I guess we're done here

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I'm newer to the fandom so maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but I haven't really thought of Harry as a big drinker? I thought that was mostly Louis and his friends.

LISTEN you are missing out, my friend. harry is the sloppiest drunk and it’s beautiful but it’s been suppressed lately because they’ve been pushing the louis! lads! clubbing! stuff for a couple months. but harry! gets! so! sloppy!!

(it’s my head canon that he’s an incredible lightweight but what do i know maybe he drinks like a fish)

here’s a roughly chronological (based on hairstyle) post of the sloppiest pop star of all time THIS IS SO LONG BYE

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Do You Got Room For One More Troubled Soul?

Pairing: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell

Words: 4.247

Summary: “Stop. Buying. Things. From. Japan. You. Idiot.”

“You weren’t complaining when I showed you the hentai!” Rich protested, batting away Jake.

(Mistletoe and the squip squad’s Christmas party)

Read on AO3 or under the cut

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madamemarquise  asked:

I know I'm probably late, but I'd love a birthday drabble for the incomparable @porchwood. Her b-day is on 3th of February. She's given the fandom so much and it'd be fantastic if somebody wrote a sweet piece of Everlark for her as well. Thank you!

Originally posted by rosiitea

You were definitely not late. Happy birthday @porchwood. To help you celebrate in style, the always lovely @burkygirl has written this double dose of everlark fun, just for you. Enjoy!

Locker Talk, Parts 2 and 3

By @burkygirl, rated T.

A/N: An Everlark high school romance, written 500 words at a time. Part one can be found here.


Peeta and Thresh shoved each other out the door of their Law class on their way to the cafeteria. Peeta was already dreaming of tacos for lunch when Thresh jabbed Peeta in the gut with his elbow and then wiggled his eyebrows at the girls. Peeta gave Thresh a sly grin and his blue eyes twinkled with mischief. They’d been doing this every day for weeks.

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prettyrebel1955  asked:

Can u name all the things that make rivamika beautiful?

Hello there dear and sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know if by RivaMika you mean the ship itself, or the fandom as a whole, but sure, I can list some of the things I think make RivaMika so beautiful.

  • Mikasa’s first impression of Levi, which was the reason why she, unlike everyone else, wasn’t afraid of talking back to him or arguing with him, because, to her, he was just the midget that beat up her precious Eren mercilessly, and needed to pay for it sooner or later.
  • Levi’s secret protectiveness of Mikasa, him attempting to teach her the right thing and guide her so as to not commit the same mistakes as his. He even got himself injured while saving her, because he realized how Eren was her weakness and how she moved so recklessly, putting her life in danger, in order to save him, which she would have failed at without Levi’s help.
  • Mikasa being a secret admirer for Levi and his skills, which got her to observe the way he fights, and learn from his moves, and then attempt to test them out in the battlefield. This shows that despite the little grudge she held for him, she still acknowledged his strength and respected him for that, which is amazing.
  • Levi’s not-so-obvious tenderness with Mikasa. When she would stand up and argue with him, he never mistreated her, which was admirable, considering Levi always used force in order to discipline those who tried to act rebelliously, such as Eren and Historia, even with Hanji, he used harsh words, although he still respected her, even with Nile, he was disrespectful, although Nile was in Erwin’s status. And yet, he treated Mikasa quite differently. 
  • Mikasa’s sorrow for Levi’s injury, her feeling of responsibility and half-assed attempt to apologize, which not only is considered as a development for her character, for she was showing that she cared not only about Eren, but also about her captain’s safety, and the consequences of her actions, but is also a development–a turning point in their relationship.
  • Levi’s trust in Mikasa, acknowledgment for her strength, and pride in how far she developed, which was shown when he asked her to team up with him and kill the enemy, who was at that point humans instead of their usual enemy; titans. This shows that he believes in her abilities, actually he always believed in her abilities, and he was only scared that her attachment to Eren would lead her to a sooner death.
  • Mikasa’s acceptance for Levi’s leadership, putting her trust on him, and her obvious less attachment to Eren. While she was ready to risk everything for him at the beginning of the series, she is now more considerate about her actions, having learnt from experience that everyone’s life matters, and she shouldn’t risk their lives for a single person’s. This, of course, doesn’t mean that she cares about Eren any less, for she already showed concern for him, but she came to accept that her feelings must be put aside, and all of this is thanks to Levi.
  • Humanity’s strongest duo, in which both Mikasa and Levi team up to kick ass on the battlefield, always going ahead of the rest of the team in order to clear the path. Their relationship finally developed to a point where they put faith in each other, work hard, cover for one another, kill without hesitance, and guarantee a successful mission. Neither of them was a team-work person, but together, they make the strongest battle duo ever. This is a huge development for the two of them especially. They used to work individually, trusting no one but themselves, but they have over come that to accept working together, and this is beneficial to everyone. The rest of the team must now learn from them, and Levi and Mikasa must be the source of courage for the rest, to kill the hesitance everyone else is feeling about killing humans, which are more or less the true enemy of mankind itself.
  • Last but not least, Levi being still protective of Mikasa, even though he knows exactly how strong she is, he was still ready to rescue her if needed when they made their attack on Kenny’s team. 
  • Also, Mikasa’s amusement by pissed-off Levi is worth to be pointed out.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, but yeah, this is all I could think of about what makes the RivaMika ship so beautiful in my eyes.  After all, I’ve had a very good journey being a RivaMika shipper.

And the RivaMika fandom as a whole is pretty cool yo! We have great artists, amazing fanfic writers, and although most of them left, we still get more and more people joining the RivaMika ship everyday!

Thank you for the question, my dear. I really enjoyed answering it!

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You've managed to send me off on a Natsume Yuujinchou kick - thank you so much! It's been so long and it makes me so happy. ♥️ But, uh. Do you have any suggestions for good fics for the series? I'm sorry, I just had to ask. Thanks.

^^ Yay, I’m glad!

I’d also mostly forgotten it for several years, but then s5 came out last fall and it got me really hyped to be back in the fandom, and now s6 is here less than half a year later and I’m just completely in love with the characters all over again, y’know?

Anyways, sorry, I don’t actually have very many recs, but there are a few must reads I can point you towards:

  • An Ordinary Session by volta_arovet is about a young boy who can see youkai, but is forced to see therapists because of his chronic “lying”. This is his first meeting with his newest therapist - Natsume Takashi.
  • Calling You Home by paperwar is a cute little fic about five scenes between Takashi and Shigeru.
  • Dear Beloved by SkyGem (because obligatory self plug ;) ) is a character death fic, so proceed with caution!
  • Little Lost Spirit by ncfan is a sad little one-shot from Touko’s pov about the first time she saw Natsume Takashi.
  • The Human Mask by harunekonya is absolutely amazing, and I’m pretty sure it’s the single most popular fic in the fandom. It’s a fic in which Natsume gets turned into a god. I absolutely adore it, but it unfortunately hasn’t been updated in almost a year T^T It has 182k words though!
  • Three for Family by NightsMistress is another one-shot from Touko’s pov about her thoughts on her foster son.
  • Unconventional Family by bleach-ed-na-tsu is only 3 chapters and hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but I rather enjoy it! It’s super cute and is about Natsume basically parenting the 4 youkai children that imprinted on him throughout the series (Tama, Kogitsune, Kirinoha, and Kai).

Ahhh, sorry, that’s all I have at the moment! I hope you like them though!

It’s a bit hard for me to find fics I like in this fandom because so many of them are NatorixNatsume, which is my notp, since I see them more as a sibling type relationship, so the ship is kinda squicky to me. TanumaxNatsume is another popular ship which I don’t particularly like, bu I’m more okay with this one. I mostly try and find non-pairing fics XD

Nyanko-senseixNatsume is one that I used to ship, and even have a fic for, but I find I don’t really like it much anymore.

I tend to hc Natsume as either aro or demiromantic these days.

wayward-girl  asked:

Of course I'm going to send you a prompt to do, you beautiful human. Congrats on your follower count, you deserve every one of them. I challenge you to prompt #8, "this is never what I wanted" with Jared or Sam. You choose💕

This was never what I wanted.”

*flashbacks also in italics*

Sam’s POV

Throbbing pain. That’s all I felt. It wasn’t the kind of pain that came from heartbreak or losing something you loved. It was the kind of pain that came from slamming your fist through a wall - because that’s exactly what I had done.

She was gone, just like that. She left nothing for me to remember her by other than the pang in my heart and the rage I had for the son of a bitch that took her from me. I ran my hand under the cold water pouring from the bathroom faucet, pink droplets falling where the blood washed from the scrapes and cuts along my knuckles. As I watched the water swirl around the drain and disappear, every thought I had was her.

“You think I planned this?” She threw her arms out as she waited for my response.

My mouth popped open and closed twice before she rolled her eyes and turned her back on me, stamping to our bedroom.

“Just wait!” I reached for her arm, spinning her back to me. “I never claimed you planned this, Y/N. I just wish you would’ve told me before right now.” My eyes met hers, both sets brimming with tears.

“Sam, please. How was I supposed to tell you about this? What did you want me to say? ‘Oh, yeah, I sold my soul and I’m actually enslaved to Crowley for the rest of eternity, but we can live happily ever after until you finally kick the bucket.’? You think I planned to fall in love with a Winchester?” Her tears spilled over and streamed down her cheeks.

“That’s… no. Crowley? I’ve seen Crowley since I met you, since we ‘got married.’“ I air-quoted. “He would’ve fucking told me.” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“You really give the King of Hell that much credit?” She raised an eyebrow, her tone unbelieving. 

“I shouldn’t.” I sighed. “Damn it. The one good thing I had…” 

“Sam, I have to go.” She stepped toward me and laid her palms on my forearms while I held her waist.

“You don’t. We can figure something out.” I shook my head, unwilling to let her leave me so soon.

“We can’t, trust me. I’ve tried everything. Crowley won’t make any kind of deal with me. My fate is sealed.” Her wet eyes stared up into mine.

I couldn’t think of anything to say to even try to make this better, so I just poured every ounce of love I’d ever had for her into a kiss. A goodbye kiss. When we broke apart, she turned for the door again.

Reader’s POV

As the door clicked and locked, effectively keeping me from re-entering the place I’d called home for the past almost five years, I broke entirely. Sobs shook my body while I collapsed onto the hard pavement below me. Crowley’s feet appeared in my line of sight, and I cursed his name, wrapping my arms around my chest and grasping for anything to keep me grounded. 

“Time to go, love.” He said, accent piercing my eardrums like nails on a chalkboard.

My arms loosened around my body as my hands fell to my stomach, holding what would soon be a growing bump.

“I told you, you and that first born are mine. That was the deal.” His voice was sly, like he’d won it all. 

“I’m so sorry, baby. This was never what I wanted.” My hand rubbed over my shirt, apologizing to the baby Sam would never know, the baby that could’ve been our happily ever after, but ultimately, the baby that would know Crowley as its father, and come to rule Hell.

“You should’ve thought about that, dear, before you promised me not only your soul, but the soul of the precious little thing inside you. All for the Moose. You gave it all up for a man who will be giving his all to a slew of shoddy diner waitresses in the back seat of his brother’s terribly outdated car before you even give birth to this child.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he pressed his fingers together and snapped, effectively transporting me and my unborn child to Hell, where I’d spend the rest of… well, forever.

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Feel like you need a song to influence you to write a scene or character? Here are a list of Playlists and Songs you can listen to to get you going! 











Supernatural: Greatest Hits >>> [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3]

TEEN WOLF Soundtrack : Seasons 1-3B

Game of Thrones Soundtrack: Seasons 1-3

Her (a Spike Jones love story) Film Soundtrack

Les Misérables Soundtrack

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack

Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack







I’d love to add more (music and fandoms) but let’s just give you this for now! Happy Listening!

ALSO: These (obviously) are not my fanmixes/playlists so give some props to the people who made it! They would love it! Also, if you see your playlist on here and would like it removed, tell me! Thank you!

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About nursey/dex Do you think it's a little weird that we as a fandom compare their struggles/debate who has it worse? Ik it's different when talking through the lens of characters but sometimes it feels like this fandom is arguing over whether it's harder to be poor or harder to be black? which kinda seems off to me like they're different struggles/hard to quantify. I was just curious ur opinion cuz u seem v smart/well spoken to me but don't feel like u have to respond if u don't want

hey, good question. i’m glad you think highly enough of me to ask me, dude. i got really long and rambly about this answer, and i’m pretty tired, so sorry if it’s somewhat unintelligible.

in my opinion, i don’t think it’s that anyone necessarily wants to talk about this kind of thing just for kicks. like, no one’s going, “wow, let’s debate whether jack in the nhl or bitty in the deep south is in a more homophobic environment!” just for the hell of it, or because they want to pit the people who love those characters against each other. that might be a more comparable example to what i think you’re asking me.

to me, the nursey/dex privilege discourse exists in fandom because of patterns in the fandom moreso than the details of the comic itself, and the patterns of the fandom are a direct result of the world we live in. fandom is made up of people, and no person lives in a vacuum; by extension, fandom does not exist in a vacuum, unaffected by the world.

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Close Encounters

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: None

Word count: 550

Warnings: Awkwardness at its finest, mentions of pubic hair, talk of vibrators and masturbation.

A/N: This is getting funnier and funnier

Outer Space Masterpost

[Feedback is good, me likey]

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Your fingers gripped the door knob and you sigh as you open the bathroom door. You know both bothers are out there waiting for you to get out. Shutting your eyes you do it quickly, like a band-aid

Walking around the room you feel 2 set of eyes following your every move. With your free hand you scratch your head and place your bangs behind your ear before taking the small pink case.

“Y-Y/N?” You kick yourself mentally for not getting that extra credit card so you could take a room for yourself… But noooo you didn’t want to commit any more fraud!!

You look up to see them both of them staring at your hand. “What Sam?” You breathe out, already flinching about whatever question he’s about to ask to you.

“What is that? I’ve never seen anything like it…” He extends his big hands, like he’s asking for you to show it to him and Dean moves closer to his brother. Oh, he wants to see too!

A loud chuckle escapes your lips; the brothers give each other a side glace before looking back at you. “I- I’m sorry.” You cover your mouth with the back of your hand trying to get a hold of your sanity, only to laugh again louder this time.

Sam and Dean join you and the three of you laugh like a small group of crazy people, a couple of minutes go by and you realize that you are the only one laughing again. You sigh and everything is awkward again.

You finally open your palm, showing the not so small devise, “This is an UFO vibrator.” You hold it up so they can both inspect without touching.

“Why is it shaped like… like that? Is not like- like the normal ones” Dean asks and you can see how he’s really trying not to reach out and take it.

“Dunno, but I like it this way… we good now? Can we just, forget this ever happened?” You turned around and go to your duffle again.

You hear a whisper argument ending with a ‘You do it?’ ‘No you!’ quickly you take a pair of jeans and pull them up your legs over your shorts; you just wanna get out of there.

“Y/N?” Is Sam again and you see it coming.


“Can I ask you one more thing?” You release you hair from the bun you did earlier and scratch the sides of your head a little too hard.

Sighing again, you check your wallet for a little cash, yes you’re gonna have breakfast somewhere else!  Then look at Sam in the eyes. 

Your mouth opens and closes a couple of times until you finally find your voice. “I don’t always let it all grow freely, like all natural it’s just that, I really haven’t got time to wax, and yes! Sometimes I think of you, both of you actually but this was not the particular case.”

Silence fills the room and you wonder if it is better to run north to Canada and then Greenland of south and don’t stop till you get to Antarctica…

“Yeah, no… That wasn’t it.” Sam says “I just wanted to know if from now on you’d would prefer to have your own room.”

Yep, Antarctica it is!

Tags:  @nadiandreu7 @dancingalone21 @cici0507 @loveitsallineed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @wevegotworktodo @roxy-davenport @impala-dreamer @deathtonormalcy56 @deansleather  @aprofoundbondwithdean @dr-dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
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I know I’ve been spaming you but, you won’t see me for a few days so…

anonymous asked:

As a newbie to the fandom, are there any fics that are considered must reads? There are so many on ao3 and I'm not sure where to begin.

*updated January 2017*

We’ve put together a few posts for new readers before here and here. Everything in our personal faves post is beloved by at least one of us. 

I’m not gonna say any of them are must reads, since you shouldn’t read a fic you don’t like for the sake of me so these are the ones that I see both highly acclaimed and widely discussed in the fandom:

4 Minute Window (E) Speranza WC:24127

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

5 Times Steve Got Arrested and 1 Time They All Did (T) heartsdesire456  Words:5K

What it says, 5 times Steve Rogers ended up in jail (with and without Bucky) + 1 time all of the Avengers got arrested with him.

Ain’t No Grave (M) spitandvinegar WC:86k+ (WIP)

It’s six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don’t. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.

but hey, you’re all right (M) beardsley Words: 5K

‘This is not my fault,’ Tony lies. ‘It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.’

‘Thanks to your joke,’ says Coulson, ‘we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We’re checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.’

Yes, this is the story where the Winter Soldier is a Russian mail-order bride. Everything goes about as well as you’d expect.

cross this river to the other side (T) defcontwo Words: 

Here is the truth about Captain America and the Howling Commandos that every World War II historian must come to accept at one point or another: we will never know everything. We won’t even come close.

So much was lost with the untimely death of Captain America. While the man beneath the uniform sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic, the myth lived on, only to grow bigger and more unwieldy as the years went by. Now, it is near impossible to tell fact from fiction, to separate out truth from propaganda.

In 1943, the Howling Commandos wrote goodbye letters to be given to their loved ones in the event of their deaths.

In 2014, Sharon Carter finds those letters in a tin can in an abandoned HYDRA base.

Gravitation (E) Odsbodkins Words:10K

“He couldn’t remember when he first started feeling the pull. Perhaps it was too long ago, or perhaps it had been gradual, something that crept up on him. But by the time he was sixteen, Bucky knew that the axis of his world spun around Steve Rogers in the worst possible way.”

Inspired by finding out that in the prequel comics for Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve and Bucky are in art class when the news breaks about Pearl Harbor.

Hands of Clay (T) Mhalachai WC:200k+ (WIP)

James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

it’s a strange courage (E) mambo Words:27K

“The question the entertainment world is asking themselves today is… Who is Steve? Hollywood superstar Bucky Barnes was spotted at a wrap-party last night, serenading someone named Steve onstage. Not only was Barnes more than a little tipsy, but he also sang a song from the Disney Channel Original Movie that started his career–a bold move, considering the fact that he always dodges questions about it. But who is Steve? Why did Bucky leave the club alone? What does this mean about the rumors of a relationship between Barnes and his co-star Natasha Romanoff? And is everyone’s favorite poster boy gay? All this and more after a quick message from our sponsors!”

I’ve Been Careless With a Delicate Man (M) Paraxdisepink Words:9K

Steve lets SHIELD think he and Bucky were boyfriends so they’ll let him see the Winter Soldier in medical.

The man on the bridge (M) boopboop Words:107556 

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.
Steve Rogers turning up at Tony’s door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony’s personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well that’s just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D these days.

Mistake on the Part of Nature (T) Words:1K by idiopathicsmile

Steve takes in Bucky’s betrayed look and Sam’s confusion, follows Sam’s gaze to the pile of mangled fruit in the trash can. Sudden comprehension fills his face.

“Oh,” he says. “Bucky found out about bananas.”

In which an American icon is mourned. But probably not the one you’re thinking of.

Not Easily Conquered-series (M) dropdeaddream, WhatAreFears WC:71225

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.
In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.
In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

perfectly right wrong number (T) melonbutterfly Words: 31K

It all starts because Steve is too dumb to handle his smartphone.

A wrong number AU in which Bucky Barnes doesn’t enter Steve’s life (meaning: Bucky wasn’t born until the eighties, but Steve is still Captain America) until Steve accidentally dials the wrong number. Wherein there is a lot of texting, some advice via Natasha and Darcy, a bit of pining, and a first date in an amusement park. Oh, and on top of being a disabled veteran, Bucky is a professional catwalker. Literally.

Only Good Things (G) Jain Words:2K

All of their neighbors think that Steve and Bucky are dating.

Our Golden Age (E) augustbird WC:147825

Wherein Bucky is the crown prince and Steve still becomes a hero.

Schrödinger’s Romance (M) InTheMiddleOfNowhere WC:19K (underage, rape/noncon)

“It could be a relationship, it could not be. You can assume either until you see for sure the results.”

We all know those moments. Those moments when your family all gathers around you and asks “So, do you have a boyfriend yet?”. Bucky knows these moments all too well and, quite frankly, he’s sick to death of them. Unfortunately, being a 21 year old college student makes it harder for him to come up with excuses, and with Christmas coming up he needs to think of a way out fast. A chance encounter with a stranger through an old library textbook could just be the kind of miracle he needs to make it through the holidays with his last shreds of sanity intact.

Sing Me the Alphabet (T) thesardine Words:78K

There wasn’t anything left to salvage. That’s what Fury believed. It would have been a kindness to put him down.

When SHIELD finally releases Bucky from custody, he is not the man anyone expects him to be. The ruthlessness of the Winter Soldier is gone, replaced with a seemingly child-like wariness as he struggles to communicate his warped understanding of who he is and what was done to him. But with Hydra scrambling to regroup, SHIELD takes dangerous measures to secure Zola’s algorithm to use against them, and Steve is dragged back into battle, forced to weigh what’s best for Bucky against what’s best for the fate of the free world.

Then Bucky is abducted.

Steve races to recover his friend before the man who was Bucky is gone forever, but the rescue stalls, he starts to crumble under the weight of everything he has lost and everything the war has taken from him.

Meanwhile, Bucky confronts a terrible piece of ex-SHIELD tech that was in development long before Project Insight, but in order to survive, he must decide who he is going to be: the vulnerable Bucky Barnes or the indomitable Winter Soldier? It turns out there might not be as big a difference as everyone seems to think.

Slide To Answer (M) by relenafanel Words:8K

“What do I do?” Steve appealed into the phone. “I’m freaking out.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. It lasted so long that Steve pulled the receiver away from his ear and frowned at it. Pay phones were old. Maybe this one wasn’t working despite the obvious dial tone when he picked up.

“Ok,” a stranger’s voice said over the phone. “First acknowledge the fact that you dialed the wrong number, but be quick about it because my cab is a few blocks away from my own plans and I’m about to drop some truth bombs on you.”

Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film (gen) eleveninches, Febricant, hellotailor, M_Leigh, neenya, tigrrmilk WC:10228

“Heil Hydra,” the enemy agent shouts.
“Heil this, motherfucker,” says Captain America, shooting off a rocket.
Steve and Bucky find out Hollywood has been busy since they went away. A historical survey, including but not limited to: one set of exploded genitals, a brief interlude in France, Mel Gibson and other masterworks of casting, eight Academy awards, several dinosaurs, and something Tony Stark has ominously dubbed “the masterpiece.” Art included.

Steve Rogers’ Dad Face and Other Common Hazards (T)  AggressiveWhenStartled  Words:5K

Today, Peter was honest-to-god going to see Captain America himself up close, in person, and not from a rooftop or tiny crevice like a creepy stalker fanboy.

Even better, he was going to watch Steve Rogers make history by soldiering his beleaguered way through the most intensely awkward and honestly ridiculous press conference in the history of ever– jaw thrust out and spine ramrod straight. Trying hard to be polite and respectful in the face of adversity.

While a bunch of assholes with cameras and microphones shouted at him about Iron Man’s adolescent dick.

Things SHIELD Never Told Captain America (T) tolieawake Words:3K

The thing is, Tony quickly realised, there are certain things that SHIELD never told Captain America. Sometimes small things, sometimes big things. But things, nonetheless, that they thought he wasn’t quite ready to know.

When Steve finds out about one of those things during an interview - his reaction isn’t anything like anyone was expecting (except maybe Natasha, because she’s scary like that).

OR, how the world found out about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

This, You Protect (T) owlet WC:64326

The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

To be Vulnerable is Needed Most of All (M) perfect_plan WC:118362

Steve is a shy comic book artist and meets his new neighbour, Bucky Barnes.
In which there are awkward longings, meddling best friends, comic conventions, heartache, lemons, video games, dorkiness, dancing and two cute boys.

this city bleeds its aching heart (E) Renne Words: 34K

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.

United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) (T) fallingvoices, radialarch WC:20605

The Associated Press @AP
Winter Soldier set to stand trial for Washington D.C. massacre and treason apne.ws/1og6SWE

When I Put Away Childish Things (M) hansbekhart WC:14367

Bucky gets on a Manhattan bound train around 2:30, heading to 8th St. He watches the Lady far off on Liberty Island as they roll over the East River. The train is crowded and people smile at him, pleased to see a handsome young man in uniform. He smiles back, pleased with the world and everything in it. He wonders where Steve might want to go for lunch. What he’d say if Bucky asked him if he’d ever thought about treating this thing between them as real.
He comes out of the subway a little before 3 o'clock, and the world has changed.


Hello you wonderful beauties of mine! Last night I reached 1,000 followers and I’m so darn excited! So, as promised, I’m opening up a list of prompts! They’ll be open until the 31st of this month. Anything submitted after that will be deleted. Just like the imagines, they’ll be queued. So, start requesting! This is a thank you to all of you lovely people. YOU ARE ALL LOVED AND I APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT! XOXOXO

  1. “It’s not my fault you ran into my fist.”
  2. “So…this is your social life.”
  3. “You’re scared of poodles?”
  4. “Don’t let go.”
  5. “You can hurt me all you want, but you better leave them alone.”
  6. “I don’t know why you keep looking at me like that.”
  7. “You think I’m dainty?”
  8. “DOG PILE!”
  9. “It’d hurt less if you punched me.”
  10. “Come back to me.”
  11. “I will haunt your ass!”
  12. “Would it be terrible of me to kiss you?”
  13. “You interrupted my me time…for this?”
  14. “Hell yeah!”
  15. “I’m not drunk, but I see eight of you.”
  16. “I missed my chick flick moment.”
  17. “What? What will you do?”
  18. “You have declared war, my friend.”
  19. “You want me to betray my friends? My family?”
  20. “Go to hell.”
  21. “All I thought of was you…”
  22. “When people say ‘no pressure’, it just adds pressure!”
  23. “Did you say cuddles?”
  24. “I just want them back.”
  25. “I’m not giving up. Not yet.”
  26. “I’m sure bigfoot’s just around the corner.”
  27. “No one likes a monologue-er.”
  28. “Why is there a horse in my room?”
  29. “Oh, I’m definitely dead.”
  30. “I already told you I’m insane.”
  31. “I learned it from you.”
  32. “Bullshit.”
  33. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”
  34. “You just had to kick the door in.”
  35. “There goes my innocence.”
  36. “You’re stuck with me.”
  37. “We will get out of this together, got it?”
  38. “What part of this did you think was a good idea?”
  39. “This isn’t normal.”
  40. “Is there a reason you’re this close to my face?”
  41. “What even are you?”
  42. “So what if I dug a hole?”
  43. “And now you’re holding a pick axe.”
  44. “Just another typical afternoon.”
  45. “My grandma ate her dentures once.”
  46. “Fine, leave then.”
  47. “I’ve only held you down.”
  48. “Relax. I’m just enjoying the scenery.”
  49. “Are you sure you can trust me?”
  50. “Did you just James Bond that shit?”

Ask Away My Beauties!

For reference: Fandoms

seven minutes in heaven (septiplier)

because every fandom needs a fic about guys being shoved into a closet until they make out. and I wrote this just now and have nothing else to post. also I swear I don’t mean to write so many drunk/tipsy fics, idek where that comes from, why is it becoming such a pattern for me?? D:?

No, nope, I’m out.” Mark makes to stand but Felix grips his knee hard to keep him sat where he is. It’s stupid that they’re still playing though, considering half the people in the circle have already wandered away to the patio or to the kitchen for more pizza and booze.

“We made an oath,” he says, using Mark’s shoulders to keep from tipping sideways. “A sacred pact, Mark, you insensitive fuck.”

“We sealed it with our jizz!” Ken chimes in from the bathroom down the hall, then promptly continues to hurl.

Felix bunches Mark’s shirt in his fists and shakes him. “We sealed it with our jizz,” he says solemnly, or at least as solemn as a shit-faced swedish person can be.

The whole thing is stupid of course, but that was kind of the point - when Mary suggested Spin the Bottle everyone jumped at the idea of living out shitty teen party cliches, even though most of them are in their twenties.

“Would ya stop talkin’ about jizz and get Mark in the fuckin’ closet, already!” Jack sounds muffled through the closet door, giggling as he starts kicking at it from the inside.

“We’re trying to get him out of it, though,” Felix says, even though it’s only him that hoists Mark up and pushes him towards the closet by the kitchen entryway, while Ethan rolls around on the floor cackling at them and Wade has his palms covering his eyes as Molly rubs his back consolingly.

Eventually, Mark finds himself pushed into the small space, the door banging closed at his back and the quiet snik of a lock being turned.

“Seven minutes!” Felix yells, “And if either of you leaves cum on my rain boots I will delete both your channels!” He smacks the door, mumbles something about being a goddamn youtube hero and wanders off.

Mark sighs, his head tipping back against the door as Jack crowds in closer, snickering as his fingers dance at Mark’s waist. “Hey buuuddy!”

“You’re trashed, aren’t you.” It’s more of a statement than a question, and Jack’s muffled giggle is answer enough. “I’m not making out with you drunk, man.”

“Fine,” Jack huffs, close enough that Mark can feel his breath on his collarbone. Even in the darkness, he can tell Jack is grinning as he says, “I’ll make out wit’ you.”

And just as Mark’s about to reply there are lips on his, or really, Jack’s lips on his bottom lip and chin. It… could be worse.

Mark lets it go on for a bit, stays tight-lipped and still as he tolerates Jack’s tongue dipping clumsily at the corner of his mouth for a few moments too long, until finally finally it’s just too much.

“Stop, stop,” he says quietly, leaning back, and Jack does immediately though he’s still got his hands curled around Mark’s waist.

Mark sighs, totally put-upon, grasps Jack’s chin and catches his mouth properly against his. And yeah, it’s way better.

bluefishylove  asked:

yoongi/hoseok/namjoon (with namjoon uterly bottom to both) I would die for some 3some or sugamon/namseok (still nam!uke) badboy!suga/hoseok [of school] helping artnerd!namjoon when school gangs getting a like at him and torture him around au pwease? .w. whatever you like best~

don’t try to fix it (if it keeps getting better and better)

yoongi/namjoon/hoseok, pg15, au

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Motionless: Part 7b

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader and Bucky continue to heal after the events and ends with Bucky finally being able to do what he always wanted.

Word Count: 4,838

Warnings: Slight angst, fluff, I’m such a sap when it comes to feels

A/N: Second part of the timeline, it’s a bit lengthy but it’s all worth it, believe me. ;) Links are in bold. (All GIFs are not mine, credit to owners)


Readers POV

It’s been weeks since Bucky left his room, whatever food we sent up to him always came back barely even touched. He wasn’t eating, hell he wasn’t even sleeping. Blood-curdling screams could be heard two floors below and above his almost every night. And each time they were getting worse. It got to the point where Steve and you took turns camping on the couch every night and would calm him down if need be. Of course, you weren’t allowed to go into his room without another Avenger present. You hated the idea, but Steve wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Tonight, however, was one of the worst one’s you’ve seen so far. Steve forced you to sleep in your own bed and actually get some real sleep. You ended up sleeping for what seemed like ten minutes until the screams echoed throughout the vents, followed by Steve and Tony yelling. You bolted out of bed and headed towards his floor. Arms made their way around you as you turned the corner, preventing you from going any further.

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anonymous asked:

I know this wasn't what you wanted in the slightest, but what rp advice can you give to a long term rper that's been back stabbed and emotionally crippled all because of two partners and their lack of proper communication? I was kicked out of fandom equivalent of a "safe space" and certainly have trust issues now.

OOC; Sorry for the delay, I was doing theme things on another blog. But hey, when I offer HELP & input, that means about anything roleplay related so, don’t worry. <3 I’m happy to help if I can & I’m prob gonna write you a novel, I’m sorry lmao.
I’ve been here since 2011 I have definitely had my share of problems & issues with people. In my case, it was in the marvel fandom & coming to the POI fandom has really been the best roleplay experience I’ve ever had. I don’t know the EXTENT of how things happened or how severely you were hurt & I also haven’t experienced something IMMENSELY devastating like a lot of people have. What I CAN tell you is that fandom DOES make quite a difference & even though there are A LOT of really unpleasant, toxic people here, there’s so many wonderful & kind people too. Finding those really wonderful people is honestly so, SO very much worth it. There ARE people here that will adore you, who won’t ever want to hurt you & who will RESPECT you ( likely as long as you return it ). I know MANY wonderful people & if you want suggestions, I’m happy to oblige. If you want to talk to me one-on-one off of anon, you’re welcome to, I’m happy to open my IM to you if you need. I’m gonna put the rest of this under a cut because it’s long AF, but i hope it helps.

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1-ayla-jones-1  asked:

Hey! 😊 I've seen that you've been blogging about the Stormlight Archive and I've been wondering if I should pick it...I've heard of it before but I'm hesitant on starting it.

Hello friend!

The short answer to this: YES. PICK IT UP. 
(If you are satisfied with the short answer I suggest you stop reading now because I… ahem… May have been a little too enthusiastic when someone from the SJM fandom showed interest in this book series.)

Since I have feelings about this series I also have a long answer:
I don’t know what you usually read so I went a little stalker on you and checked your profile and it said you love Outlander and GoT (as well as worship at the feet of our Goddess SJM). Now I don’t know if this means you are mainly into the shows or have read the books too? The reason I bring this up because Stormlight Archive is more similar to those books than SJM’s. They are just as good as SJM’s but they are very different too. 

Basically, Stormlight Archive is Epic Fantasy. It’s not YA or NA. So the scope is bigger and when I say bigger I mean BIG. HUGE. Brandon Sanderson is a master when it comes to worldbuilding, religions, history, plot twists and unique magic systems. I love his magic systems because it’s not just this untangible mysterious thing (that works amazingly in some books, but his approach is refreshing), there is rules and conditions and as you learn more you can wrap your head around the workings of it? It makes you feel like this is your world too, like you’re not just a visitor. It is incredible.

Why you should read Stormlight Archive: 

  • The worldbuilding. It’s unique and stunning and captivating, and not only the geography but the evolution of their geography and the history of the world and the religions are so well thought out and presented.
  • The magic. It is so different to everything else I have read and so cool.
  • The cursewords and expressions that are their very own. 
  • Not one “race” or people on Roshar (the name of the world in stormlight) is what we would call white. Not one. 
  • The concept of race is discussed and acknowledged as problematic in this world. “Lighteyes” are basically “White people”.
  • The female characters. Brandon Sanderson is a white, middle aged, mormon, american man. And I did not have the highest hopes for his female characters. Maybe he would have a tomboy girl in there who was sexy, kickass, a warrior, sassy, kind and superintelligent all in one!!!! (god I am bored with characters who “has it all”) GUESS HOW WRONG I WAS.  He has written some of the most amazing female characters I have read. We have ladies who kick physical ass so thoroughly it’s not even funny. We have ladies who are so fierce in their independence and intellectuality they scare me (and I love it). We have ladies who are survivors and will do what it takes even if they know nothing of the world yet but they will do what they have to. We have ladies who are thieves and are sneaky little things. We have female engineers. And we have regal ladies who knows themselves and what they want in the world, and goes for it. There is not one kind of kick ass lady, and not two kinds. But so many and they are all multifaceted and have their own stories and personalities. 
  • The male characters. Holy moly. They have depth and emotions and they’re not just supermen.They are pretty super, but there is also real personality there. 
  • The plots and twists and foreshadowing and planning is mindblowing. Sanderson and SJM would get along swimmingly. 
  • The romance. Sanderson’s romances/love stories are quiet things. They are not the thing of SJM’s books (few romances are), but that does not make them less important. They are slow and quiet but so so so so beautiful and well written. 
  • THE WRITING. It is gorgeous and beautiful and insightful and funny as hell. Some of the quotes from these books are unbelivable. I will gift you a few quotes that is not spoilery: 

    The same man who wrote this: 
    “Ah, the outdoors,’ Shallan said. ‘I visited that mythical place once.”

    Also wrote this: 
    “Can you feel it? Something just changed. I believe that’s the sound the world makes when it pisses itself.” 

    And also wrote this: 
    “Weakness can imitate strength if bound properly, just as cowardice can imitate heroism if given nowhere to flee.” 

    Sanderson’s writing is not only beautiful but it also grabs hold of your heart when you are not looking and then squeezes that heart into a million shattered little pieces. And you will just be like WHAT? WHEN? HOW? DID THIS HAPPEN? Because he does it so sneakily. You’re just minding your own business trying to read and then all of a sudden you love these characters so much and they feel so real and you have no idea when that happened but oh my god.

I am sorry this turned into the longest answer ever. But there you have it. Stormlight Archive might take a little more commitment because it is epic fantasy and could take a little while to get into depending on how used to that genre you are, but it is worth it to experience Sanderson’s writing.

I promise, I will answer your next question with a MUCH shorter answer, if I have not already scared you away, haha. x

anonymous asked:

i'm so tired of jikook fics where it's badboy!jungkook and shy!jimin. give me shy jungkook and his tiny, badboy, bf jimin!! I want a fic with jimin who always walks jungkook to class, with his arm around his waist!! and glares at anyone who looks at jungkook the wrong way!!!! when will it happen!!

FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!!! I’m sorry, I just feel so strongly about this. As you probably know, I check the jikook tag on ao3 every day to see if there’s anything I want to read. Normally though, the tropes are not the ones I’m interested in. Just recently, there’s been a sudden peak in badboy kook and nerd or cheerleader jimin, and as expected they’re all bottom jimin of course. Most of the time, I can ignore those since I don’t like them, but the fact that Jungkook is portrayed as this scary delinquent who can beat up everyone and is an asshole to everyone is the reason why I’m so tired of this particular role. Jimin, on the other hand, is portrayed as an innocent shy angel who could do nothing wrong and is so beautiful that Jungkook just suddenly changes his ways. Jungkook is put into the bad boy role and Jimin is put into the shy role usually because it’s easier for them to fit into the top/bottom mold that’s so prevalent in the fandom. I wouldn’t be as annoyed if bad boy Jungkook turned out to be the bottom because it’s going against the stereotypical personalities of the bottom’s character. It’s the perpetuated top/bottom characteristics that get to me. I sound salty, because I am salty. So please excuse the bitterness and sarcasm. I’m not hating on the authors at all, but I’m just expressing what I think. 

What I don’t understand is why there aren’t more bad boy Jimin fics where Jungkook is the easily flustered one. Why can’t Jungkook be a cheerleader, or the nerd, or the sweetheart? Is he just barred from that role or something? He doesn’t have to be the bulky jock that is a jerk you know.There’s so much potential in the role reversal and I’m kind of disappointed that there are barely any fics for that (the ones I do find are buried underneath the top kook tropes). Jungkook can be a total sweetheart and he gets shy really easily, especially if it’s Jimin that teases him. This could totally be written into the badboy trope we love so much! 

Imagine Jimin, who is normally not that interested in school, suddenly coming because he noticed the quiet boy in the back of the class that occasionally reveals his bunny smile. His first thought is “he’s cute” and he later learns that the boy’s name is Jeon Jungkook. He then takes the initiative to sit beside Jungkook in the classes they have together and tries to talk to him. Jungkook is obviously very shy and he gets a bit awkward with first conversations, but it’s okay, Jimin can open him up (not that way, I just know some of you will think this). After awhile, Jungkook gets more comfortable with him and Jimin has the pleasure of witnessing that gorgeous smile (”You sure you’re not an angel, Jungkookie?” “H-hyung! Stop, you’re embarrassing me…”). But Jimin is not the only that knows Jungkook is painfully shy. Jimin’s old friends notice how he’s hanging around Jungkook. Jimin was their leader of sorts (not exactly a gang, just a group of bad boys that Jimin didn’t actually like that much) and now he’s playing nice with this pretty boy he found. They corner Jungkook after school, taunting him, and pushing him around. “What’s so good about you anyways? You’re just a weak, little pansy. It is because you’re fun to mess with? I didn’t know Jimin was into the whole school-boy concept.” Jungkook would start to cry and they mock him even more, pulling on his hair. Jimin happens to catch them and he’s furious. He pulls Jungkook behind him before beating the crap out of his old “friends” before Jungkook tugs on his arm and stops him before he gets kicked out of school. Nobody dares touch Jungkook after that, but Jimin is still wary and he walks Kookie to class every day, an protective arm always curled around his waist. If someone even looks at Jungkook for a second too long, Jimin will glare. No one can hurt Jungkook if he’s there. It goes without saying, that they’re the new couple and Jimin is so obviously smitten that people who knew Jimin as the school’s bad boy, look at him weirdly. He doesn’t mind though, since Jungkook is laughing happily beside him and giving him shy kisses on the cheek. SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THIS!!!!

Wow, I totally went overboard, but here! Also, anonnie, have you noticed how there’s suddenly been a flood of these fics (and top kook fics) after Jimin called Jungkook his “baby”? Are people really that against the idea of Jungkook being taken care of by Jimin or Jimin babying Kookie instead of the other way around? My saltiness is revealing itself again…but I couldn’t hold it in.

rakukajas  asked:

hey there !! i found you through your blitzstone art and it's s o gorgeous i'm gonna cry ?? you draw them so well and capture their characters so well and your art style is so pretty and !! aaa !!! it'd be great to hear some of your headcanons because you seem to care a lot about them !! have a nice day :" )

Hello there dearie, first of all sorry for the late reply, second thank you so much for taking the time to write this lovely compliment, I am so glad you enjoy my art, better yet when it’s Blitzstone, I have a lot of fun with this particular fandom :)

Headcanons hmm…with me it’s all about the origin story for now, as you can see in my pictures and given the time I would totally want to write a fic and\or draw even more pics, which I definitely will (at least the pictures) All my tell a story:

How Hearthstone ended up in the dark, dark world where he wasn’t able to find any sunshine, how he thought it might have been hell and that if it was, he definitely deserved it, because of how he disgraced his family. How he didn’t even try to ask for help any of the passerbies and just crawled into the darkest corner he could find. But then in a moment in desperation he realized he does not want to end like this, he does want to live and he reached over into his bag of runes and tried to seep in as much of its energy as he could. How there was this one passerby, that glimped this twinkle amongst the garbage and got curious, too curious to leave the sun-starved elf to die alone in the dirty alley.

How Blitzen never really liked building anything, how he felt the pressure in the room increase threefold every time he was forced to, but how he somehow…for the first time in his life…felt the joy and excitement of putting together a machine that would help to keep this strange mute elf he found outside alive, because the elf didn’t demand, didn’t force him to, he didn’t even say a word and Blitzen found himself relax. There was no pressure no deadline, because there were enough of those little sun-soaked containers in his world, granted they wouldn’t nurse the elf to health, not completely, but he wouldn’t die either and if he wanted to, he could have just led the elf into the hospital and they might have had dealt with him and sent him back to his world. But Blitzen somehow knew, he knew that they were similar in their own imperfection just by seeing the emptiness in those stormy eyes and that was when he decided to help…because he was selfish, because he wanted a friend that understood, because he felt like he was the right one to help. 

How they became friends, sharing their time together, sharing their meals or their warmth. How Hearthstone got used to wearing Blitzen’s clothes, how he would roll his eyes when offered different styles and colurs to choose from because that was just something he did not care about at all. How Blitzen would learn sigh language to understand his new friend without having to write down a single thing and how Heartstone would spend hours showing him the signs over and over patiently patienly. How one night Blityen woud wake up and realize that the elf that spend time with him because he needed to gain strength was already healthy enough to leave this dark world that was his home and that he might never see him again. How Hearthstone would wait for the dwarf to kick him out now that he was healthy again. And how they would both spend a week in a nervous atmosphere, Hearthstone practicing magic again until he fell asleep on the too small couch basking in the contained sunshine and Blitzen deciding to knit a scarf for his friend and weave some of the sunshine into it in case Hearthstone would ever end up in a dark and desperate place again and lacked the means or the will to survive. 

To be continued…


(Well it’s December guys and you know that what means. Selfie dump from selfies over the year and talking about it. It’s gonna get kinda text heavy because I’ve had kind of a shit year, and each of these photos represents either an important event or period of time. Time to get sad but also gay! 

These photos are in chronological order, and under the cut I’ll be explaining them. They all have the dates they were posted as descriptions. My face tag is #ax to the face if you want to go seek out the original posts! (Warning for emotional abuse ment. and suicidal ideation ment. under cut)

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