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so I hadn’t checked my follower count and I’m at 820!! Thanks!! why do you like me? but idk if I should celebrate 800 bc I still have a ton of compliment/promos in my inbox and quite a few Valentine’s day moodboards ( I’m really sorry about that) so maybe I’ll see when I finish the compliment/promos??

pls tell me what I should do!!

i think this is my first follow friday here and it will problably suck but i hope you all enjoy it.
thank you everyone to make tumblr like a home to me, i am to shy to talk with you guys but i want to let you know that i really love your work and you all are amazing.

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I problably forget someone cause i’m not good with names and stuff (actually my memorie is r e a l l y bad) and i feel so sorry for this, i love you all guys and thanks for everyone who follow my trash blog and supportes me <3

i literally can’t believe people are calling mark a nazi sympathizer !?!?!?? do not go into the felix tag i literally fucking hate sjw who take things way above the line


i hate mob mentality “i have to let everyone know so THEY know that thing they like is problematic and you could potentially be supporting _______” I DO NOT CARE FAM I DONT

tumblr ideology is so fucking toxic. and i’m not saying to stop fighting for things that are serious issues, but im talking about just chilling the fuck out on people and worrying about yourself?

this is why i feel like i can’t interact with anyone in the community cuz if you have a “bad opinion” you’re ignored and shit on. i know mark cannot control 16 million people no matter how hard he tries and i’m not blaming him…i’m blaming the mob mentality mind set and the whole “i’m right you’re wrong i hate you” thing

i’m just fed up y'all 🙄🙄🙄sorry for the rant i wanted today to be better but seeing people act like this just really grinds my gears


a quick drabble for the day

Hanzo has never cared for Valentine’s Day. 

In Japan it was different, of course–the old tradition was women giving men the honmei-choco, although in this day and age that was gradually becoming less common, and the only real rule was that a male person got a gift. Genji liked to take great advantage of it and the following White Day when they were young. Hanzo had mostly found all of it pointless, and would have had his gifts thrown out by his father, anyway. 

Nowadays, the day means nothing at all. He had been alone until a few months ago, and all it carried was a few old, bitter memories from years past. He has ignored it for 10 years and intends to continue doing just the same.

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mkay but hear me out

so like somehow keith and lance end up sleeping against each other on the couch- all on accident of course

but like then both of them wake up and see that they’re cuddled against the other and it’s that whole pet situation where it’s too pure and rare and you can never move again lest you disturb the other person’s slumber. so they’re just stuck there screaming internally- both thinking that the other person is still asleep. 

but lol they both 1000% awake

so then they are just chilling there for an hour and it’s like damn, i need to move i am uncomfortable af

so like one casual shift at a time (making small sleep noises to really sell it), they like slowly shift in a more comfy position horizontal on the couch- and like they’re low-key freaking out cuz now the other person liTERALY HAS THEY’RE ARMS AROUND ME OHMYGOD THIS IS AMAZING

but  (here’s the kicker) they’re laying on the couch still fake sleeping and both facing each other (faces super close obv) and they’re both like i wanna look

so they get a lil peek and FU-

they end up opening their eyes at the same time and like they both staring at each other like FUCK

but then neither of them moves away or freaks out so keith (being the nonchalant impulsive little shit he is) is like *shrug* g’night and just snuggles close and goes to sleep

and lance is just dead

An Even Season WOULD NOT be a repeat of season 3 and heres why

Okay so I don’t know, some of you guys who have been following my blog for a while now, might have picked up that I’m just ??? not an angry person. I like naming every single fly I see and leaving messages like “be happy” and “What’s a pigs favourite pizza? MUDLOVERS!” on the fogged up mirror after having a shower… but like recently my sister told me something that made me 


I was telling her for the millionth time how much I love Even and I couldn’t deal with how much I wanted and needed an Even season and get this, 

THIS is what she said to me: (note: please read the following in a very high pitched annoying voice that you would give someone you dislike when retelling stories)  “ew omg noooo i would hate that! omg that would suck so much and make me so annoyed.” 

Me, getting super confused and just feeling so attacked: “um what? why? what?” 

Little smelly sister: “Because omg we’ve already had evaks story! That would be so silly to do it again! it will just be season 3 all over again. Would be SO BORING”

Okay I know, I was so angry I just….couldn’t think straight and then it made me think: Did other people feel this way? Do people actually think an Even season would be an “evak” season and not a god damn Even season???? 

Because listen, that is bullshit and heres why:

1. Last season was not about Evak. 

Sure it was part of the storyline, Isak falling in love with a boy that made him see the world differently and face all of the insecurities and issues he has been repressing since season 1.

- Religion, 

- Mental illness, 

- Knowing that it’s okay to ask for help, 

- Being true to yourself, 

- Learning to accept yourself and 

- To not let fear of an uncertain future stop you from truly living life. 

Those were all of the things season 3 was about and I think it is an insult to Julie and Isak, to say that his story was just about his relationship? No. Season 3 was so much more and it was about Isak

2. Even is more than a love interest. 

oh my gosh, Even, Even, Even. This character proved to be so much more than I initially thought, the first time I laid eyes on him. This boy is amazing. He is 19 years old yet he has been through so much more than we can even imagine. He is kind, charismatic, creative, he draws silly pictures, makes movies that no one but Even himself could think of. He loves so much and smiles so bright, yet at the same time he is dealing with a serious illness that could easily control his entire life, yet ??? he is at school, trying to take charge and give himself a fulfilling happy life despite the illness that hangs over his head and tells him that he doesn’t deserve that, that he isn’t worth it. There is so much essence and potential to his character that, I just cannot see him as being just a love interest. he truly deserves to have his story told but it’s more than that…

3. His story NEEDS to be told. 

Most of my life I have spent so much time feeling things that i don’t understand and that i’m even ashamed of for feeling. How many times have you thought to yourself “no one understands me” “I am alone” How many times have you felt like no one in the entire world could possibly feel or make sense of the things you feel? 

The thing is we all have “the brain is alone” feelings but the worse part is feeling too ashamed to talk about it and believing that you are alone in how you feel. Having an Even season not only means that we have someone to represent everything that we feel and can’t put into words, someone who we can relate to and show us that if they can live a life with an illness and not let it take control, then, maybe we can too…

But it also gives a chance for people who don’t quite understand mental illness, to literally be put into the mind of someone who does and live the life of a person with bipolar. 

I can’t even fathom how brilliant that would be. Not just for people who need someone to show them they aren’t alone and how they too can fight back and be worthy of a happy life despite the illness that tells them they aren’t, but also for the people who are confused about mental illness and would like to learn more. Even can both educate, and relate to us all. 

and oh my gosh can you just imagine how brilliant that would be? Not only will we all be brought together but for once, we can talk about the things we feel and go through, without feeling ashamed and silly for feeling it. 

Because if Even Bech Næsheim, the most beautiful, sweet and charismatic guy on earth feels like this, then what is there to be ashamed of? What is there to hide? Maybe Even’s season can finally make us feel safe enough to talk about it, safe enough to not be alone. 

  • Some random ass anti in the sheith tag: CALLOUT POST! This person posts NOTHING but SHEITH and some of it is even NSFW! I'm telling you so you can blacklist this person and their tags and NEVER see their problematic-ness EVER in your life.
  • Me: hey bro thanks for the blog rec

Okay…I’m worried I’m going to lose followers for this and I’m really scared about speaking up about stuff because I’m afraid someone will get upset with me…but can I just say something??

Even if you think PewDiePie is still a bad person after his sincere apology, please don’t bring Markiplier and JackSepticEye into this because they defended their friend they know in real life. They know each other as Felix, Mark, and Sean, which is seperate from their comedic personalities they have on for the camera. You have to remember they’re real, genuine human beings that support each other because they’re friends.

And why are so many people bent on running other people’s careers to the ground? Nobody’s perfect, obviously, so I’m sure everyone has said something that has offended someone at some point in their life, even if it wasn’t to their face.

Felix apologized and acknowledged he took the joke too far, and because other people turned down his requests on the same site (which were not similar in any case, and were practically harmless jokes) and he believed they would turn down his request to hold up the sign. At that point, he didn’t realize that they wouldn’t understand what was being written in English.

If you watch the actual original video he realizes once they actual replied to his request how shocked he was to see they actually did it. He apologized in a video shortly after, then made the newest video in response to how the media blew it out of proportion, and in addition made a tumblr post about it.

He also made it VERY CLEAR, that he does not support ANY kind of hatred, and although some of his jokes can be distasteful or offensive to some people, he NEVER means them sincerely and admits that he’s a “rookie comedian” and he’s just testing boundaries to create comedy. He knows what happened crossed a line, and he apologized.

I’m not defending Felix’s actions and I believe that joke crossed a boundary. I’m not supporting anything anti-Semitic in any way whatsoever, and I’m not a fascist or anything like that, and neither is Felix.

But I also don’t think it’s okay to bully someone because they made an honest mistake in regards to comedy. I don’t think it’s okay to cancel a show hundreds of people worked on because of it. People have been pushing comedic boundaries for years, and yes, jokes can go too far.

But I want to make it

At the same time, a joke is a joke, and maybe if people stopped making Hitler jokes and 9/11 memes, it wouldn’t be considered as a form of comedy. If anything, it points out the faults that the internet has as far as comedy goes, because it’s the weirdness, bluntness, and anonymity of the internet that allows these types of jokes to be acceptable whereas they aren’t in real life. Yet again, you can’t control what people can say and do as far as that goes because of free speech, but people need to understand there are lines and boundaries.

Sometimes certain topics should be kept off limits as comedy, but a lapse in judgement as for what is considered comedic does not call for the destruction of someone’s career (and other people associated with them) because of the clickbait headlines that are spread by untrustworthy media sources.


anonymous asked:

Hey:) Who's the best person On this site, skam wise of course and personality wise because i want to follow a blog or two?:)

Hiii! :) I follow so so many skam blogs because i can’t help myself and my fingers slip a lot. but they’re all so good and such lovely people :’) Here’s my absolute favs. i love them all and feel empty when i don’t see them on my dash tbh

@tarjeisandvik (love of my life, fire of my loins, queen) @skam-addiction @isakiyakis @fairieswithoutwings @deepinskam @tarjeiandhenrik @duerdigg @evakshalla @softestisak @westiris @skamforfaen @watchskam @skevak @kosegruppaa @smolsonisak @isakcutie @josteninski @sanasevaks @koninginnen @smallisak @smolwolfgang @stayinherewithyou @isaks-even @isakneven @hemrikholm @ravenclawisak @shameforskam @nalle @evvak @evakskam @isaksavedeven @nerdnereis @stardefiant @issyisak @cuddlyevak @skamz @sanaknows @evakvaltersen @evakviigmoon @evaktrash @shameeven @harryeven @harryskam @metaphoricallocker @c-ardamom @kardamomme @isakoeven @romialmi @kardemomme-kisses @alterskam @henrikholmz @softnorwegians @anotherush @valtersensei @dailyhenrikholm @allyasavedtheday @httpskam @cuddly-isak @evakposts @smolbeanvaltersen @tessalabessa @evenbechdaily @evenbechnet (do me a favor and maybe follow everyone on the members page, no pressure) <3 

I know you said one or two but then i started and couldn’t stop myself and i’m missing a lot more people who i love. All my mutuals and every single skam blog i follow ily :’) I promise to make a blogroll bcos this is not enough. 

Sorry for not being active lately, guys! I visited @maidtea for a weekend and now I’m at my girlfriend’s place! Plus I’m really sick right now and I really have to lay down for a while to get better soon, I’m so sorry… I’m trying to keep my queue filled up the next days! I hope you all are okay and have a nice time 💖 I’ll answer all asks and messaged you sent me when I’m not sick anymore, I hope that’s okay for you!!
Love you all, cutiepies xoxo 💖💖💖


Well, I’ve decided to post my face, avert your eyes for your own good.

I’ll probably regret uploading this later but hey, you deserve to know the fuck face you are following!

These were some time ago as well btw because a. my hair is not that long anymore and b. I hadn’t smashed my front camera on the concrete floor in graphics yet!

That dimple in my chin fucks me off so much I s2g…

gentle reminder to this blog’s 15000 followers

I don’t really know if there are words that can describe how grateful I am. This blog truly would not be in the place that it is without all of you, especially those of you who take their time to submit suggestions for posts. 

Together, we have made over 600 reminders, all of which have at least reached one person, one dashboard, to make it a more positive place. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’ve come so far. 

All I have ever wanted was to help people, thank you for helping me do that every day. Each and every one of you.

I hope you all have a lovely day today. :)

reasons why Preston Garvey is Actually The Worst™©®
  • has the nicest eyes, which causes me to get lost in them and not be able to continue my game
  • his laugh is really adorable, which again distracts me while i play
  • still manages to be a good person in the likes of the Wasteland
  • best dress sense in the Commonwealth, making us all look bad c’mon dude at least tell me where you get ur clothes from
  • hums nice songs while he’s patrolling, getting them stuck in my head
  • won’t let me hold his hand
  • says he ain’t a hugger when he’s one of the most huggable people i’ve encountered
  • has the nerve to expect me to do the job that my character agreed to in the first place
  • helping him out lead me to getting a castle my guy i can’t handle all this stuff to build

SKDJFKLDS y’all I’m sorry I hate to be this kinda person, but I saw people making indirect posts about larries being unexcited about the Harry album stuff, and I always get too curious so I went to look at the blog of one of the people I really liked when I still followed larries. AND THEY ARE REALLY COMPARING REPORTS ABOUT HARRY’S SOLO CAREER…. TO CONSPIRACIES ABOUT LOUIS’ SON. 

Like as if those are remotely the same thing??? Even if you still believed “babygate” how could you possibly think this is a reasonable comparison? One of the heads of Sony was LITERALLY QUOTED TALKING ABOUT HOW HARRY’S ALBUM IS ALMOST READY. This isn’t vague “theorizing” based on Harry’s t-shirts and who he interacts with in an audience. Multiple people who are part of Harry’s team have confirmed he is working on an album that will be released soon!!! skdlfjklsjfksd I just.. cannot.