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1080x1920 phone wallpapers: D.Gray-Man - Laven wallpapers

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Happy anniversary FNAF 2! This game continues to be my favorite out of all of them! AlsoitgaveusthegiftofToyFreddysoitsthebest:P

@lunlucy yoooo I’m the anon that thought your Lance with a backwards cap was hot

I am so thankful...

So American Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I just wanted to stop and take a moment to express just how thankful I am for everything I have.

First off, @cinnieminni has given me more than anyone in my entire life.  They are the most amazing person I know and gifted me with true love and acceptance for everything I am.  Something I was never even slightly afforded in my life.  They saw me broken and lost, and they fixed me up, gave me courage, and told me that I could do anything.  I couldn’t be happier to be married to Val, they are the light of my life and love me wholeheartedly.  Val has been my driving force and my never-ending encouragement throughout everything in my life.  Val was the entire reason I was able to finally be comfortable with my gender, being more public about it, and I know that they will continue to be there with me throughout whatever changes life may bring.  A lot of you tell me “thank you for being so positive”, but it is Val’s kindness and love that gives me that ability to beam with happiness and positive feelings!

I also want to thank all of my closest friends for being so supportive and caring, to those of you who knew for a long time or for those friends who only learned after I came out publicly…thank you.  I admit, I was always worried about what all of you would say, but each of you had shown me that I had nothing to fret over.  I will be thanking a bunch of you personally, because I want you all to know just how much I appreciate your love and immediate acceptance.  But I just want you to know that without your support, I wouldn’t be standing as strong as I am now.  Through everything, friends both new and old, have encouraged me in every aspect of my life, my career, and just in everyday doings.  I am thankful for all of you and will do my best to not be so busy all the time and give more time to my wonderful friends!

For those who have sent kind words through twitter, tumblr, etc…life is hard.  It’s often disappointing and takes you on paths that you don’t want to go down or didn’t expect.  However, never underestimate the small words of kindness you hear along the way.  It is the fuel that will get you through those difficult moments, and you all have given me plenty to lift my spirits in times when I felt extremely low.

I want to address it again, but coming out as transgender was scary to me, I was terrified.  I slowly hinted at it for quite some time, many people saw it and immediately understood, some didn’t quite get it.  But as time went on and I saw how compassionate so many of you were, it made me feel more comfortable.  So, in a time when everyone seemed to be at their lowest, I wanted to show that I wasn’t afraid to be myself and show the world that they shouldn’t be scared either.  I’ll honestly say I don’t know where my future will take me, but I know that there are people out there who will help me when I’m struggling.  Because of that, I will do my best to always bring smiles and laughter in any and every way I can so I can help all of my friends and all of you through any tough times you may experience.

2016 was a year full of high-highs and low-lows in many ways.  But in the end, 2016 was the year that saw myself and Val finally tying the knot, it was the year I was finally able to come out as a transwoman publicly, it was the year I met new friends who love and accept me, and it was also the year of a new Pokemon game!

Happy Thanksgiving, even if you don’t celebrate it, take a moment to just be thankful for any happiness you’ve been given this year no matter how big or small!

not every child of immigrants is taught their parents’ native tongue and some maybe never learn it to any fluency or might be fluent but not literate and then on top of that, some are intentionally not taught their parents’ native language at all…all that to say, just because someone has a cultural heritage of _____ doesn’t necessarily mean they know the language associated with that culture and it can be a point of pain when people assume or imply that they don’t know their “first language”


The War of the Ninepenny Kings, they called it. But I never saw a king or earned a penny. After the war ended, I heard it all started when an exiled royal bastard raised an army of sellswords and the rightful king sent his own army to stop an invasion. Sounds simple, the way the maesters tell it; but an army isn’t like a dog that comes when you whistle…


We’ve stumbled on a view
That’s tailor-made for two
What a shame those two are you and me
Some other girl and guy would love this swirling sky
But there’s only you and I

What a waste of a lovely night

I just drew the characters, the background is from the poster of La La Land

I recently saw the movie and it’s fantastic (and it hurts) So here’s one with Aaron (as Mia) and Alexander (as Sebastian).

Also sorry I haven’t been actively lately as I’m working on my thesis project this semester.