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How "Sexy Advertising" Works
  • Straight Men: I want to do her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Straight Women: I want to be her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Lesbians: I want to both be her and do her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Asexuals: That hamburger looks really tasty, but shouldn't someone get that poor girl a coat before she freezes to death?

What if Neil wrote in a journal everyday and it basically became a sort of scrapbook and his reminder that he has a home and reason to finally stay

  • It was Bee’s idea because Neil finally confined in her that he still has the urge to run some days 
  • Mainly on days when he wakes up from nightmares of his Fathers men and Lola grabbing and torturing him all over again
  • Bee goes through her bookshelves and finds a leather journal that she hasn’t used yet and gives it to him
  • Her advices was to write the date on the top of the page and when the day is done to write everything he’s done or put little mementos in it (e.g. receipt, tickets, pictures

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the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)

best case scenario: it’s nothing.
he dropped his bag to help someone out,
it got moved out of the way,
he’ll turn up and start bitching about tears and dirt stains,
you’ll tell him to shut the hell up, even though he won’t listen,
he never listens,
and you’ll hang on to every word as he keeps talking.
(this is unlikely. he wouldn’t set that bag down,
wouldn’t abandon any of his things even if
the world was burning)

next best scenario: someone stole it.
he’ll be battered and bruised,
because no one got that bag without a fight,
and you’ll tell him what a fucking idiot he is.
he’ll make some joke,
he always does,
and you’ll remind him again of how much you hate him.
he’ll remind you of how much you don’t.
(this is slightly less unlikely, but be realistic—
he wouldn’t give up any of his things even if he were burning)

okay, next best: he ran.
“best” is a relative term here,
“best” implies it’s anything good but really your chest
has never felt so fractured and the ground is tilting and everything is
maybe he ran. is that why he asked you to let him go?
why he insisted he be set free?
(this is even less unlikely. it borders on likely, be honest.
he’d throw all his things to the wind if he felt like he was burning)

next best: he was taken.
you know he’s perched on a throne of lies,
buried in his own secrets of a past he tried to torch.
he isn’t safe, he never was, never was going to be,
no matter what you had to say about it.
stopshakingstopshakingstopshaking thisisn'thelping—
you hate him. you hate him so much. you hate
that you hurt for him.
(this is likely. this is very likely.
he’d never let his things go unless you were burning.)

worst case scenario: he’s dead.

—  if you were really amazing you wouldn’t have let him go // es

SO I just reached 700 followers and I wanted to do something to celebrate so for the first time ever, I’m making a follow forever post. I want to start by saying thank you to all 700 of you and I can’t believe you actively chose to click my follow button. Not sure what brought you all here but I’m glad you stayed.

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Bittersweet Daenerys' ending

It’s sure that’s not gonna happen but this just came to my mind and seems both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Trigger warning: Daenerys potential death (it’s much more BITTER AND HEARTBREAKING than I expected though…)

She is in the middle of a battle with the Night King. She’s riding Drogon and Jon’s riding Rhaegal. A lot of Northians and Free Folks fighting on the field with Wights. Night King is flying around on Viserion. Other White Walkers fighting with “bosses” (Jaime?, Brienne?) and some of them tries to shoot dragons with ice spears. The White Walker (or the Night King himself) shoots Drogon. He doesn’t die instantly but he falls (just like in 7x4). Dany falls on the ground away from him. The Night King lands with Viserion in front of her. She looks away at Drogon but in that moment a White Walker shoots him again and Drogon dies looking at Daenerys. She’s in grief shock, tears fall down her eyes. She looks traumatized. She has lost another child, her beloved child. She turns back to Viserion and desperately starts to call his name. The dragon doesn’t attack her - he seems like he knows her. However, he growls at her and shows his teeth. Despite that Daenerys tries to touch Viserion. We can see the pain and love in her eyes. Her hand stops halfway when Viserion growls again. In that moment Daenerys understands that even if he recognizes her, there’s no chance to bring him back on her side. She looks around the battlefield, she sees slow motion fighters. She looks at Jon flying Rhaegal and realizes how much they own each other. Rhaegal wasn’t her dragon anymore, he belonged to Jon. They are a family now, jest like Rhaegar is Jon’s father. She remebers Jon is the true heir of the Iron Throne, not her. She looks at him with love and she knows he will be a good king. She looks at dead Drogon now. All memories come back to her when her husband khal Drogo died. She recalls the vision from House of The Undying - Drogo and their child in a tent. She hears in her head Drogo’s voice telling her they will meet again. She smiles through tears. She knows now. No dragon belongs to her anymore, no mission she has left to do. She looks into Viserion’s eye with a love of mother. She smiles sadly again. She’s not afraid anymore and she’s not going to fight anymore. She almost feel the warm touch of Drogo’s hand on her shoulder. Looking last time at Viserion she says “Dracarys” quietly. Viserion does listen do her. His blue flames enfold Daenerys. The last thing she feels is strange burning cold of icy fire that’s magic can destroy even The Unburnt. She’s about to meet again the ones she lost.

anonymous asked:

I have the strong feeling that *nobody* is fooled by BH's "human disguise". Everyone is completely aware he's in no way shape or form human. They're all just too terrified to bring it up. :D

  • “Morning Mr. Trueba” *snaps his head 180 degrees around yet keeps walking forward* “OH GOOD MORNING, HUMAN NEIGHBOR.”
  • “Boss, the Richardsons called. They said something about our dog ruining their flowers? But 5.0.5 hasn’t gone outside since last w–” “OH THAT. They were bothering me, so I glared at them.” “Boss she said they were completely uprooted!!” “Yeah, they started trying to run away.” “………”
  • (The yoga mom squad probably knew from his first lesson, but they’re probably too nice to say anything haha)
  • HELEN IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN. NO DOUBT. 100% he is NOT human. But whenever she tries to bring this up to the rest of the PTA, the people on BH’s side are always like “what are you talking about?? Looks human to me”
  • “I saw him eat a live bird at the soccer game!” “And we saw you sprinkle salt on Martha’s brownies at the bake sale; who’s the real ‘evil monster’ here?“

BH’s human disguises are often very cheap, because he thinks humans are “stupid creatures, who would fall for a lamp disguised as a person.” In reality, well, there’s only so much a fake wig can do.


… W-well, apart from this particular feline, their presence can be rather comforting, as with most domesticated animals, and they’re usually very sweet, if a bit distant… This one, I’m not sure. 

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Dear fanon Percabeth: Can you please stop using tropes like Percy not having control impulse and basically relying on Annabeth to take care of him? or Annabeth being really fucking mean to Percy and having no respect for his intellect and basically shutting him out?

Because all of this very shitty and blatantly false when it comes to these two.

Thank you for your time and reading.

i hit 600+ followers the other day, but i was in the middle of exams so i couldn’t do anything to celebrate. however, now that i am done, i can properly appreciate y’all. (i was gonna do a follow forever, but i feel awkward tagging people that don’t follow me.) anyway, thank you to everyone who follows me! i love you! 

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Make It Real [7/?]

[Things with Satya ended better than Jamison would have ever expected in the late-night quiet of Gibraltar’s kitchen, but a kiss isn’t a relationship, and two months of flirting and sexual tension aren’t the reality of what it means to be with someone.]

Returning to Gibraltar allows the team to start rebuilding and readjusting.  It’s… a work in progress, but with promising results.

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I'm sorry you're so frustrated, I can't even imagine how ridiculous this industry is. Please know that In an very grateful for you, you are skilled, creative, sensitive, funny, and gloriously unproblematic. I hope good things come to you soon.

I appreciate it. Thank you. I know, and I have to acknowledge, that as difficult and depressing and frustrating as it is for me, I still have lots of time for it to change. Lots of wonderful male actors didn’t even get their careers going until they were in their 50s. If I were a woman, it would be impossible, because Hollywood is that shitty to women.