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Aaah if this is too OOC you dont have to do it, but I am a sucker for "villain falls hard for a Genuinely Nice person" trope ÚwÙ;; I was wondering if I could request James March falling head over heels with an absolute sweetheart who walks into the Cortez, maybe even getting a bit protective when someone hits on them at a bar? I'm sorry if this is too specific aaaaahhh

A/N: Ah I’m sorry i didn’t add the bar scene but i thought it would be so fun to write the Countess vs. James March dynamic. it kinda drifted away from the request, I’m sorry. I hope this is okay…. 

James March X Reader 

You dragged your hand along the Cortez wall, smiling. You loved the Cortez. You’d stayed there since you were young, up until your family died. It was your first time back since then. You walked up to the counter smiling at the woman in front of you. “(Y/N)” You said to her giving her your brightest smile. She stared back at you dully, giving you a key. You were excited to find it was the room you’d stayed in when you were younger, even more surprisingly seeing familiar faces in the hotel that seemed to have never aged.  

“It can’t be.” There was a voice on from the end of the hall. “Darling.” You caught the eyes of the countess and you smiled. “You’ve gotten so big, my love.” She said. Your parents were business partners with the Elizabeth, you spent more time with her when you were younger than your own parents it seemed. She held your hand tightly smiling. “And you’ve grown as beautiful as your mother.” It was said with a slight sullen tone. She stroked your hair kissing your forehead.  "I’m so glad to be seeing you after so long.“ She said.  

“It’s a pleasure to see you too, Countess. I would have come back sooner but…” You started but she shook her head.  

“No need to explain, darling.” She squeezed your hand knowingly. “What are you doing right now?”  

“I was planning to just explore as always.” You muttered. She smiled.  

“Oh come to dinner with me than, I can’t part with you so soon…” She sighed.  

“I’d love to.”

You followed the Countess, her extravagance as bright as ever. She didn’t let go of your hand dragging you carefully along the hallway. “Wait here one moment please.”

“James, I brought a guest.” She called into the room as she stepped in. You could hear the crash of something in the room. “Come in, darling.” She called. You stepped into find a vase broken to pieces on the floor. A tall black haired man had his hands on the table his face slightly red. When he saw you his features soften and he walked towards you and the countess. He placed his hand out to you.  

“Why, I’m sorry, where are my manners. I’m James March, you must be (Y/N.)” He said, fixing his tie with his free hand. You nodded placing your hand in his. He kissed the top of your hand sweetly, You were unable to draw your eyes from him.  

“Now you might not remember, Mr. March, but this sweet child here has been a long time guest. Shes’ the last of the (L/N).” She said. She had a sly smirk on her face.  

“Who could ever forget such a beautiful smile?” He said lowering his hand with yours in it. He gestured to the table.“Please sit, join us.”  

You sat down on a chair on the right side of the long table March and the Countess sitting on opposite sides. “Now tell me, my child, how have you been?” Elizabeth inquired.  

“Alright.” You said thinking about your time in between the your last Cortez stays. For some reason it seemed foggy. Lost in some sort of mist. You could barely remember your last stay, just the bloodbath you’d stumbled on.  

“Well we sure have missed you, my lovely.” The Countess said sipping out of a glass on the table. “How have you been, James?” She asked smiling.  

“Quite frustrated with the new interior changes but… Things will have to change at some point.” He sighed. The conversation seemed very bland, they both seemed to be focused on you.  

“I was thinking of having (Y/N), stay in my suite. Just as she used to. It’s been so long.” She seemed to hold another sly smirk. James slammed down his drink.  

“Now, now, Elizabeth… Don’t you think, she’d be more comfortable in her own room?”  

“Donovan and I will take great care of her.” She said. James squirmed in his seat.  

“I would disagree.” He growled.  

“James, it’s not the time to be so protective. He was always like this with you. So worried. I bet you don’t even remember. He refused to let you around my game room for my children.” The Countess grit her teeth. “But I would say it’s for the best, you are so lovely now.” She sighed. You wanted to jump in to speak but you felt silenced by the strange strength of aura of both of your hosts. “Even going so far as to save her after I’d prepared such a wonderful meal for her.” She hissed.  

“Elizabeth, this is not the conversation we should be having now.”  

“Oh really? Because you’ve been taking quite a lot from me recently? What a annoying habit to have, James.” She growled. You swallowed.  

“Im sorry… Um did I miss something?” You asked lightly. The Countess turned to you.  

“No. Of course not. Just light banter.” She smiled brightly at you and you bit your lip. You didn’t notice but James was standing his fingers on your shoulder.  

“Why don’t we go have a drink in the bar, (Y/N)? Let Elizabeth calm down.” He said to you. You nodded. Watching the Countess glare at him, you felt a slight fear from how your old friend was acting. You felt something in the pit of your stomach. As you stood up, you felt, blacking out to complete darkness.  

You were in the hallway of the Cortez, dragging your hand along the wall. Your sister had her fingers wrapped in yours. The Countess as young as she always was smiled down at the two of you. “Now, thank you for bringing (Y/N) to me.” The countess said stealing your hand from your sister. Your sister nodded heading back to your room.  

“What are you doing, Elizabeth?” James said from behind her. She smiled.  

“Adding another princess to my castle.” She said kissing the top of your head. You smiled at her.  

“What of her family?”  

“Well her father is taking care of that as we speak. He thinks I’m changing him, what am idiot.” She said she leaned down towards you.  

“Would you like to stay here with me forever?” The Countess asked you. You looked up towards James.  

“Will James be there?” You asked. The Countess let out a sigh.  

“If you want him to be, darling.” She said. James smirked.  

“Now, now, Elizabeth. Why don’t you have me walk her to the game room while you finish off her family?” He said. The Countess smiled sullenly, letting go of your hand.  

“Yes, I guess that would be the best idea.” She let you grip on to James’s hand. His eyes seemed dark as he watched her walk away.  

“(Y/N), We’re going to play hide and seek. You’re going to run far from the hotel and don’t come back until you see the blue and red lights.” He growled. You looked up at him. “Run.” He whispered to you.  

When you woke up your eyes met the familiar brown ones. James had you in his arms. “James.” You said. He smiled.

“Sorry, Elizabeth. You can have everything in hotel, but (Y/N).” He said. He stared at the Countess, grabbing your hand. His lips finding yours. The Countess glared as he pulled you up from the ground. She stepped in front of the two of you.  

“Run.” He said pulling you out the door, running with you down the halls of the Cortez.  

When you got back to your room, James smiled, winking at you. “I did miss you.” He said shyly. You smirked, leaning up to kiss him. He smirked.  

“Thank you for saving me again, James.”