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🎶🎶When You Collect Records🎶🎶
  • Hipster: *moves dusty old boxes out of the way* Whoa, an old record player. It looks like it's in working order too! *runs outside*
  • Hipster: Yo, dad!
  • Dad: What?
  • Hipster: We're getting rid of all of poppop's stuff, right?
  • Dad: There's something you want, isn't there?
  • Hipster: There's this old stereo record player in the attic.
  • Dad: What do you need a record player for?
  • Hipster: My record collection.
  • Dad: I didn't even know they still made those things. Can't you just listen to music on your phone?
  • Hipster: Dad, there's a big difference between listening to music digitally and on record.
  • Dad: Fine, I don't wanna get into it with you right now. You can take the record player. You just have to get someone else to take it to your place for you. My truck's full.
  • Hipster: Thanks dad! *smooches dad on the cheek*
  • *later at hipster's apartment*
  • Friend: So, like Patch Adams ends with Patch Adams half-naked in front of a ton of people. I don't know if it was meant to be funny or like a weird sex thing, but like the movie was just a deeply disturbing character study. I can't stop thinking about it.
  • Hipster: That sounds boring. *unlocks door to apartment* Ta-da! Here it is! My new record player!
  • Friend: New? Looks fucking old to me, dude.
  • Hipster: Well, it is old. That's the appeal. And we're going to listen to the new Sufjan record on it.
  • Friend: Is that actually how you say Sufjan? Apparently, I've been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.
  • Hipster: Well, you won't after this record. There's an entire track where he just says his name for four minutes. It's amazing. *plays records*
  • Record Player: *coughs* Hello. Hello! Where am I? Doctor? Hello! Why is it so dark...............................Can I breathe? I can't breath. Oh god, I'm not breathing! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! I.....................................
  • Hipster: Uh, that's not Sufjan.
  • Friend: It totally isn't. Is it some guest vocalist? I like the new direction he's going in. No instruments or singing, and long stretches of silence. Very experimental.
  • Hipster: *stops record player* I think maybe we should do something else for now.
  • Friend: Fucking lame! I wanted to listen to more Sufjan.
  • *days later at the record store*
  • Hipster: Yo, I think the Sufjan Stevens record I bought from here might be some kind of mispress.
  • Store Clerk: Really? It's a pretty major album. I doubt there'd just be a mispress like that.
  • Hipster: Yeah, but listen to it. It's not Sufjan at all. It's some girl talking.
  • *hipster and clerk listen to a completely normal Sufjan Stevens album together*
  • Store Clerk: What are you talking about? This is definitely Sufjan Stevens.
  • Hipster: Okay, but it wasn't like that when I listened to it at home! I even listened to it with my friend and he heard the same thing!
  • Store Clerk: Maybe there's something wrong with your record player.
  • Hipster: Hmm, maybe there is.
  • *back at the apartment*
  • Hipster: *turns on record player and just listens*
  • Record Player: ...I'm awake again. Why did I black out? Did I even black out? God, I'm not breathing, but it doesn't matter. Why don't I need to breathe? Am I even alive?
  • Hipster: Can you hear me?
  • Record Player: Doctor. Doctor! DOCTOR! Why can't I move? Why can't I feel anything. Keep yourself together. It'll all make sense soon. Calm down. Just breathe deeply. Fuck, I can't breathe! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I CAN'T BREATHE! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! HELP! HELP ME, PLEASE! I'M STUCK! I CAN'T MOVE! PLEASE HELP ME!
  • Hipster: *turns off record player* It's just a recording, I bet. I can't believe I talked to it like an idiot... *nervously turns record player back on*
  • Record Player: I blacked out again. I blacked out. For how long? Is there even time here? Hell. This is hell, right? Did I go to hell.........................................
  • Hipster: *listens to the record player for hours*
  • Record Player: Negative 6893 bottles of wine on the wall! Negative 6893 bottles of wine! Take one down, pass it around, Negative 6894 bottles of wine on the wall... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Hipster: *keeps listening*
  • Record Player: Soul of Christ, make me holy, Body of Christ, be my salvation. God, please forgive me. I'm sorry for all of my sins. Please free me. I'm so sorry. Please. Please. Please.
  • Hipster: *still listening*
  • Record Player: FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! SHITTY DOCTOR! FUCK YOU! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! *sobs intensely* FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK EVERYTHING! Please just let me go.
  • Hipster: *nervously walks up to record player and lightly taps on it*
  • Record Player: ...A knock. A KNOCK! PLEASE HELP ME! I'M STUCK! PLEASE! *record player begins shake violently*
  • Hipster: *backs away in fear*
  • Hipster: *unplugs record player*
  • Hipster: *gets hammer from the closet and begins to break apart record player*
  • Record Player: *drips red*
  • Hipster: W-What? *cracks front of record player open*
  • *rotting viscera falls from the record player*
  • Hipster: O-Oh... *stuffs viscera back into the record player and duct tapes over it*
  • Hipster: *turns record player back on*
  • Record Player: ...I can feel. It hurts. Why does it hurt now? Why does it hurt? Why? Why? Why? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? *spurts blood through it speakers and begins to gurgle*
  • Record Player: *hops forward* Please just let me go. Please... please. I'll do anything. I just want to see you again. I'm so sorry. This isn't what I asked for. I'm so sorry. *hops forward again and comes unplugged*
  • Record Player: *tips over, bleeding heavily onto the carpet*
  • Hipster: *silently cleans up the mess*
  • *some time later*
  • Hipster: *calls dad* Hey, dad. Oh, nothing. Uh, I just need to borrow your truck, If not tonight sometime this week. I just need to get rid of something. No, no, that's fine, I can do it myself. Yeah, tomorrow morning is perfect. Thanks Love you too. Bye.
  • *the next afternoon*
  • Dad: So, what did you need to get rid of this morning?
  • Hipster: Nothing important. Just some old junk... Dad, what kind of person was poppop?
  • Dad: Well, he was only the greatest man I've known in my life. Really caring, dedicated to his family. When you were born he loved you so much. He was a bit of a loner, though. It took a lot to get him to open up. Even around me and your grandmother. He was a bit like you. Always a huge music lover.
  • Hipster: I see. Was he ever a doctor?
  • Dad: That's a weird thing to ask. Nope. He hated doctors. Didn't trust modern medicine one bit. It's ironic. His cancer probably wouldn't have gotten to him if he did. But, your poppop was always so stubborn.
  • Hipster: Oh, okay then.
  • *some days later*
  • Friend: New carpet?
  • Hipster: Yup, old one was ugly wasn't it. It was time for a change.
  • Friend: That's what I've been telling you! I'm glad you finally came to your senses. What happened to your record player, though?
  • Hipster: That thing? I threw it away. It was busted.
  • Friend: That sucks. Are you gonna buy a new one?
  • Hipster: No.
  • Friend: But you won't have anything to play your records on.
  • Hipster: Yeah, but I buy records because I want to support the artists. They're not really for listening. Besides, lossless is better. FLAC is the future.

the first time sana opens herself up to even it’s late at night and she has been crying for longer than she’d like to admit. she’s had the most awful day and nothing was able to cheer her up, the girls asked if something was wrong because they knew sana was not ok, but she just didn’t feel confortable talking about that with any of them, she never feels like she can talk about her feelings with someone, she has to be strong, has to be tough.

 but tonight sana feels more hopelless than she has felt for a while. even just texted her, with one of his ridiculous memes that he’s always sending everyone and she will never admit that some of them are actually funny. they’ve been best friends for a while now, it’s being so amazing hanging out with even and isak, sana has seen even at his best, but also at some pretty bad moments. she’s always trying to help both even and isak, always trying to be there for them. 

the only thing even did was ask if she was ok, just a simple question and sana doesn’t know why but she has to talk with someone and, for some reason, she feels like she can talk to even about everything so she just started telling him. she tells him about how she feels afraid but will never let it show, how she always feels like an outsider in the country that’s supposed to be her home, how she is always trying to prove herself, prove she’s strong, prove she knows how to deal with everything, prove she does not care about the looks she receives from people on the street, how she’s tired of pretending everything is fine when she actually has a lot of struggles. sana just tells even about everything and when she finishes it, it’s like she can finally breath pure air, like a huge and heavy stone was lifted from her back, and as she awaits for an answer she doesn’t allow herself to feel regret. so even responds. and sana is crying harder now. she’s crying because even is telling her things she didn’t expect to hear from anyone. “You don’t have to be strong all the time” he says, “You are allowed to be weak and you don’t have to hide it. You are allowed to be human.” and sana cries because deeply in herself she knows all that, but no one ever said this to her. “You are the smartest, greatest, strongest girl I’ve ever met and I’m so sorry that you feel like this” even’s words are sweet, sana thinks he’s the sweetest. “I know what it’s like to be in a stereotype, but I’m not gonna pretend I know what you go through, because I don’t.” and then she cries even harder: “But I know what it’s like to feel alone, to feel like you have to deal with everything by yourself because it is your own problem and your own battle, but let me tell you something: you are not alone, Sana. Me and Isak and the girls and all your friends, we care so much about you, we just want to see you happy. And we are here for you, we are by your side, supporting you. Always. You’re only a human ok? And you are never alone. Please, don’t forget that.” and sana is still crying but she feels so much better. you’re not alone. she thinks about even’s words and how nice he is and she feels so much better now. things aren’t always gonna be ok, but she’s not alone –she repeats to herself– she is not alone.

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Hey, I'm about to graduate from NUA Illustration and I'm scared as heck. Can I ask what you did when you just graduated? And you're back in Norwich now right, at Print to the People? Yay Norwich! Welcome back!

I am! It’s been a very interesting/intense time being back in Norwich! Congratulations on finishing uni! I think it’s understandable to be very scared of graduating, after having three years of structure in a safe bubble and then to be pushed out of this creative community that you’ve worked and built throughout those years. 

I’m going to tell you now something that no one told or warned me about graduation life from an art school: it’s very hard and oftentimes depressing and not good. I’m sorry this is negative but it’s true. From my personal experience, I moved back home to live with my parents in the countryside - which I am very grateful for - and got a couple jobs (Waterstones, a café/bar) to save money and get my driving license while I could work on my portfolio in my own free time. This process of moving back home is emotionally very hard, it feels like an unnatural regression, a step backwards, there’s also the guilt for feeling these things towards my parents and sometimes it felt like university never happened for me, because I was separate from my university friends and alone working in my bedroom, no longer surrounded in a studio by my creative peers. 

I did not apply for internships or creative jobs, I did not enter competitions, I did, however, take part in illustration/art festivals around the country (Bristol, Brighton, Hastings, London) to meet other artists and use these deadlines as motivation to continue making/selling my work. I kept the momentum up of making new work and putting it out there, I kept going back to Norwich to printmake and also had the luck of some friends working at the local college as printmaking technicians who let me use their facilities as well as print my stuff through their own press (Off The Press). 

Moving back home after university is very hard and no one else is going to tell you that. I also know from my friends who stayed in Norwich it hasn’t been easy, putting their artistic goals in the backseat while working, usually in retail, jobs that were just a way to pay for their rent and live. Graduation life is prioritising things, and sometimes feeling a bit like a failure, even though you’re not! It just happens, it’s life, we all need money to live and it takes time before the work we really want to make can become a living. 

I know a handful, or less than a handful, of people from my course who can make a living from selling their artwork, who went onto design internships (mostly in London) and seem to be doing well and making artwork and making money from that. Though it is also tricky with whether it’s the artwork they want to make, or have to make. 

I think some advice I would give is… to look for facilities or studios like Print to the People, if you are interested in print-making in different forms. Because there you get the same sense of community, of freedom and of creative productivity. You aren’t letting go of what you want to do and make and that you can do it. Look for these places in your hometown or where you plan to live, or you could do what I did and travel back to Norwich to printmake at Print to the People. I’d advise having a plan, because I didn’t really have one at the end of university, at least creatively for my career, Have a plan of what you want to do, who you want to work for, and go for it, apply. Because I think the hardest part of pushing yourself is simply DOING things like that. It’s also okay that your feelings about what you want to do change, your plan can change, as long as you keep your best interests in mind. 

It’s also okay to move back with your parents, it’s fine, it happens, but not to let the bad slumps get to you, to remember that there are people there for you, and to be kind to yourself in the situation you’re in. For two years I’ve been churning out artwork and thinking about my artwork at any time I’m not at work and I think it’s burnt me out a bit… so it’s okay to give yourself a break.  

Graduation life is a good time to reflect on what you really want to do, and to take your time, find your footing, and I really want to say this again, to be good to yourself. There isn’t a rush to become the next greatest artist or fashion designer or illustrator… but you need to remember that art schools push out hundreds and hundreds of graduates, just like you, every year. It’s easy to be washed away in the slew of new artists. So keep making, take this time to step back and think of what you want to do, what’s important to you, and take it one thing at a time to get there. A colleague I used to work with - a philosophy graduate - told me this while we were making coffee for customers and I was in a slump about my living at home and working in a cafê - “this is just part of the journey, so accept it, because you won’t be here forever, it’s just stepping stones and it’ll take as long as it needs to.” 

I hope this wasn’t too downcast or negative, I just want you to know what’s the truth and the truth is hard. And it’s good to remember that you’re not alone, all us graduates are in the same boat. 

All the best of luck to you, Helen! I could’ve written a lot more but I don’t think I would be able to stop, if you want to talk to me again about this by all means message me!

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How are you today? I'm a lint time follower of yours and your amazing,could you do 17 with Jeff?

Awww you’re so sweet! I’m basically average today, how are you hunny?

17: “Are you upset with me?”

You put your earphones in before you walked out of class, grateful that the day was over and you finally got to go home.

It was nearing exam week and you were just exhausted from school, and no amount of afternoon naps or weekend sleep ins seemed to cure it.

You were distracted with choosing a song as you stepped out of the door, and you let out a little yelp when you walked right into someone. You were relieved once you looked up to find it was only your boyfriend Jeff, and you pulled out your earphones to greet him.

“Hey, Jeff, I-”

“Are you upset with me?”

“What?” You chuckled, “why on earth would you think that?”

“You’ve barely spoken to me all week. We haven’t been on a date, you haven’t sat with me at lunch… you’ve only sent me one meme in the last three days…”

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’m not upset with you at all, I’m just super stressed with school stuff right now- I don’t have a guardian angel Clay to help me through all this, ya know,”

“I can help you through it… I mean, not really, but I can cuddle.”

You chuckled at him. You really did love Jeff- he was so sweet and sensitive. He took care of you, even when you spent a week basically ignoring him… he was the greatest thing you had ever been able to call yours.

“Well,” you grinned, “why don’t we go back to mine and we can cuddle while I study, and then maybe if you’re lucky after that we can study” you winked at him and made your way to his car.

Who We Used to Be (4): Peaceful

Izaya doesn’t call again until the evening.

It’s easier to wait, now. He has some sense of what reception he will be met with; not the abrupt panic of his first call, nor the sharp-edged rejection from Shizuo of the second. I can talk to you when I’m free, Shizuo had said, and so Izaya waits: through the early hours of the morning, when productivity grows with the increasing illumination of the daylight, and the long warmth of the afternoon, when Shizuo will be out in the city at work or eating lunch with Celty, or Tom, or Kadota. Izaya’s been gone for six months but his knowledge lingers, the weight of observation collected over the span of a decade still clings to his mind and rises for his consideration the moment he reaches to unearth it from his past. This is when Shizuo likes to stop for the hour break from intimidating and sometimes actually punching people; this is when his energy flags, as the sun sinks towards the horizon, when Izaya could draw closer than at other times due to Shizuo’s worn-out distraction. This is the best time for a fight, as the sunset is flaring crimson out across the city sky and Shizuo’s temper is worn thin by a full day of more-or-less restraint; and this is the best time to interrupt him at dinner, to make directly for the front door of his apartment rather than wandering the city streets. Shizuo will be at home, now, Izaya thinks as he watches the sun slide below the horizon, as he watches the light of day fade into the deep purples and blues of falling night; this is when Izaya would leave Shinjuku, on those days when his blood ran shivery with heat in his veins, when the electricity along his spine demanded lengthier satisfaction than rushed friction and gasping breaths in a secluded alley. By the time he was climbing the stairs to Shizuo’s apartment the other would be finishing dinner, would be just settling into what he expected to be a peaceful evening before dropped heavy-limbed and warm into bed; and Izaya reaches for his phone instead of for the handle of Shizuo’s door, and dials a number instead of turning a knob.

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Draco Malfoy x Muggle Girl
  • Draco x Muggle Girl
  • Draco Malfoy walked the streets of London. He was far away from the Malfoy Mansion and his family.
  • The boy had a lot on his mind, he was torn between what is right and wrong. Draco was sure he is a bad person, doing terrible things and that he is just like his father. He didn't realize he couldn't be someone else even if he wanted to. Lucius and Narcissa tried their best to raise him in a proud pureblood wizard, worth of his family name.
  • But Draco Malfoy wasn't a bad guy. No one who doubts in his actions and questions if he did a right thing or not could ever be a terrible person.
  • The truth was, Draco wasn't the saint, not even close, tho he tried his best to be better in the past few weeks.
  • Why? Maybe because he felt this guilt inside him.
  • One can only imagine what Draco went through his years. He couldn't betray his family name, his father and aunt Bellatrix were both Death Eaters and Draco knew long ago, he will be asked to join them once. Not like he had a choice, if he turned them down, he'd not only risk his own life, but his parents too.
  • And now Draco was wondering, he knew the day of him becoming a Death Eater was coming close.
  • He made a few steps down an empty street. The houses were nothing like those of the wizards, muggle's have quite of a strange taste, he thought.
  • It was a beautiful and peaceful day in July, the weather was perfect and it seemed like everything in the world is going just fine. But it didn't.
  • Draco took a deep breath as he sat on the bench in the park. He was looking at his feet, while his hands rested on his knees.
  • Silence was broken by a laughter which made Draco look up from the ground.
  • His eyes searched across the trees until they landed on a girl, not far away from him. The girl was smiling, her eyes were full of happiness, something what Draco's missed for a long time.
  • Everything on the muggle girl spoke she wasn't a witch. She wore short jeans and white Chuck Taylor's and Draco couldn't help but admit the red shirt she was wearing really complimented her long (y/h/c) hair.
  • The girl laughed again, as a dog brought her a tennis ball. She picked it up and threw it in Draco's direction.
  • And then it hit Draco's head. It didn't hurt pretty much, but still Draco rubbed the side of his head while he stood up.
  • The girl's eyes widened.
  • "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" She shouted as she rushed to Draco.
  • "Are you okay? I really didn't mean to throw it at you." She spoke softly.
  • As she was closer, Draco noticed her beautiful (y/e/c) eyes and a few freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.
  • She was pretty, he thought.
  • "Um, it's okay." Draco blurred out. He picked up a green ball, turning it around and watching it closely.
  • He saw that for the first time in life, until then he only knew for the Quidditch balls.
  • He went to pass her the ball, but before he could do that the dog jumped on him.
  • "Marley! Stop it, leave him alone." The girl shouted as Marley winged his tail, looking at Draco.
  • Draco smiled and patted his soft fur.
  • "I'm (y/n)." The girl spoke suddenly and Draco looked up from Marley.
  • "..I'm Draco." He smiled.
  • "That's your name?" She questioned and then Draco reminded his name wasn't used in the muggle world.
  • "Yeah, um it's kind of a nickname.."
  • "Oh..cool." The girl said and smiled again.
  • From her eyes to her mouth there was this positivity she had, the kind Draco has never seen before. Like she was smiling all the time and couldn't stop.
  • "Is this your dog?" Draco asked.
  • "Yes, I found him two years ago on Christmas. Someone must have had abandoned him and then I took him home. We're inseparable ever since." (y/n) said.
  • Draco smiled. "Do you live near here?"
  • (Y/n) nodded. "Just around the corner. But I never seen you around here."
  • "Yeah, well I'm from Wiltshire." Draco replied.
  • You nodded. You looked up at him, in his eyes. He was different from you and all others you have met. He smelt of peppermint and warm ocean breeze. Draco, even his name was strange, beautiful, but strange just as him.
  • "Are you visiting someone here, or..."
  • "No, no I just wanted to get away from.."
  • Silence. Draco was out of words, should he tell a total stranger about his family? What he feels? Would she judge him? Think he's a coward and arrogant?
  • As his gaze fell, your lips curled in a slight smile. He wasn't shy, you thought, he was more of a thinker and a loner. The one who keeps their mind for themself and reveals nothing to the world. You suddenly realized he was hurt. In his eyes you could see the sadness and despair.
  • "I understand," you spoke, "I to get away from time to time too."
  • Draco looked up at you and smiled.
  • "Care to join me and Marley on a walk?"
  • Draco nodded "I'd be glad to." He replied and you two continued on walking.
  • Draco told you about his strict parents, about his doubts and fears. You realized all people he told you about had strange names and it felt like Draco lived in another world. Yet, you understood him. You could feel what he felt. Fear or letting other people down, fear of disapproval and not becoming what you want to be. The person who you really are.
  • "Sometimes," Draco said "the greatest fear of mine, is being myself."
  • His eyes were staring up in the sky, like they were looking for something.
  • He then sighed and gave you a broken smile.
  • "You shouldn't be afraid of who you are and what you fear, Draco. Even if you did bad things, that doesn't make you a bad person."
  • The two of you continued on walking, talking about your families, friends and the world around you. Draco was very sweet and nice person and even if he told you he wasn't you truly believed he was.
  • It was getting darker, you and Draco forgot about the time and stars already appeared in the sky.
  • "I'm really glad I met you." Draco said.
  • Marley sat at his legs, looking up and begging for his attention. "Both of you." Draco added and patted your dog.
  • "The pleasure is ours Mr. Malfoy." You said and he chuckled.
  • "I hope I see you around (y/n)."
  • You nodded slightly. You too, hoped on seeing him again. But there was this feeling that you won't.
  • Again Draco's gaze fell, but this time he wasn't silent.
  • "You are the only one that thinks there is something good in me. I appreciate that, (y/n), really. You are the kindest person I have ever met."
  • That gave you chills. It wasn't the typical compliment one gives you when you first meet him. You smiled at him before you spoke "I'm sure I'm not the only one, Draco. And you really are a good person. I feel...I feel like I've known you for years. And I believe there is more good than evil in you."
  • The street lights went on and there was only you, Draco and Marley. It was like a dream, standing there, looking up at Draco who looked like he was made in heaven.
  • You couldn't believe how someone like him felt so bad about himself. Why couldn't he see what you saw.
  • "There should be more people like you. At least there where I come from. But today, here with you, I felt so much better. Like I'm in another world." Draco spoke.
  • His eyes were telling he was being completely honest to you and you were honored.
  • You took his cold hands in your warm ones and your heart was no longer the center of your body, but in that moment every conscious part of you was in the hand that Draco held.
  • "We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won't do harm - yes, choose a place where you won't do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine." You said, before you let go of his hands, knowing well you will never see him again, even tho every single inch of you hoped that you will.
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Heavenly Commentary: Deathly Hallows Pt2
  • Albus: I cannot believe that worked either. Between us, I am on miraculous form.
  • Lily: Albus, I swear if you don't tell us-
  • Albus: Relax Mrs Potter. All will become clear. Pay attention now.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Desecrating his body! Bastards!
  • Albus: He is not dead and feels nothing. Calm yourself.
  • ***
  • James: That...was Mcgonagall.
  • Lily: And Neville. So brave.
  • Sirius: Well here we go aga-
  • Fred: Neville got the snake!! I don't know why that's important but he did it!!
  • ***
  • Dobby: Kreacher! Kreacher fighting for the elves! Greatest of all the house elves!
  • Sirius: Kreacher is one of the greatest. But you're the greatest Dobby.
  • Regulus: I’d disagree. But there's no doubt they're both pretty amazing.
  • Sirius: Well look who turned up.
  • ***
  • James: Its glorious. We're winning.
  • Lily: Bellatrix versus Molly. I almost feel bad for that crazy bitch. Having to duel the last of the Prewitts.
  • Fabian: Last and greatest.
  • Gideon: Hell she beat us more times than I care to remember.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Thank you Molly.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Remorse?
  • Albus: The only thing that can heal a broken soul.
  • Remus: Perhaps you're being too kind Harry.
  • ***
  • Lily: I can't stand it. Oh God...
  • James: Be ready Harry.
  • Albus: Have faith in him.
  • James: HA-He did it...he's dead.
  • Lily: It’s over...
  • ***
  • Fred: He's leaving the stone?
  • Cedric: And the wand? Why?
  • Albus: Because he's better than us.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s over. I can't believe it.
  • Fred: Still not sure about half the stuff that went on.
  • Cedric: I'll fill you in.
  • ***
  • Albus: I told you I had a plan.
  • Severus: Yes but you didn't actually tell me the plan. That was my annoyance.
  • Albus: Theatrics, Severus. Far more fun.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Why didn't you tell me?
  • Regulus: There was no time. Everything happened really fast. Plus you wouldn't have listened.
  • Sirius: I'm sorry. I know it doesn't help but, I'm listening now.
  • ***
  • Fred: So...love?
  • Albus: Boundless love. Under remarkable and terrible circumstance, can bring about magic that defies all laws of men and gods.
  • ***
  • Lily: Auror? Harry why go back to war? Why not be a teacher like Neville?
  • Alastor: Because for all his talk of peace? There is a part of him that is at home in battle.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Hey every-
  • James: Quiet! He's proposing.
  • Lily: One knee. Aw so sweet.
  • James: The ring is in the Snitch! This is the greatest proposal of all time!
  • Lily: She said yes!
  • James: Of course she did! The ring was in the Snit- oh! Oh my! It's time for everyone to leave. Now!
  • ***
  • Fred: My twin brother just started dating my ex-girlfriend. I don't know how I feel about that.
  • Cedric: Flattered? Second sexiest man she’s ever known.
  • Fred: You’re alright Diggory.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s a boy!
  • Sirius: Obviously he's gonna be named after me.
  • James: Think again Padfoot. And no one ever used the middle name.
  • Albus: Congratulations. You're kind of grandparents.
  • ***
  • Albus: Another son! Very happy for you.
  • Lily: Thank-you. I wonder what he’ll...
  • Albus: ...
  • Severus: ...
  • James: Dammit Harry. I can't hate the man my grandson is named after! But I refuse to call you your real name!
  • Severus: That's fine. I still loathe you.
  • Lily: After all this time?
  • James: Fuck off Evans!
  • ***
  • Tonks: Hufflepuff! YES! SUCK IT LUPIN!
  • ***
  • Lily: Finally! A girl! This has to be me!
  • James: And Luna apparently.
  • Lily: Of course Luna. Haven't you noticed how close they are? He loves her as much as he does Hermione. Ginny too
  • ***
  • Remus: Prefect! HA! SUCK IT...NYMPHADORA!
  • Tonks: I'm gonna kill you.
  • ***
  • Cedric: I think it's time to move on.
  • Fred: What do you mean?
  • Cedric: Well there's supposed to be something beyond this. I’m going to find out. Care to join me?
  • Fred: I would. Let's go.
  • ***
  • Albus: Hello brother.
  • Aberforth: So this is where you've been.
  • Albus: Not just me.
  • Ariana: Hello Abey
  • Aberforth: Ari?
  • ***
  • Sirius: James is getting married. It's all gone so fast.
  • Lily: I think Harry feels the same way.
  • ***
  • Kreacher: Where are we?
  • Dobby: We are in a place of good, brave elves and wizards.
  • Regulus: And you, most of all deserve to be here.
  • Kreacher: M-master Regulus...
  • ***
  • Remus: Our son is getting married.
  • Tonks: He looks so handsome.
  • Remus: Gets that from you
  • Tonks: Was that a compliment or an observation?
  • Sirius: Both.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s almost time.
  • James: He lived long enough to see his own grandkids go to Hogwarts. That's a full life.
  • Lily: It is. Here we go.
  • Harry: Goodbye Ginny. I love you.
  • James: Hello, Harry.
  • Harry: Mum, Dad. I've missed you.
  • Lily: We've missed you too.
Secrets - A.I.

RequestCould you do one where you’re dating Ashton but one day Michael finds out you cut and he tries to talk to you about it but Ashton thinks you’re cheating on him??

Summary: Michael has a growing suspicion about Y/N and decides to confront her about it, sparking drama between her and her boyfriend, Ashton.

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader (relationship), Michael x Female Reader (friendship)

Warnings: mention and proof of self-injury. if self-harm is triggering to you, please read with caution. 

“Y/N, aren’t you hot?” Michael questioned when Y/N walked onto the bus, observing the baggy sweater covering her body. “It’s sweltering outside and you’re dressed like it’s winter in Antarctica or something.” Y/N simply shrugged, setting her bag down on the table and kicking off her shoes. “Nah,” she responded. “If anything, I’m actually real cold.” Michael let the conversation go at that, but he was still suspicious. 

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THIS IS NOT THE END. Now that I’ve got that out of the way you can all read this chapter. There’s one more part to go which I will hopefully finish tomorrow - if I don’t fall asleep. Honestly I’ve lost so much sleep writing this and I don’t regret a minute. Anyway! Enjoy, @sxnali, @animefreak808@cosmichorse95, and @doctor13th. See you soon!

Prompt: you write loki so well, it’s amazing!

Oh gosh I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the updates to stolen BUT I’ve had a catch up and I’m up to date and I’m so happy Loki is making the first THANK YOU C=

Steve casually picking up a banana when Thor explains he’s interested in guys… perfection! Also loved the new update, ♥ keep going!

Stolen (Part 12)

Part 11

You attempted to keep your eyes open as you waited for the kettle to boil. You stood with your back to Loki who was doing who knows what. You had assigned him a plain china mug that looked horribly boring in comparison to your personal mug (which bore the emblem of your Hogwarts house).

The kitchen may have been intact but a horrible draft swum through the air nonetheless. The central heating did nothing to squash the arctic temperatures of the nearby rooms that still lacked windows. You rolled your shoulders a couple of times to dispel a shiver.

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Words: 4,862
Pairing: Beorn/Skin-Walker!Reader
Based on these two imagines by imaginexhobbit.

A/N: This is the last and final part, Part 6 of Waking Again From Sleep. Previously, Part 5 was Honey Cakes & Apple Cider.

The morning sun darted across the covers of the bed, casting spotted light on your skin through the thick vines that kept most of it out. A chain was pressed under your pillow, and another rested on the mattress in front of you as the arm curled around you, pulling you deep into the warm, broad chest of the bear you had spent all morning with in the fields surrounding his home. You kept your eyes closed, snuggling into the warmth, and thought back on just a few hours ago.

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Mulan {Sentence Starters}
  • "My powers are beyond your mortal imagination."
  • "Say that to my face, you limp noodle!"
  • "The truth is we're both frauds."
  • "I was just washing, so now I'm clean, and I'm gonna go. Bye-bye!"
  • "The greatest gift and honor is having you for a ______."
  • "All right, that's it! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family!"
  • "You're the saddest bunch I've ever met!"
  • "I know my place! It is time you learned yours."
  • "I never want to see a naked man again."
  • "Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!"
  • "I think I've been away from home long enough."
  • "My little baby, off to destroy people!"
  • "But you risked your life to help people you love. I risked your life to help myself."
  • "For instance, my eyes can see straight through your armor."
  • "Would you like to stay for dinner?"
  • "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow."
  • "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."
  • "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just nervous."
  • "What do you mean you're not lucky? You lied to me?"
  • "Would you like to stay forever?"
  • "Then you're gonna have to trust me. And don't you slap me no more."
  • "Whoo! Sign me up for the next war!"
  • "Rise and shine. Y'all way past the beauty sleep thing, trust me."
  • "I tire of your arrogance. Bow to me!"
  • "Don't talk with your mouth full. Now let's see your war face."
  • "Now go out there and make me proud!"
  • "I will never pass for a perfect bride. Or a perfect daughter."
  • "I'm gonna hit you so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy."
  • "Ooh, I think my bunny slippers just ran for cover. Come on, scare me!"
  • "Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother."
  • "Why is my reflection someone I don't know?"
beginners guide to exo

(wow what a lame title) anyway…

well first of all, exo can be a bit of a confusing group sometimes, as there are many members and they’re split into subunits (exo k and exo m) their main singles will usually include all the members and for their concerts it’s all members as well, but the albums are usually recorded with exo k singing the korean versions of the songs and exo m singing the chinese ones. 

the fandom is called exo-l (that’s an L not an I), because in the alphabet the letter L is between the letters k and m. some people don’t like this name though and prefer to call themselves exotics.

there’s two phrases you should know when it comes to exo: “we are one”, which is their greeting. and “saranghaja” (”let’s love”) which is what they say before they go on stage (or aggressively scream into the mic during award acceptance speeches)

ok now let’s get to the members. this is gonna be a long post because there’s 12. well, now 10. maybe 9. don’t worry, I’ll explain everything…

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a hella long list of random lyric sentence starters (pt. 10)
  • "How did we ever come to this?"
  • "I never thought you'd be someone I'd have to miss."
  • "There I was, caught in your game..."
  • "If you're looking for forgiveness, you won't find that here."
  • "You can say you're sorry, but I still don't care."
  • "You're both to blame."
  • "I hope you know you're my last mistake."
  • "Don't come around and say you need me."
  • "I won't stay."
  • "Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely."
  • "It was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger."
  • "I started writing songs, I started writing stories."
  • "Only those I really love will ever really know me."
  • "Once I was 20 years old, my story got told."
  • "I only see my goals, I don't believe in failure."
  • "I got my boys with me at least."
  • "I hope I'll see you later."
  • "We've traveled around the world and we're still roaming."
  • "I'm still learning about life."
  • "I'm still sorry."
  • "Tell me what you want this to be."
  • "I just can't catch a break."
  • "I know what I want this to be."
  • "You're dragging things along."
  • "Do you feel like something's missing when your skin is pressed to mine?"
  • "All I ever wanted was a part of you that I couldn't break."
  • "We're in pieces now."
  • "All you ever wanted was a part of me that I couldn't fake."
  • "I have to let you down."
  • "I know I’m the one you want to forget."
  • "Baby, you were my picket fence."
  • "I miss missing you now and then."
  • "Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger."
  • "The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger."
  • "I am the best you’ll never have."
  • "Drink up, baby, stay up all night."
  • "I'll make you mine."
  • "I hate myself for staring at the phone."
  • "Kept all your texts, can’t erase them."
  • "I’d call you up but I know you’re not alone."
  • "I know that I should not hold on, so why can’t I let go?"
  • "I keep trying to figure out who you are to me."
  • "Maybe all that we were meant to be is beautifully unfinished."
  • "Your fingerprints are tattooed on my skin."
  • "You’re the one that I can’t lose; you’re the one that I can’t win."
  • "I hate you and I love you and I wish you’d go away."
  • "I hate you and I love you and I wish that you would stay."
  • "I think that you think that I'm half drunk."
  • "I know that you wouldn't fall for that."
  • "Shut up and take my hand."
  • "I don't wanna say goodnight."
  • "Hot damn, look at me now."
  • "I bet you never thought you would fall again."
  • "So much for keeping this 'just friends'."
  • "Shut up and kiss me now."
  • "I've done my part for twelve years now."
  • "I really wouldn't mind if we don't go anywhere, cause I've got you."
  • "You think my bruised knees are sort of pretty."
  • "I think your tired eyes are kind of nice."
  • "Have you got a lighter on you?"
  • "I really don't mind if we take our time."
  • "I've got a couple bottles of your favorite wine."
  • "I love everything that you've got."
  • "Would you be mine?"
  • "How can you joke at a time like this?"
  • "This is what you wanted all along now, isn't it?"
  • "I think that all you ever really ever wanted was a reason to complain."
  • "Those are her words, not mine."
  • "As far as I'm concerned, we could've had a good time."
  • "I guess there's nothing more to discuss."
  • "Girls don't call, and they never tell you why."
  • "Don't listen to my music."
  • "Don't lie in my bed."
  • "Don't listen to the references to things that you might have actually said."
  • "As far as I'm concerned, it could have been a lot worse."
  • "I wasn't trying to avoid the confrontation."
  • "She told me that I don't even try."
  • "Maybe you're right, maybe this is all that I can be."
  • "But what if it's you, and it wasn't me?"
  • "I'm fucked in the head, and my mind is turning into a whore."
  • "Maybe she's right, maybe I'm wrong."
  • "Maybe we'll fight 'til it move us along."
  • "You know that admitting the problem is the first step."
  • "Friends turned to wine-drunk lovers."
  • "I felt the strangest emotion but it wasn't hate, for once."
  • "Life is moving, can't you see?"
  • "There's no future left for you and me."
  • "I was holding and I was searching endlessly, but now there's nothing left that I can do."
  • "There is another future waiting there for you."
  • "They say people never change, but that's bullshit, they do."
  • "I do not think I would be here if not for them."
  • "With friends like ours, anywhere is home."
  • "Keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind."
  • "I thought we were holding on, aren't we?"
  • "You and me got a whole lot of history."
  • "We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen."
  • "Let's drive around town holding hands."
  • "And ya need to know, you're the only one."
  • "I love you, babe, so bad."
  • "I'm hella obsessed with your face."
  • "I'll be your daydream."
  • "We could be beautiful."
  • "Say you'll never let me go."
  • "Take me back to a time only we knew."
  • "We could waste the night with an old film."
  • "You said you'd never ever break down, but here I am sweeping pieces off of the ground."
  • "You said you'd never ever play to crowds."
  • "I've spent all night long scared of tomorrow."
  • "Everything is almost lost."
  • "I never thought I'd be so fragile."
  • "We're fragile."
  • "You're the only sound that I ever want to hear."
  • "Give me your heart, and I'll give you my love."
  • "Tonight you look lovely."
  • "Let me wrap my arms around you."
  • "Let me take you home."
  • "I want you to myself."
  • "You're the only thing that I ever need to know."
  • "Our world is looking so bright."
  • "I'm a little bit lost without you."
  • "I had a feeling once that you and I could tell each other everything."
  • "I just wanted you."
  • "Something about you, it's like an addiction."
  • "Hit me with your best shot, honey."
  • "I've got no reason to doubt you."
  • "You keep coming back again."
  • "I'm certain that I'm yours."
  • "I adore you."
  • "I said I'd never miss you, but I guess you never know."
  • "I miss your early morning company."
  • "You are my favorite 'what if'."
  • "You are my best 'I'll never know'."
  • "What did it ever mean to you?"
  • "I wish I'd known how much you loved me."
  • "I wish I cared enough to know."
  • "I'm sorry every song's about you."
  • "The torture of small talk with someone you used to love."
  • "When I was younger I was certain that I'd be fine without a queen."
  • "Where we've been is who we are."
  • "Now all I do is wonder why we ever set the scene."
  • "It's such a shame that we play strangers."
  • "Damn, it's such a shame that we've built a wreck out of me."
  • "I'll remember nights alone and waking up to dial tones."
  • "Always found my greatest moments in the sound of your 'hello's'."
  • "Will you even know it's me?"
  • "Can we find a new beginning?"
  • "Do you turn the other cheek?"

anonymous asked:

Can you, please, write a jikook, where: Jungkook is teasing the older in all possible ways; аlthough Jungkook is just kidding, Jimin takes too seriously, because he is inlove with the younger, and he is not sure what to do with his feelings so he decides to do drugs; and then, one day, the maknae sees him drugging and understands what he has done to his hyung and there's the happy ending ? I was going to write it as my own work, but the truth is that I'm too lazy right now. Thanks in advance! ^

Jimin’s not sure what’s gotten to him.

He’s never really submitted himself to severe peer pressure and has honestly always been more in touch with school and extracurricular activities rather than trying to create a distinctive social life.

But ever since Jungkook and he stopped talking over a month ago, Jimin’s been seeking a distraction from the shitty feeling in his heart.

Jimin doesn’t want to complain about the unofficially declared silent treatment between the two of them, though, because it’s really his own fault. He doesn’t express his honest feelings very much, and as a result it’s not like Jungkook knows off the top of his head that many of the things he pokes fun at are Jimin’s greatest insecurities.

Jimin’s the one who has cut the ties, and Jungkook’s the one who has been trying to fix it.

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370. "Does she know..."
  • Louis: "Does she know where you are?" you ask as your best friend sprawls out on your couch. the second time this has happened in five days. Louis and Eleanor have been battling it out the last few weeks. You could feel the tension from a mile away. Louis simply shakes his head, his hair shifting in the process. You never had the greatest relationship with Eleanor; she didn't like you and thought you were competition. it was funny though because usually Louis was on her side. He would lessen his visits with you to please her, stop calling as often, stop bringing you out of tour with him. You'd missed your best friend. It wasn't until the first night he showed up at your door, four days ago, that you'd seen him in three months.You sit down next to Louis and he shrugs, pulling you closer to him in the process. "I don't know and honestly, I don't fucking care." Is all he responded.
  • Liam: "Does she know whats happening?" You ask in between pants. Liam tugs your leggings down you legs as his lips suck at your sweet spot. Liam's tongue slide over the fresh red spot, cooling down the burning sensation while his brown eyes met yours. "I doubt it. Not that she cares. I know she's doing the same. Probably with that dick right now. In my bed too" He replies as you help him tug his shirt off. Sophia and Liam's relationship was crumbling and Has been for a few months now. She's cheating on him, he's cheating on her. with you. They were basically over but neither of them had the guts to break the relationship. It was a story that would cause a field day in the media if it was leaked. They had been together for so long. You hated the feeling of being the other woman, but at the same time, every thing felt so right. You bit your lip as he fingers found your clit. "Now let's not talk about her and talk about how good I'm about to make you feel,"
  • Niall: "Does she know you're proposing?" Harry asked him as Niall played with the box in his pocket. Niall looked at him incredulously. "Oh yes. I fucking told her I was going to- Of course not Harry! She has no fucking clue" He spat at his friend. Harry rolled his eyes, leave it to Niall to make the situation worse. " No I mean, have you hinted at it or are you just going to shock her?" He elaborated. Niall shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I hope she'll say yes." He runs his hand through his hair, as his blue eyes grow wide. He was going to ask you as soon as you got home from your parents. He had Harry help set up everything for him. Pictures of the two of you lined the wall and floor. "Believe me mate, she'll say yes."
  • Harry: "Does she know I'm not coming home?" He asks you through the phone. One Direction are currently doing their tenth anniversary tour throughout the world while you stayed back and watched the kids. He was supposed to get off to watch your daughter, Lennon, graduate nursery school. She had been counting down the days till daddy got home, a huge calendar with X's through the days. "No," You sighed "I was hoping you could tell her" You responded. Harry groaned and you could picture him running a hand through his tangled, curly mess. "Y/N I can't do that. It'll break her heart" He stated. "You don't think I know that? That's why I don't wanna do it" You laughed sarcastically. The line was silent apart from Harry's breathing, but you stayed put. "Fine, can you put her on?" He asked quietly and you sighed. "Yeah, one sec"
  • Zayn: "Does she know you're being serious?" You ask him as he makes himself at home on your bed. You had met Zayn a month back at a bar. That's where he told you all of his relationship problems. You helped him through it, and ever since he's been showing up at your house or texting you when things got rough. Him and Perrie have been through a lot together and from what you heard you suspected that they'd work though it; If they got through cheating and long distance everything else should be easy. However, you learned that wasn't the case when Zayn showed up with a duffle bag on his shoulder and a cigarette in his mouth. Zayn shook his head. "She probably doesn't realize it now, but by tomorrow or the next day when I haven't showed up, she's start to realize that I'm done with all the bullshit" He replied. You nodded as you sat down next to him. "Sorry for dropping in by the way, I just needed isolation from everyone." He apologizes. You smile and shake your head. "Don't worry about it. Stay as long as you'd like. I like the company."
  • ~AlliXx

anonymous asked:

I can't really properly explain the way I'm feeling, but I need some Sterek fics with sadness or tragic happenings with a happy ending. Any recommendations?

Sorry that this has taken me a few days, nonnie. Hopefully these will help <3

The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Him by Dexterous_Sinistrous - based on this video:  Derek & Stiles | You are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to him

Stiles tries to forget. He tries to ignore the pain. He even tries to laugh and pretend it’s okay. But night terror after night terror keeps him awake every night as he relives the worst moment of his life again and again. It wasn’t enough he had to face it throughout his waking hours, but he now has to face it as he tries to dream.

Derek wasn’t meant to be the one to leave, just as Stiles wasn’t meant to be the one grieving. That was what Stiles tells himself every night, and it almost makes it bearable.

To deal with his thoughts, Stiles goes into the Eichen House once more, hoping Ms. Morrell will have the guidance and advice he so desperately needs. But moving on and letting go are completely different than what Stiles imagined, and he struggles to find his stability. Maybe hanging on isn’t such a terrible idea after all.

But maybe he doesn’t have to let go at all. Maybe Derek meant it when he said, “Forever.”

Way Back Home by matildajones

He wasn’t ever expecting to get out of that hellhole, and he always wondered about Stiles. He wondered – even hoped – that he would move on.

Promise You’ll Look After Him by DiscontentedWinter

Sheriff Stilinski is used to dealing with victims of violent crime. He knows how to approach kids who’ve been beaten and sexually assaulted.

Except this time it’s his son.

It’s Stiles.

Taylor Swift Songs
  • Tim McGraw: Who was your first love?
  • Picture To Burn: Who's picture would you like to burn?
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: Who's the guy/girl who doesn't notice your feelings?
  • A Place In This World: Do you know your place yet?
  • Cold As You: Who's got that heart of stone?
  • The Outside: Do you feel like you fit in anywhere?
  • Tied Together With A Smile: What are you battling?
  • Stay Beautiful: That guy/girl you're hardcore crushing on?
  • Should've Said No: Who seriously wronged you?
  • Mary's Song (Oh My My My): Did you have a childhood friend/crush?
  • Our Song: What is your song? What does it mean to you?
  • I'd Lie: Do you have feelings you'd never admit?
  • I'm Only Me When I'm With You: Someone you're not afraid to be your complete self with?
  • Invisible: Did you ever have a crush who never found out about your feelings?
  • Perfectly Good Heart: Did someone ever lead you on?
  • Fearless: When were you fearless?
  • Fifteen: Favorite memory from freshmen year?
  • Love Story: Have you ever had a forbidden love?
  • Hey Stephen: Did you ever write a song about somebody?
  • White Horse: Did somebody you were dating ever date another person behind your back?
  • You Belong With Me: Did you ever win your crush over?
  • Breathe: Have you ever lost somebody important to you?
  • Tell Me Why: Has somebody ever treated you poorly?
  • You're Not Sorry: Has somebody ever hurt you so badly you just can't forgive them?
  • The Way I Loved You: Who do you define as "perfect"?
  • Forever & Always: Did somebody ever break up with you when you thought things were fine?
  • The Best Day: How would you describe your relationship with your mother?
  • Change: Has somebody ever changed your life for the better?
  • Today Was A Fairytale: Have you ever had a valentine?
  • The Otherside of the Door: Did you ever hold back something you really wanted to tell someone?
  • Untouchable: Have you ever felt like somebody was out of your reach?
  • Come In With The Rain: Have you ever waited on somebody special?
  • Superstar: Who do you idolize? Why?
  • Thug Story: How gangsta are you?
  • Crazier: Has somebody ever made you lovesick?
  • Beautiful Eyes: Favorite eye color?
  • I Heart ?: Did you ever have a persistent admirer?
  • Mine: Have you ever had a really great relationship?
  • Sparks Fly: Has somebody ever made you feel vulnerable while in love?
  • Back To December: Is there somebody you would like to apologize to?
  • Speak Now: What's something you want to say right now?
  • Dear John: Who should have known?
  • Mean: Have you ever been bullied?
  • The Story Of Us: Ever had an awkward run in with somebody you were avoiding?
  • Never Grow Up: Do you wish you could be a little kid again?
  • Enchanted: Who were you enchanted to meet?
  • Better Than Revenge: Did another girl ever steal your boyfriend?
  • Innocent: Is there something you wish you could change/erase?
  • Haunted: Does somebody haunt your thoughts?
  • Last Kiss: Did you ever lose somebody who was really great to you?
  • Long Live: What great thing will you remember for the rest of your life?
  • Ours: Have you ever had a relationship where people tried to change your mind?
  • Superman: Has somebody ever been "too busy" for your relationship?
  • If This Was A Movie: Is there somebody who never came back?
  • Safe & Sound: Have you ever felt unsafe?
  • Eyes Open: Was there ever a time you had to watch your back constantly?
  • Ronan: Do you have any younger siblings?
  • State Of Grace: Have you found the one yet?
  • Red: Is there somebody you're still trying to forget?
  • Treacherous: Has somebody ever made you want to be a little risky?
  • I Knew You Were Trouble.: Have you ever been another notch on somebody's belt?
  • All Too Well: Is there something you remember too well?
  • 22: Who are your best friends? Favorite moment(s) with them?
  • I Almost Do: Is there somebody you've thought about calling again?
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Have you ever had an on-again, off-again relationship with somebody?
  • Stay Stay Stay: What kind of relationship do you dream about?
  • The Last Time: Have you ever wondered where your relationship was going?
  • Holy Ground: Has somebody ever kept you on your feet?
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Are you missing somebody right now?
  • The Lucky One: Who do you think is the lucky one?
  • Everything Has Changed: Has somebody ever made you feel butterflies?
  • Starlight: What was the greatest date you've ever been on?
  • Begin Again: How do you feel about love?
  • The Moment I Knew: The worst birthday you've ever had?
  • Girl At Home: Do you know somebody who is a serious player?
  • Come Back... Be Here: How do you feel about long distance relationships?
  • Sweeter Than Fiction: What is your biggest accomplishment? Did anybody tell you you wouldn't reach it?
  • Welcome To New York: What is your favorite city?
  • Blank Space: Do you have a long list of ex-lovers?
  • Style: Something you think that will never go out of style?
  • Out Of The Woods: Did an outside influence ever ruin one of your relationships?
  • All You Had To Do Was Stay: Did somebody ever lock you out after letting you in?
  • Shake It Off: How do you deal with haters?
  • I Wish You Would: Did you ever end a relationship on an argument?
  • Bad Blood: Do you have bad blood with somebody?
  • Wildest Dreams: Have you ever had a sensual relationship?
  • How You Get The Girl: What would win your heart over?
  • This Love: Have you ever had to let somebody go? Did they come back?
  • I Know Places: Where are your hiding places?
  • Clean: What's the hardest thing you've overcome?
  • Wonderland: Have you ever gotten lost in love?
  • You Are In Love: Has somebody ever made you feel like you were the only person in the world?
  • New Romantics: What would your scarlet letter be?

officiallylouisaf-deactivated20  asked:

I'd love some tomlinshaw, like louis calling in to the breakfast show to surprise/propose to nick? <3

this was a delightful prompt! i enjoyed writing this, thank you so much :)

even in the shadows, louis x nick, 1800~ words

nick isn’t certain he’s the best person to be giving advice to the nation, especially this early in the morning, but the big bosses love the whole ‘agony aunt’ idea that bloody finchy suggested (he doesn’t even go here, nick thinks bitterly), so this is his life now. it’s just hit 7.30 which means tina’s in with the news and then nick has to somehow steer the lost and hopeless toward some kind of guiding light. he’d much rather be back home in bed, curled around louis, who was warm and delightfully tactile this morning when nick had to leave him.

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Stanley gets so caught up in trying to bring his brother back as soon as he can that he almost forgets about his burn until it’s too late.

Sure, the fresh wound still smolders and sizzles and stings for the first few days, but it’s in such an awkward-to-reach spot near his shoulder blade that Stanley patches it with gauze and some cream as best he can, and then ignores it, focused on bringing Stanford back from that portal. Without the other two journals, he doesn’t have much hope, but he rifles through the physics and math textbooks left around his brother’s house in an attempt to somewhat understand how the hell this thing works.

The the fatigue and fever kick in, and Stanley is no doctor but he knows this is not good.

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anonymous asked:

i'm a little new to barca so i was wondering if you could introduce me to me the team or teammates if you could? just something to give me some knowledge about them that i wouldn't know as a newcomer

Hello darling. So here some things you need to know about players;

  • Jérémy Mathieu: He is the new guy but he is a good defender and this fandom was waiting for almost 6 years (no Chygrinskiy doesn’t count). He is fast, good at 1v1 and air duels. He looks like a guy from Green Street Hooligans who is ready to beat an Espanyol with a fucking stick.
  • Marc-André ter Stegen: He is the new guy as well and he is a great young talent. He is a German and he makes incredible saves, he also uses his feet a lot so sometimes we are like ???? He is a cutie pie and his gf is hella hot
  • Martín Montoya: Martín is from La Masia so he is one of our babies. He had a great season before 2013 but shit happens you know so we are not judging him or anything. His crosses are better than Dani’s but he is not as good as Dani at defending and he is not ready to be a regular starter. 
  • Gerard Piqué: You will hear so many waka waka jokes, please ignore them all. Gerard was one of the best defenders in the world once but again shit happens. He is slow and really bad at sliding tackles nowadays but we still believe in him and he will get his shit together. Now Lucho is the coach, he will work harder.
  • Ivan Rakitić: New comer. He has perfect hair and a really cute face -no Mel stop!-. Anyway, he is good player who won Europa League with Sevilla last year and he is very versatile (he played as a winger, DM, CM etc dudeeee).
  • Sergio Busquets: People talk shit about him but don’t listen them, Busi is amazing and he is one of the bests in the world. He is a fighter and our silent soldier.
  • Xavi Hernández: Xavi was our vice-captain until this season, Puyol left and Xavi stayed (thank God!). He is the best Spanish player in the football history and he is one of the most amazing midfielders ever. No one can read the game like Xavi. He is also obsessed with pitches and passes so if you didn’t water your grass today, go and do it now!
  • Pedro Rodríguez: Pedrito is also from La Masia. He accidentally joined La Masia but that’s another story. He is a hardworker and a team player. His finishes will give you a headaches but he also has some fancy moves and he is a lovely man. People underestimate his talent so much.
  • Andrés Iniesta: Mr. Pale Face. He is the most talented midfielder, please go home and think about your life if you disagree. He is a little magician and give him a ball, he will dance for you. He is untouchable. Also a very lovely man and a cute papi awww
  • Luis Suárez: Here we have bite jokes. Don’t ignore them, some of them really funny tbh. Anyway, Luis is a nice guy off the pitch but a dangerous one on the pitch and I am not only talking about his amazing skills. He is one of the best strikers in the world right now. He needs to get his shit together. He had a great season at Liverpool last season.
  • Lionel Messi: Leo is our precious one and our legend. What he’s done for this club will never be repeated. He is ready to die for our crest and don’t touch me, I will cry. He is also the greatest player ever. He is good at every fucking thing so I am not gonna talk about his skills too much, he is a lovely puppy and his legs are really pale (idk why I said this)
  • Neymar: Don’t search his name on the internet because you will see a lot of shit related to our club and it gives me a fucking headache. Anyway, he is a talented Brazilian who is still too young and will be our future (if he doesn’t leave ofc). He likes fancy moves just like Dinho and other Brazilians.
  • Claudio Bravo: He is our new gk. He is good and had a great WC tbh. He stole my heart idk he is so lovely. Sometimes he makes amazing saves.
  • Javier Mascherano: The fighter. The heart and the soul. Masche was not even a CB but he played in that shitty position for us and he was not doing so bad tbh. He is so humble and actually a great midfielder so can we please let him play in his natural position ffs?! (He deserves to be one of the capis)
  • Marc Bartra: He is more than just a beautiful face (not that I find him attractive but everybody loves his face). He has talent and we want him to be the next Puyol (aka eternal capi and former best defender). He lives and breathes Barça so we like him.
  • Alex Song: The guy no one actually remembers and swears when they remember he is still a Barça player. He is not actually that bad, he is a good player but doesn’t fit our team and he is awkward.
  • Jordi Alba: Also known as chipmunk. He is fast a really good LB. And the best part is he doesn’t cross the ball like Dani (I love Dani but our forwards are fucking midgets!!)
  • Ibrahim Afellay: He was a good player but injuries ruined his career. We are waiting for him to leave. There is not much to say.
  • Sergi Roberto: He is our mascot because of his hair. A lovely boy and a decent midfielder but he has to prove himself or he will go to a mid table team.
  • Adriano: Our best LB (sorry girls) since Abidal left. He is fast, he scores beauties, his crosses are cool and gosh he is amazing but injury prone :(
  • Dani Alves: Don’t let his latest performance fool you. He was one of the bests and Dani gave his everything to this club so we love him. He made some cool assists to, especially, Messi (because their bromance»)
  • Jordi Masip: He promoted to first team this year and he was really good at Barça B and we are proud of this La Masia boy but he still has a long way to go.
  • Rafinha: He is a very talented midfielder who likes to attack and at Celta he played as false 9 and he is really cool. We believe in him.
  • Gerard Deulofeu: He is cocky and arrogant sometimes but he is a cutie pie. He doesn’t like to smile and his bitch face is really famous. Overall he is a great winger and he is our future. He has some fancy moves and sometimes he dribbles like Messi ayeee

Our coach is Luis Enrique and he coached Barça B with legendary Pep Guardiola before leaving. He likes hardworkers and he is not afraid to bench your ass. He is sassy sometimes and is the coolest coach in the world. His first halves of the seasons are always shit but fingers crossed.

Our club is fan-owned but our socis are fucking idiots so we have a shitty board full of clowns. We have a great fanbase but sometimes we act like little shits.  

There are some important people you need to know so check here.

If you want the part 2 of this lesson, I am always here.