i'm sorry to put this on all of you

Do you ever just have those moments where you find yourself questioning a relationship? Like you catch yourself putting more effort into something than someone else and it’s really frustrating because everything they say is just…it’s not sufficient?? It’s too easy to tell they’re not trying at all?


I’ve heard on Instagram that the app Meitu (the app that Mark, Jack, Ethan, Dan, Phil etc. have used to make them look kawaii) is getting information traded to China. Like your IP address and all the apps you have, it allows it to read your identity and take it.
I don’t know if it’s true but it’s better to be safe than sorry. So for everyone’s safety if you have the app please DELETE IT RIGHT NOW!

a quick post: do not use the term ‘sin’ or whatever the fuck to refer to LGBT couples in fan fiction or cannon or anything just don’t do that to young LGBT kids who see themselves in those characters and don’t do that to all the LGBT people who have been shunned and attacked with religion as an excuse I don’t care if you think it’s funny and I don’t care if you don’t think it’s offensive and I literally!!!!! do not care about the feelings of straight people over LGBT people!!!! and!!! I never will!!!!

To my followers

Everything is going to be okay. We can stand together, watch out for each other, and still fight for our rights. The sun will rise tomorrow and we will be okay. Please do not do anything harmful to yourself tonight.

To my poc followers, my women followers, and my LGBT followers in trump supporting households, you got this. I believe in you and I believe we can still stand together and fight. It’s hard, but it is not impossible. We can still change everything.


DISHONORED ALPHABET  ⇨ A is from Assassin, A is Attano

“Previously an agent and bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, Corvo is stripped of his title of Lord Protector and imprisoned by the usurper, Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows, on the pretense of having murdered the Empress and abducted her daughter, Emily Kaldwin. After escaping from confinement on the eve of his execution, Corvo becomes either an assassin or vigilante for the Loyalist Conspiracy, eliminating Burrows’ confederates to clear his name, avenge the Empress’ death, and restore Emily to the throne.”

  • <p> <b>Thinking to Self:</b> "I wonder what life would be like if I didn't spend every moment obsessing over my otp?"<p/><b>Sassy Brain:</b> "Probably a productive one. Or at least a life where you put on pants! Please put on pants!"<p/></p>

I know I’m suppose to be positive about life. I know that. So many people tell me on a daily basis. I know I should put a smile on my face and fight back. I know my problems aren’t the end of the world. But you don’t understand. I’m tired.

I’m tired of looking at my face. I’m tired of not knowing what to do. I’m tired of all the people hurting me, even when they don’t realize they are hurting me.

I’m merely sick and tired.
I feel like such a waste of time, a downgrade, a replaceable, and an empty person.
So instead of standing up and auguring I just sit there silent, I cry until I fall asleep.
I can’t fight back my tears anymore.
I’m sorry I’m not better.
I’m sorry I’m too much to handle.
I’m sorry that I’ve given up.

I feel as if I wasted my whole life to achieve nothing, literally nothing.
I want to find a purpose.
Something to look forward to.
I’m so unhappy and isolated.
For the last 3-4 years I have been so sad.
That sadness has grown inside of me and it’s all I know now. I can’t stop it, I can’t control it. Because even when I’m happy and laughing, it’s seems like it’s still there, just waiting to strike at me and take me down.

I always pretend to be a cold hearted person when in reality I cry about everything, all the time, literally, always crying.

I’ve given up and lost hope. I don’t think I will ever be the girl I used to be. Because of how much my sadness has consumed me, I’m a different person. Walking in large crowds, feeling more lonely than ever. Doing random tasks and only thinking about how much I want to be dead.

Before you go telling me how many people are greatful for me, just think. Did you ever think about the fact that some people just don’t want to live ? 
They have no dramatic reason, they just dont want to live.

I’m sorry I don’t cherish life the way you do. I’m sorry I feel as if I don’t belong here. And I’m sorry that at any given point in time I will just completely give up and die. I’m sorry if me dying is an inconvenience to you. I’m so sorry, please forgive me.

—  I’m just so unhappy here and I’m tired of everything
warning: opinions not facts everyone buckle up

humor me for a bit

we all know AU’s, right? well, for those who don’t, it stands for Alternate Universe. Basically, they take a certain aspect, and give it to all the characters in a game, or fanfic, or whatever medium. For example, theres underfell, where (almost) every character in undertale is evil. going off this knowledge, I have a bit of a complaint. it deals with the “AU” inktale. I put the quotation marks on au because I feel it isn’t an entire alternate universe. In it, there is a sole character. just one. who knows what happened to the others, but the only character, not only is one of the most popular characters in undertale, but is just a “creative” version of him. this….troubles me to say the least

now don’t get me wrong, I love ink sans style! but to say the entirety of his form is an AU, is a bit of a stretch. I feel like “AU”‘s such as inktale, and underfresh focus on drawing sans in a particular style, then just call it a day

not that theres a problem with that, but

can you really call something an AU if it only features one character? I mean, sure you can, but theres really no depth to the rest. like, “ok so heres ink sans…wheres ink frisk? or ink undyne?? or anyone else for that matter????” it really seems like a large chunk is missing

if you’re going to go so far as create an entirely different universe, I suggest you make *ahem* MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER to fit said universe. like I get it. sans is very popular with the fanbase. but hes not the ONLY character in undertale

Hey there loves! So a while back I hit the absolutely mindblowing and incredible milestone of 10k followers. I have no clue why ten thousand of you have decided to follow me over the past few years but I am immeasurably grateful and humbled by it.

I want to do something for y’all and I’ve decided to try something different than I’ve done before!

I’m going to make y’all some fanmixes!

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

  • since this a thing to celebrate my followers, you must be following me
  • reblog this post before 11 pm CST on December 2nd, 2016
  • send me a message (ask or instant message) with the theme/basis for the fanmix you’d like to request
  • five people will be randomly selected to receive fanmixes

More info on the fanmixes and such!

you can request:

  • mixes based on a fic that you’ve written
  • mixes based on some random au or plot idea you have
  • mixes based on a ship (that i’m at least marginally familiar with) or a specific episode or character
  • general mixes for a mood or emotion

if you’re unsure about if your request will work, just talk to me and we’ll figure it out!

if you’d like to see a sample of my mixes, my 8tracks is here and are here on tumblr

I’m looking forward to seeing y’all’s requests and thank you SO MUCH for following me and making my tumblr experience so wonderful!

(and don’t be surprised if I end up filling more than five requests from this ♥)

Can’t we just put aside our differences and all agree that whether you love ice-skating boys or esper kids that what we’re all really excited for is another season of an egg and a toaster in domestic bliss?

Lauren Zuke is

A talented individual who obviously didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I look up to them a lot and seeing all of this just makes me sad. Steven Universe is a kids show for God’s sake - is this kind of bullying and harassment something you want to TEACH the younger audience that could be on these sites?

It’s disgusting. It’s personal. Stop making up rumours and don’t say anything until you know the facts.

I just saw an Autism Mom™ refer to her autistic 3-year-old as “having level 2 autism” so following that I am a level 38 autistic and s/ you all should be very afraid /s

I’ll not be writing for ML fandom anymore. I just deleted my fanfictions and future projects about Gabrinette ship. I hope you are happy now…

-I’m so sorry for those people who were by my side all this time, who put their trust in me and even saw me as an example of strength. I tried to be so strong as I could, until the end, but there comes a time when harassment, offenses and humiliations become unbearable. And that were for me throughout this year. I prefer to remain silent, not talk about this kind of negative events and ignore; However, when you realize that you spend more and more time eliminating comments and messages made with the sole intention of insult, you realize that something is wrong. I still think there are good people in this fandom, I have known them <3 I apologize again. You, my readers and friends didn’t deserve any of this. And if I’m upset now, it’s with myself.

Sorry if my english sucks now, i’m so tired and hurt at this moment. You know… is easier to me write in spanish ;;; :c


Put this in your phone, right now. This is the hotline for the US Congress. All those House bills you’re hearing about, (such as the one to terminate the EPA, defund Planned Parenthood, repeal the ACA, etc), this is where you start protesting them. It starts with a recorded message, and will ask you to input your zip code. It will then give you a list of your representatives, House AND Senate, based on that zip code. Leave messages for all of them.

I know this is tough for some of you. Believe me, I know. My hands shake all day leading up to and following these calls. Some of you might not have the time during your workday. You might not be able to even hear the prompt over whatever is going on in your head, in your home, in your life. If all you feel you can do is signal boost, please do. Type  “Who represents me” into Google, find out who your reps are. Visit your representatives’ websites, fill out those “Contact Us” forms, blast their contact info all over your FB page if you feel it’s safe to do so. 

I haven’t been seeing many stories lately about conservative representatives whining that their constituents won’t leave them alone. Let’s change that. 

Daily Reminder💕

1) Drink AT LEAST a gallon of water throughout the day. Ice cold water is the best.
2) Yoga is amazing both mentally and physically.
3) Reward yourself with music. During your workout, play music you normally don’t listen to then at the end you can reward yourself with your favorite song.
4) Sleep for at least 8 hours each night. Don’t sleep all day!
5) Put effort into your appearance. It’s easier to wear the same hoodie for a week straight with your hair in a 2 day old bun, but wouldn’t you look better in a cardigan and some cute boots?