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for darknesswolf221b ladynoir. based on this song. prompt: gentle and firm kiss. 

Spring is coming, Ladybug thinks as both she and her partner sit high on a bridge’s suspension cables looking over La Seine. The afternoon is mild on the rare weekend day where Chat is free to do daytime patrol. Breezes and sunshine kiss their cheeks and the smell of water reaches up to them. 

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vanessavanessafoundaboy  asked:

this is the worst day of my life. I'm 22, my dads always been super abusive. I went to visit his dying mom in the hospital last night. He was there, drunk, and punched me in the face. I've been talking to cops all day, have this nasty bruise, and I'm trying so hard to hold myself together but I just feel so- broken. I know it's pathetic as hell but God I just want Harry to hold me. Would kill for a comforting blurb. If you don't feel comfortable though, I understand

I’m so sorry you had to go through this, love. I’m also sorry I took forever to write this. But hopefully it can still help. I wish you the best xo.

You weren’t sure why you’d agreed to go on this trip. The cabin was nice, your friends were nice but…to say you were having a good time would be a stretch. It wasn’t like you wanted to go home, though. At this point you weren’t really sure if you had much of a home to go to.

When everyone else decided to play a game, you snuck off by yourself to the little deck out back. The sun hadn’t quite set yet and it was a little chilly, so you grabbed your hoodie and a blanket, wrapping it around your shoulders. You sat in solitude, watching the sky change from orange to purple. The brisk night air filled your lungs as you took shaky breaths, trying your best not to cry.

“What are you doing out here?” you suddenly heard behind you. You hadn’t even heard the door open. You remained silent, however, and didn’t bother to turn your head.

“Okayyyy…” he said, stepping closer to you. “Something wrong?”

You shook your head, finally acknowledging him. You sniffed, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie over your hands.

Harry sat next to you on the step. You could feel his eyes on you, but still you focused on the sunset and the pine trees. You heard him take a deep breath.

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A: AGE | 19 (and 3 months)


C: CURRENT TIME | 9:13am 

D: DRINK YOU HAD LAST | I think i had some pepsi max last night lmao

E: EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO | me wife @yixingminseokjongdae 

F: FAVORITE SONG | Currently Like This by Pentagon 

G: GROSSEST MEMORY | The time my sister broke her arm on a trampoline 

H: HOGWARTS HOUSE | Hufflepuff

I: IN LOVE? | With Kim Wonshik and Cha Hakyeon Nope

J: JEALOUS OF PEOPLE | Uhm heck yeah all the time 

K: KILLED SOMEONE | Only fictional characters whoops

L: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR SHOULD I WALK BY AGAIN? | Sorry hun, I don’t believe in love at first sight

M: MIDDLE NAME | None, but but i have two first names 

N: NUMBER OF SIBLINGS | I have a younger sister 

O: ONE WISH | For VIXX to be happy and healthy

P: PERSON YOU CALLED LAST | Probably my mom 

Q: QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED | “Why do you have a brown spot in you eye?”

R: REASON TO SMILE | VIXX being dorks 

S: SONG YOU LAST SANG | Does mumbeling along to Like This count?

T: TIME YOU WOKE UP | 6:10am

U: UNDERWEAR COLOR | White and black

V: VACATION DESTINATION | Japan, South Korea, Boston (purely beacause of Christine lol), UK or Norway

W: WORST HABIT | Never sleeping whoops

X: X-RAYS | Only for me teeth 

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD | I’m not picky 

Z: ZODIAC SIGN | Cancer 


make me choose: thischarmingdevil asked: hannibal’s house or hannibal’s office?

{quote by w.h. auden}


“..We may not need the computers for that.” 

Hera had never mentioned a cousin, but strange as her sudden appearance was, Ahsoka understood why the twi’lek wouldn’t.  She’d held fast to protocol before it had changed; only letting her crew in on the fact they were part of a rebel cell once Bail had decided they needed to know.   Hera was dedicated to their cause, willing to make difficult choices, but she wouldn’t want to put her flesh and blood on the line any more than her adopted family.   Only what was necessary.

“Tell me, how much do you know about your cousin?”

It was an unusual question, but Ahsoka felt the need to ask it regardless.  She wanted to know if Xia realized what Hera was doing, before she went into too much detail.

“..Because I may know something.”