i'm sorry tom x)

  • Peter: Don't say a word!
  • Wade: ....fergalicious.
  • Peter: I said no words!
  • Wade: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago, playing Scrabble, it wasn't a word, but now it is. How convenient for you.

I’m sick of people telling me what I should and shouldn’t like.
I’m sick of people judging me, and laughing at at me for the things I do like.

Tom Holland makes me happy!
Musicals make me happy!
Marvel makes me happy!
Writing makes me happy!

Stop telling me that everything I like is crap! Because maybe I don’t like some of the things you do, but I’m not judging you for it!!!

Btw I’m not directing this toward any of my followers. It’s just people in my life that are bothering me.

responsibility, slide whistles, sandwiches and spiderman

summary: reader lives in the apartment across the street from peter and she catches him sneaking in his window as spiderman

a note: there are three things i’m good not terrible at writing; fluff, angst and humour. so here’s your daily dose of humour. enjoy. 

“oh my god, no way,” she peered out her open window to the building across the street, “he’s spiderman. peter parker. is the spiderman. huh. you live across from a person your whole life, sit next to them in class, be a generally good friend and they don’t feel the need to tell you that they’re queens newest superhero? some people, i tell ya.”

intrigued to know more, the girl of a slightly nosey nature climbed out her window and onto the fire escape.

“hey!” she shouted, throwing a balled up pair of socks towards the window, “peter!”

he popped his head outside just as she threw another pair of evidently expendable socks. they hit his forehead before falling down the the sidewalk below.

“y/n? what? why are you throwing socks at me?”

her eye twitched slightly, but she smiled anyways, “don’t pretend i didn’t just see spiderman go in and peter come out.” 

“you saw that didn’t you?”

“yeah, it was kinda felt like my soul leaving my body but with one of those slide whistle sound effects, you know?”

peter had always know that y/n was a little quirky at times, he assumes that she just says whatever comes into her head. 

“right, um, you can’t tell anyone about this? okay?”

“that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it.” 

he bowed his head, trying to hide his smile. 

“you really can’t keep this a secret?”

“with the way we’re both shouting at each other, i’m surprised the whole neighbourhood doesn’t know by now,” she laughed, “but i’ll tell you what. i’ll keep your secret if you do something for me. you can’t ask what it is or when i want it, either.”

“fine,” he said, slightly peeved, “are we good then?”

“no. i want my something now. i really want a sandwich. wanna go get one?”

“together? like a date?” as soon as he said that he regretted it, that’s definitely, most likely, probably not what she meant. 

“what? no,” she scoffed, “yes i mean like a date. how cool is it gonna be when i go and write in my diary later that i went on a date with,” she put up her hand next to her mouth like she was telling a secret, “spiderman.”

peter was a bit stunned. this girl goes from throwing socks to asking him out, all within a ten minute window. 

“that was impulsive, i know, but hey life too short not to get a sandwich with spiderman!” 

“stop saying that!”

“meet me down there,” she pointed to the front of his building, “in five minutes and i will.”

peter hit his head, trying to get back into his room, all because he was still staring at her sitting on the fire escape. 

man, once you can get past the weird and most of the time innaproiate things she says. she’s really really pretty.

“oh and peter?” she said, making him hit his again, “are you gonna tell me i’m pretty or something? then i can roll my eyes but then also go write about it in my diary which contain all of my secrets and unrequited love stories.” 

both of them stayed silent for a moment, letting the noise of the city consume them.

“i’m just kidding, see you in five minutes.”

he watched her struggle to get her tall, lanky frame back into her room. next thing he saw was her tumble inside and then give a thumbs up from the floor.

five minutes later, after both of them struggling to find something not ugly to wear, they met outside peter’s building.

“do you even know where you want your sandwich from?” peter asked, as the pair started walking to no one in particular. 

“no. i thought spiderman would though.”

“oh my god, are you done with this now?” he laughed.

“not until i get my sandwich, then we’ll talk.”

e n d 

another note: my stupid ass isn’t good with endings, so this is as good as it gets for right now

parks and rec blurb or whatever

wrote this lil blurb/imagine thing based off a post @gounderoos posted about wanting to hold tom and watch parks and rec (literally my all time fav show) so enjoy this crappy lil thing thx

“okay, so, remind me of what happened last time? um, the small horse-”

“li'l sebastian.” he chuckled softly.

“yes, li'l sebastian, is the guest of honor at the carnival, and the small one - tom? - lost him, right? and now they’re looking for him?”

“right!” i smiled as he made his way back to my bed, a soda in both of his back pockets, two bags of chips tucked under his arms and a bowl of popcorn with wrapped candy bars sitting on top of it. he removed the two cans and handed one to me, placing the other on the night stand.

“right. now, what’s the deal with this sebastian character? i mean, he’s a horse…” i feigned offense with an exaggerated gasp and a hand to my chest.

“he’s a small horse, Tom! he’s a big deal!” Tom purses his lips together to suppress his laugh as he slid in next to me on the bed, handing me a couple of candy bars and placing the bowl of popcorn on his lap.

“right, right! how could i be so insensitive?!”

“that’s what i’m saying!” Tom shook his head, but i knew it was endearing. he leaned over and pressed play on my laptop before situating himself against the headboard and watching the t.v. show.

“when do Leslie and Ben get together?” i shook my head.

“no spoilers, Holland!” he grunted in response and shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth. it was silent for a few minutes, up until we got to the scene with Jerry, Ron, Tom, April and Andy in the maze. i laughed loudly at when Andy found his way back to April.

“April! oh, my god! this maze is like a maze!”

i looked at Tom and saw he was looking at me already, a wide grin on his face. “watch the show, Tommy!” i playfully nudged him and he leaned in, giving me a soft peck. he pulled away, not moving completely away from my face.

“sorry, you just looked really cute.” i grinned to mirror him and kissed him again, a little longer this time. i pulled away with my hand coming up to cup his cheek.

“i love you, Tom.”

“really?” i nodded, confused. it wasn’t like i hadn’t said it before. “that is awesome sauce.” it was his turn to laugh. i rolled my eyes as he quoted the show and shoved his face away from me, only earning a louder laugh. “i love you, too, darling. that’s what makes the sauce so awesome.”

Why Am I Doing This?

Straight up if any of my spider-man/Peter Parker fics get like over 500 likes I will message Tom Holland, probably get no response, and dab or something idk. Its 2:30 AM and I’m in a weird mood, and taking risks. 

Also the message might be weird as hell

Stay Alive 3 (Happy Memories) The Final Chapter

Word Count: 865

Paring: Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: Feels. A whole lot of feels. Bring the tissues. 

Summary: Tom drives through London to remember the times with you when something happens.


Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones

“Get some rest Tom, take a walk, anything. Just relax. I know it’s hard, but it has been five years and you’re already doing so well. But five years. She would have wanted you to be happy.” Sophie said as she hugged Tom goodbye. Ben and she had promised to take care of Jonathan for some days since Tom needed to be alone sometimes, which was hard with a five year old around. Sophie let go of Tom.

“Thank you dear.” He said and turned to walk.

“Ben and I will call you later.” She said. Tom nodded and walked out. The door closed behind him.

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Wedding Jitters Pt.2 // 10:46 pm

Pairing: Reader x Fiancé
Featuring: Tom Holland
Warning: idk
Prompt: you realize you made a mistake at the wedding and run

Part 2

Everyone’s eyes were on you as you walked out down the isle, your dads arm wrapped securely around yours. You knew how hard this was to him, letting his only daughter go. It was hard for you too, of course. This was your future, your fate. You’d be marry to this one man, the man you’ve spent the last couple of years of your life falling for.
But, it didn’t feel right. You loved him with all of you, but it didn’t feel like all of you wanted to love him. Not the way you should, anyway.
That’s when you really felt it. The vile that was rising to your throat. The uncomfortable feeling settling in your stomach. What were you doing? Walking down an isle to meet the man you love, but are not in love with.
Yours locked with him. You could see there. The fear. You weren’t the only one feeling it. A few steps away now. And your father stopped you, your eyes followed as he handed you over to your soon-to-be husband, but your mind was running away.
Stepping up to stand in front of him now, his eyes still locked on you. You couldn’t speak, you couldn’t do anything. You were frozen on the spot as he grabbed hold of your ice cold hands.
“[Name]?” Your fiancé leaned over and whispered. His eyes creased with worry now as you stared blankly. Gone was your breath.
The slightest shake of your head indicated you weren’t the one, the right one - for him. It was like a click, in the back of your head as you watched him nod.
He understood. He knew. Why? Because you two did love each other, you both did greatly. But that’s just it, you both knew you loved each other but never were in love with each other.
You didn’t hesitate to run. You didn’t look at everybody’s shocked and concerned faces as you booked it for the door. Running as fast as your legs could carry you in a wedding dress.
Not stopping once you made it outside the large building, you ran down the street, yelling for a cab. One pulled over and you swiftly got in, yelling at him to take you anywhere, everywhere, just get the hell out of there.
It felt like hours, but was only thrifty minutes as your cab pulled up outside the airport. Confused at first, the cab looked at you through the rear view mirror, you could see his eyes look over you. Your make up was most likely ruined and you were wearing a large wedding dress. He probably guessed your situation.
“Oh no, sir I’m so sorry. I left m-my purse back at the hotel.” You hiccuped, afraid of what he might do.
“No, ma'am it’s okay.” His eyes read the grief you were already going to be expecting from everyone you knew. “It’s on me.”
“I don’t know how to thank you,” you said to him, leaning against the glass.
“Go, go and be happy.” He said, a small smile illuminating his features. You wanted to cry harder. Why are people so nice??
“Thank you.” You tried to hold back the water works as you pulled you and your dress out of the cab and headed to the airport doors.
Where to next?

Alright y’all. This is the last time I’ll post about this I promise lmao I’ve been told my person tags didn’t work in the original post, so I’m going to post them here.

> Blind Side Chapter 2 has been posted! <

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Tomarry Mini Fic Rec 2!

Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity in regards to Tomarry recently, I know I promised to do this a millennia ago but here it is! 

1.  Your Name on My Heart - whitedandelions   


Bearing the Dark Lord’s soul mark on his chest certainly isn’t easy when his family is firmly on the Light Side. HarryxVoldemort SLASH. Set in the Past. (This fic is still a WIP but it’s being updated fairly regularly and is kind of the new kid on the block in terms of Tomarry fics considering it was first published to AO3 at the start of the year, it’s a good read nonetheless so check it out!)

2.  The Rise of a Dark Lord - LittleMissXanda


Dumbledore was sure he had made the right choice. Ten years later Harry shows him just how wrong he was. With little regard for most, Harry makes a name for himself at Hogwarts, and shows everyone that he is far more than just the BWL. In doing that he attracts the attention of the Dark Lord, making Voldemort believe that the Boy-Who-Lived could be far more than an enemy. (I’m pretty shocked this one hasn’t made it onto my list before, I remember reading some of it a while ago and loving it, another WIP but if you like Dark!Harry fics where Harry grows up dark as a result of his upbringing, you’ll love this! Dumbledore type bashing but I figure with this ship that’s to be expected)

3. In Wonderland - hyugahime


Harry, after being saved by a mysterious stranger, is flung fifty years into the past, where he resolves to save the future by killing a 10-year-old Tom Riddle. He ends up raising him, instead. But when young Tom develops an unhealthy fixation on his new guardian, things quickly spiral out of control, and Harry finds himself entangled in a deadly game. Will history repeat itself? (This fic uses a similar concept to 47 days to change but in a truly unique way, as with most in the fandom, this is a WIP, sorry guys!)

4. Love’s Loathing - The_Fictionist


Lord Voldemort is head of Magical Britain. Harry Potter is a rebel leader in charge of the last scraps of resistance against his regime. Things would be difficult enough even if they hadn’t once been engaged. (I know everyone is probably sick to death of me mentioning The Fictionist buttttt she recently completed this fic and it’s so great I couldn’t not mention it. An AU which eventually links in with cannon, check it out guys!)

Previous fic recs: 





GINNY WEASLEY / TOM RIDDLE ◇ LEFT HOOKa time travel fic by @elicitillicit

She should feel dirty, nauseous, repulsed, but his breath is hot against her skin and she cannot ignore the crackle of his magic pushing against her bones. Tom Riddle is magnetic in all the meanings of the word, and she blames hormones and puberty for the rush of desire that sets her blood on fire when he presses closer. 

“You’re sick,” she whispers unconvincingly, and he smiles, sharp and feral. 


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

x & x

Squirrels (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Spiderman Vs Squirrels. ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BPVTcIyjWNy/?hl=en )

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none

a/n: I laughed so hard at this video.. I’m sorry I just love it way too much… Anyways there’s going to be a longer and much more story inclined coming possibly tomorrow if I’m not the tired and lazy ass I am.. ^~^ and yes Tom Holland.

It was a gloomy day. Puffy clouds conquered the skies and the atmosphere was quite lazy. You found it to be a perfect day for a relaxing walk in the park with your not so relaxed best-friend. It was starting to pop up as a challenge to face both the student and friendly neighborhood spider life. You figured that he should just relax and enjoy the lazy day aura. You were sitting on a sturdy wooden bench reading (b/t) meanwhile your friend was taking some pictures of the aesthetically pleasing trees. It was something that got him off other things for a while so it was okay. It was all okay.

“no, No, NO!” Peter voice was clearly charged with distress.

You stood up and walked over from the bench you were seated on to Peter who was standing nearby. You saw him standing still in quite a frozen manner. You tapped his back and he carefully turned around. You searched his figure for any signs of injury until you saw what was hugging his knee. It was minute and hazel squirrel. You covered your mouth in an attempt to prevent giggles from coming out, but it was far too late. He furrowed his eyebrows, confused at why you would be laughing.

“(y/n), this squirrel won’t let go.” He said pointing at the knee occupied by the creature.

“I don’t know what to do!”

“I’ll just shake off then..”

“NO, IT MIGHT GET HURT!” You protested a little too loudly which frightened the animal. It scurried down Peter’s leg and ran off back into the wild. The now squirrel-free loser gave a proud grin squinting his eyes.

“Thanks. Now I’m squirrel free!”

You roll your eyes at his pride as another squirrel creeps up close and runs up Peter’s leg. His eyes widen again and he speaks in a loud voice “I don’t have anything!”. You just stare at his failure and laugh. You were such a great friend. The squirrel just crept closer and closer up his leg.

“(y/n)!” He slightly yelled as you rubbed your eyes at all the laughter that was coming out. You held up a hand still laughing, but letting the laughter slowly die down. You put your hand down and responded.

“I’m sorry, Parker, but I’m pretty sure there must be something they want in your pocket.”

He went through his pockets to see if there was anything was there, but it was as empty as the author’s soul. The squirrel then proceeded to randomly get down and run back into the woods. Peter looked up extremely confused with his eyebrows furrowed.

“What just happened?” He asked.

“No idea, but that was the best thing ever.”


Zoom & Reverse Flash x Reader

Request: Anon-  Do you still do drabbles? If you do can you do one where zoom and reverse flash fight for the reader but she doesn’t want to let down her friends (team flash). I’m sorry if it’s weird but I really love you’re writing ❤️☺️

A/N I think I’m going to go on a writing spree. Yeah, probably going to go on a writing spree. HAPPPY 400 FOLLOWERS YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

Becuase of my personal preference (and anger at CERTAIN PLOT POINTS) the reverse flash (whichever version you prefer) will get the reader.


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