i'm sorry this was shaky!


I thought of a Gratitude of the Crane Yuri on Ice AU at 1 AM– I had to draw it so I made fake manga pages!

If you haven’t heard this story, it’s a Japanese legend about a crane. It’s actually quite sad, and there are a few versions. (you can look it up for the story, but I may continue this comic if you guys like it?)


so idkhow played visitation of the ghost last night and dallon brought a fan up on stage to play bass while he came down into the crowd and sang with us for like….two (2) whole minutes……..it was magical


Your heart will be your downfall.

I just got back from dinner with my aunt and my fucking rapist was the guy greeting people and sending them to tables and I can’t stop fucking shaking and I couldn’t tell her and I tried to hold it together and now I just feel sick 

AND HE JUST KEPT TRYING TO STARE ME DOWN. And I didn’t want him to feel he’d won so I stared right back and tried to stop my hands from shaking and now I’m byu myself shaking and flashbacks and fuck

He tried to stare me down and I didn’t let him and I’m so proud of myself for that but I hope he didn’t see how my hands were shaking 

WHAT THE FUCK. Oh my god. I haven’t seen him since it happened back in march. bfuck fuck 

I avoid going out in public inc ase I run into my rapist or my uncle who’s out on bail while this trial wher ehe’s being charged with molesting me goes down but then i told myself I was being irrational and to just face it and I FUCKING DO AND FUCK

Someone just please tell me I did good. I didn’t let him win. I just. I’m having flashbacks of him and my childhood stuff right ow and I just I need validation. Normally I’m the one giving validation to peopl eand just fuck I need some right now because I feel so weak for being so ccared right now.