i'm sorry this photo is just hilarious

So I was telling some of my friends I work with about how when everyone else was being princesses and cheerleaders and the spice girls for halloween I had turned to my mother and said,
“Mum. I want to be an Alien.”
So she made me this great Alien costume here, which looking back now is the funniest photo ever and I feel like this tells you a lot about me as a child and me now.


Okay, I have just realized that the signs were all there. I know it’s not officially confirmed (yet), but I mean, just look at these photos from Hilarie’s Twitter from this summer…

1. Hil at the wedding of his brother on July 8. A tiny baby bump is there already in that gorgeous red dress… 🤰

2. The emotional outbursts… 😭

3. The cravings… 🍫

Okay, I don’t need any more proof. Hilarie is pregnant in my books and nobody can prove it otherwise. I’m no expert but she should be about 4-5 months along now…

I’m being nosy as hell and stuff, I know, but I hope it’s a girl! 🤗 Just imagine JDM with a baby girl…he would spoil her rotten!  😍 Okay, I need to calm myself down before my heart melts completely…

And before I finish this crazy post, I’ll sneak in another photo of these two from last night, because…well, just because!