i'm sorry this is just so funny out of context

Best Jeanist is real???

okay so idk if this is well known in the bnha fandom, but i just stumbled upon something while looking up Best Jeanist refs??

“best jeanist award? oh that’s funny. let’s check it out cuz i’m curious”


“SINCE 1984?????????? BEST JEANIST?!?!?!”

i always thought Best Jeanist was just some random joke thrown into the bnha universe, but no…he’s a joke with context

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Armies are so funny. They say they've never trended anything well hmm just off the top of my head I can name a few. An army helped start that rumor of Yixing leaving EXO, there was also that trend about Soo when they were on that show & he drew Jongin with darker skin when it was taken out of context, & not to mention all the times they say Exo doesn't deserve the awards they work hard for. I'm sorry armies if you're too far down the rabbit hole to realize y'all are keeping Exo in your mouths.

expose em