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50 , 37 and 20 for Nessian , I'm so sorry if I'm bugging you I just love them so much 😭😍!!

Thank you!! and aiorehto;iert omg no you’re not bugging me (why do people keep asking me this??? Am I a terrifying ogre!? O.o I promise I’m not!!!) 

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?

In the kind of power-play sense that say, elucien, will favour, neither of them, I don’t think they really do that? I just don’t think it’d really do much for either of them? That being said I think Nesta tends to be more ‘dominant’ in that she’s more in control of what they do/what positions they use? I don’t think Nesta likes feeling as though she’s not in control of herself? And she trusts Cassian, of course she does, (which is…why she’s with him) but she tends to be more vocal about how she wants him, if she wants to ride him or if she wants him over her and Cassian is more than happy to give her what she wants. So she’ll definitely lie back and close her eyes and completely give herself over to Cass but..she has to have initiated it first? (I’m making this sound so much more convoluted than I think it actually is MOVING ON) 

37. Height difference or age difference?

I mean…there’s kinda a fair bit of both but we’re going to talk about the height difference (and the size difference in general) because IT DESTROYS ME. Nesta is so dinky and she’s probably like a good foot shorter than Cassian and Cassian is probably twice as broad as her but he’s like this…overgrown puppy and she’s the grumpy bitter one it’s…genuinely beautiful. Also like…Nesta….wearing Cassian’s clothes?? And it probably looks like she’s wearing a tent like she could fit another three of her inside his shirt and it drops down to like her knees and she has to roll the sleeves back 17 times to be able to use her hands but…Like…She wants to wear his shirt. It pleases her. So she’s damn well going to wear it. And Cassian loves nothing more than padding into the kitchen in the mornings and finding Nesta wearing his shirt tiredly making them both tea and he just wanders over and snuggles her from behind and it’s beautiful. 

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

It has to be Cassian, right? He’s definitely the mushy one in this relationship but like some of it is…a little bit jokey? Like the fuck of huge teddy bear he bought for Nesta just because ‘I saw him and he begged me to take home so he could be with you’ was something he bought fully aware it was going to get lobbed at his head two seconds later (it did) (but she also secretly loves it. It sits on their bed and it keeps her company when Cassian is away at the camps. She’ll never tell anyone.) 

But he just has such a soft spot for all that kind of stuff? He loves doing little romantic things for her? and he totally dies if she does anything for him? (I think Nesta has a habit of…sometimes she’ll write little notes for him and stash them inside his leathers when he has to go away and he finds them and feels mushy about them for hours afterwards. She just feels this strong pulse of love through the bond and smiles a little to herself because she knows he’s found her note) 

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hi win, if it's not too difficult, i was wondering how linking works? like your mobile masterlist, faq, backstory stuff was made into links? this might be a really long and complicated explanation so i'm sorry for bothering you! i don't know how to code and it's been bugging me for awhile :(

hi !! this is winnie’s tech god melhan! basically in order to link something, you need to be on a computer (or i just can’t figure out how to do it on mobile if there is a way oops). from there you can just create a post and highlight a word, and tons of lil options come up

you’re going to want to pick the lil infinity sign lookin button. it’ll prompt you to enter a link

and you can just put whatever you want in there !! omg i hope this made sense !

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Can you do a scenario where the captains react to their s.o saying a REALLY corny joke like "What do you call a fish with no eye? A fsh!"? Lol sorry I'm bugging you, I just REALLY like your blog & your writing style!

you aren’t bugging me omg!!!! thank you so so so much for your support it really means a lot to me!

Daichi would laugh at how silly and corny his partner is, trying to come up with a corny joke even cornier to beat them.  He’s usually a serious guy but around his partner he relaxes a lot.

Ushijima wouldn’t react very much outwardly.  He might suddenly hug them or smile or do something else like that that his partner isn’t used to, but inwardly his mind would be racing with thoughts of how cute they were.

Bokuto would not be able to stop laughing, and not just because he thought the joke was actually funny (which he did), but he would also laugh because of how cute his partner is. He would take them to go tell Akaashi the joke too.

Kuroo would ruffle his partner’s hair and chuckle, calling them a cute childish nickname like “kiddo,” and then he would laugh when his partner pouted that he didn’t find their corny joke funnier.

Oikawa would pause for a second to process the corny joke that his partner told him and then smother them with kisses and swing them around, squealing about how cute they were.

Moniwa would probably laugh at both the joke itself, at how corny it was, and how cute and silly his partner was.  He would look up corny jokes on the internet to tell them the next time he saw them.

Futakuchi would probably roll his eyes at his partner but still indulge them by telling them they were funny and cute, secretly feeling really lucky to have a partner who cute and silly enough to tell corny jokes like that.

omg I hope this is ok I added Moniwa and Futakuchi thanks to @childishgalluzzo helping me out!!! thank you!

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I am terrible at all things science and I was wondering if you could list some of the things about the Ark and Mt. Weather that basically broke the laws of science or whatever sorry if this bugs you I'm just lost

omg dont get me started. here’s an itemized list of 30 yrs of LIES sweet jesus

  • raven goes on a spacewalk, steps into the airlock and the gravity only kicks in once they pressurize it.
  • the ark is made up of surviving space stations that created a civilization in space with the limited supplies sent up for probably 6-12 month space missions. WHERE IS UR WATER SUPPLY COMING FROM ITS BEEN 100 YEARS.
  • speaking of the ark: the thing loses power around ep 10 or 11. dont worry tho, the backup generators keep the heat on (but not too on cause they gotta look cold) and somehow, despite the fact that the ark stops spinning without a force acting against it (isaac newton WHO?) the gravity is still being generated. then again, the ark is pressurized and air = gravity right?
  • in the words of jroth: “the 100’s society is more advanced, we use fiction to portray a better world without sexism or racism or homophobia or newton’s laws of motion
  • in case you missed that part of physics class, an object in motion stays in motion. why did the ark stop moving. wh y. i digress.
  • i certainly havent done the math, but im gonna take a wild guess and say that the ark (a big ol’ hab module never made for spaceflight) carrying a bunch of people sitting around on the floor and then splitting apart (NASA FROWNS ON DETACHABLE SPACESHIPS BTW) into stations and then crash landing on earth is probably not realistic
  • moving on to earth shenanigans
  • the 100 season 1 more like “why is that a thing” “the radiation probably”
  • so mount weather: now im no bio major so i did some research here for the stats. apparently if you try to be a bone marrow donor to somebody, theres a 1 in 540 chance of you being a safe match. theres a huge variation in tissue types etc, even i dont fully understand it, i just know the mountain men were tapping these kids like maple trees and somehow it was working for them
  • exposure to high amounts of radiation causes side effects within 24 hours, but the mountain men do nothing half-assed, which probably explains why theyre dead within seconds of breathing outside air that has been extremely diluted thanks to their inside air mixing with it
  • speaking of which somehow the radiation in the outside air is? going up? dante said when he was 7 he went outside for like 5 minutes. now being inside with exposure somehow kills you in 20 seconds. whats happenin
  • and last but not least anya “died” have you ever heard anything so fake

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What color and brand is the apricot like looking eyeshadow you wear around your eyes? I didn't want to ask this question because I hate bugging so I'm really sorry, I just have to know. Thanks so much in advance

omg why’re you worried about bugging me you’re fine. I get this question a lot but I’ll answer it for you because you seem sweet. it’s a maybelline color tattoo cream shadow in the orange color applied sloppily with my fingers like just spread that shit everywhere!!! under over beside. every preposition. just do it. it makes your fingers look like you’ve just eaten Cheetos which grosses me out but that’s why they invented soap am I right ladies