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- “I will always come find you.”
- “You are the one who I always come back to.”

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I had never heard Uptown Funk before seeing you reblog a gifset of it, but now not only can I not stop listening to it, but every time I hear "I'm too hot Make a dragon wanna retire man" I think of Hawke and it makes me giggle

“Hightown funk you up, Hightown funk you up”

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{For the open requests} I'm so torn between more spark!Optimus keeping watch on the Bots or Sideswipe and Sunstreaker relaxing together all fluffly like, so I'll let you pick which one you wish to do. x3

Optimus does the nightly rounds after (nearly) every bot is long since asleep.

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Can u show us more of your favourite moments from AA?

nonny, trust me when I say I’ve been thinking about this ask every day since you’ve sent it (which is probably like, at least 2 weeks now?). I’ve literally got post-its all over my desk with half-finished lists of my favorite AA moments because it was so hard to choose something to talk about

with that said, after re-watching several of my favorite episodes, I want to talk a little bit about Tony’s relationship with praise. Specifically: the gradual change in the way Tony accepts praise from Steve over the course of the series

Or, alternatively named: “why The Age of Tony Stark continues to be the best AA episode that ever aired”

So: as we all know, Tony has a complicated relationship with his sense of self-worth. That’s just a multi-versal constant. While he may be handsome, selfless, and a literal genius, he’s always expecting more of himself. Telling himself to be better, pushing himself beyond his limits, putting himself at risk if it means saving the world or sparing others. If he ever fails, Tony is his own worst and harshest critic. As such, it comes as no surprise that he’d be uncomfortable accepting praise and encouragement from others…especially from someone who he sees as a role model; someone who he believes is inherently better than him.

Enter Steve Rogers. It’s no secret to us that AA!Steve thinks the world of Tony. If Steve believes in anything in this new-fangled 21st century world, it’s Tony Stark. Not only that, Steve has no shame in expressing these feelings in what we all lovingly refer to as his inspirational Speeches™. The first instances of one of these speeches is “In Deep,” where Steve tells Tony he’s more than just his armor. However, what I’d like to point out is Tony’s expression while Steve is, in essence, praising him:

It’s no mistake that the animators chose to show us Tony’s face at the tail end of Steve’s speech. It’s clear as day how uncomfortable he is: his head is ducked, eyes averted, eyebrows furrowed, and he’s biting his lip. It’s as if Tony is physically shying away from Steve’s genuineness. Instead of accepting the praise, what does he do?

He deflects. He tries to lessen the gravity of Steve’s words with humor and false arrogance, though it comes out relatively bare. Steve, of course, maybe sensing that he needs to pick his battles, quips back “can’t you just take a compliment,” which ironically hits the nail right on the head.

Cut to the end of season 1, in “The Final Showdown,” where Tony has expended all his armors and is left with nothing to fight against the Cabal. Once again, Steve reaffirms his utter confidence in Tony’s abilities:

And again, just like in “In Deep,” Tony deflects, berating himself:

To which Steve replies: 

“Billionaire genius philanthropist! You’ll think of something!”

As sweet as that is, what interests me again is Tony’s expression as Steve runs back into the fray:

Everything about his posture screams defensive. His arms are crossed, and he has a pensive, slight frown on his face. Unlike in “In Deep” however, where Tony had literally no where to hide after Steve gave his speech, Tony now has a chance to digest Steve’s words privately, as the latter had thrown himself back into battle right after saying them. It’s not for long, but Tony actually gives himself a second. Reflects.

Now comes “The Age of Tony Stark,” which in my opinion is when everything changes. Not only do Steve and Tony spend a significant amount of time together in this episode, but they also have to fight Red Skull with Tony at his most vulnerable. After all, not only has he regained the physical limitations of being a child, but he also has to re-confront many of the insecurities he had as a child due to a father who held the “perfection” of Captain America over his head. Many truths come out, but by the end of the episode, Tony finally breaks down:

In this moment, Tony finally expresses what he constantly keeps bottled inside as an adult. He’s scared: that he’s not good enough, that he’s not strong enough, that he won’t be able to save the world when it needs him most. Not only that, he confesses this to Steve, who he looks up to, who he feels the need to prove himself in front of. The person who he felt he couldn’t be weak in front of.

But of course, Steve never thought Tony was weak. Tony never had to prove himself, because Steve already believed that Tony could do anything:

In that moment, Tony finally let down his walls and let Steve in. In a way, I think this is when Tony truly starts trusting Steve, because he realized that even though Steve had seen him at both his highest and his lowest, his confidence in him never wavered. How do I know this? Well, after “The Age of Tony Stark,” the next Speech™ that Steve really gives is the one we all know and love from “The Ultron Outbreak”:

And how does Tony react?

He smiles. He glows. He lets Steve’s confidence in him reinforce his own, and then he goes to save the world.

Backwards Clock~ Langst P.1

Important A/N

This is an extremely triggering series. Following chapters will have these triggers:

Child abuse


harsh words/language

alcohol induced rage

Alcohol/drug abuse

implied rape

child molestation

sexual harassment

self harm

suicidal themes

attempted suicide

descriptions of violence

Side A/N

This was supposed to be a one-shot but it’s getting too long so I’m breaking it down.

This is for the person who asked for the De-Age fic and a maximum langst fic. 

Please read the trigger warnings. If you are affected please do not read this series. Your health is more important to me than reads, notes, or any other forms of acknowledgment. 


“And that, my friends, is what I call a job well done,” Lance joked while landing Blue and placing his helmet to the side. 

“Yeah, but uh, Lance, you have a few fans outside,” Shiro joked.

“What do you- Woah,” Lance voiced. When he stepped out of the lion he was expecting everyone around the Black Lion examining them and trying to see the face behind its metal.

Instead, the King of the Mooi and his people were standing in front of Blue, staring up at Lance with wide eyes and glowing skin.. literally. They surround him, cheering and laughing.

Lance was mildly uncomfortable with the attention. Don’t get him wrong, he loved attention, being able to tell stories and speaking out, but those times he had control of the situation. This was completely different.

The Mooians petted Lance causing the later to curl back a little before allowing the others to hold his hand and inspect him.

He glared at Keith and Pidge who were holding on to each other trying not to fall over in laughter.

Hunk was panicking not knowing what to do and Shiro was talking with Allura.

“Apparently,” Shiro started to explain, “they liked how you flew, all flashy and stuff, and they realized you piloted the lion.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Lance called out. He shuddered in discomfort as one of the Mooians rubbed their face on his upper arm, though it didn’t last as one ran a finger softly across his stomach causing him to laugh.

“The people of Mooi are strangely obsessed with beauty and glamor,” Allura explained, “As the ‘most handsome’,” Allura quoted Lance,” they were naturally drawn to you.”

Lance smiled, “Well, of course, they did,” He joked. “Thank you, but this really isn’t necessary,” Lance tried to explain. He stepped away from the citizens.

They cleared away revealing the queen in her purple and gold robes. She carefully made her way through the crowd, nodding to certain people and acknowledging others. She made it to Lance and bowed. 

Lance stepped back in shock while the citizen’s followed in the queen’s pursuit. 

She stood up straight once more, “Someone such as yourself must stay young forever. Your beauty must be preserved.”

“Uh,” Lance froze. He wasn’t prepared for this, “Thank you, your highness, but I couldn’t accept something as valuable as this.”

The queen shook her head and pushed the drink into his hands. She stepped away and nodded her head expectingly. 

Lance gulped when the citizens started to lean forward. He looked down at the liquid. 

The purple liquid was far too dark for his liking and when he stirred it a bit in the glass it didn’t move. No light reflected off the surface and it smelt like gasoline. Beside him, Allura scoffed and nudged him. Lance took in a breath and downed the drink. He ignored the bitter taste and the stinging sensation it left. 

People around him cheered and ushered him to the plaza where a celebration would take place.

“Hunk!” Someone screamed in the castle. Keith jumped out of his bed, grabbed his dagger and ran towards the noise. The echo messed up his sense of hearing, making it harder for him to tell where it was coming from but small shuffling noises in Lance’s room told him everything. 

Hunk came tumbling out of his room at lightning speed. He tripped before knocking on the door, “Lance?” The noises stopped. “Lance? Buddy? It’s me, Hunk! Open up!”

“H-Hunk?” Lance called from inside. The door slid open.

What the two expected was their normal lanky legged friend with a goofy smile and bright blue eyes.

Instead, a kid in their mid teens stood awkwardly staring at the floor. He looked up to Keith, taking a step back and then to Hunk.


“Lance?” Hunk stepped towards Lance, “What the heck happened?”

“Where am I? Who is he? Where’s Hunk?” Lance started blurting out questions, “Why do you look like Hunk? Why is everything in this room blue? Why-”

“Lance. Lance!” Hunk interrupted the younger male. “What happened to you?” Hunk questioned, “You look 15!”

“Well, that would be because I am 15!”Lance screamed. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Where am I? Who are you?”

Keith coughed, snapping himself out of shock, “You’re in the castle. Do you really not-“

“What the hell?” 

All three of the boys turned to the door where the youngest paladin stood.

“Lance?” they shouted. 


Pidge and Lance screamed at each other; Pidge for shock and Lance for frustration. Keith tried multiple times to get them to be quiet, only to have Shiro come in and pull Pidge and Lance apart and bringing them into the bridge. 

Allura was notified and Coran and her tried to contact the people of Mooi to get an explanation.

“So,” Lance tried to grasp everything he was just told, “I’m in a huge alien castle-ship.” Everyone nodded, “I’m supposed to be 17? I pilot some huge blue lion ship that I’ve bonded to, and I’m always happy and jokey?” Lance looked down, “Go me.”

“We found it,” Allura shouted, “Umioreo. Pidge, can you look it up on the pad?”

Pidge ran to her seat and pulled up a tab, “Erm…here! Umioreo was known as the Liquid of Gods. Blah blah… it is made from the Umi fruit found only on the planet Mooi. Mooians give it people who look like Gods to stay young for eternity and to preserve beautiful youth. It…” Pidge stopped for a moment. She took a shaky breath and continued to read, “It makes the drinker become younger until they cease to exist…therefore they stay youthful forever.”

Shiro stood up, causing Lance to shrink into his seat. “Can you tell us how to reverse it so we can get Lance back to normal?”

Pidge looked away, “There isn’t.”

“Pardon me?”

Pidge looked up from her screen, “There isn’t a cure.”


I can only speak in terms of possibilities. But if kagunes are truly the fruit of imagination itself, even life can be birthed from infinite chaos. 

[…] I’m sorry

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Dude... I wanna headcanon plz... You did that gay thing so I hope u okay with this one. Could you please do how the members would react to MC being a dude? +Unknown and V. I'm one of those rare dudes that play and it would make me extremely happy.

Okay! no problem and sorry bc it took me ages to answer this :( 


  • he’s really surprised 
  • didn’t expected a boy 
  • and well… Saeyoung made him really confused by your identity
  • but he doesn’t care 
  • is not like he hasn’t had a crush on some boys in the past 
  • that’s why he never got a girlfriend 
  • because he didn’t wanted it 
  • and taling to you made him realize it 
  • he just want you with him 
  • only you 
  • but the rest knows this? 
  • he hasn’t tell them 
  • he never got a girlfriend but that didn’t mean he didn’t liked girl… at least that was the rest thought 
  • thanks to you he find his way to tell everyone 
  • most of them actually knew it 
  • Saeyoung knew this, I mean they both were best friends 
  • and Zen of course saw him looking at boys (getting a bit jealous bc he’s way better looking than them) 


  • he’s a bit (too much) surprised 
  • and at first he’s distant 
  • of course he doesn’t know you 
  • and you’re acting weird 
  • I mean he’s way too good looking 
  • but he’s not into boys 
  • or is he??
  • he actually starts questioning it 
  • you’re really nice 
  • and when you chat with him he can’t stop smiling 
  • but he’s never been with a boy 
  • and girls are his thing 
  • but… you’re there 
  • always there with something nice to say 
  • and something inside him starts growing 
  • at first he doesn’t know what to do 
  • “Okay… I like him… now what” 
  • flirt? well he can do that 
  • but is the same way with boys? 
  • he doesn’t really know what to do but at the end it works
  • because you’re at his door 
  • and hell his heart goes crazy 
  • “Okay… I know I hasn’t told you this… and this may sound weird but I think I like you…”


  • she got it at the first moment 
  • I mean… she was basically gay so it was so obvious for her
  • but didn’t say a thing 
  • and your friendship got stronger and stronger 
  • and when you told her she was like 
  • “well… I knew it, and I know what is like…” 
  • gay pals 


  • there is a reason why he was still single at his age 
  • he didn’t wanted rumors 
  • that wasn’t good for the company 
  • and of course he didn’t wanted a distraction 
  • but you entered the RFA
  • and he was slowly getting more and more active on the chat 
  • he was up until very late just to chat with you 
  • it was not like him 
  • but he couldn’t help but fall for you 
  • you were so calming 
  • and he needed that 
  • but his dad got a girl for him 
  • how could his dad not know this??
  • he didn’t wanted to tell him 
  • he was afraid but really wanted to be with you 
  • of course it was complicated 
  • but when Sarah showed at his apartment 
  • that was it 
  • he NEEDED to kiss you 
  • and this was the moment 
  • of course the rumor came but there was nothing more to do 
  • the day of the party he decided to tell everyone 
  • “I heard some rumors about me liking men. And I don’t think is a good thing, rumors are always a bad thing and the company is not about who I like or not. But to tell the truth, no, I don’t like men, I like one man and he’s the one who made this party possible.”


  • Bi baby 
  • of course he likes you from the start 
  • but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not good 
  • not good for you 
  • and he hasn’t been with a boy this whole time 
  • the agency may not like this 
  • and he doesn’t want to put you in danger 
  • tries to hard to keep you away from him 
  • but failed 
  • of course he loves you 
  • and he can’t keep this love hidden 
  • “I love you, but you can’t love me back. Please don’t do it…” 
  • but your warm heart is there for him 
  • at the end he realizes that is impossible for him to be away from you 
  • the agency doesn’t give a shit 
  • as long as he does his work is fine 
  • and that is a big relief for him 
  • “I'll make sure to keep you safe”


  • he’s just trying to save you from the shit he put you in 
  • doesn’t want to fall in love 
  • doesn’t want to love someone so much that it will end up hurting them 
  • of course doesn’t know he likes you 
  • but you’re so kind 
  • so nice 
  • and is like an epiphany to him 
  • you’re always on his mind 
  • of course the situation with the mint eye is not the best for a relationship at the moment 
  • and he doesn’t know what to do 
  • he has only been with girls 
  • and his ex was a crazy bitch (lol sorry I hate her) 
  • but you don’t care 
  • he can’t take his time to love you 
  • and he does
  • damn he does 
  • but at the end he gives you the bright love he has
  • and is all for you 


  • okay but in mint eye he got some dudes
  • of course it wasn’t serious
  • he doesn’t have any motives to be ashamed 
  • no one cares about it 
  • but he’s not supposed to fall for you 
  • you’re part of his plan 
  • he can’t do this 
  • but he finds himself thinking about you at nights 
  • and when he wakes up the first thing on his mind is you 
  • you you you 
  • all the time you 
  • so he can’t do more but tell you this 
  • he’s super jealous about the other guys on the RFA and even in mint eye 
  • dones’t want anyone to get near you 
  • when mint eye is over 
  • he need treatment 
  • and he can’t see  you for several months 
  • and when he finally comes back home 
  • shit he just wants to see you 
  • and tell you that he’s fine 
  • and he can be with you now 
  • “I am fine now, please believe me… I won’t do bad things, I just want to be with you… please” 


My mind is empty :( sorry

I kind of based this on their routes 

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Hi it's me again. I just want to request something else and I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you but could you do one where nico is an exchange student from Italy and will is his tour guide or something like he helps nico out for the day but nico actually saw him on a commercial in Italy and he's had a crush on him for ages??? I don't know if that makes sense. sorry if you're not doing requests. ilysm❤️

ok so sorry that this took so long!!!! also the request was a little tiny bit confusing so i hope i understood it right!!

  • ok so nicos school is super big into exchange programs so in his english class he watches a commercial about schools in america and will is like a super out-there person who volunteered to be the person that toured the video camera around the school and explained all the big stuff and why the exchange is so great
    • so nico,,,, who had 0% wanted to do the exchange,,,, is now 100% ready to go if america is full of pretty blond boys like will
    • his dad is like “ok yeah right whatever” so nico like packs a bag and sets it all up himself and hands over a few waivers for hades to sign and hes like ???? ok ur serious then fine see you next year
  • so nico knows like only enough english to get by like hes not gonna do well in classes and its a good thing his host family picks him up at the airport bc he has no idea how to get around or anything like he would have died in that airport if not for them
    • his host family is like jason probably tbh or like maybe reyna???? idk this isnt very important to the list
  • when nico finally does get to school he has to sit in the counselling center for like 2 hours filling out a schedule and doing like minor orientation type stuff and then the counsellor is like “ok time for u to tour the school” and will shows up to give him the tour and its been like 2 years since that commercial was made so will’s a senior now and like much prettier so nicos a little bit killed by the sight of him
    • Will keeps sneaking glances at nico during the whole tour bc he totally also thinks this kid is cute ok (we’re gonna say that nico is like junior-equivalent i guess even though my understanding of foreign exchange programs automatically puts the foreigner in senior-level classes)
  • when nico starts classes will offers to help him with everything bc hes noticed that nico like,,, barely speaks any english and so will also does like research to see what he can do to help nico learn english a little easier and something online suggests that nico watches a bunch of english movies in his free time so will invites him over for a movie night ((its not intended as a date but holy cow does it feel like one))
    • so after like five consecutive weekends of movie nights they both kinda feel like theyre dating but dont want to say anything to each other and also nicos only there for the year and what if they really start dating and then nico leaves????
  • Eventually ofc they do both get their crap together and start dating and when nico eventually has to go back to Italy they still talk to each other whenever they can and will finds a way to study abroad in his like sophomore year of college so they get to see each other again and its all good

sorry the ending is like,,,, bad,,,,, but i got kinda tired toward the end and realized that it was getting long so,,,,,,, there it is,,,,,,,

i’m still accepting requests until midnight tonight!!

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hi emilia! i just went through everything you have about autistic alec and bpd magnus lol. do you have any, like, slice-of-life headcanons for the two of them? thanks! <3

yes!!!!! and sfdghg i’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them, they’re like. my only reason for living rn

  • alec knows magnus has no emotional permanence so!! he sends him random ‘i love you’ texts or like,, pictures of animals whenever he has the time
  • and he just goes out of his way to let magnus know how wonderful n loved he is!!! he’ll happily validate him all day long and he means every single thing he says. ’you look amazing’, ‘you’re so kind’, etc
  • alec learns how to sense when magnus is spiralling or in need of extra affection and when that happens he’ll go to him & hug him cause he knows that makes him feel better
  • magnus is a known impulse shopper™ and sometimes alec will catch him in the act and be like. magnus do you really need that maybe you shouldn’t get that. and every now and then he manages to convince him but not always
  • sometimes when he’s tired and messes up a potion magnus has to stop himself from crying cause the mood drop is just that bad
  • alec gently plays with magnus’ hands and jewelry when magnus is dissociating cause it helps ground him and alec loves stimming that way
  • alec is mostly nonverbal first thing in the morning so magnus will talk quietly and not expect anything more than a smile in return until he can speak again
  • magnus has figured out what kind of touch is welcome and reassuring for alec when he’s having a meltdown; 1) like i mentioned in an earlier post, the gentle pressure of his hand over alec’s + 2) his hands in alec’s hair
  • and magnus loves stroking alec’s hair too cause he’s constantly craving physical intimacy from him and it’s reassuring for him to know alec needs it too, that he’s not being clingy
  • alec tells magnus he loves it when he’s clingy
  • sometimes magnus will ask alec about archery and listen to him talk about it for ages. and he genuinely enjoys listening to it
  • magnus takes note of all the different ways alec stims and sometimes he will do it with him, eg by rubbing their hands together, to let him know there’s nothing wrong with it and just cause he wants to, and when he sees alec likes it he makes a habit out of it
Baby too Soon │Part 5

Okay, so this is the final part for Baby too Soon. I really hope you all enjoyed this short multi-chapter fic. Thank you to everyone who read and the feedback. :) <3

Word Count: 4,181

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

It’s been days since I left. Lucas has called every day, and I send pictures of Thomas to him. Our calls last no more than ten minutes and consist of mostly silence between us. The silence between Lucas and I never bothered me before. It was something that I always found comfort in, but now it’s different.

The silence that lingers between him and I now have been scary. It’s almost like the ability to talk to one another disappeared, and neither one of us knows what to say. Actually, it’s almost like we aren’t comfortable speaking to each other, and it hurts because speaking to Lucas is one of my favorite things in the world and I just want to get back to where we were. But, I’m worried that maybe we can’t.

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"I'm sorry, but I can't trust you anymore." Lexa/Reader

A/N: Sorry it took ages xx

Warnings: I tried to make it sad. RIP me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

You were hauled to your feet, the blindfold still leaving you in pitch black, your thoughts racing dangerously in your mind. Where were you? Who was after you? And who had you been taken by? You struggled against the bounds around your wrists and growled warningly as a low voice grunted.

“Don’t struggle.” The voice seemed to be coming from your left, it was unfamiliar, hoarse and tired.

You heard footsteps approaching, soft footsteps, careful, as though they were approaching a wild animal and with your hair in a mangled mess, blood probably still all over you, you weren’t that surprised.

But then, soft hands took ahold of the blindfold and you suddenly wished it to have covered your eyes for longer. You knew even before she took it off, you could tell in the way her hands felt against the material covering your eyes, slightly quivering as the soft skin touched your face.

But nevertheless the blindfold was removed and you were staring into the green eyes that you hadn’t seen for a couple of months, the eyes that were once filled with an admiration and awe that made you blush. The ones you thought would watch over you until death. Instead, they were the ones that had left you, and Clarke for dead at the base of Mount Weather.

“Lexa.” you greeted, emotionlessly, trying to hide the guilt as a quick race of pain flashed across her features.

You turned your head, finding the man to your left. Tall, strong build, longer dark hair and a scar on his face.


The Commander had spoken about him to you one night, telling you about all the clans and their members.

That same Commander spoke now, her voice slightly wavering as she tried to avoid your gaze.

“Once you bring me the Wanheda, Roan, you will have your deal. Leave us.” She commanded, to Roan but also the others in the room. A bald man gave the Heda a look, pleading, but she waved him away and locked her eyes with yours.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I-” You scoffed.

“Don’t start with me Lexa, I can’t…I can’t even look at you right now. I thought I meant more to you than that. I thought you promised, to stay by my side. And then you left, faster than I had ever expected.” The tears obscured your vision as you tried to blink them away. 

Lexa looked at you, tears in her eyes also.

“I never meant to hurt you, I didn’t, I didn’t mean to hurt you like this. I planned on coming back. I-” You cut her off again, the tears not relenting as they trickled down your face.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.” And those words made Lexa freeze, her eyes begging you to accept her apology, but you just shook your head.

“I can’t I can’t do this Lexa. Can I go home? Please?” You sobbed, trying to catch your breath, sadness hitching at every word.

All she could do in return was nod, her eyes downcast.

“Polis is home to you as long as you need, but I can get my warriors to escort you back to Arkadia.” She mumbled, her head turned to disguise the tears racing down her cheeks.

“Thank you.” You nodded, turning and walking out the door, shaking, leaving the love of your life sobbing in the room as she watched another chance at love leave her forever.

moksoriwa  asked:

3 words: choker(i'm almost sorry but def no shame), icarus, mint. Does greek mythological figure count as a word??? for rap money supreme pls because who else would make me thirst for his neck tbh

im so sorry if this is completely not waht u wanted but this is just where the words took me?? weird magical realism angels and ?????? IDK I HOPE YOU LIKE IT THO??? 

requests are: closed

the drawing of lines
rated t for too weird
word count: 2,683

01. choker

There are lines tattooed around your necks at the coming of age ceremony; it’s a line of demarcation–something that marks your mind from your body, your head and soul from the rest of you, meant to remind you that from here on out, whatever may happen to your body, your soul will remain unaffected.

That you might have to make choices that benefit your mind, but not your body.

(What utter bullshit.)

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Night Sky II: Tim/Dami

Continued from this post. @graywhims asked for more, and I think I got the original idea from @fishfingersandjellybabies. Just a word: it’s long and explicit so *gestures.*

And it isn’t the first time he’s ridden behind Dami on a Ducati. It is the first time he hasn’t bitched about it.

Like all the Bats, Dami pilots the damn thing smoothly, weaving through traffic, balancing the bike effortlessly even though they’re still in their secret identity wear, but based on where they were fifteen minutes ago, Tim can’t work up the effort to berate Baby Bat. Nope, not when he’d pretty much deflected Dick’s mother-hen sixth sense with a short and sweet,

Grayson, I have him.”

Silence on the line for a full sixty seconds while they took the back elevator down to the hidden garage, and Dami’s hand felt hot, pressed against the small of his back just far enough for the fingers to curl slightly over his hip.

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Cain x Abel !

It took me ages to do this, but finally!

send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who is more likely to hurt the other?
Cain. In his effort to make himself look cool and tough he often hurts Abel accidentally. Abel being the type who tends to overthing and dwell on everything doesn’t help much.

who is emotionally stronger?
Abel. While Cain seems to be the tough one in their duo, it’s actually Abel who can bear more emotional weight without collapsing or exploding.

who is physically stronger?
Cain, obviously.

who is more likely to break a bone?
Cain,and he likes to threaten everyone with it.

who knows best what to say to upset the other?
Cain. He has that natural talent to find the others’ weakest points and aim at them. He also likes to tease Abel and make him upset, only cause he secretly likes it when he’s angry and pouts. He finds it cute.

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
They are both likely to do so in turns, depending on who feels guiltier in the fight. Abel is more straightforward with it, while Cain usually doesn’t apologize with words, but with his clumsy efforts to ease the tension between them.

who treats who’s wounds more often?

who is in constant need of comfort?
They both use each other for comfort in their own way. I like to think that they both carry some deeply rooted anxiety (altough different types and for different reasons).

who gets more jealous?
They both do, but while Cain is very open and aggressive about it, Abel is more likely to suffer silently.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
Abel. Cain likes to pretend that Abel means little to him, but deep inside he knows that Abel is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to him. Abel feels the same, but mistreated enough his instilled pride would show itself.

who will propose?
Cain will, cause he knows how much Abel craves it. Abel wouldn’t risk it.

who has the most difficult parents?

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?

Cain. Abel needs this small support of intimacy more, but growing up in the closet makes him anxious about showing Cain affection in public. Cain just doesn’t care - plus he loves to see Abel all blushy.

who comes up for the other all the time?
Abel, I guess? (I’m not entirely sure in the meaning of this, sorry. xD)

who hogs the blankets?
Abel, since he tends to feel cold more often. Plus he just loves to surround himself with fluffy softness.

who gets more sad?
They both do, in their own way. Abel tends to cry more when sad, Cain usually tears himself apart inside silently.

who is better at cheering the other up?
They both are! They are each other’s remedy for sadness.

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
Abel. And Cain loves it.

who is more streetwise?
Cain. He’s in even better on Earth, since Abel grew up too sheltered.

who is more wise?
They both have their own area of wisdom, even if these areas are really different. Cain knows more about life itself, but Abel is more educated.

who’s the shyest?
Abel. Obviously.

who boasts about the other more?
Cain. Abel is just really happy and giddy inside for having Cain, but Cain likes to boast about him loud enough that everyone knows (not only because he thinks Abel is the prettiest and most desired babe around, but also to keep others away from him).

who sits on who’s lap?
It’s Abel sitting on Cain’s lap; except the time Cain wants to jokingly suffocate Abel by sitting on his lap, pretending he didn’t notice he was there. xD

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